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  1. I have been running Aberrant for years. My current team is all Q6 with Multi-Mastery powers. I avoided combat for four months and went hardcore RP. The group formed a very impressive extended team/base/allies/contacts/country. Now they are the UN team. At this point in the game they were way invested in Npc groups/team members. Now they fight a lot to save others from dying, even though they themselves are not in danger. I also forced the Qin into tthe game early. The Qin come from a "Game of thrones" world. The Qin also Biotech utterly destroys Human/Nova DNA. I also have them dealing with Terat time travelers effing with there accomplishments. Tech is great as well Gadgets that lower Q the closer you get. With Soaks ranging from 22 to 67. They are now dealing with China/India. Remember that each oppent they fight adds 1 to difficulty for EVERYTHING. Having a Q 6 nova fight 5 China\India novas with Q 6-8 is a very fun battle. I almost killed 2 of them recently. THEY RAN AWAY MUHAHAHHAHA. I also use all the tricks mention in this thread. That said it takes so long to make all the charaters and remeber every nunance during the game. I am having the Doyen currently se up shop on earth pushing the proxy storyline. Mastery 2 on claws lowers the soak by 10 per success. Absorbtion tied to Invunerblity with mastery and entropy control with luck is the next baddie I am working on. Also I am planing to have a evil team of power armor nerd novas give them a run for there money. I plan soon to have some quantumkisis scions reek havoc. The trick to running Aberrant is to spend hours/days/weeks making NPCs that are no joke for RP/Combat. With quantumkisis I plan to have a aspect of the power lower power ratings of powers. Sorry Mr. PC your six powers at 2 dots with mastery now have no dots and my suicide vest with a 50 aggravated nuke just went off. My team has kids being born and routed Utiopia/Proteous. I hope you the best and remember we stand with you in spirt!
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