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  1. Morgan reaches out and gently touches Teagan's arm when the other girl looks at her Morgan gives a little shake of her head. "What do you need us to do," she asks the Major
  2. Morgan raised her hands a sour look on her face and stepped back away from the Nazi lover.
  3. "Lets see if we can find out." Morgan let go of Teagan and still crouched moved to where Ava lay, keeping an eye on the teen Nazi. "Hey Ava, right? You know him?" She gestured with her chin at the uniformed youth beyond the bars, "Do you know whats going on? Where we are?"
  4. Morgan knelt down beside Siobhan, "Are you hurt any where," She asked? As Teagan joined them, Morgan glanced at the boys in uniform. "I don't know what is going on," she whispered tot he two girls, "my name is Morgan, I was kidnapped in Times square by some weird guys that spoke German. But it wasn't these guys, I'm not even sure these guys know what is going on."
  5. Morgan checked her movement toward the woman that had collapsed, sobbing, before she even started , her first instinct had been to go to her aid, but when the guy had come to the cell door she knew this was a chance to learn some thing and maybe just maybe get some leverage. Waiting she studied the man to see if he were armed. It surprised her some what the uniform didn't look like a cheap costume which is what she had thought it was when she saw them. She didn't know alot about militaries but she did know that dressing a s a Nazi was pretty much a big no no everywhere.
  6. Morgan turned her head and looked at the weeping girl then raised her head slightly and observed the uniformed men on the other side of the bars. She wasn't a hundred percent sure but she didn't think any of them were gun-boy or Bob. She looked back at the brunette "shhh, calm down," she whispered at the brunette. She moved to sit up and winced at a pain in her arm. Examining the hurt limb she found the small stitches and needed mark, well shit, she thought then pushed herself into a sitting position. Morgan glanced over at the girl, she did look familiar sort of. She noticed another woman on the other side of that girl whose arm was bleeding rather profusely. The adventurer rose to her feet there was a moments wobble, she wasn't if it was her or the train though, then she steadied. The 'nazi' looked at her when she stood but didn't say anything as Morgan walked around the hammocks to the bleeding woman. "Hey, my name is Morgan, let me look at that," she said as she crouched down so as not to tower of the hurt woman.
  7. New years eve, Times Square. Not where she wanted to be. As surreptitiously as she could the swiped her thumb across the phone screen and looked down with her eyes only while the Hostess, Gabrielle Somebody or other kept going on inanely talking to a few dozen audience die hards sitting at the National Geographic booth overlooking the Square and the giant ball which would be dropping soon. Morgan Clark, known as MMC to her many fans, which she had to admit were not as many as when she had been a teen, sighed deeply. These numbers suck, she thought as her phone vibrated from an incoming text. It was Lewis, her manager, //These numbers suck!!!!///. The video blogs from China had all done well and those had been raw barely produced. What on earth had prompted Nat Geo to debut the new series on freaking new years eve. These numbers could sink her gig with the cable channel. China had been expensive to begin with and they had gone over budget on top of that. Morgan looked up from her phone and out at the crowd. All this was not what she had wanted. She wanted to make her mark yes, be the first to find something climb somewhere not be a floor show or a commodity. The world was too damn small now. All the mystery was gone there were no mountains left to be the first to climb. All the records that she could have made were done. Now all she could hope for was to find something no one else had thought of and frankly, she wasn’t that imaginative. “Morgan?” Morgan glanced up and over to Gabrielle, who was looking at her expectantly. “Sorry, the excitement from the crowd, overwhelming. You were saying?” Gabby smiled at her then at the camera, “I was saying that now that the Great China Trek is over whats next on the list to conquer?” Morgan smiled at the camera, good fucking question, was the thought but not what she said. “Well Gabby, China was grueling, we spent 7 months there making the show that Debuted tonight, and almost every day of that was a 16 – 18-hour day. Right now, we are just taking some time off to rest and recuperate.” She looked back at the host. “But don’t you worry we have some ideas on the board.” Gabby leans over and rests a hand on Morgan’s leg, even though it was sisterly made Morgan uncomfortable. “Can you give us a little hint?” Morgan looks at the camera, “Well I have been thinking about a possible trek to the South Pole. As you know the harsh weather and terrain has always been a huge factor in exploring the frozen continent and while aerial expeditions have been made overland exploration has fallen behind since to original historic journeys o the early 20th century. So That is a possibility.” “Fuck,” the shows producer cursed, “that is not going to happen. Go to something else and get Morgen in here.” A few minutes later Morgan was coming into the control room “Paul, I sear to god if that bitch gropes me again I will fucking deck her.” “Back here Morgan,” Paul Davis motioned her to the back of the control room. A scowl on his face quieted her faux rage. “Morgan, how many times do we have to tell you Antarctica isn’t going to happen. The cost, getting permission, the risk…” “Permission! For god’s sake Paul it doesn’t belong to anybody it belongs to everybody. We don’t need fucking permission.” It was an argument they had had before, more than once. The South Pole was the last frontier on the planet, the last place she could hopefully make her mark secure her immortality. And so far it has been an impossible goal. Paul shook his head, “You know what I mean you can’t just park your ass on the beach and march inland. And I don’t know why I am explaining this again. You’re not going to Antarctica.” “Maybe not but then again maybe I won’t go with Nat Geo.” “Oh my god, don’t tell me you’re still talking with that crackpot. He’s a freaking loon Morgan.” --------------------- “She mentioned it on air?” The man speaking to the empty room was talking in German, and talked with a quiet voice. “Ja Kapitain, what are your instructions?” That voice came through a speaker and mad the person on the other end sound tiny. The man in the empty room stroked his beard thoughtfully for a few seconds. “Don’t wait. Take her if you have the chance, if not, terminate her.” “Ya Vol!” came over the speaker phone and he could almost imagine the snapping of the heels on the other end. ------------------------ The argument went on for several minutes well after the show had gone back on air. It was an argument that they had had before, and as usual Nat Geo held all the cards, they paid the bills and she danced the tune. Morgan needed some air, so she grabbed her coat and headed out of the mobile broadcaster booth where all the network and TV shows where showing their version of New Years Eve. Outside it was cold, not the coldest she had ever been but still bone chilling the noise was incredible there were so many people packed into the square that she had a hard time comprehending them all. She made her way down to the edge of the crow bundled up no one recognized her and even if she hadn’t of been clothed against the cold, she doubted any of the revelers would have anyway. She made her way to a stand that was selling coffee and hot chocolate as she bought a chocolate for an outrageous price, she noticed a man standing at the end of the cart. What struck her as odd wasn’t that he was watching her, which he was, but that his cloths looked odd, out of place. He was wearing and Overcoat that was grey and a hat of all things. Not a winter hat like some of the crowd sported. But an honest to god fedora. Combined with the overcoat it just looked so odd and out of place. As she moved away back to the edge of the crowd the man followed her and kept up his watching of her and it wasn’t until she felt something small and hard poke into the small of her back that she realized he had been decoying her. It wasn’t the first time she had had a gun stuck into her ribs but it was the first time it had happened in the states. The person with the gun pressed close against her back and a head wearing another hat came into her peripheral vision. “Do not scream fraulien, do not try to run, do not do anything but cooperate with my instructions. I do not wish to hurt you, but I will at the first indication of noncompliance. Nod if you understand.” The voice was spoken loud enough to over come the crowd but still only be heard by herd. The man, she was sure of that, spoke perfect English with a slight German accent which would have given away his nationality even if he hadn’t of called her Fraulien. Her eyes searched around until they spotted a policeman, she had been in situations before but this she felt was different. Morgan nodded. “Good, now I want you to follow the man over there, the one who was watching you, his name is Bob. Bob will go slowly. Again, do not try to be heroic this is not a film, I will shoot you if I have too.” With a breath Morgan started after Bob who led her away from the crowd. Kidnapping these days rarely ended in death unless you were in far east country or some of the islands still plagued by religious strife. These guys knew her and were after money she was sure of it and so cooperation was the key at this point. As she followed Bob, the gunman stayed very close so much so that they looked like a couple huddle together against the cold. She figured that she could probably get away with disarming him with out getting shot but the crowd mad that a gamble and then she started noticing other men tracking along with them. All of them wearing the same coats and hats. Who were these guys? Bob stopped in front of a metal door which was beside a shop he waited for her to get close before opening the door she saw stairs going up to a second floor. Bob held the door for her and gunny. She could see no one else in the stairway this could be her chance as he stepped in she could spin and move to the side she could disarm and trip up gun boy and then dart upstairs she would have a chance. She tensed to do that and only registered Bobs hand coming up at the last moment before he sprayed something from the can in his hand and her world went black.
  8. Morgan Michelle Clark AKA MMC Archetype: Celebrity Adventurer Motivation: Glory – while Morgan does a desire for fame, after all that is how she makes her living and pays for her adventures, what her driving goal is, is glory, immortality, a place in the history books her name alongside the great adventurers and explores of all time. Not an easy task in this modern world. Background: Morgan is the daughter of two marine biologist and was home schooled for most of her school years. Her parents traveled the world, and this gave Morgan an irresistible love of exotic places. She was a scuba diving and surfing while still a child and her first adventure as a young adolescent gave her a taste for thrilling adventure. At the age of 14 she became one of the youngest Americans to climb Mt Everest her video blog of the event made her something of a celebrity and she with the support of her parent made a semi career of adventuring as a sort of teenage female Bear Gryll. She has trekked across the Australian outback, rowed up the Amazon, and dove off the Barrier reef among other adventures and all before she reached the age of twenty. Now in her mid-twenties she still makes her living as an adventurer and video blogger and has been on several Nat Geo specials but she feels she hasn’t really made that name to her she hasn’t done anything except follow in the footsteps of others her desire her goal is to find something be the first at, to make the big discovery… to do that one thing that no one else will be able to say I did that first. Having recently returned from a Solo trip by foot along the great wall of China a trip sponsored and filmed for a future special by Nat Geo Morgan is in NYC fo the new years celebration promoting Nat geo. STATS
  9. Annalisa sat back a bit of a pout on her lips. "I'm not worried about her causing trouble I'm worried about ours if they find out." She is talking about the singer but not looking at her. Marlene follows her gaze which leads back to the table with Olaf. "Who is that woman speaking with Artus?" Annalisa asks
  10. "Relax? There is a werewolf in my club that I didn't know about. If anything happens I am going to be blamed." She grabs the glass of wine and downs it in a one swallow wishing that the Alcohol did more than serve as a prop. "Of all the fucking nights for Olaf to show up." She signaled one of the servers who came over. "Sid should be downstairs have him join me as soon as he can get away. Thank you."
  11. Annalisa let herself be pulled into the mild embrace and sunk into the affection of Sire and Childe. This was what she remembered from before and what she longed to capture... a dream she could never have. She luxuriated in the feel of Marlene the scent of the woman. Then it registered what she had said. Annalisa pulled away and stared at Marlene for a moment then turned her head to view the dark skinned woman singing on the stage. "A lupine? Oh for fucks sake shes a goddamn werewolf?" she said unable to hide her horror and surprise.
  12. Annalisa plays the hostess making the rounds, giving those she recognizes a few moments of small talk and for those she does not an introduction and sincere wishes that hey enjoy themselves and leaves them with a sense that each and everyone of them are important. Eventually she arrives at Marlene's table. The classic beauty acknowledges her childe with a barely perceptible nod and a twitch of the cigarette to the chair next to her. Annalisa sits folding her hands on the table in front and blowing out a sigh as she gazes across at the vampires who are closest to her in station and basically her only friends. "Olaf is being a jerk again. Always with the 'I am the protector of the Jews.' He acts like we are all Nazi's" She leans forward putting her folded hands up under her chin and sighs again. "I am growing bored, Marlene."
  13. Seeing the shift in Lily's aura, Annalisa laid a reassuring hand upon her wrist just long enough to show that she was both welcome and safe before moving that hand to the fruit bowl wwhile giving her a smile. She plucked a cherry up and took it into her mouth stem and all. "I'm pretty sure," she said around the mouthful of cherry, "That we are all competent with our tongues." She dropped the uneaten cherry into her palm a nice knot in the still attached stem and placed it on the table in front of Olaf "All are welcome here until they break the rules, after all that is our way. Now if you will excuse me a minute I have to play hostess." Annalisa rises and goes table to table being a good host but making her way toward her sire's table indirectly.
  14. Annalisa gazed at the beautiful countess but a small frown curled her lip for a second at the sight of the vulgar jewelry the Hungarian wore. She shook her revulsion off and turned her attention back to their newest friend. She gestured to a waiter who promptly delivered and large bowl of fruit Apples and oranges, all sliced, as well as strawberries and cherries. He also places a tray of dipping sauces, creams and chocolate. "Please my friends help your selves and if there is anything else you wish I see that you are accommodated after all it is what Spoil is for. Our pleasure"
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