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  1. The meetign was kinda boring. Then again, any time Purple Rose had to sit down and wait was boring to her. At least there was some pretty people in here. Specifically the well muscled woman. Purple Rose never thought that was her type, but that girl was put together like something out of one of her good dreams. Time flew as Purple Rose was pretty much on mental autopilot. She got what she needed out of the reading. Take money or take a key. A million dollars would pay for a lot of things. She could buy her own house and make it her own own party station. Maybe she would invite the pretty girl. Even if she didn't get it, it was well worth the trip. Her avatar, however, was screaming (and all sorts of other noises) for her to take the key. Purple Rose was too busy thinking about what she and the woman could do. She looked the type that could snatch her up and slam Purple Rose against a wall and have her way with her. And now she was getting up. Kaitlin, her name was Kaitlin. Not that Purple Rose needed to know her name, but it would make conversation a little bit easy. Kaitlin took the key. Now Purple Rose had to make the choice. Stay poor and shack up with the Amazon for six months. Or become rich and possibly throw awesome parties forever. No more couch surfing or need for mom and dad. But then again, she and Kaitlin could make some pretty sweet noise together. "Fuck it," Purple Rose expressed her frustration. Walking over to the keys, she picked one. It didn't matter which one. "My name is Purple Rose," she smiled at Kaitlin, "and I" "Your actual name, ma'am," she heard from one of the officiators. She looked over at them with a stern look. She sighed with disgust. "My name is Jenna Li and I accept this deal." She mumbled, "fuckin contracts." She smiled, looking at the rest of the group that took keys, "this is gonna be swank huh?"
  2. Birth Name: Jenna Li Nickname: Purple Rose Birthdate: November 1996 (18 years old) Height: 5'5" Weight: 125 pounds Hair: Brown (but mostly dyes it whatever color she feels like at the moment) Eyes: Brown Ethnicity: Greek-Chinese mix Blood Type: AB Handedness: Left Identifying Marks: purple rose tattoo around her left wrist (she does this herself and adds on to it every so often), sun tattoo on the back of her neck, tiger/rabbit yin yang symbol on her right hip Languages: English (native), Greek, Mandarin, French Legal Status: Citizen of the United States (New Orleans, Louisiana) with a criminal record. Concept: Artist of All Trades Nature: Sensualist Essence: Dynamic Affiliation: Distinct Paradigm: A World of Gods And Monsters Practices Chaos MagickCrazy WisdomGutter MagickInstrumentsArtworkDances, Gestures, Postures and Other Movement PracticesDrugs and PoisonsEnergyLanguagesMusicSex and SensualityAvatar: Purple Rose's avatar manifests itself as a large undulating cloud of vibrant colors and sounds.
  3. 3 June 2015 A swank note had arrived for Purple Rose - 'Jenna Li' to the people who sent her her mail - at her parents place. Her mother and father was somewhat necessary. She used it as an impromptu PO Box. She could get food, shower, and bed there too. Not like the man and woman who gave life to her cared about what she did. As long as she didn't need bail. That was the only tether keeping this place tied to her. Purple Rose opened the note and read it. Anson was not a name that she remembered. Ever since she was absorbed into the crime-soaked party scene that was New Orleans, it was a blur. The people she kept as close friends she had names for. The rest were just another night. But then the memory of that night came into her head like a shot of the good stuff. She remembered how they impressed upon each other in different ways. She stood there happily remembering, with embellishments as usual for her, but there was nothing she could put there to make their time together any better. The smell of that night was something she didn't want to make go away. It was something of a magical memento, meant only for her... them? And now he was dead. Apparently he had bank to pull this kinda stunt. She wondered why in the world he would want her to have anything of his. She grinned, as she thought of the obvious low hanging fruit explanation. She fucked like a beast. Then again, he had her tied up in knots too. The hotel - always some place in the French Quarter here - was upscale ritzy. The type her father would take travelers to meetings with. Not that she minded. 1 July 2015 Last night was a blur. Sound, movement, bright lights all merged together into one chaoticly sensual blast. Technically the party was still going - New Orleans was like that, You never stopped a revel, you just put it on hold. your fun bumps into others fun and they make fun babies - but she had to be a 'responsible adult'. Of course a responsible adult showered, brushed her teeth, ate breakfast, got dressed in their finest. That last one is where Purple Rose stopped. She had foo foo dresses that were for formal events. Long red and form fitting. But a will reading? Nah, she was going as is: work boots, multi-colored stockings, long baggy knee shorts that fit well enough on her hips, a midriff tshirt with the word "Dikfore" in red on it and a pair a purple shades. Cleaning up and being awake was something she owed the man who was paying her a quarter million for a night of ecstasy. That smell though. The closer she got to her destination the more it whelmed her. The memories of that night played in her head, complete with her version of what music and lighting that should have been. Other people were arriving. Sure, the Hotel Villa was busy, but passing inspection of the spirits made it easier to spot who was who.
  4. Martial artist are possible, I'd think. Nothing too genetically out there. Yeah, blasts and flights are less common, but not unheard of. If you have a good explanation about how your body is letting out that much energy, go for it. EDIT: This is Beautiful Dreamer, forgetting to change subaccounts. Blah.
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