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  1. Siwan nodded and looking back at Sigurn and Zai, motioned for them to follow. "That is the way we shall go then, we will check the door when we get to it. Move carefully companions this place is alive with Magic and who knows what else." The women weapons or spells at the ready crept down the hall toward the door Kora had indicated.
  2. Siwan saw nothing unusual in the frieze depicting her life but she did marvel and wonder how it was possible for whatever spell or item used to depict the lives of someone who had never been anywhere near the place until now. Shaking her head at the wonder of it all she moved to join her companions. "Can you tell which way the thumping is coming from?" She asks Kora while watching down the opposite way.
  3. The small party studied the friezes Sigurn scoffing at several of the panels. In short order they determine that there was nothing noteworthy aside from the wildly skewed history lesson and the transportation circle. Siwan made contact with her familiar warning him that they were about to use a magical device that may trasport them out of range and to take car of the animals as best it could should they not return. After pushing the stone door closed so that no unwanted creature could follow them or accost them should they need to retreat back, if such would even be possible, the four adventurers positioned themselves in the circle and activated the circle with a cantrip. The room vanished as a flare of magic enveloped them and the light went out. They each felt a wave of nauseous disorientation and their ears popped. Kora growled even her eyesight saw nothing. The darkness was as black as pitch But even as both Sigurn and Siwan began spells to bring light, the darkness began to fade. Light dim at first seeped into the space they now occupied Glow which came from no apparent source grew brighter. They stood in a circle identical to the one that had been in the first room, but the room was not the same. The space was circular with a diameter of about 30'. the floor was of gold veined marble and to their rear a an opening the size of a door but shaped like a Pentagon. An odd choice for a doorway. The walls were also of marble divided into five sections by thick strips of gold and looked as if they were covered in Friezes. The women moved off the circle and Siwan moved toward the nearest wall section to the door. As she closed on it she gasped. “Look the frieze! It moves” Indeed the friezes had begun moving, the stories they told being played out on the very walls of the chamber. Sigurn stepped close to one section her gaze look on with astonishment at what she was seeing. For the moving wall told a story she was familiar with one which she had lived with all her life. The wall depicted Her story. Indeed each section depicted the life of each of them with the fifth section devoted to their adventures as a group
  4. The creatures dispatched, wounds were tended and the four adventurers got back to their mission. While Kora and Zai kept watch Siwan and Sigurn studied and attempted to open the magic lock sealing the place they had sought. The two tried for a good long time trying to decipher and open the ancient mystical barriers. Through trial and error the two magic users finally succeeded in bringing down the barriers. With physical effort the two women shouldered the door open and they peered inside.
  5. Siwan will hold the lightning bolt with concentration and cast firebolt since she id within 5' of the monster she id disadvantaged Rolling 1d20 + 7 ( 7 ) + 7 = 14 Rolling 1d20 + 7 ( 12 ) + 7 = 19 Damage Rolling 1d10 ( 2 ) = 2 wasted effort regardless Siwan holds the staff up and with her empty hand make a few quick gestures and mouths words of magic. The words are different from those spoken by Sigurn as are the gestures yet the result is the same as two bolts of fire leap from her hand to flash in the monsters face
  6. siwan take an attack of opprotunity at the one passing by her to attack kora TO HIT Rolling 1d20 + 4 ( 11 ) + 4 = 15 DAMAGE Rolling 1d6 + 2 ( 5 ) + 2 = 7
  7. Siwan will rush forward some 15-20 feet closer to the placing her self in front of zai so that her spell will not hit zai. she will cast thunderwave at 3rd level doing 4 d8 thunder damage 1/2 on a save. DC17. the spell also pushes those in it's effect 10' away . Rolling 4d8 for damage ( 3 + 5 + 8 + 5 ) = 21 Fluff Siwan dashes forward angling to put herself between the monsters and Zai. As she skids to a halt some 10 to 15 feet from the Vengaurak's she swings her satf in an intricate arc about her body and intones the wizardish incantation as she finishes the magic word she brings the staff down the point touching the ground facing the creatures and a wave of thunderous force erupts roiling toward the monsters!
  8. initiative Rolling 1d20 + 1 ( 14 ) + 1 = 15 Arcana Rolling 1d20 + 7 ( 19 ) + 7 = 26
  9. Siwan reached around Sigurn to trace the streets on the map with her finger. "Assuming this was the tower then this should be the route."
  10. "Let us get out of this tower." Siwan said as she wrapped the orb in a cloth and placed it in her pack. "Kora lead the way." Siwan followed the hunter with Sigurn and Zai coming behind.
  11. "hmm" Siwan smiles at her friend, "No, the spell i used could only discern the presence of the magic not it's nature. I would rather not destroy it if possible aside from it's historical value, if it can be made safe we may could learn more of the magics of this place. But the medallion i had not considered, you could be right Sigurn. If Zai attempts the trap she could wear it. it does carry an abjuration dweomer it could very well be a protection amulet of some sort."
  12. "Wait," Zai's shoulders slump with disappointment at the older woman's word, "I just want to check this before sending you in there. Whatever destroyed Skirra's physical form could also do the same to you." Siwan laid down on her belly and leaned over to look at the inscription closer. After studying the strange runes and symbols she sat up, resting on her heels. "I don't recognize them, I think they may be related to Ancient Ledean but I'm not sure. They may say something about a boundary." The red haired woman takes a few calming breathes then begins whispering an incantation her fingers making deft and very precise movements in the air in front of her. a soft glow comes to her eyes then fades in the chamber below the pedestal mirrors the glow. "You were right Zai, the pedestal is the center of the trap. I think I can suppress it for a short time do you think you can disarm it so that we can pass freely. If not then we should all pass through as quickly as possible."
  13. Siwan was looking over the medallion that Sigurn had found when Zai made her observations about the other room. She passed the medallion back to Sigurn, 'We can look at it closer when we have settled at camp, best put it away for now." She moved over to the stairs by Zai and crouched down beside her laying a hand on her shoulder to both show her approval and to keep her from moving down the stairs before thy were sure it was safe. She had lain her torch aside and was trying to pierce the darkness with very little light. She could see nothing. "Kora, do you hear or scent anything living down there?"
  14. Siwan ,studying the mosaics closely, had her attention averted by the flash of light which she caught with her peripheral vision, turning to for a better look, she saw Sigurn flinch and her face pale a little. "Sigurn, what is wrong?" Siwan stepped toward her friend when she saw that she was holding some sort of medallion, "Are you alright?"
  15. Kora relayed the state of the stairs and Siwan swung her pack off her back, "We will have to climb down," she pulled her coiled rope from where it was tied to the outside of the stout leather pack and passed it to Sigurn. "Zai, help me lash some of these slats together to make a brace. We can attache the rope and set it in the arrow slit as an anchor for the rope, we will need it when we come back to climb up." The women worked quickly and efficiently And once they were satisfied the positioned the anchor in the nearest arrow slit to the collapsed stair. The rope in place, Kora climbed down followed by Siwan, then Zai with Sigurn coming down last.
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