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  1. Alec subsided with a grumble. The intimation that he would ignore what was said to him grated a bit, but it wasn't worth the argument it would inevitably spawn, so he let it go. Though the corners of his mouth were tugged down in a faint expression of irritation. However it was wiped away with Devin's question. He couldn't say he particularly liked the older boy, but he was occasionally sort of irreverently amusing. As loathe as he was to admit it. "So in essence, hurry up and wait. Question, though. Say this little op does, in fact, go on to Phase 2 or whatever. How long are we looking at for operation time? Hours? Days? Weeks? Will we be on standby on base for the duration, or can we do other stuff in the meantime? I'm not exactly familiar with how one of these things is supposed to go, beyond what I've seen on TV and in games, so I'm not exactly sure what you'll be expecting from us."
  2. Alec wrapped his arm around Taleena. He had mostly been lost in his own world this morning, thinking to himself, only really seeming to pay attention once she leaned up against him. Shaking his head slightly to clear it and focus on the here and now, there was a little half smile tugging at his lips as Taleena made herself comfortable against him. <It's probably for the best. We just need to be careful with it. If they are like us in any way, odds are good it can blow up in our face really easily. Keeping track of them could be a pain.> "Damn. And I was enjoying my Bard. At least we sort of reached a decent stopping point." he pauses for a second "Well. Sort of." Another second. ".... I hate cliffhangers. Gonna drive me nuts till we see what's on the other side. But yeah, someone would need to talk with Sean if we really wanted to continue DnD. Maybe something else while we break?" Of course, he was still unhappy that his thoughts weren't as private as they should have been, but much like Sara, the thing that had infuriated him beyond all was that he had waited even once the rest of them had become obviously enhanced. But he was trying to let that go. It may take a while, but he'd get there. His entire family had something in the way of long fuses, but once they got legitimately angry about something, it was something to behold. His ire would burn itself out in time.
  3. I'm with Lilly on this one. Moving to a wholesale military game seems like it would cut out a lot of time with Sandy and Taleena out. My preference is to remain in the School but I won't mind too much if we don't attend anymore. Between his own intelligence and quick learner, Alec probably already outstrips what High School can offer him and what he doesn't know can be learned at a frightening pace.
  4. Tamping down the anger at Abel's deception, that was something he would need to think on and he'd already hurt people enough by speaking without thinking, Alec turns his thoughts to the Guild link. <Aye, I'm certainly for it, but I'll ask for you.> Clearing his throat he had to wonder what the byplay of all of their mental communication looked like to the outside observer. "IF I may ask? Do we get any say in all of this? I don't have any problem with helping out, but what if one of us doesn't want to? A lot of what you've been saying assumes that we're willing to sign on. And if so, what sort of say would we have overall?" He smiles ruefully "Putting aside the fact that we've already shown a willingness to do stuff by sticking our nose into it even when told to sit tight."
  5. Alec let out a sigh. "I doubt we would be so lucky. No, I really doubt that we're anywhere close to being finished with this. We have time to prepare, that's about all. They know we are out there and have a rough idea of where we are." He nods as Dr. Mizuki agrees with his own conclusion. "So, we know they're coming. Question becomes; what are we going to do about it? Much as you want to keep us sidelined." he nods at Colonel Pryor "I doubt we will have that luxury. Unless things improve drastically, you're going to need our help. Not that I don't appreciate the attempts to keep us safe."
  6. <Hmmmm. It would certainly make sense. If the portals are anything like my Teleportation. While I can just brute force it if needs be, having eyes on where I want to go makes it much easier. Like, much easier. Would make sense for them to have something to act as a beacon or marker or something. Though that does make me wonder how they got here in the first place. Did they just do it blind? Piggy back on one of the base or satellite portals? Take the long way?> Remembering back to the last gaming session, where Abel had explained the visit from the Sherriff, he wonders: <It certainly explains the hole in Abel's fence. If they opened a portal and it intersected, odds are good that it would have just sheared straight through anything in it's way. Though I do wonder if that was it's first time arrival, or just it moving from one location to another. Either way, yeah. Good job it got splattered before it could get away.>
  7. Alec let out a sigh. <Then I was being unfair. Please forgive me. I... don't even know. Just sorry.> Looking out the window at the block of ice occupying most of the view gave him no answers. Quietly, he begins again <Maybe I should go till I've had a chance to calm down or something. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. Clearly I'm not thinking straight.>
  8. <Unless you are at all times carrying it on your person, you are always going to have some delay from the point where you become aware to the point where you can act. Hell, even carrying it on your person, you still need to take the time to change. If we had done that today all of the soldiers would have died, plus whatever civvies were nearby till we got there. And even if they managed to kill one? A nuke that close to home? Christ.... I'm sorry for saying what I did. But I will not. *Cannot* let that happen to Mum and Annabelle.> Clenching his fist below the table to get it to stop shaking so much he took a shaky breath. This was hitting too close to home. <I won't lose them too. Refuse to. So if it means responding without an outfit? So be it. I'd prefer to have one, but I won't cripple myself if it comes down to it.>
  9. <So you would rather let people die till you get a chance to change your clothes? I'm not saying that it's not an option, having masks and all, but we're sort of punching above the weight class that Spiderman usually does. If it comes down to it? I'd rather be known than have a nuke going off. Particularly when we're not aware of what other shit might be being spread around.>
  10. Alec mentally snorted at that, though the relief at hearing Sara over the chat was palpable. <I think you're being unfair to the Soldiers Abel. While it's shit they were pointing guns at Kia, what the hell were they supposed to think? Giant monster gets eaten by another Giant monster? Great. All that means is there's an even worse monster out there to fight. They had no way of knowing it was friendly, and even if they did, their buddies had just been murdered. They're hardly going to be thinking right.> Pausing for a momenth, he thinks back on everything they'd seen and done, even for the small time that they had been enhanced. <I.... think Sara actually has a point. While some people may never view us as such and hate us for what we are, I think that we have a responsibility to act regardless of that. Great power and great responsibility, all that stuff. I would rather look back and not regret being forced to inaction by fear.>
  11. Alec flinched at the sudden drop in temperature. Maybe it was just him running hotter than usual, but damn if that wasn't bloody cold. Lilly's quick action had him breathing easier after Sara's collapse and he plopped down on the shore, finally letting go of the energy he'd been grasping. Watching the power dim from his veins was fascinating, though it did raise some interesting questions. Stuff he would have to think on later. Letting out a sigh, he heaves himself back to his feet. Looking over to the little central island where the girls are huddled he takes a step- - and is standing beside them, the only sound of his arrival the crunch of gravel as his weight settles in it's new spot. "Gotta say. That's a weird sensation." he shakes his head, kneeling down beside Lilly and Sara as the older girl talked with her dad. <Thank god she'll be ok. Was really worried there for a sec.> letting his eyes wander over the destruction wrought on their surroundings, he couldn't help but shudder. Living Bombs. Or rather, stuff rigged to blow once it was defeated. A final "Fuck you" to their opponents. That was nasty stuff. Still, though. The reactors and the focusing arrays would be interesting to look into. Hopefully they'd be allowed work on them. He had a few ideas that he'd like to work on, a sense of gratitude flowing through the link as Lilly tries to get them access to the corpses after they're moved. Speaking of.... He pulls out his phone, dialling the number for his Mom and holding it up to one ear with bated breath. He lets it out as it rings through to voicemail, leaving her a message that they were being asked to return to the base again tonight. Once more he hesitates, looking at Sara's supine form, before firing off a text to Annabelle about where they were going, and asking if she could pass it on to the Sheriff. Best he hears about it early than waiting for her to come home and getting worried.
  12. <Lilly's right. If we wait till we have all the information, this lake and everything around it will be so much radioactive slop. Fact is, we gotta do something about this. Distancing or otherwise disabling the "reactors" is something we can do.> Of course, time would have been perfect. Eyeing the gems in the creatures forehead, he couldn't help but think that they would offer a solution if he just had the time to take a look at them properly, but given the limited time they had to work, it would have to take a back seat. Putting the ideas to the back of his head for the moment, he reached deep. Up till now he'd been skimming from the top of his powers, unable to reach any further down to drag up any more of the ravenous power but now. Now, however, he really needed it and, bringing his will to bear, shattered the barrier that had previously been holding him back, the blazing power roaring to the fore, leaving him feeling tingles in it's wake, veins pulsing with incandescence in time to his hearbeat. Yeah. He could work with this. Directing the cascade out, the formerly uniform beams of light crackled with barely restrained power, jumping from side to side as they rushed towards their target, much like lightning. Impacting with the corpse of one of the fallen beasts just over the pelvis, the light hungrily devours everything it touches, the flesh and chitin of the creature flashing into ash before even that is devoured under the onslaught. By the time the beam tapers down, one full third of the creatures mass has been devoured by the ravenous storm of energy, including the reactor stored deep inside it.
  13. Achievement unlocked: Alec unlocks Disintegrate. Alec uses Disintegrate: It's super effective Willpower: Auto Success Regular Dice: 5D10E7 => ( (7, 8, 3, 4, 8 → 3 successes against 7) ) = 3 Mega Dice: 1D10E7 => ( (10 → 1 success against 7) ) = 1 | 10s: 1 (3 successes) 12 Levels of Aggravated Damage inflicted.
  14. The sensation washing over hims was thoroughly unpleasant. The roiling Quantum energies translating to a sensation similar to an itch, but inside his head. It was distinctly unpleasant. With a low growl he reaches for the incandescent power pulsing in time to his own heart, forming a ball of glowing energy in his palm. Letting it loose, the pencil beam of actinic light flashes forward, burrowing straight through the central "Eye" on the creatures forehead and exiting out of the back of it's head, it's expression of pain terminated mid vocalisation. It twitches once and starts to topple over, the smoking hole through it's head still glowing white as its massive bulk hits the ground. <Focus 'em down if you can. More of them that go down ASAP, the less surprises they can begin throwing around.> He listens silently for the half a second it takes Abel to lay out his own plan. <I don't know. The missiles seemed minimally effective earlier. And most of their power comes from the warhead being a shaped charge. Finally, I don't know if my power would detonate it or just annihalate it. So far, when I use it, it only leaves ash behind, so there's no garuntee that you would get anything even closely resembling an effective weapon. I can try, but I think I may be better off just blasting the damn things.>
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