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  1. "Iron. Hmmm." Sylvia held the report up, looking at it with her blank, featureless eyes. "If it's a giant lake, they could just dump the bodies there. Why move them out here? Might have something to do with those magic whatevers that pop up..."
  2. "I suppose the first question is, what condition was the body found in?"
  3. "So I'm the muscle?" Sylvia nodded. "I can live with that. Is there a case file I can look at?"
  4. The footsteps that entered bore the squeak of new boots - Sylvia's third pair, these ones being the thickest hiking boots she could find. They made her easily an inch taller, but they also muffled the sound of her heavy footfalls. She didn't really need them - stray bits of gravel didn't bother her at all - but she felt it was important to hold onto things from before. She nodded at Lucretia as she entered. "You wanted to see me?" she asked, in that in the toned-down version of the 80's New York accent she was trying to hide.
  5. Sylvia regarded the dancers with a cocked eyebrow, but said nothing. Well, they told me that people like me were a lot more accepted now than we were back in my day. It's nice. Just - I'm not sure I'm used to that much acceptance. Hmm.
  6. "No idea why I'm like this and not like the others they found down in the cave. Sorry." She thought about asking about the other one like her, but then decided against it. "Listen, I feel like I'm monopolizing the conversation here. How about we talk about the rest of you for a bit?"
  7. Sylvia shrugged. "No idea which one it was. Hope it's the one that can die. No idea how I'm able to move, either, though it took me a long time to figure out how. I've been talking to all the top minds on the subject and they all figure it's probably magic." She looks mildly uncomfortable to be discussing the subject, weighing her words with care - but she seemed open to the discussion nonetheless.
  8. "Went on vacation in Greece in 1985, with my... friend." Sylvia stared, unblinking, at Terry. "Wound up staying there longer than a weekend. Soon as I find that snake-haired bitch I'm going to take thirty years out of her hide."
  9. At the interplay between Alice and Aynsley, Sylvia quirked an eyebrow. Huh. They told me that social progress had been made and we didn't need to stay in the closet so much, but I didn't know it was this advanced. She then turned towards the newcomer. "That's a video game character? I was expecting a bit more... uh, blocky. Wow. The graphics sure have gotten better. Hi, Hana. I'm Sylvia."
  10. "I appreciate the offer. Sylvia's the name. Hmm." Sylvia regarded the others. "La Maupin? I don't - huh. That's an interesting name. If you're a vampire, then - I have to ask. Are you that 'La Maupin?' Fencer, nun-seducer, all that?" She also turned to their handler, Lucy. "Now, I've been reading all those newspapers you told me to but I'm afraid I have no idea who ISIS is. Like, the Egyptian god? Are we fighting one of those?"
  11. "I'm good. I don't drink any more." Sylvia drew back the hood of her hoodie, revealing that she was made out of solid, pale marble, her hair fixed in place, and her manner having an odd stillness about it - her actions felt economical, as if they didn't happen without express purpose. "And even if I did, I'm on the clock. Not a good idea to get loaded."
  12. "I hope whoever designed this city got eaten by a wolf." Sylvia held the map on its side, trying to mentally navigate the thread of twisted London streets laid out on the paper. She ran her finger along the page to try and visualize the path. "So I cross here, then take a left... then... no, that's a dead end... hmm." The Sideshow had given her a smartphone, and a collection of fingertips that let her use its touchscreen, but she still wasn't 100% familiar with it and didn't trust it all the way yet. It was too small. Cell phones were supposed to be the size of bricks - otherwise you were as likely as not to lose them, right? She finally figured out her path, and headed off towards the station, heavily padded feet masking her footfalls, a hood pulled up over her head and partway down her face to mask hard grey-white flesh. After half an hour, she finally found her way towards the plaza. She showed her credentials to the perimeter guard, who nodded, not staring at her too hard, thankfully. Thus satisfied, she strode into the tent, nodding at the woman with the eyepatch, and ignoring the food and drink. "Reporting in."
  13. Sylvia Morganshire - PL 10 Strength 12, Stamina 12, Agility 4, Dexterity 4, Fighting 8, Intellect 3, Awareness 5, Presence 5 Advantages Accurate Attack, Chokehold, Defensive Attack, Equipment 5, Fast Grab, Fearless, Interpose, Leadership Skills Athletics 2 (+14), Expertise: Firefighting 5 (+8), Insight 4 (+9), Perception 4 (+9), Ranged Combat: ???? 4 (+8), Treatment 7 (+10), Vehicles 4 (+8) Powers Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Stamina 8 (+8 STA) Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Strength 8 (+8 STR) Immunity: Immunity 29 (Aging, Alteration Effects, Critical Hits, Fatigue Effects, Life Support, Sensory Affliction Effects, Sleep) Impervious Defense: Impervious Toughness 8 Stonesense: Senses 3 (Acute (Type): Touch, Ranged: Touch) Equipment Audio Recorder, Binoculars, Camo Clothing, Cell Phone (Smartphone), Commlink, Heavy Machine Gun Offense Initiative +4 Grab, +8 (DC Spec 22) Heavy Machine Gun, +4 (DC 21) Throw, +4 (DC 27) Unarmed, +8 (DC 27) Complications Made of Stone: Sylvia is very obviously make of some kind of super-tough stone. This causes problems both logistical (greater weight and density) and cosmetic (Sylvia is very obviously not normal.) Motivations: Sylvia may never meet the gorgon who petrified her, and even if she does, she may not be able to kill her (two of the gorgons were mythically immortal) - but Sylvia doesn't care, and will purposefully seek out missions that may get her close enough to kill the creature that cursed her. She also wants to see what, if anything, can be done for the other victims of the gorgon that were recovered from the cave, and she wants to someday track down Daphne and see how she's fared in the thirty years hence. Languages English Defense Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 12, Toughness 12, Will 8 Power Points Abilities 74 + Powers 72 + Advantages 12 + Skills 15 (30 ranks) + Defenses 7 = 180 Background Thirty years ago, there weren't a lot of women firefighters, but theere was very little that could stop Sylvia Morganshire once she set her mind to doing something. After several years of training and field work in the New York Fire Department, Sylvia took a vacation with her then-closeted girlfriend Daphne, setting out for scenic Greece. It was their first trip together, and also their last. Sylvia was a naturally athletic woman, and in addition to firefighting she took up spelunking and exploring. She found a series of caves in the midst of her vacation, and couldn't resist the urge to explore them. It was down there, in the dark, that Sylvia came face to face with an abundance of statues, all made of solid stone but with attendant bits of clothing and jewelry on them, rotting away - all of them with stunned or surprised expressions on their faces. Before she put two and two together, Sylvia came face to face with a scaley woman with snakes for hair, her glowing yellow eyes illuminated by torchlight, and finally found something that stopped her in her tracks. Sylvia was not quite dead but not quite alive, frozen in place as a stone statue for what may have been forever, were it not for something she can't yet explain. As time went by, Sylvia found herself adapting - first in consciousness, slow stonelike thoughts and memories gradually returning to her, followed by her senses, as she compensated for her now-opaque eyes with some kind of "tremor-sense," gradually making out the shapes of the cave and the other statues around her. Finally, with herculean force of will, after a length of time Sylvia finds impossible to quantify, she forced herself to move. One step became two, then ten, then a hundred, as Sylvia scrambled out of the cave, emerged into the light, and made her way past stunned and terrified onlookers to a police station. Calls were made, and the cave was explored, and some four dozen statues were hauled out, all taken into possession by the Sideshow. Whatever curse they're all under seems irreversible - and with Sylvia as a test case, it's entirely possible they're all still alive and sentient, trapped as statues. With her family long passed on and with no knowledge of where her girlfriend is now, Sylvia has decided to focus on work in the Sideshow, using her incredible strength, speed and immunities to hunt down creatures that hide in the dark and prey on the unsuspecting. Not even a gorgon could stop Sylvia for long - so whatever's coming better hit a lot harder than that.
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