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  1. Elvira gave a modesty threatening harrumph when it seemed no one was going to show the courtesy of procuring her a drink, then spun on an elegant, spike heeled boot and sashayed towards the bar. With the heels and devilish tails and wings, it was a very impressive sashay. Sidling up to the bar, Elvira found herself next to Valter. There was an awkward silence as he waited to be served and she looked around for her sister, nibbling on her lower lip and wincing when a fang pressed down more sharply then intended. She could just make out Freja in another room, speaking with someone she didn't recognize. She covertly eyed Valter. Okay, he wasn't one of the Chrises, but he was handsome enough, maybe a bit broody. Cosima thought it probably tickled Freja that Valter was shorter than she was. She also caught his eyes flicking over her more than once, her lips curving in a faint, coy grin He was tensed, frustrated, maybe angry. Her grin faded in a self-recriminating twist. "I'm -" "Don't want to hear it," Valter growled, jerking his eyes from the curvaceous young woman once more and trying to get the bartender's attention. She gave a sniff, nose scrunching up cutely. "You'll hear it anyway." She took a deep breath, then let it out in a long sigh. Damn it! "I'm... sorry. I only meant to tease my sister about her... fickle interests, and in doing that, I treated you poorly. I didn't recognize you, but I could have mentioned it in a much more gracious manner. For that, I sincerely apologize, Valter." Valter's eyes went back to her, widening in surprise. She spoke in flawless, fluent Swedish. Cosima chuckled and smiled impishly. "My sisters and I are very gifted with tongues. But I will admit, I grew up in a world vastly different from most, one where I usually got what I wanted and didn't have to worry about consequences." She glanced casually towards the dance floor catching sight of a tall, broad-shouldered zombie-looking figure and sighed again. "I'm trying to be better about it. Mistakes still happen, unfortunately." Valter gave her a look as though he had never seen her before. "You're not much like your sisters, are you, Cosima Vandersteen?" "Oh, we aren't all that different," Cosima replied, amused. "They took all the height, but I ended up with the majority of the curves," Though they took their time to show up and needed a boost from an industrial accident involving lasers and Viridian crystals, "and am much better with social media. We might differ in a few other, teensy, tiny minor ways too." She held a long nailed forefinger and thumb half an inch apart. Her brows rose as she noticed something over Valter's shoulder. "Oops, here comes Freja-zilla. Let me help you out, Valter." Elvira raised a hand in a small wave, and almost like magic, the bartender appeared before her. "What can I get for you, Ms. Vandersteen?" "It's Elvira for tonight, honey. And if you would, could you help my friend here? I'm not in a rush, but he might be." Valter didn't seem entirely mollified, but he gave her a tight nod of gratitude. He rattled off his order and the bartender got him his drinks in short order before turning his attention back to Elvira. She shifted slightly, striking a pose and making her wings flare. He was giving her an appreciative look, but wasn't leering and his gaze even ended up back on her face. "What it'll be, Mistress of the Night?" Elvira's grin widened, pleased. "What do you have in a red?" The bartender's professionally flirtatious slipped for just a moment. "I'm afraid I can't serve you alcohol. I'm well aware of how old you are, Elvira. Social Media and all that. Probably not the best look for all you're young, impressionable followers, either." "Oh, pooh!" Elvira pouted, trying to look innocent with wide, pleading eyes. It might have worked, if her eyes weren't ruby red and she was more undressed than dressed and looked like she consumed men for appetizers. "I forgot. Denmark doesn't have a minimum drinking age, just a legal age for when you can buy it. I'll have to take to Tats about that for next year. What's a Danish Succubus Princess to do?" she exhorted in exasperation. "Not even a cocktail?" The bartender's lips twitched - he almost wanted to let her get away with it. "No alcoholic cocktails. Do you want a virgin?" Elvira's smile went from ear to ear as he gave her the perfect setup, knowingly too. She barely restrained herself from clapping and squealing in delight, instead strutting a step and leaning on the bar with exaggerated moxie and resignation. "Maybe, but, ah... I'll have a couple of drinks first." She mouthed a 'thank you'. "A mocktail will be fine..." "Jeff." "... Jeff. Something..." She grinned to show up her fangs. "... red. Just not a Bloody Mary." And Jeff whipped her up a delicious, deep red drink. Elvira took a sip from the highball glass and inhaled sharply in surprise. It was tart, with raspberry, black berry, some citrus, and... ginger? Maybe a hint of mint. It was delightful. She took another sip. "Remember this one, Jeff. I'll be back for another." She took a selfie with Jeff, stuck it with a pithy amount of hashtags - some people went so overboard with hashtags, that they became meaningless - and added the recipe to the Instagram. With a final wink to her current favourite bartender, Elvira went back to circulating, slowing spiraling in on the dance floor.
  2. The glare Cosima-Currently-Elvira shot Sebastian should have wreathed him in hellfire. How dare he?! Comparing her to the Kardashians and the Astoviks... The nerve! But Cosima couldn't sustain her ire. It was like being angry at a puppy. And he might have had a point. In poking fun at her sister's fickle proclivities, she certainly hadn't taken Valter's feelings into consideration. She sighed in exasperation - she so hated admitting she was wrong, even to herself. "How is that dress even staying on?" A passing party-goer asked her breasts. "Psychokinesis," Cosima said offhandely, realizing belatedly that it wasn't someone 'in know'. She had thought the leer belonged to Dale, but it was hard to identify a shapeshifter. "Huh?" "Fashion tape. Lots and lots of fashion tape," she amended smoothly with a deep breath the boy noticed and a big, fang-baring grin he didn't. She forgot about him when Autumn as Wednesday Addams showed up. Cosima walked around her with an appraising glance, tail swishing. "Nice, very nice," Elvira murmured appreciatively, flapping a hand from side to side in consideration. "Could use a bit of slutting up - it is Halloween - but a great costume, Autumn." She took a step back, hands on hips as she gave Autumn a half-grin once over. "You really should dress as though you're always attending a social function, costume or otherwise. Between this and girl's night --" she nodded at Connie in her Green Lantern outfit with a grin, "-- You've proven you have better fashion sense than you show around school." Her ruby eyes widened at the sight of the friendly hand. "Oooh!" She leaned forward, seeming in real danger of toppling over, reaching out a hand to shake, when she paused and eyed Autumn suspiciously. "This isn't, like, a real, real hand, that, you know, you --" Cosima waggled her fingers in a parody of bad spellcasting, and lowered her voice so that she wouldn't be overheard, "-- dug up from a grave or something and used magic to zombie to life is it?" The minuscule curve to Autumn's lips was perfect Wednesday Addams, suggesting without admitting to anything. Cosima straightened back up with a sigh, eying the animated hand askance. "Well. Thing will just have to play with himself for now. I need a drink."
  3. Princess arched a royal brow at Sinestro. While she agreed that Fear-Master was indeed a lame nom de guerre, Scarecrow was just... ugh. "The land you are from Sir Sinestro sounds most... odd." Her lavender eyes glowed with magenta incandescence and ephemeral light of similar hue bloomed around one of the now obvious fear devices. The magenta light grew brighter, harder, as it tightened about the yellow glow of the Fear Generator as Princess sought to crush it with psychokinetic might. Princess offered Fear-Master a condescending smirk, waving her scepter dismissively. "Why should any fear an insipid miscreant such as yourself, when you are brought low by a pair of mere sprites?" Some might say the opposite of fear was courage or hope or faith. But for Cosima, the opposite of fear was mockery, parody. You couldn't be afraid of something you could laugh at, that you saw as nothing more than a frivolous joke. You could pity them, but not fear them.
  4. >Be there soon, Tats. Still have party for TRV. And a costume change. Sisters agreed to make an appearance.< Cosima texted back. Tonight they were filming the Halloween episode of The Royal Vandersteens. It was relatively early yet, this party mostly for the benefit of the viewers. Her family all had plans, other parties planned or to attend later in the evening. Engaging smile on her face, she flounced back into the party going on at Sonnenspiegel Castle, the white toga and surprisingly realistic feathered wings of her angel costume gleaming under the subdued lighting. ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~ The gem-toned, lavender limousine pulled up drive to the mansion, stopping into front of the grand entrance. The driver got out and went around to the limo and opened the door, offering his hand to his passengers. His first accepted and stepped out of the limo on shiny, black, five inch stilleto heels. Cosima was covered from neck to ankles in a long, black enveloping cloak, as black as her raven hair that barely stirred in the light breeze. Deep red lips curving in a smile - she did so enjoy Halloween, and Fastelavn in Danemark - she strutted into the Balankova estate with exaggerated swagger. "Now that I'm here," Cosima purred, winking at Rick, then chuckling, "the fun can start." With that, Cosima threw back her shoulders and her cloak slipped from her, deftly caught by an attendant. She waggled her eyebrows and giggled at her friends' expression. "Fun, isn't it?" The custom-made, sable satin dress she was almost wearing didn't leave much to the imagination, or maybe it left too much, her skin and complexion porcelain pale and flawless. It clung to every dramatic curve, the wide v-neck cut almost to her navel, blatantly revealing any rumors that she stuffed her bra were complete fabrications, and the sides were slit up almost to the hip, spectacular legs shown off to advantage by stiletto heels and sheer black stockings and garters. Her narrow waist was emphasized by a wide belt made of chains attached to a pair of gold-studded dog collars that rested on her hips, and adorned with a small jeweled dagger that looked real instead of a mere prop. The big ruby ring on a finger also looked more real than costume jewelry, her long finger nails also lacquered black. Gold-studded bracelets encircled her wrists. Her raven hair was styled up in a distinctive, almost-beehive do, long tendrils doing nothing to conceal her bosom, but rather draw attention to how much of it was exposed. Oh. And she had black leather wings seemingly spreading from her shoulders that flared and flapped with her movements, and a narrow, prehensile, spade-tipped tail that twisted and twined almost with a mind of its own. The tip was slowly drawing its way up 'Bastion Grundy's leg. Eyes that were more ruby than amethyst and cute, elongated fangs that turned every flash of her teeth into something predatory were almost afterthoughts. "Just call me Elvira, Succubus of the Dark," Cosima proclaimed. "Mistress just didn't seem like enough. Although..." She smirked at the boys as she unwound lengths of chain from her waist and let the collars dangle from her fingers. "If you guys want to put on the collars and follow me around as lust-bound slaves, I won't abject. Bastion, I still think you should have come with me as my zombie love-slave." Tatiana was almost struck dumb. She knew Cosima loved being the center of attention, but she had to admit, she never would have expected her to get made up in something even remotely like this - she seemed more like an angel, or Jessica Rabbit, or sexy version of a Disney Princess type. She walked around Cosima, taking a closer look at the surprisingly real looking wings and tail. "You look amazing, Coss. Those wings and tail...?" Tatiana said as she came back around. "It's Elvira tongith and I know right?!" Cosima squealed, making the wings flare again and swatting Tatiana with her tail. "The eyes are contacts, the fangs are porcelain caps, but the wings and tail were done by the best Make-Up Wizard in Hollywood." She leaned in close to speak for Tats' ear along. "Like, she's a wizard for real. I can't fly, but the wings and tail - and ivory skin too - are for real. Until morning, anyway." She stepped back with an over dramatic sign. "I had to drop Vida's name and make the appointment for Halloween like, nine months ago." "Speaking of me, now that you're done flaunting yourself, perhaps, you'd like to introduce us to your friends, Cosima?" interrupted a husky, feminine voice. Two of Cosima's sisters had followed her in with their respective dates. "Elvira," Cosima reiterated firmly, then scoffed. "When you look this good, why would I be done with the flaunting?" "She's been insufferable since losing all that extra baby fat after her accident," the same sister confided in a stage whisper, amused rather than off-put by her youngest sister's antics. Cosima rolled her eyes and then made the introductions. "This is our host, Tatiana and these are Sebastion and Richard." She gestured to her sister. "This is Vida, and her wife Amber." Vida was a more than an attractive woman in her twenties with hair almost as dark as Cosima's currently was, a noted model and actress, nominated for an Oscar, though winning won had eluded her so far. She was dressed up as something like a Musketeer, her outfit and the sheathed rapier looking vintage and very authentic. Her wife, an equally attractive blonde a few years older and a few inches shorter was costumed as a disheveled, innocently wanton nun, the habit fitting more closely than a real one would have. "And this is Freja with... I don't remember - sorry - another Hemsworth are you?" The man was a few inches shorter than Freja. He scowled, but only looked up to Cosima's eyes when Freja elbowed him - hard - in the ribs. "I'm Valter. Skarsgård." "My mistake," Cosima said with an offhand non-apology and a wicked gleam in her ruby eyes. "Acting families full of brothers, with another always seeming to pop up. Silly me, I get you guys mixed up." She looked around with forced inquisitive. "I'm sure before the night is over, another Skarsgård or Hemsworth will show up, maybe a Baldwin." She gave him a considering once over that made Freja scowl. "Though I must admit, you give Alexander a run for his money. If a brother more my age pops into existence, have Freja give him my number, hmm?" Freja and Valter were dressed up as Vikings, and they made it look good, both blond and athletic looking. Freja was a tennis player with Sharapova's height and more of Serena Willams' build. She might not have won as many championships as Williams, but she had over a decade to catch up. With the introductions made, Cosima's sisters began to mingle, Freja and Valter making for the bar first. Seeing two of her three sisters in the flesh, her schoolmates had a better understanding for Cosima's preference for heels. She might have been the sexiest and most attractive of the Vandersteens but even with her towering, shiny black heels, Cosima was still shorter than Vida, who was just shy of six feet, let alone Freja who topped it by an inch. "So, what's up with the Musketeer and Nun?" Sebastien wondered, peeling his eyes of Cosima for a moment to follow her sisters. "Oh, Vida's dressed up as Julie D'Aubigny, La Maupin," Cosima said. This didn't seem to enlightened Sebastien, so she added," A 17th century swordswoman and opera singer. She had a completely crazy and awesome life. Vida has one of the accounts optioned for a movie. Among her various affairs and adventures, she snuck into a convent to follow after a woman she was having an affair with, when her parents sent her there after finding out. Then she stole a dead nun's body, put in her lover's bed, and set the room on fire to cover her escape. Amber is the nun, the lover, not the dead one." Cosima giggled at the expression on Sebastien's face. "I know, I know. It's just like real life." She winked at Tatiana. "Who knows just how fun tonight is going to be."
  5. "Hmm, she looks good in green," Cosima commented as Qi took off with Spellstone and Sinestro in her bubble. Green light - force? ... If I can... The young, very shapely woman linked an arm with the out-of-commission Green Lantern, and arched a brow as she grinned up at him. "So, tell me, Hal, do these wonderful rings come in pink or purple too?" Hal seemed to struggle to answer and she chuckled. "No matter. Let me take you somewhere so you can rest and recover, and the ladies and I will take care of the rest." She and Hal Jordan disappeared in a flare of fuchsia light, reappearing seamlessly in the infirmary at Claremont Academy. "Sorry to drop in so suddenly, Dr. Chase. I found a stray that needs taken care of and I have an engagement on Yellow Brick Row I need to get to," Cosima said in a rush. Dr. Leslie Chase gave a startled jump, spinning around with a hand to her chest. "Try to, like, not let him die or something. Byeee!" Cosima was gone in another swirl of rich, pink light. Leslie shook her head in exasperation at the wealthy princess and trying Claremont Academy student, then turned to the man with a sympathetic look. "Now, what trouble has Ms. Vandersteen gotten you into?" ~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~ Several moments and psychoportative steps later, Princess appeared amidst the chaos engulfing Yellow Brick Row, somehow having found time to change. Instead of a dress for a night out on the town, she was wearing a sleek, regal-looking gown and a slim golden and begemmed circlet in her hair. In her hand, she held what suspiciously looked like a scepter. Terror and fear ran rampant on the street she knew well, a place that was for flirting, browsing, and casual or decadent consumerism. The gloating man in yellow was obviously their quarry, Tatiana, Kitsune, and Bastion looking ready to engage him. She just caught the ball of light streaking from Spellstone explode, making people fall over senseless. "How is this nefarious King in Yellow causing such a horrendous ruckus?" Princess exclaimed, looking around at the horror-stricken people harming themselves, harming others, dangerous to all - as if they were subjected to a Broadway production perpetuated by Lindsey Lohan - and potentially endangered by what they would need to do to stop the Fear-Monger. "Transmitters scattered about to cause maximum, if uneven, mayhem," Curtis shouted over the cacophony as he scuttled by her on the way to the electronics shop he has identified, trying to avoid the wild crowd. "I'm trying to do something about it, if I don't get torn to pieces first." "Very good," Princess proclaimed loftily, then flashing Curtis a wink that was not in character for her act as Princess. "I shall endeavor to clear some of these innocents from the environs." Princess stepped again, putting distance between herself and the ones Spellstone had rendered comatose, into a denser pocket of terror-stricken humanity. She could port people out from under the influence of the unnatural fear - she hoped - one at a time with a gesture or a glance, but it would be too slow. But if she could follow Spellstone's example. She had never teleported so many at once. Her manicured hand tightened so hard around the scepter in her hand her fingers turned white. Amethyst eyes glowed fiercely as waves of magenta and rose light began rolling away from Princess. She didn't need to send them far, just off Yellow Brick Row - there was a public park not that far towards Royal Hill that would do, hopefully. She breathed deep, straining the confines of her corseted gown, then waved her scepter, the rolling waves of light flashing and then gone. Princess wavered with the rush of expended effect - she couldn't do that again any time soon - then turned blazing eyes on the King in Yellow. Time for checkmate - she didn't play chess, but yes, she knew the term.
  6. Cosima click-clacked her way carefully over to Qi, using a bit of psychokinetic effort to ward off dust and debris shaken loose by Tats screaming her way into the sky. She gave the man in green laying supine under Qi's hands an unrepentant once over. He was still weaving in and out of consciousness, but he didn't look that bad. He'd actually look quite fine, if he had fallen from outer space through a concrete structure. Then again, Cosima had never taken first aid. "I dunno, Connie," Cosima replied, nibbling on a lower lip. "A hospital, that'll bring in authorities and questions for sure. Not to mention all the sensation of a number of supers always bring. I suppose we can bring Gee-Ell here to the infirmary at school, but..." She turned to glance out the parking garage the way Keiko and Tats had gone. "If the ring is as dangerous as Mr. Sinister -" "Sinestro, just... Sinestro," the purple man interjected with succinct firmness. "My pardons. Sinestro," Cosima apologized graciously, flashing a winning grin. "If the ring is as dangerous as Sinestro claims, then Kitsuna and Tats may need our help. Not to mention, Sinestro is the only one who can reclaim this ring with a modicum of safety. I think we should go after them. Here, help me get our masked, half-sleeping Prince up." Cosima bent to get one of Green Lantern's arms around her shoulders as Qi did the same on the other side, making a show of helping while Qi actually did most of the heavy lifting. "I suppose we can drop him off at the infirmary, or hide him in my room at the Castle before we follow. If I strain, I think I can step all of us over to catch up with the others at Yellow Brick Row."
  7. "He doesn't look like Ryan Reynolds and you don't look like Mark Strong," Cosima muttered, having met both actors at various award shows and after parties. Her sister Vida had even been in a movie with Mart Strong. "What was that, girl?" Not-Mark-Strong inquired. "Oh, nothing! Just commenting to myself," Cosima chirped brightly, flashing the purple man a wide grin, while privately miffed. His eyes hadn't even wandered. Since she'd lost the fat and gained her curves, boys and men, even men old enough to be her father and more, let their eyes wander when they glanced her way. Women too, for that matter, but that was usually to check out what she was wearing - she was very popular on social media. "And you fell down in Emerald City." When that didn't seem to enlightened Sinestro, Cosima added. "On the West Coast. California? America? It's on Earth, the third - fourth! Fourth planet from the s-" "I am acquainted with the celestial object you quaintly call 'Earth,'" Sinestro cut in, giving another look around, especially at the sky. "If not this particular one." "Riiiiiight, okay." Cosima planted a fist on a cocked hip, her other hand gesturing animatedly. "While I'm sure we'd love to help you get back home and all, there's a least two, teensy-weensy, issues I have first. You've been rather forthright and upfront and all, Sinny, but by your own words, it seems you've left good for the bad side of town. So if this ring - yellow you say? - is as dangerous as you claim in a... hmm, neophyte's hands, how much more dangerous would it be on your finger, and what assurance do we have you wouldn't use it on us and decide stick around here instead of going back home?" Casually, she snapped a few pics of Sinestro and this other Green Lantern with her phone. She didn't remember if Green Lantern was Marvel or DC or something else, but her sister was going to be in a superhero movie that had something to with Green Lantern, if she recalled correctly. If these guys came from someplace where they were real, she figures pics could offer some real verisimilitude. She smiled at Sinestro, demonstrating how it was done, but he couldn't seem to figure it out. "And two, being nemesises - nemeses? - to each other or not, I'm not so sanguine about helping you find your ring if you are going to continue your process of killing sleeping Green here. I doubt the rest of us, especially Qi, there, who's has her hands all over him, would be fond of the idea either." Cosima tossed her head to toss rose-gold hair from her face and nodded at Qi. "Three - okay, I have three issues, not two - do you have any idea of how to find your ring? You two fell from pretty far up - it could have fallen anywhere in the city, or the bay. Depending on how yellow you mean, it could have even landed on Yellow Brick Row, and not be noticed." She quickly tapped out a text to Tatiana, <u c yello ring up there?>, then straightened her shoulders and raised her chin to a regal angle, though it was hard to look down her nose at the purple man when he stood so much taller than she, even with her heels. "And I don't call myself a meta-human. I call myself Princess."
  8. With Tats taking a look up top, Qi seeing to the guy in green, and Autumn taking care of Panic McPurple Guy, Cosima took care of what she considered the next most troublesome thing. A faint pinkish haze filled the parking structure level, the light intensifying with yellows and oranges as it condensed into a ball, collecting all the dust in the air.. After all, guys falling from the sky or not, they'd still want to look good - there was still time to have fun tonight. She tossed the ball of light over the side of stepped over to Autumn and Qi, her heels clicking on the concrete. The soft glow appeared again, filling the area, reinforcing the ceiling and support columns to stave off any potential collapse. She gave the man in green and the purple man in yellow doubtful looks, then glanced around for the ring the purple man seemed so desperate for. The man in green was pretty cute, though his tiny mask looked silly to her. The purple man had a douche-stache. It wasn't a goatee, so he wasn't automatically a bad-guy - but he probably was a prick. "Is the ring purple, too?" Cosima asked Mr. Purple curiously. She did like the colour purple. She nibbled on a lower lip at the two men who had fallen from the sky then at her friends. "They didn't cover 'it's raining men' in school and what do with them after they hit the ground. Do we, like, take them to the Sentinels or something? They're kinda old to be exchange students."
  9. Cosima sniffed as though completely dismissing Keiko's comment about Autumn giving her a run for her moment, but she gave the girl sharing the backseat with her an encouraging grin and appreciative once-over. "You're wearing it very right, Autumn." She shook her head in bafflement, the golden hoops in her ears swinging and glittering in the sunlight. "If you have this in your closet, why do you always dress a bare a step up from a hobo? This is far more fetching." Cosima snuggled back into the plush seat and crossed her legs, idly swinging a strappy stiletto shoe from her toes as she glanced around the back of the customized SUV to see what options and accessories it had. She rolled her amethyst eyes at Keiko's exuberant exhortation. "So, what do have planned first, for this evening, Tatiana?"
  10. Cosima scrunched up her nose as Tatiana's pimped out ride pulled up the drive. Where she lived and the circles she moved in, she was more than used to seeing customized vehicles, even if she preferred luxury, classical, and sport cars over massive trucks and SUVs, but that colour was just hideous. She really had believed Tats had better taste than that. But her mouth dropped open in speechless shock as Redneck Keiko clomped into view with her mud-covered boots. Oh, God! That better be mud! Cosima was simply stunned for a moment. Time to get ready for a day and night on the town, and she'd come dressed like that? Where did she even find farm clothes like that? No! No, it was completely unacceptable! Cosima shook her head and with the staccato click of heels, she hustled over to the rear driver-side door. There was just a hint of a pause, as though she had expected the door to open on its own or that someone would open it for her, then she carefully navigated the chrome steps and slide into the hulking Humvee. Settling into the plush seating, she pointed a finger at Keiko, a soft magenta glow beginning to bloom. "Keiko! I'm 'porting you back to your room! That is not-" Cosima blinked as Keiko leaned around the front seat from playing with the radio and beamed her an innocent smile. "Oh! Well!" Cosima harrumphed and folded her arms beneath her breasts. "Okay, then." "... by Taylor Swift, which moved up five spots on the Top 40 from last week. Before we bring you our next song, some news from Hollywood. Vida Vandersteen, a Danish Princess, model, and actress, has signed with Warner Brothers to play Star Sapphire, a character associated with Green Lantern, in a yet untitled movie. Not part of the main DCEU, early rumors suggest it could be the first in a separate Cinematic Universe focusing on the various Lantern Corps. Vida, one of social media darling Cosima Vandersteen's older sisters, has been known mainly for parts in indy flicks. This is her first role in a potential summer blockbuster. The openly gay Vida first appearances were on The Real Housewives of Emerald City and The Royal Vandersteens. Currently married to Amber Heard, Vida has previously been linked to..." Cosima rolled her eyes while tapping away on her phone as the Ryan Seacrest-like host gossiped a bit more about her sister's love life before heading back to the Top 40 with Drake. "Vida is really not that bad. She gets linked to any known or rumored gay or bi woman she's seen with in public. She's only been married, like, twice. Not like Freja." Cosima snorted at the thought of the youngest of her older sisters, a former Olympian Equestrian and now a Top Ten Tennis Player. "Every rumor you've heard is probably true and then some. I'm glad she has the other tower at Sonnenspiegel Castle."
  11. Cosima gave Tatiana a nonplussed looked, pulled her phone to her chest, as though to comfort it after being fondled as it were by another's hand. She pursed her lips doubtfully at the Russian girl. While Cosima could drive, and she had sat being the wheel of various luxury or high end sports cars, she generally preferred having others drive her... Safety after all, taking selfies while driving wasn't advised - you could get in an accident, and your selfies usually turned out bad. "If you prefer to drive, Tats, I have no objection." Her amethyst eyes almost glowed with interest when Tatiana mentioned knowing a few places to go after the mall, and Cosima wondered if they were places she frequented. Cosima rolled her eyes at Keiko and held up a hand in a restraining gesture. "Fifteen minutes is barely enough time to take a very quick shower, let alone get ready and dressed for an outing. It's early yet, there's no need to rush. Take thirty minutes, forty-five. See you girls out front." Cosima gave them a small wave then disappeared with a shimmer of pink of purple light, beating them all to shower. The gorgeous, Danish lingered under the hot water, purging herself of the sweat and exertion she had suffered by proximity. 45 minutes was hardly enough time for most celebrities or royalty - actual or social media - to get ready, but you could save a lot of time when you could teleport into your clothing, or teleport it onto you, and could use telekinesis to give yourself as many hands as you needed to do your hair and make-up. Right on the forty-fifth minute ticked over, Cosima sauntered outside the dorm building with the click the 4.5 inch heeled pumps that cost more than most people's rent, maneuvering in them as easily as though she were wearing flats. She looked like she had just stepped from a salon, dressed in a striking, gem-toned, deep purple dress that ended short of her knees and flattered her curvaceous figure, dark stockings, and a wide, gold belt emphasized her narrow waist. Her make-up was flawless and subtle, barely noticeable, and her rose-gold hair was styled in an eye-catching updo. There were gold hoops hanging from her ears and several gold bracelets and bangles on each wrist. A large, pink diamond pendant nestled in her cleavage, and over a forearm hung a handbag that could cover a year or two at an ivy league college. The glamorous princess turned so the slanting sunlight struck her just so and snapped a few pics, #shopoholics #girlsnight. "Are we all ready, girls?"
  12. "You never been to the mall? To any mall?!" Cosima exclaimed in the same tones you would use for saying 'you have cancer?!', her head whipping around from her phone. In her surprise, Cosima's phone fell from her hand, but just before hitting the floor, it reappeared back in her grasp with a shimmer of violet light... where it promptly fell again. Cosima glared at her phone, teleporting back to her hand once more and keeping a hold on it, then turned her glare on Qi. "We wasted our time working out when you've never been to the mall?" She shook her head, perfectly styled rose-gold tresses swaying. "No, no, this won't do. We have to remedy this immediately." "Working towards a sound and fit body is never time wasted," Qi said, somewhat doubtful in the face of Cosima's shock. "You didn't even work out!" Keiko commented. Cosima shot her a furrowed-brow glance, then gestured emphatically at Qi. "That is hardly the point, don't you think? One of us has been cruelly repressed, denied a basic necessity of girlhood, and the opportunity to make it right for her is before us." Her lips formed a contemplative moue. Where to take Qi for her first time to a mall? Her thoughts went to Rodeo Drive, 5th Avenue, perhaps London, Paris, Milan, or Dubai. None were more than a long step away for her and she could take her friends with her. While she knew Tatiana came from money, and suspected Keiko did too, she wasn't sure about Spellstone, and those would be overwhelming to a mall virgin like Qi. Someplace local then. Cosima preferred Yellow Brick Row, but this wasn't about her, it was about Qi. She smiled at the girls. "I believe a trip to the Cannery is in order. You'll love it, Qi, all stalls and small shops," the princess assured her, then wrinkled her nose. "After we shower and change, of course. Yoga pants make our backsides look fantastic, but we aren't soccer moms and trophy wives running errands. Oh, after, we should totally go out dancing or clubbing or something! Keep that in mind when you get dressed or bring a change of clothes. I'll call us a car and driver to get us around." She smirked and snapped her fingers with a small flare of fuchsia and magenta light. "Unless you all are for going someplace further afield."
  13. I'm not going to get admiration and followers on my social media accounts standing on the sidelines.
  14. Princess glossed over the computers and monitors and 'cool' stuff, uninterested, as she undulated around the room. There wasn't a dance floor, a wet-bar, a stripper pole, or even a big shiny button for 'club mode'. Maybe something there could be used to take an epic selfie and blast it all over the internet. But the view, the view was to die for. Okay, maybe only to kill for. "The view is ahhhh-mazing!" Princess squealed, a hand planted on a cocked hip as she looked out the windows. "Keeping the city safe must start with keeping an eye on it, and you can see it all from here. Sonnenspiegel castle has a tremendous view of the bay, but nothing like this!" There was the faintest flicker of gold and pink light as she stepped in front of the north facing window and smiled as she pointed towards the east side of Council Island. "Look, you can see the castle from here." She glanced over her slim shoulder with a teasing grin and waggled a finger. "I hope none of you have supersight, because you might have seen things you shouldn't have. I don't suppose you guys ever have social events or charity functions up here, hmm? The view alone would open pockets - for any number of worthy causes - let alone schmoozing with the Sentinels in their command center. Get a good caterer - I know the best people, one, two calls, tops..."
  15. Princess nodded in agreement, as if villainous doctors - or doctorous villains - wanting to experiment on you for purely academic reasons was completely... reasonable. To be fair, after being involved in an experimental gem-cutting accident, the Company - rather, a subsidiary - had studied her for a time - with no big revelation she had ever heard beyond Viridian and laser. So, yeah, there was that. "Well, for my part, I am most pleased that we could foil his dastardly plans," Princess replied in exaggerated aristocratic tones, though it was starting to become a trial to continue them. "I am Princess, this adorable lummox is Bastion." She patted Sebastian on the shoulder then nodded at the others. "And these are Qi, Kitsune, Spellstone, Tats, and, er... hmm," Princess hemmed and hawed for a moment before adding lamely, "Rick and Curtis." Then she brightened. "It's not everyday you meet the Sentinels, let alone save some of them from certain doom and colonoscopy. Would it be alright if I got a selfie with each of you?" Princess barely gave them an instant to answer (or reconsider) before she stepped next to each of them in a blink, holding out her phone with a psychokinetic selfie-stick for the perfect angle and shot. The Rook glowered behind her as she pointed at him where he couldn't see with a playful, teasing grin on her face. She perched herself on Rocky's massive, stone shoulder in a pin-up pose. She stood back-to-back with Dragoneye in a tableaux of heroic gravitas, her with an aura of pinks and purples, him with gold. Vortex got into it the most, making funny faces and poses into her phone's camera, the two of them playing off each other, enough that Cosima almost broke down into giggles. Princess stepped back to Bastion's side, smiling wide, her lavender eyes literally glowing as she tapped away on her phone. "Thanks guys, these will look great on my feeds. #SavingSentinels, #FullOfVimAndVortex."
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