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  1. [Dialogue in Italian] "Hmmm. There is a certain hardiness to the Germans that could lead one to feel that way. For all that, though, they are worthy of some measure of respect. But then, I have lived here for a very long time. Perhaps I have just acclimatised to their ideosyncrasies in that time and no longer see it for what it is." he shrugs easily. "But that is neither here nor there. I would love to discuss the matter further at a later stage, but for now, you are correct. I should not monopolise your time so selfishly." At this, he slides out of the booth, offering the Beauty an arm as they return to the others at the table. [Dialogue in English from now on] "Thank you for your patience, please do forgive my absence." He slides a chair out, offering it to Ravenna and waiting till she is seated before taking his own. "I believe introductions are in order. Ravenna, may I introduce Lily, of the City Gangrel, Lady Erzsébet of Clan Brujah, as well as Olaf, Burgomeister of Pankow and Primogen to Clan Nosferatu. Annalisa, of Clan Toreador, is our host, but is tending to her duties as such at the moment. Everyone, may I introduce Revanna of the Lasombra. She will be visiting our fine city in the coming nights."
  2. [All dialogue is in Italian] It... had been a long time since he had had the chance to speak his native tongue for more than the odd word here or there. He made a point of keeping as up to date with the evolution of his mother tongue, to better blend with the kine. He had to admit, it was refreshing. Still, her admission did put him somewhat more at ease in her presence. She had no particular reason to lie about such a thing, and had made her reputation on her forthrightness when it came to her targets. Though he had to hide his surprise at her true reason for being here. He could not recall the last time any Kindred had taken a holiday as such. The ins and outs of the court rarely left those members who partook with much time to spend away from it, and even those who did not attend regularly tended not to venture far from their holdings. He was a perfect example of that. Despite his long sleeps, he had been content enough remaining within Berlin for the last thousand years. "It puts me at ease to hear it, Ravenna. It is not every night someone of your august personage graces us with their presence, and people tend to be alarmed when it happens." the light humour in his tone robbed the words of any sting they might have had. "But yes I can see why Allesandra might have sent you my way. It would be my pleasure to introduce you to my companions and perhaps show you around the city. Tell me, do you have a place to stay while you are in Berlin?" Glancing out over the club gave him a second to collect his thoughts. The Woman was beautiful and clearly knew how to use it, and it was taking a surprising amount of willpower to prevent his eyes from flicking down. But he still followed true to his own ideals, and to allow such a thing would be boorish.
  3. She had of course drawn his eye the moment she entered the club, and he had had his suspicions as to her identity. Allesandra had given him some notification when he had seen her the night before. It was only polite, after all, to inform someone when you are about to dump a claymore into their lap. He idly thumbed the silver signet ring on his left ring finger. The embossed Jerusalem cross on the broad head as ever providing him a measure of calm. He was not afraid, as such. He knew enough of himself and his dealings to know that he was unlikely to have gained her ire on this night. But still. If she was here, in this city, it meant that someone, somewhere, had made an unholy mess of things. That she was talking to him, it meant it was either one of the kindred he knew, or she thought he could help in some way. That alone was worthy of a modicum of wariness. He regarded her dispassionately for a moment. Mentally debating. Before mentally resolving himself. If she were here asking for help, he would give what he could. His own honour demanded it. If she merely sought information, he would provide as much as he could. A small smile curves the edge of his lips as he nods at her from where he sat. "Naturalmente, Ravenna" [Of course, Ravenna]. He turns to the other kindred at the table. "Please excuse me a moment. I will return shortly." Standing, he gestures towards one of the alcoves along the walls and leads her over and slides into the darkened booth. "Adesso. Come potrei essere di servizio questa sera?" [Now. How may I be of service this evening?]
  4. As his attention returned to the singing.... lupine.... and wasn't that something to wrap one's head about? He had to wonder if Annalisa had known about it when she invited the woman to sing in her club. He made a note to himself to look into potential methods of detection for if one were to wander into his own club. He didn't mind them visiting, but he would certainly prefer to know they were present if he could get away with it. He snorts at Olaf. "Unpleasant surprises have a habit of doing that to me." Regardless, at least he knew where she was now and could keep an eye on her. That alone helped immensely. Shame that her presence meant her friends were likely nearby. Still. There was aught he could do about it, so he may as well enjoy the rest of the evening as best he could.
  5. Artus froze, mid reaching for another morsel. The Blush was something he had been blessed with, something he had always carried, since those first nights so long ago now. It allowed him to move more easily among the kine. It allowed him greater freedoms to act among them as well and in turn, to hunt them easier. But for all that, there were times where his true nature showed through. For those long seconds, he could have been mistaken for a statue. Nothing living could hold that level of stillness. Slowly, he withdrew his hand, reclining back in his chair. That.... was surprising. His eyes flicked over to Lily briefly for her comment. That was also surprising. Or was she perhaps playing coy? Gangrel, of all clans, were known to be the ones most familiar with the Lupines, given they were the most likely to come into conflict with them, given their roving nature. Even a City Gangrel who professes to be a Nomad. He let it go for now. Time would tell if she was simply feigning ignorance or not. "I had not been aware any were present." .... he wished he had his sword.
  6. Artus lips thinned into a firm line, the only sign of his discomfort at being taken unawares, the beast stirring fitfully in the back of his thoughts, ire roused at an unexpected guest. "You remain as classy as ever, Olaf. Or am I mistaken? I'll admit I'm not familiar with your current face." He gently places his own wineglass down. Leaning forward and resting his chin on steepled fingers.
  7. Artus offers Lilly an easy smile, no hint of fangs present among otherwise gleaming teeth. He had fed well before his arrival and so his beast offered only most sedate of responses, both to being surrounded by food and having a stranger present. It coiled lazily at the back of and underneath his thoughts. Ignorable. For now. Answering her leading question with no hint of anything other than a Berlin accented German. He had been speaking German for a century before the city was even founded and had spent so long living here that his grasp of the language was unpolluted by his mother tongue. "Of course, forgive me. In Annalisa's home I am just another kindred spirit. You may call me Artus. Outside these walls, I own Berghain and Panorama." He didn't know if the name would mean anything to Lilly. His latest pet project, despite it's wildly popular reputation among the Kine as a(The) temple to techno and electronica in the city was nevertheless regularly overlooked by most kindred embraced for more than 10 or 20 years. He could understand it, he supposed. The music itself was something of an acquired taste, but there was something viscerally satisfying about feeling the thundering beat all the way down to your bones. Panorama was much more to most Kindred's taste, despite occupying the same building. "Well, if you have already spoken with the Prince about residing in the city, let me be the first to welcome you as a resident. I look forward to getting to know you." The arrival of the dish provided a decent excuse for a lull in any conversation, though one corner of his mouth quirked up in a slight smile. Taking a strawberry along with some cream he raised the treat in toast to their host. "Salute!"
  8. The Summary for Artus: I'll post the more in depth background at a later stage. Born in Italy in 1180 to a Italian Noble family, as the second born, he was squired out to another noble family as a foster. He grew up learning the ways of a Knight, along with several other young boys, one of whom was named Bartrand that he had a particular bond with. Their childhood was fairly standard of the times. The first unusual occurrence came in the boys 15th year, where they were called to a meeting held by the Pope at the time, Urban II. The Pope, desiring to see Jerusalem under a Christian Banner. He granted a year for all the present Knights to gather themselves and make preparations for a long absence. They made their way east to constantinople, their training leaving them exhausted wrecks almost daily from its intensity in an effort to prepare them, the heat and mountainous terrain doing wonders for their stamina and resistance to the environment. Finally arriving in constantinople through Greece, they then headed South, taking part in several battles and sieges along the way where both boys acquitted themselves with distinction in the field. They finally arrived in Jerusalem and were some of the first crusaders on the ramparts as the city was breached. For their performance on the field and their steadfast dedication to the cause, both boys were granted their spurs, though they were younger than was usual for such a thing, being only 19. Having acquired full Knighthood, they chose the Knightly orders they wished to serve with, Bartrand with the Knights Templar, while Artus took his vows with the Knights of St. Lazarus. He spent the next three years in the city, providing succour to the Lepers of Jerusalem and collecting what he could of eastern arms and armaments. At this stage, he was approached by a Woman who convinced him to follow her. She led him to the outskirts of Jerusalem and imprisoned him there, explaining what she was and what she wanted. He resisted her to the best of his abilities, but after three days of capture, he was broken and asked her for the change, just as she had wished. Over the next years, she taught him the ways of Cainites, to hunt and hide, as well as clan history, before taking him to introduce him the court as a whole. Here he met the man who had originally intended to sire him, but who the Lasombra poached from. After some time, she elected to leave the city, her games with her rival having palled, and they packed up their valuables, and moved west to get a boat to Europe, being waylaid briefly with an encounter with Bartrand. He recognised Artus and fearing some form of Sorcery attacked. He and his party were defeated his party killed but Bartrand spared and sent on his way. Arriving in Europe, they wandered for a while, before finally settling in a small town at a junction between two trade routes that his sire had seen potential in, the city that would become Berlin. The next several centuries saw him rising in and out of Torpor as the fancy took him, generally while there were conflicts raging nearby. He would observe, fight as the interest took him, and collect souvenirs. He remembers with particular fondness those years the Golden Horde advanced to Europe. Things continued apace with little to keep his interest and as such he was surprised when he first came across Bartrands descendants. Apparently he had written about Artus and his family had taken it upon themselves to see him put to rest so that his soul might find peace. They came at him during the day. While he was sleeping driving a stake through his heart and proceeding to decapitate him. His ghouls of the time rushed to his defence and in the ensuing fight, some black powder was set off which collapsed the Tunnels leading to his haven, leaving him torpid with the corpses of his friends family and his ghouls. The next time he would be disturbed from his sleep would be in 1945, as the allies were invading Berlin, some of the bombing had reopened the warren of tunnels that were his haven and a small german platoon found his resting place. They accidentally awoke him, and in a fit of Starving rage he killed them all before he began to set about finding out what had happened during the long centuries of his sleep. He has since found the world much changed. He found the local court, introduced himself and has since not returned to Torpor, finding the world to be so different from what he had been used to as to be intriguing. He has since set himself up as a part of Kine nightlife scene, with the various clubs that he has owned under various aliases for the last 60 or so years. He regularly takes part in Kindred society, though he is a comparatively silent figure in the gatherings enjoying comparatively peaceful relations with many of the rest of the court. He has been interested in the last while in potentially setting up some new mortal interests but for now he contents himself in continuing to grow his current Nightclub, Berghain/Panorama.
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