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  1. Clara knelt down next to the police officer and gave him a more thorough check. She wasn't medically trained normally, but all SEALs went through a basic course of combat medicine, so maybe she'd be able to do something. "I assume there's backup coming. So I'll hold tight" She said to no one in particular.
  2. Sigi went in to the building, finding her police escort on the floor, out cold with icy skin. With a Asian man standing over him, she drew her sidearm and challenged him. "Name, and ID. Now!" He didn't answer, and laughed. Flipping his medallion of some sort which she couldn't quite place. Doing what Sigi would call the normal mystical Asian stuff. Before dissapearing, leaving that mist from before. Which caused Sigi's training to kick in, so she fireman carried the cop out, Going as fast as possible. Only to find Sia Price and her tiger. Missing Running a hand through her hair, Sigi tapped her phone and called in. "Uh, yeah. Reyusei. Chief Sigismund here. Sia's missing and I had a run in with the mist"
  3. Clara, noting the police tape, motioned for Sia to get out of the car. while talking to the detective, "It'd be best if you stayed between me and Teacup here. Just in case something comes out and tries to well. Kill us" She then stepped out and let Jager sniff around, see if she smelled anything. All the while keeping her hand on her sidearm, concealed under her jacket. and her. "other" sidearm. Her phone. "So, let's go check it out. Shall we?"
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