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  1. Sorry for the late reply, My problem isn't with a crazy sci Fi setting or with things like super powers and what not, My problem is the myths or misunderstandings that can be cleared up with a simple google search being spread around as truth, which is what bothered me a little, Trinity and aberrant repeated the Temperature in Space ranges from -273 C to really hot in many books and is just wrong with information being readily available its a little funny, much like the translation of an episode of DBZ in which freeza states that he/she/it could breath in space which we know is bull and ending up being comical. Its not a huge deal, I admit. I would just like the people who write these things to google some of it, a minimal level of research if you will when you have a scientific setting. Other than that there is no problem having fun with plasma blasts and time travel. Some research can add that much more to the setting as reality is often very interesting (space is a fascinating subject). To beat a dead horse its like having someone that lived in chicago or researched chicago when writing a source book as a reference, it adds to the feel without being a classroom lesson and im pretty sure we have all read some books about areas that just got alot of the stuff wrong and it was a little disappointing. Ill add one more thing, its like that silly movie where Aliens invade with drones and weird power armor and the story was about the military fighting back. But the reason was they wanted water or something and that was why they attacked, bad reason from the start water is plenty available in space and no invasion was needed, thus was one of the reasons that made the movie a little lackluster, among other things. There are a lot of well written though experiments on why a hypothetical alien race might attack us that are a lot more logical then water, all they had to do was pick one of those and the story would be a little better as there is less handwavium. Another example is the new star trek, dude didn't need the ancient grey goo weapon, his drone fleet was plenty enough to take out the space station and thus part of the movie fighting over some ancient wmd lost its meaning. I feel like I just ranted a whole bunch and I'll leave it at that.
  2. Yep we are in agreement. I think what I was trying to say was that 2g's of acceleration is very fast and can turn you around fairly quickly and as we know 2g's of force is something you will feel but not something that is going to hinder you in any way unless its maintained for a long period of time, but for maneuvering I would think 2g's would be very good and get the job done with the pilot only feeling small pulses of discomfort. Talking about BSG if i remember correctly they also did nukes in space as flash's of radiation which is correct. ON a side tangent nukes would suffer from the radius squared in the denominator problem as well and well effective would be less effective then in atmosphere (air would stay heated for a while causing further damage and shock-wave thru atmosphere is really good at doing horrible things to concrete), just as an interesting side note, nuke shaped charges would be a better design. Also keeping it trinity themed I have concluded that any race using gamma radiation as a weapon are just being mean (not gamma ray lasers, just bursts of radiation), the amount of energy required to kill someone in a time span needed in a firefight is a tremendous amount of energy (40 greys kills you in a day which is not useful in a firefight so you would need a lot more energy) that could be spent powering a more effective weapon. Conclusion the Coalition are sadistic.
  3. Well the misconception is that books seem to think you flash freeze, and even in deep space that is simply not true human body is roughly a surface area of 2m, not near any radiation sources you still loose heat very slowly think how much heat a thermal blanket reflects back to you for a very very approximate guess as to what you are loosing. As for as the point about turning around, since there is no friction to resist you, you can turn in place as fast as your thrusts allow while still traveling on you original vector thus allowing you to aim regardless of your path which is just very cool I might add. Space is very interesting to think about and there are a lot of things to consider. The flash freeze in space repeated in books set off my rant.
  4. Well the only thing you should feel is the g force from you side thrust er turning you around. See Rockets are not fighter planes in this link just above half way down http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/misconceptions.php
  5. Just wanted to rant a little: For those that are interested in a very good resource for hard Science Fiction try the atomic rocket website http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/ Going back and reading a lot of RPG books I have noticed that a lot of people get some simple science wrong with respect to space, for example shadowrun, cthulutech, and Trinity/Aberrant think for some reason that space is cold. In order to help people understand this or perhaps facilitate authors to google and double check some basics I'll go over some basics: First Space is not cold or hot, it is a vacuum (very little matter to be found) and as such out of the three modes of heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation) two do not apply, as conduction and convection require matter to be in contact. From a visual standpoint it will be hard to tell the temperature of an object in space (temperature being a property of molecules), an object not generating heat will, given enough time, reach an equilibrium depending on how much radiation it gives off and how much it receives and given that radiation is the slowest form of heat transfer imply s that you do not freeze in space until you have died (and after you stop generating heat) and radiated most of your energy away, which depending on how close you are to a radiation source could be never. The intensity of radiation follows the equation I=P/(A*r^2) which shows the radius away from the radiation source is a square located in the denominator, from math we know that a growing number in the denominator makes the number smaller and smaller, since the radius is squared the Intensity of the radiation drops off very quickly as you move farther and farther from the source. Also because of the difficulty in releasing energy in a time depending way, heat rejection is a major design consideration for space ships and space stations, expect to see major radiators (large surface area to radiate heat as thermal radiation) to dump heat generated from the power plant and drive, these radiators by their very nature are susceptible to damage (large surface area and thin). Second you do not explode when subjected to vacuum pressures, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_exposure Third, it is very unlikely your space ship will be accelerating at a rate that could hurt you, You would be very lucky to have a ship that can maintain 1g of acceleration for long periods of time. Your body is going to feel the acceleration not the velocity (unless you are unlucky enough to hit something). So that takes the travailing so fast in space that you can liquefy people off the table as the shear amount of fuel you would have to shove thru your drive to get past say 5g's. Interesting note maintaining a constant and comfortable 1g of acceleration for about a year can get you to near speed of light, just remember to decelerate for the same amount of time. On the same note maneuvering in space you will only feel your accelerations (no air to bank off of and the physics are quite different, don't ask me to work that out I'm not a physicist, my degree is in Chemical Engineering) so what this means is that when you maneuver and say your ship only pulls some small amount of g's in maneuvering you wont have your eyeballs pushed back into your head. this also changes the dynamic in that dog fights don't really happen, think about it someone is behind you shooting lasers or whatever, you can change your ships orientation 180 degrees damn near instantly and just fire back while still travailing in your original vector, there is no need or advantage to maneuvering behind someone unless they somehow don't know you are there, and don't forget that is unlikely to happen due to thermal sensors being passive and that at current tech we can detect a toaster oven at room temp in space on the range rated in astronomical units.
  6. First off, I would like to say that the quality and options that this supplement has offered are amazing and it is a very good read. Thank you (those that did this) for your time and effort in sharing this with the rest of us. I do have a lot of questions (that don't really need to be answered but I will post in case others want to consider them) I noticed that the shielded reality power is a maintenance power, and works by providing a target universe with a soak value. This would be that it must be applied before someone or some event happens in which the universe would take damage. The question is then, how does the nova with shielded reality know when to activate their power, because as written, a nova with universe destruction power can very well one shot a target universe without giving any indication that he/she/it is using this power? With that being said I imagine that you would need locus to pinpoint someone hitting your universe with a hammer. Mass-minds are really cool, however when would a nova interact with it? The cross-time travel and cross-time interface powers seem to deal with interactions directly between universes and don't really cover any "in between travel", in which case it does not seem that a nova would run into a mass-mind because they exist in the Multiverse just outside its food source universe. Also what power would a nova need to survive in the multiverse medium? When I use Cross-time Retrieval with the summoning extra can I choose some arbitrary constraint, like summon me a person that is about to die that is young of age, or do I have to know exactly what I'm summoning or who I'm summoning for it to work? If I want a planet destroying bomb can I simply use retrieval to get it even if I don't know exactly what I'm looking for? If I use cross-time something to move to a different universe, and it is a magic universe, do I automatically lose my powers if I don't have the Unreality Zone power? With respect to the Unreality Zone power the first sentence of the 5 successes reads "Allows permanent normal function of nova capabilities (and quantum gadgets) within their normal parameters, regardless of this power's area of effect." while the 7 successes reads "Allows permanent normal function of nova capabilities (and quantum gadgets) within this power's area of effect, which can help make a handy place for a base of operations when exploring (or planning to conquer) an otherwise nova-incompatible universe.". Should those two sentences be swapped? The 5 successes seems to be more beneficial then the 7 successes with respect to nova powers. As written the Limbo technique allows you to one shot any being that does not have cross-time powers, with no way to resist, this gives the player means to lock up extremely powerful enemies much to the storytellers frustration with one application of Limbo. Was this intended? Pocket reality allows you to create a reality with a surface area near or exceeding the surface area of planets in the upper range of the power but makes mention of a certain "additional occupancy". What is the original occupancy? Star flight and Tau Discharge can exceed the damage of quantum inferno. Quantum inferno has a upper damage of 1000 B, 500 L, or 200 A. Star flight can do up to 1000 L and Tau Discharge can do up to 2000 B, 1000 L, or 400 A when you take into account 10 projectiles hitting the same target and the cumulative damage clause and 10 in the power and 10 quantum. Was this intended? If you slam into an atmosphere with star flight does the deflector shield protect you from the effects or do you take the damage as well? If I misunderstood or misread something please let me know. Again thank you for the supplement, it is a good read.
    Thank you for you hard work, I really appreciate the additional options
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