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  1. Autumn tucked the Spellstone into the collar of her dress and looked at herself in the mirror, checking her hair and makeup before she picked up the small, studded leather box with the word "Thing" embossed in large, calligraphic letters on top from atop her dresser. She peeked inside the box and nodded, closing it once again before she set out for Tat's party. As the others greeted each other Autumn approached, gliding silently through the air. She was difficult to see against the night sky due to tall the black she wore, but as she drew near, she was noticed, her black, patent leather shoes finally touching the ground. "Salutations." she said in a total deadpan voice, her face expressionless. Her flat affect suited her costume though, as she stood there in a somewhat short, button up, black dress with a white collar, black stockings that came just past the knee and large, clunky, black, patent leather shoes. Thanks to makeup her skin was rather pale and her eyes were lined in black. Her long, dark hair was parted down the middle and hung down on either side of her face in matching braids, finishing her Wednesday Addams costume. "Thing would like to say hello as well." she added as she held out the small leather box, which opened as a hand, clearly not her own, lifted the lid of the box and reached out, ready to shake hands.
  2. Spellstone rode with Qi and Sinestro in the sphere, still not entirely sure of the strength of the purple man's word. When they arrived and the bubble receded, Spellstone shifted her attention from Sinestro to the sight before her... and froze. It was utter bedlam. Only once in her life had Na'Atum seen such chaos, and standing here, taking it all in, it felt like she was back there, back home, as it shook beneath her feet, being sundered by jutting rocks and flows of lava as it sunk into the ocean. She could almost smell the saltwater air, feel the ground tremble, feel her eyes beginning to well up. She remembered feeling so powerless that that. Unable to save her parents and brothers, each of them giving their lives to protect each other and their home, until her parents finally sealed their final spells of protect for her with their own lives. NO. Not this time. Not again. NEVER again, she thought to herself. This time she was far from powerless. This time she could save lives, even if they were not those of her own people. Her face hardened with resolve as she blinked back the tears. She had to stop this, but could not counter the ring. She had to remove the fear... or at the very least make it a moot point. And therein was a solution. If they were asleep, the mob could not hurt themselves or each other. With nimble hands she began to weave her magic, recalling her schooling in the arcane and basic principles of magic to alter a spell on the fly. She stone around her neck began to glow brilliantly as she spoke in the ancient, arcane tongue, giving her magic form, "ֆ₱ħ€Ԙ δꟻ ֆƪտᵯƥƺя" she proclaimed as she threw the small ball of arcane energy that now swirled in her hand. The small ball, no larger than a baseball, landed in the middle of the crowd and expanded to a full sixty feet across in a second, causing those to caught within it to stagger, their eyelids getting heavy until finally they collapsed in heaps on the ground. Some might mistake the sight as one of death, and indeed it could have been had she not tweaked her spell, but instead scores of people lay slumbering, no longer a danger to themselves or others...
  3. Autumn's eyes narrowed at Sinestro's comment of her mystical abilities. "Dying in a violent explosion can be arranged." she said dryly as her fingers shifted into a new gesture, summoning destructive, arcane energy to gather and swirl around her hands. Cosima shot her look and Autumn rolled her eyes, shifting her fingers and letting the energy harmlessly dissipate. "Your ring, is it magic?" she asked.
  4. Autumn listened to the man and watched him gesture, raising her own hands up, her fingers contorting in arcane gestures, reinforcing her shield. Once she sees the purple man is unable to do whatever it was he was trying to do and began to panic, looking for his ring, she spoke. "I apologize, but seeing as you seem to bare this man ill intention, so until we are sure of the situation, I am afraid we must restrain you." Autumn said as she gestured, causing the Spellstone around her neck to glow and radiate beams of light. "Ƹƪȡяiדּƈħ ճяɐչᵱ" she spoke in an unknown tongue and then closed her fist as if yanking on a horse's reins causing rings of light to form out of thin air encircling Sinestro's wrists and ankles. Though the glowing rings of light hovered several inches off of his wrists and ankles, they felt as strong as any restrained of mundane mundane metal. "Wha?" he uttered as the bands restrained him. "What are you doing? My ring! Where is my ring?" he exclaimed as he wriggled in the bindings, clearly beginning to slip free of them with his panicked effort, much to Autumn's chagrin.
  5. It took a moment for the others to recognize that the girl walking toward the humvee was actually Autumn.. For virtually the entirety of the time the other girls had known Autumn, all they had every seen her in was sandals, jeans, simple tees and her green jacket that looked like army surplus, as fashion was clearly never much of a concern for her. Tonight though, somehow, she actually displayed some fashion sense wearing a short, strapless, flowy black romper with faint silver embellishing. The romper did not even reach mid-thigh, leaving her legs bare save for the strappy wedges she wore, while on top her shoulders were totally bare, accented by a set of dangley silver chain earrings and, of course, her every-present necklace bearing the Spellstone, while in her hands she carried a small, silver and black clutch. Autumn had even managed to aptly apply a smokey eye and a nude lipstick, which was simple, but worked for her, and a soft. fruity and flora aroma lingered about her, which Cosima instantly recognized as Poppy by Coach. She even had on makeup and perfume! Autumn carefully climbed in and took a seat, pausing for a moment as the others stared at her, unsure if this was their friend or not. "What?" she asked, turning to look behind and then down at herself, suddenly unsure if if there was a tear, stain or some other issue with her attire. "Did I do something wrong? Am I wearing this wrong?" she asked worriedly.
  6. Autumn watched in a mild bit of confusion at Cosima's to Qi's admission of having never visited a mall, and then Cosimas exchange with Tatiana. She had been to a mall before with her adoptive family (usually just her sister), but it hardly seemed like the event they were making it into. Clubbing, on the other hand, Autumn had been exposed to by her adoptive sister. There was nothing quite like the experience where she was from, and it always made her feel a bit uncomfortable on the rare occasion she went with her sister to one (mostly due to feeling an obligation to her adoptive family). It was not something she would choose to do, but she understood the value of friends and allies in this new world, and that it would take effort to cultivate such relationships. Besides. She could always just turn invisible... Autumn thanked Qi for the trained and summoned a large, glowing ring at her feet that rose up over her body, causing her to vanish and appear in her room. She picked up her phone and dialed her sister. "Hello?" Tess, her adoptive sister answered. "Yes. Hello. I do not wish to imposed, but am afraid I need your help." Autumn replied. "Help? With what? Is everything okay?" Tess asked with concern. "Yes. It's just... I have made some friends here, and I need some help composing an suitable 'look' as you say. They wish to go 'clubbing'." Autumn explained. Autumn held the phone at arms length to minimize the impact of her sister's excited 'squeeee!' on her ears...
  7. Na'Atem placed her fist into her opened palm and returned to the bow to Dragoneye and then to The Rook and the others. "You flatter me." she said with a small smile and another bow to Dragoneye and then The Rook. "I only hope that I lived up to your expectations." "We regret being unable to detain our foes. It seems some of my enchantments are in need of further refinement. The battle is won for now, though, and you are all safe. It was our honor to be able to aid the Sentinels this day, and we stand ready to assist at any time." she offered. "Are you all healthy? Do you need a healer?" she asked as she looked from one Sentinel to another.
  8. Shouldn't Anodyne be 'Hindered' and 'Vulnerable' too, according to the description?
  9. Na'Atem took in the rooftop battlefield and swiftly focused her attention on Anodyne. If permitted, she could rejuvenate her fallen companions... at least those that remained, so she quickly became Na'Atem's focus. She gestured with her hands, weaving threads into another spell matrix, causing the spellstone to glow and shimmer as the spell took form, emitting rays of light as bands of æther swirled around it. "Ƹƪȡяiדּƈħ ճяɐչᵱ"she said in an unknown tongue as she closed her fist as if yanking on a horse's reins as rings of light formed in the air, attempting to encircle Anodyne's wrists and ankles. Anodyne quickly attempted to dodge the attack but the spell was cast too swiftly. The bonds of æther wrapped tightly around her and she evaded most of the effect, save that the bonds were wrapped around one of her legs and Na'Atem was pulling the strings. She tried to continue to move away, towards where Sumnyr had fallen, but now Na'Atam was hindering her progress.
  10. 1.) As far as rolling resistance, if the only difference is who makes the roll, then I don't care if you make the roll for me, especially if it expedites things. 2.) As long as things are not out of character for my character, I do not mind editing the posts. As an ST you might have a specific narrative or the like for how a battle goes, so I am fine with that, and again, especially if it expedites things.
  11. Na'Atem winced in pain as the balefire engulfed her form for a split second. Her shield had taken the brunt of the assault, but she could still feel the pain lingering. It was not in her flesh, or muscles or bones, but deeper, having singed her soul. Her father had prepared her to survive such assaults, but it was her mother who taught her how to prevail in magical duels. "You are toying with forces that are beyond your comprehension, like a child playing with fire. I shall do you a favor, and save you from them." she said as she wove eldritch energies into a spell matrix, the memories of her mother's training in the forefront of her mind as the spellstone glowed brightly, encircled by glowing bands of of æther. "ȻՓևդͳԘֆ₱€ʅʅ!" she proclaimed in some ancient, arcane tongue, releasing the spell, which caused a blue-green, transparent bubble of energy to form around Sumnyr, the barrier severing his link to the arcane energies he commanded, ending all the spells and enhancements currently affecting him before it 'popped' and vanished. With this flight spell gone, the young sorcerer plummeted to the roof, landing with a loud "Ooof!" "You witch! That parlor trick will not save you from the arcane might I wield!" he shouted in rage at Na'Atem.
  12. Na'Atem flew in and shift to a hove, floating silently size feet or soo off of the roof, just behind most of her teammates . Her cloak fluttered in the breeze and the Spellstone shone brightly, emitting rays of light as bands of æther swirled around it. She looked over their opponents from behind the raised hood, her face melting into the darkness of it aside from her mouth down. "I concur." she said firmly, not feeling quite as confident in banter such as this, in English, just yet.
  13. Na'Atem was not all that surprised that Steele read the writings of Mark Twain. He was an author that she had discovered as well, though his use of older forms of English she found difficult at times without the aid of magic. With a shrug Na'Atem looked at the costumes. They were costumes, not clothing, and were not of her taste. She understood certain things about 'superhero culture' such as the need for an identifiable look and protecting ones identity, but why did it have to be so... gawdy? Finally she sighed and pulled a few articles from the rest as she gestured with a hand and spoke an incantation, causing the Spellstone to glow, and hen she was gone/ A couple of minutes later she reappeared, tossing down the clothing she had worn while she stood in her laced up sandals, a blue-black bodysuit showing off her legs, and brighter blue cloak with the Spellstone serving as an off center clasp. "Is this really necessary?" she asked rhetorically as she pulled the hood of the cloak up, which caused the top half of her face to vanish in the darkness, when really she just made it selectively invisible. "Very well. Let us go lend aid to the Sentinels." she said as she thought back to Dragoneye. If he was in danger, then helping him was the least she could do to replay all that he had done for her. She focused and began to weave threads of magic into one spell matrix and then another, erecting an arcane shield around herself first, once again causing the Spellstone to glow and radiate bands of arcane energy. She then wove another spell, the Spellstone still glowing in a dazzling light show as her cloak fluttered and she rose up off the roof. " If any of you require transportation I believe I can aid carry one of you." she offered and waiting several moments before shooting off toward the grand melee, either alone or carrying another, with her cloak fluttering in the breeze.
  14. Na'Atem look a little confused for a moment at Cosima's response before she spoke. "Did I imply that you made such a claim or expressed my own degree of... ability? Skill? Hmm... proficiency, the word is, I think, at stepping between worlds? If I did, it was not... intended. I am still learning... what is the word... nuisances.. of this language of English. I am unsure why many seem so... defensive, at simple statements." she said, considering how she had phrased things before.
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