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  1. He stood prominently atop Mount Everest, where it had all begun. Across China the forces under his command bombed the major cities and his army of followers fought for death and Glory and His Holy Name. Shen-kahn smiled, his pearly white fangs gleaming in the pale moonlight. Several others were present, loyal servants he had honed into implements of war and death far beyond any other. He rose from the precipce and his eyes gleamed Emerald green. "I tire of this symphony of destruction. It lacks finery, it lacks the Soul of Real Combat. Baselines fighting baselines, bombs dropped without care, too much waste all in all. It's time For them all to see the truth of this matter." Five exact copies took shape at his sides. "Go forth to your appointed places. Let their paltry resistence end now." The five copies all bow and vanish through five Separate Warpgates. One to Beijing, one to Shanghai, one to Ghuangzhou, one to Shenzhen, and the final to Tianjin, the five most populated cities in China. Each beacon now in place he snarled and sent power to each of them to broadcast his command. "Forget your meaningless lives, your own weakness, and serve me, Shen-kahn, now." Millions of Chinese stopped, looked skyward, and forgot all the struggles of their lives, all the mindless work, the bombs s that had been faling upon them and they bowed, each placing their head to the Earth, giving praise to their Lord and Master. Accross all five cities it was the same. "All hail Shen-Kahn. All hail the Master." It took a full week, but soon, all of China would bend knee to their new master. Those who regained some of their former selves simply vanished in the night, executed and their bodies destroyed. The entire experience left Shen-kahn drained in all ways.He could hardly move in his new palace. He laid there, surrounded by his implements in their dormed forms, regaining his power from the last of his conversions. The good Doctor hadn't requested it yet, but he was preparing his first payment in this bargain between snakes. Five hundred thousand able men and a shipment of war materiel were being loaded up and prepared to be shipped to The good doctors training facility and manufacturing area. they wouldd be sent out in all directions, by a dozen meothss. some would be intercepted, but they would know nothing, of importance only that their master commanded them to train and work and fight for his glory under the banner of Boroz, that thier valor would go be remembered as their names were added to the Book of Heroes. He nodded to his prize implement, Nekigami, his Spirit Cat. Her raven hair flowed down her back. Her Emerald eyes sparkled with unmatched radiance. Even wearing her mask, she was startlingly beautiful. He smiled, noting how well the girl had turned out after a proper upbringing. "Report my dear." "As you have commanded my Lord all the dissidents have been destroyed." "Are you ready to follow my next request?" "I and the Faithful are sworn to die at your command my Lord, what may we your humble implements accomplish in your name?" The look made her uncomfortable, but she hid it. "This is a task only for you. You alone are fit for it. Besides each of you..." He gestures to the other five novas there... "You are all going to govern a prefecture of my China. You will be responsible to me alone, and your authority over your Prefecture will be total. Each of you has been shown your new area and the boundaries there of. inter-prefecture squabbles will not be tolerated, now go, each of you has much to do." The five all left, each with a smug smile there were only six total divisions for China, and the precious Assassin hadn't been given one. Instead she was to be given another mission to redeem herself. "I ask forgiveness my Lord." her face blushed with shame. She had to have displeased him she noticed she wouldn't be given part of China. "For what my dear, you have done nothing wrong, quite the opposite." "Then I am affraid I don't understand." She realized how her tone could be offensive and tried to apologize, but Shen-kahn's tail pressed against her lips. "It is alright Minazuki. We are alone now." "Yes Father." Her form shimmered and her body was covered in snow white fur and ebony black striping. Her tail extended and was also covered the same. Her eyes became deeper, even more striking. Small claws tipped each of her nimble fingers. Now the resemblance was obvious. While nowhere near as large as her father, her body belied feline grace, and the power of the great cats. She had slightly elongated incisors, but she did have the full digitigrade legs and tiger's head her father had. "That's better." He smiled as she took his offered hand and sat across his lower legs. She could feel the rumbling beginnings of his purring deep within him. Despite his exhaustion, she knew he was very pleased with how everything had gone, which only made his dismissal of the others and the command for another mission that much more ominous. He ran a finger down her back and smiled. "Relax, I am giving you that which you desire above all else." She looked at him quizzically. "I forged seven implements, one for each of the seven cardinal sins of the Christians, our original enemies. You, my Mistress of Lust, are to retrieve my wayward implement, The embodiment of Wrath itself." "Comprehension showed on her face and in her pearly smile. "Bring Long back to me my daughter. I want him to swear his allegiance to me willingly, to submit and yield completely." He nods his eyes glowing brightly. "I know you have longed for him since he first rescued you. You knew him to be my heir, and wished to make in official. Your efforts had started to pay dividends, but he was taken from us. We failed him, and they gave him this false sense of honor and respect for his home of Japan. Now he fights in chains for them, and yet he is still a veritable force of nature on the battlefield. I want him back, you want him back , Now I give you permission. Appropriate what you need and give me your plan by the morning. Then you will go and make our family whole." He smiled knowing he had just offered her everything she wanted. The chance to fix what had been broken, the chance to ensure her father's bloodline, and his approval of it. She would say yes. Her eyes betrayed her boundless joy. Here it was, not a mission of punishment, but a chance to make right everything that had gone so wrong. Her Ryu would come back and he would be hers. They would be first among equals. It was a mission of unfathomable glory and honor. She bowed to him, her head to the floor her tail coiled about her legs. "I will not fail you Father."
  2. Long's words hit home as time itself was ripped away. "Poetic Justice." The pain and disorientation was immense, he knew that for him it was over. Timeslip had proven in the end she was stronger, more able to guide Ryu. "You have succeeded in where I failed. You have a power I could only dream of, that I pushed him so hard to attain. Take care of him Timeslip, he's in your hands now. If it is not too much to ask tell Ryu that I'm sorry it wasn't better between us, tell him to remember the good times as well." Through a final quiet mental channel he shows Timeslip a few moments where He and Long didn't train, where they simply played as a father and son. She sees the erruption of Long from Shen-Kahn's eyes, snd how he took care and raised him. "I was not the best father, but he was my son. Goodbye." With that Shen-Kahn turns and walks away, leaving everything else left unsaid.
  3. In blind Rage Shen-Kahn turns and slices right through where Timeslip stood. "KIll.. you... all..." His power is fading, but he's got a bit more. He turns back to Singularity swiping again. His claws barely scratch the surface, as he heals the minor wounds he's suffered. Rage burns hot within him, the green flame surrounding him blazes higher. His fury intensifies as his homicidal rage continues, fortunately to little effect.
  4. Singularity's words push all the right buttons. "Insolent Child! I'll tear the flesh from your body." What follows next is simply put as Shen-Kahn going berserk. He attacks constantly heedless of the energy being expended he throws every attack he has, and constantly rakes with his claws and lashes out with his tail. Nothing seems to harm Singularity but he keeps trying. His conscious mind is reduced to a primitive instinct, to kill everything around him.
  5. I understand Long's full range of defenses are activated I don't mean to be an asshole, in all honestly this little moment gives everyone except Timeslip an opening on Shen-Kahn. He's set his pupil loose and doesn't think more about it until Long calls to him He's going to be slugging it out with Singularity
  6. "Good boy Long. Find the one called Timeslip you'll recognize her. Destroy her and anyone you find nearby, but destroy her first." Long nods and blasts off towards where Timeslip and the others are. His master has commanded, so shall he obey. Shen-Kahn turns to Singularity, Now where were we? Ah yes I remember." His eyes Glow as a black field grows around him as Gravity increases to more than double normal Gravity.
  7. When Long attacks he's moving at close to mach 5 he's incredibly hard to stop but he will miss his attack. I would ask that at least initially everyone allow the interplay to be between Long and Timeslip for a bit, Shen-Kahn will draw closer seeing the commotion and that gives everyone a chance to jump the other tiger.
  8. His rant is ended abruptly by a series of blows to his head and neck by the other Elite on the field. He stands and turns to Singularity. His hand rises to his jaw and neck. "Is that as hard as you can hit? I'd heard you were among the best, that was pathetic. I am far from beaten boy, far from beaten. You say he cannot control his beast? I know, it get's the better of him, but it does not Get the better of ME!" Chunks of Rock blast into the novas within 100 meters as Shen-Kahn rakes his metalshod claws across Singularity's chest seemingly with no effects. "If I can't hurt you, Then Your wife will do. I'll make them screamfor mercy as he devours their power." He turns to Long and his eyes glow brighter than the sun. "BY BLOOD AND HONOR WE ARE ONE!" His roar is echoed by another, one coming from Long.
  9. Shen-Kahn Roars at Jager's slight knowing his avenues of departure have now been severely limited. He can feel his former pupil coming in, but the speed is far greater than ever before. The Thunderclap from the blow rattles his teeth as he trades blows with Long. Azure fire chews at his side, as a massive metal on metal impact of his fist to Long's torso sending Long back out of the crater. "ENOUGH!" The ground trembles and the rockpile explodes outward sending debris everywhere. Long's words cut hard. "I Gave you everything and this is how you repay me? I made you strong, I gave you power, you could have been the greatest, but you threw it all away. Petulant Child you wanted it all, you're a monster You can't ever be like THEM!" His roaring voice is heard over the scorching sandstorm. It is perhaps the only thing heard over it. "IT seems That I must teach you again what it is to kill a friend."
  10. Emerald fire surrounded Shen-Kahn as he stood waiting. Everything in his body and mind told him to leave, that standing to fight was foolish in the extreme. "I have one last play, and then it will be over, either you will be mine, or I will fall. I am tired of waiting." Green sparks of energy ran the course of his metallic frame, The billowing winds brushed sand across his body. He had regained his spent power quickly, but not without cost. His control over several of his abilities was found to be wanting. "I have enough to win."
  11. Shen-Kahn bows. "It will be decided on the sands, as it was in the past. You know where I'll be."
  12. "You have no idea what has come before Singularity, but I will say this, I will not strike first. I started this all fifteen years ago, I have invested too much to stop and try a new way now. Long is my son, I made him who he is. He belongs to me, He will always belong to me."
  13. "Jager, you know me, Long is all I need, everything else matters little. Understand I am completely content to never harm his family, even his baseline family, provided he returns to me. I like Timeslip, she is good for him, she was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps the two of them will produce children, I think that is good. Long cannot guide himself through life, he's failed miserably in his attempts. That's why he needs me." His tail unfurls from around his waist as he tightens the muscles of his shoulders and pops them. "His last little lesson was of his own design, He was too angry and in that anger he gave me too much time. That's why he was beaten. I could have killed him, but that's rather defeating the purpose. Understand Jager, I could have killed them all right there but I didn't. That is not my goal. I know you and I know of You Singularity, yet another Elite who left the business behind. I would not relish fighting with you, but I am prepared to go that far if I must to get my son back. I would tell you to leave Samhra behind a loved one also involved in this is a burden that leads to mistakes but I feel your bond is strong enough that she'll put her self in harms way no matter what you say. The same is said for Timeslip and Endeavor, They will only hinder you in battle." His arms unfold as he scratches his chest Idly. "But they'll all come won't they? If he must again learn his lesson, then so be it. If pain and Loss are all he understands then I'll teach him just like the old days."
  14. "You seek to know why I've put Ryu Hideyoshi through all I have. Why I seek his service, at any costs." Shen-Kahn's stance is firmly planted, massive arms folded across his chest, with his black and white tail coiled tightly around his waist. "Hello Jager, it has been a long time."
  15. "It seems my guests are here, very well, I will hear them, it is probably best to let them know why I've treated my son as I have." He stands at the entrance, the telepathic adrress from Pedro arrving mere moments before they did. "I promsed to not act in Violence, this is to be a civil matter.
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