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  1. Garrett nodded to each in turn, before finally introducing himself with a slight smile "As Lt.Summers said, I'm Lieutenant Mercer. Call sign Chaos. I'm looking forward to working with each of you."
  2. Garrett had to bite back a groan at the response. He was having flashbacks to his training. But then, she was just coming out of being an instructor so it wasn't entirely surprising. It would probably take her a while to ease up and remember that everyone here was an officer already. Not a wayward student to be chastised and directed. He could see that having poor responses from the Martian, at least. Or maybe that was supposed to be humour? Hard to tell. As a rule, the flight instructors had none. But maybe hers could just have pulled double duty as sandpaper? Either way, a small smile crossing his features before answering commenting. "Perhaps a little hard out the door, Ma'am. No point briefing till we've got everyone together." He turns to Dash. "I would ask after both, but that's just me. As the Commander and Lt. Summers have said, I'm Garrett, or Lt. Mercer. Looking forward to working with you." He smiles fully as a teasing note enters his tone. "Just if you must be sick, point it in the other direction, yeah?" He leans forward, a more curious expression on his features. "If I can ask, what was it like growing up Planetside? You may have never set foot off Earth before now, but I've never been on Terrestrial land before. It's been one ship or station after another as long as I've been about."
  3. Garrett hummed in thought. It seemed like an interesting mix for a squad, but that sort of went without saying given its nature. And it was unlikely that there would be any issues with competence from any of the candidates. As the first wave, every nation would be looking to put it's best foot forward. He felt a well of pride at being one of the Jovian candidates. His simulations spoke for themselves and he had pulled manoeuvres in the Mentors that had most of the other students (as well as some of the younger instructors) looking a bit green around the gills. That he had maintained some semblance of accuracy while doing so was apparently even more impressive ("I didn't know it was *possible* to move it like that!"). This being said, it was still an honour to be hand-picked like he was. He nods along to Summers' rapid fire string of questions. All reasonable. The biggest hurdle to begin with would probably just be getting everyone situated and used to the situation. Doctrine and standard operating procedure will likely be the biggest stumbling block to begin with. Each military will have slightly different ways of doing things, which could cause problems in the field. The right hand not knowing what the left was doing was likely to get both killed when the left was expecting them to take advantage of the situation, if you pardoned his butchering of the idiom. Intelligence being what it was, though, he would be surprised if they had even a fraction of what the other Lieutenant was asking. Intelligence had a time honoured tradition of being just this side of useless in practical situations. Enough so that if an Intelligence officer informed him that they were in orbit of Jupiter, he would look out the nearest porthole to check and make sure. "Nothing from me that Lieutenant Summers hasn't already asked. I'll admit to a curiosity about the area we'll be patrolling, but it's not required for my continued well-being, so I can wait."
  4. Garrett couldn't help the slight Wince as his former instructor questioned the credibility of the posting. For something as decorated as the Resolute to be relegated to what amounted to a glorified babysitting job sounded preposterous. And that was even before the ramifications of this particular squadron was taken into account. Given that he and Summers were the only ones here, odds were decent they were the only contingent being footed by the Jovians, which meant there was another 5 to 8 members unaccounted for across the other Nations. An op like this, with the express purpose to foster relations between the various militaries and gain experience for the Officers in question? Heads would roll if there wasn't at least some effort to get them time operating in combat situations. Beyond that, from the sounds of it, this was a Jovian idea. If they were unable to follow through, and prospectives returned to their militaries and proceeded to freeze during combat ops? Becoming a laughing stock would be the least of their worries. The fact that it allowed them to thumb their nose at CEGA and visibly set themselves up as opposition without officially declaring so was probably just icing, as far as the brass was concerned. He did feel sorry for Summers, though. Especially with the dressing down she was being given. He could imagine the thoughts that were going through her head. He certainly wouldn't want to get stuck babysitting junior officers after getting away from babysitting prospective junior officers in the Academy..... Nodding to the Commander, he responds, "Never a doubt, Ma'am. You can count on me." He offers a nod, before moving on. "If I may ask though, Ma'am, have you decided on the rest of the unit? I'm expecting it will be a mix of Vets and greenhorns, in an effort to get us newbies up to snuff in as short a timeframe as possible, but I may be wrong." He offers a little self deprecating smile, shrugging in a "What can you do?" manner. "What will we have to work with?"
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