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  1. Hey guys. Is there still interest in this OW. I noticed no one has posted IC in a while and just wanted to se if people still wanted to play in Super Hero world before I bothered submitting a character.
  2. Hey guys, Jordan here. So I've been thinking about my character and the game and the discussion on diversity and ultimately I have to agree with Vivi and other that the disparity between Mages and the other supernaturals is too big. Right now if memory serves we are at 5+ Mages, 3 Shapeshifters, A Vampire, a Changeling, A Geist and a Mortal. ,, Now herein lies my problem. Ny second pick would be a changing Breed (most likely either an Azubuike or Baitu) but that starts to create a similar problem with the Mages... So that leaves Vampires, Changelings, Geist and Mortals, none of which I particularly find desirable to play... ,, To that end I am going to make on of the Changing Breed. the current idea is an Azubuike; a Were-Rhino who is attending UCLA on a football scholarship. if the mod find the Were-Rhino distasteful I will switch to an alternate concept of Were-Hare, but I don't have a solid character concept for that.
  3. Cool to know a few people still play though. I'm on Justice and I've gotten 3 characters to level 5. I know I should choose a character and stick with it but I just can't help it. Creating characters is so much fun! Right now I have a Mutant Scrapper with Martial Arts and Super-Reflexes called War Strike. A Magic Controller with Gravity Manipulation and Storm Summoning called Dee Lite (She's my cheesecake character) and a scrawny looking Science Tanker with Invulnreability and Super Strength called Ultra-Lad. So what are you all playing?
  4. I just picked up this and was wondering if anyone else plays. If so, what Server are you on?
  5. BSG? I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with that. So what where are you at in the book?
  6. WOW! I just did a 10 hour marathon read of the latest book and wow is about all I can say. Over 600 pages, my ass is numb So are any of you out there Harry Potter readers and if so; What do you think of the new book?
  7. Xander would be involved. Absolutely.
  8. Are you paying airfare and admittance fees?
  9. Not all of them. Ibiza was tragic, but it showed me a few things; about myself and the world. Utopia may be far from perfect, god we all know that by now, but they are trying to do what's right for everyone in spite of all the bureaucratic bullshit. I was in Ibiza and did some terrible things just to survive. I now understand just what I'm capable of if I put my mind to it. If I have these powers, then there are others like me out there, probably more powerful. All I can say to that is; the Project is needed.
  10. Well, I guess as one of the new folks that wasn't around when you where here last I'll introduce myself and say hi. The Name is Xander. Good to meet you/have you back. What got ya so busy you couldn't pop in to say hello?
  11. What can I say? I'm a straightforward kind of guy. Must be the ex-jock in me. Seriously though, you are trying to draw conclusions about who and what I am without really knowing anything about me. This conversation was actually all about Cull. It's not often I get to talk to someone on the recieving end of a Psychic Surgery mainly because the don't remember anything. Cull was interesting because he actually remembered that the event happened. I was just curious as to he thoughts and feelings on the experience and how "aware" he was of the differences and changes.
  12. Quote:Originally posted by Psimon: Unaccounted for? MacIntyre, there are circumstances wherein those 'anomalies' are in fact part of a treatment regime. Assigning the root of the misunderstanding to your technique was in fact an error on my part. In retrospect I see now the difficulty lay in the difference of our goals. Recollection anomalies, presdisposal to particular paths of reasoning and self interest; all of these are tools to be used. Some sparingly while others with regularity but always in achieving the goal. If the tool does not lend to increasing the probability of attaining the goal then of course you wouldn't use it. Okay, first off, it's Xander. Or if you really want to be formal, you can call me Mr. MacIntyre. As for the rest; I take it your in the business of helping people with mental/memory disorders? I'm sorry but your posts are a bit highbrow for me. Anyways, if that is the case then yeah, I can see how memory anomolies might be useful. Personally, Psi-Therapy isn't my gig. I alter and implant memories into my targets because I generally don't want them to remember what I've been up to (or what they've been up to in some cases). It just makes things run so much smoother for me. So yeah, lets just chalk it up to a difference in overall goals.
  13. I don't disagree with you Psimon, at least not completly. Still, if you don't make sure the memories intigrate into the existing memory structure, you can end up with unaccounted-for anomolies.
  14. Quote:Originally posted by Tarot: Okay now I got to ask the really upfront and fly in the ointment question here. If you had false memories would you know it? I mean, knowing the memory is fake kind of defeats the purpose of having the fake memory wedged into your head in the first place, doesn't it?Well, the individual memories are indistinguishable from natural ones but the real trick is making them mesh with the target's overall memory arc. For example, if I implant the memory of eating a tunafish sandwitch into a person, that individual memory will "feel" like a natural memory in all cases. Imagine now, that I implant the same memory into someone who is allergic to Tunafish. The memory will still be real to that person but it will clash with the rest of their memories and belief structure. Now I've just created a conflict in the mind of my target that will probably cause him to end up doubting the implanted memory. This is actually a problem I've run into before and now I'm a lot more careful when I alter someone's memory.
  15. What about a Psi-Tracker? A potent enough telepath might be able to locate Conduit's though patterns. Based on Psimon's assesment of the preliminary search radius, and with the help of people who know the guy, it really shouldn't be that hard to make some sort of mental contact.
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