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  1. Sigil was puzzled her scan returned no real data except for the absence of wildlife. All of the radiation bands were within the norms as she understood them and there was nothing detected that was not in her banks. This in itself was a clue, in her travel her scans always detected something new even if it was simply a new type of insect or plant life, there was always something. But not here. With more caution the party remounted and keeping a watchful eye on the surrounding and occasional glances at Firanis. They rode in silence, alert weapons and abilities primed the day grew hotter as they covered the distance until those with good eyes could make out the dark smudge in the distance which marked where the city was. Again Sigil sent out her scans and this time she detected nothing, at first, except the same grasses, same normal radiations but no insect or animal life and no energy signatures, then suddenly nothing. The scan fed her void then a sound only she could hear, darkness reaching for her calling her inward, the noise only she could hear growing into a crescendo of breaking glass, a waterfall of silicon splinters falling toward her....
  2. Firanis searched and could find nothing no insects of an sort, even worms in the earth eluded her investigation. But as she dug she became aware of a vibration, a hum which permeated the soil. It was hypnotic, felt more than heard, seductive. Firanis sprung to her feet grew dizzy with the sudden change in orientation. She looked back at the party tending the animals and preparing to resume their journey. First Gord became aware of her, then Nyr, followed by the Sigil and Tessareah, Grod pulled his weapon, the white haired woman hand on hilt an inch of blade showing. Both Sigil and Tessareah readied themselvs. "Firanis," Gord questioned? At the sound of his voice Firanis became aware that she was bearing arms and in a combat stance, that she had covered over half the distance from where she had glanced back at them and to where they were. She didn't remember moving or drawing her weapons. Or why.
  3. After the mounts, swift espron, were gather and some food and water supplied, the party Led by Firanis Flux, left the settlement of Broley on the north road to Rell. Even with the mounts it would take most of the remaining day to cover the distance between the settlements. The five rode loosely with Firanis out front. Nyr and Gord rode at the rear alternatively falling back out of training and habit to watch their trail even though there was no suspected threat. The other two Tessareah and Sigil rode together in the middle. As they traveled they spoke casually among themselves in an effort to get to know one another. Nyr when it was her turn, told of how she was raised in a mountain top town that was older than many of the rest of the places in the world. It had stood on the mountain for thousands of years and been home to many peoples. Today it was home to her people a group of introspective warrior who sought enlightenment through inner growth. This Monastic lifestyle had grown wearisome so Nyr had chosen to take a pilgrimage to see the world. She had been in Broley after learning of the Cosmologists from Traders. It had piqued her curiosity. The others gave similar biographies as the day and journey passed. They stopped briefly after the sun reached its peak to feed and water the espron and to eat their own ration. Firanis was uncomfortable, it took her many minutes before she was able to place what was wrong in her mind. The silence was only broken by the soft wind blowing through the tall grass, grass which should have been alive with the buzz of insects.
  4. Gord entered the hostel where the merchants had taken rooms and saw that most of them, six in total with two being absent, were gathered at a table being served by several servants and exorbitant amount of food, enough to feed twice their number or more. Gord waited, perhaps ten seconds to be noticed before stepping up and taking the bottle of wine that a servant was filling a glasses with. That got their attention. "How dare you you big..." began Sattas, but his voice trailed off to nothing when Gord fixed him with a baleful eye. Sattas like all but one of the merchants was rich and fat, and he was also the one who had organized this particular caravan. He had also hired Gord after seeing him rip the arms off a bandit once then use them as clubs on the dying bandits companions. It had greatly impressed Sattas. And scared him. "We have a problem you need to decide what you want to do." Said Gord who then explained about what Firanis had said about the settlement of Rell, the next destination for the caravan. The merchants all started speaking at once excitedly, shrilly as fear entered their hearst at the thought of the unknown. All but one of them who sat silent looking intently at Gord. Ceeball was a tall thin merchant with a long beard and no mustaches, his head was balled and unlike the others he did not robe himself in finery instead electing to wear functional clothing albeit of exquisite and expensive tailoring. "Master Gord," the others fell silent at this calm quiet yet forceful voice cut through the gibbering of his fellows. "It seems from this Firanis's tale that Rell is no longer going to be profitable. The next settlement I believe was, Docsis , wasn't it, can we go around Rell avoiding the unpleasantness?"
  5. Firanis nods at the women who have offered to join her, "Yes as soon as Gord returns we will depart. We need to travel light so we can go fast." Camila puts an hand on Fi's arm, "I can get you some mounts that will make the journey swifter, don't worry it won't impact us if we have to evacuate." Nyr, the pale haired woman with weapons had been silent through all of this and now spoke addressing Firanis. "I am Nyr Kas, a .... pilgrim come to study. If you think you may have need of a glaive I am willing to Acompany"
  6. Camila's smile faded as Fi's words registered, she looked past the slender woman whose arms she held, off into the distance where the neighboring village of Rell lay to the north. It was to far to see the village itself a good day and a hall's march on foot. "The People," she asks softly. Behind her Faber gasped at what Fi said and the woman to only person other than the caravan guards who was armed shifted almost imperceptible from the casual observant stance to one which was decidedly more lethal in bearing. Fi was sure that only one with her own experience and training would have even been able to discern the change.
  7. Faber burst into Camila's work-center breathless, the door banging against the outer wall before slamming closed behind him “Mistress Camila...,” his voice faltered as he became aware that the Cosmicologist priestess and ipso facto Village leader was not alone. Camila, a handsome woman in her mid fifties fit but with gray showing in her braided brown hair, was sitting at her work desk and before her was a tall woman with short very pale, almost white, hair, the woman wore tight-fitting clothes that resembled leather but was shiny, and she had two swords at her right side, her face the skin tanned to a medium brown was unblemished and unnaturally beautiful. Faber stared. “Don't be rude Faber, what is it?” Camila's voice broke Faber's reverie and shaking his head and pulling his eyes from the unknown woman he faced his leader. “A woman,” he glanced back at the pale haired girl, “has come into the village from the mountains. I heard the name Firanis spoke by a caravan guard.” “Firanis Fluxx?” “That was the name but I did not recognize the woman. She is very tall and slight at the same time and her hair is a strange magenta,” he looks again at the woman before Camila's desk, “and short, cut oddly.” Camila pushes her chair back and stands excitedly a broad smile on her face. “Firanis has returned praise the universe. Come Nyr I want you to meet her she is an incredible woman in her own right daughter of Holeon who was my very best friend and the savior of this very village.” She comes around the desk and grasps the woman named Nyr on her upper arm. “Come we must welcome her home. Faber lead us please.” Tessereah slowly walked around the monument for the umpteenth time. The singularity itself was fascinating and the field which surrounded it and blocked it from influencing the surroundings...remarkable. And still she could not discern the mechanism by which it was created and this both baffled and annoyed her Such things do not simply exist. She had come to Broley to see the monument and to participate in the Revelry of Wonder, a festival and contest a few days off. She liked this place the people all worked together in a harmony seldom seen. And their leader Camila a self appointed priestess of something called Cosmicology, was charismatic and strong yet fair and just. Since her arrival she had taken an interest in this strange non religion. A good portion of the town gather in the main square not far from the monument and in orderly line perform a ritual exercise part martial kata part dance. After the silent ritual which lasts about an hour the group of about 600 or so will break into smaller groups for a communal midday meal. Tessereah came around the monument and looked at the sculpted face of the woman who vanquished the threat off to her left she caught movement and saw the woman who led the village, and another woman of striking looks who were following a man toward where the caravans gathered. Looking that way she caught sight of another woman she of the magenta hair. On a whim Tessereah fell in behind them and went to see what the commotion was about. Firanis saw Camila approaching as he was talking with the girl called Sigil. A smile broke as her old friend called to her. “Firanis!” Camila ran the last few yards and took the daughter she never had into her embrace. “Praise the Cosmos! Welcome home Fi.”
  8. BROLEY Population: 875 Significant Feature: Most of the buildings here are made of living greenwood, a biologically engineered material that quickly grows over a temporary shelter to create a permanent structure. This gives the majority of buildings a softly rounded silhouette, as air-filled fabrics are used to create the mold for the structures. The creator of greenwood, Holeon Ferre, was killed defending the village from the Dark Fathom, ENTROPY ZERO. A monument commemorating that battle and her sacrifice can be found on Cheslet Street (see below) Person of Interest: Camila Beyett leads a group called the Cosmicologists, whose members bring their bodies in tune with the cosmos through the use of specialized movements such as fighting stances and interactive stretches and duels. Camila leads movement practice every day in Desoni’s Square, and her following has grown to nearly half the town, as well as outsiders who arrive from beyond its borders. Hearsay: The Revelry of Wonder, an annual event in Broley, is just days away. The celebration includes competitions in strength, weaponry, crafting, and other skills. Those who specialize in the numenera will appreciate the Wonder Race, where participants are given a random pile of parts and materials and must create something workable in a few hours. The winners are awarded a special prize, and the winning pieces are added to the Holeon Ferre Museum's growing numenera collection. The Weird: On Cheslet Street, at the spot where Holeon Ferre destroyed the Dark Fathom, Entropy Zero is the remaining remnant of that battle floating 137.16 centimeters in the air is a 10mm sphere, the singularity which powered Entropy Zero. The singularity is suspended in some sort of temporal field which contains and protects the surroundings from the force of the sphere. As long as nothing comes in contact with this field the singularity is harmless, how ever if the field is penetrated, anything which comes within 1 centimeter of the singularity is consumed by it being utterly destroyed in the process. The people of Broley erected a Greenwood monument around the singularity commemorating the Battle and Honoring Holeon Ferre the woman who sacrificed herself to save the village and destroy Entropy Zero.
  9. The caravan had been in the settlement of Broley for a little more than a half day and would be moving on later this afternoon toward the next settlement. Large Gord leaned against the wall of the merchants hall, sheltering in the shade, waiting for the trains masters to get off their fat behinds and start the caravan moving. The giant shrugged his wide shoulders and once again wondered idly why this place, that he had never been before, was familiar to him, a sensation that had been bugging him since he had first spied the place when they came up the road. He paused in his musings when the girl called Sigil, came up to him with a tankard of short beer. She had joined the caravan at the last stop and for several days had been the focus of much talk among the guards due to her strange looks and the way she carried herself. Despite the efforts of many to win her attentions the girl remained standoffish and was eventually ignored. However Gord had never been one of those who had tried to socialize with the girl so naturally she had gravitated to him after the others ceased their pestering. While the two spoke little to each other and perhaps less to anyone else they did socialize in a odd manner, eating together and walking with each other, not so much friends but somehow recognizing something kindred in each other. Gord took the beer and drained half of it in one swallow before thanking the Sigil but he wasn't paying much mind to her he was looking up the way at a figure coming into the village. Gord's mouth opened into an 'O' of recognition and he suddenly realized why the village seemed so familiar. This had been the home of one of his former companions the weird girl Firanis. She had spoken of the place often with her weird little rodent friend, and lo and behold who was it walking down the street but none other than Firanis Flux
  10. There area billion stories in the Ninth World and it is easy to lose track of them one such lost tale is Firanis and the Workshop of the Telescopes. A tale both old and new it told of one of Firanis Flux's wild adventures of how she met Large Gord another famous wanderer, of how they encountered The Nox, one of the last of it's kind and how the Nox helped them to infiltrate the wicked City of Workshops. How Firanis and her companions became involved with the Cult of the Flaming Telepaths and how they fought their way through the Evil Priests that could turn a mans brain into a torch with mere thought. How they climbed the fabled Tower of the Telescopes and of what they found there and of the great discovery they made about our moon. Sigh. But alas the details of that insane adventure are lost to us. Only the protagonists themselves know what truly happened and they don't talk about it. No that was a tale from yesteryear the tale you are about to hear now, is one that happened not that long ago. And it all started when..... Firanis stopped at the top of the rise and looked down upon the place she had once called home. She frowned in thought, she had expected this sight to move her to bring some old fondness to the surface but alas it didn't. She found herself missing Goutro and even Cyrinx truth be told. But they were far off trying to rebuild Goutro's spacecraft and while Firanis had found it fascinating she had grown restless and bored. And so she had set out to gater supplies and some of the much needed parts Goutro required. It was chance to get out to explore and yes adventure again. But she did miss her companions. Which is why she decided to come here. One of the things Goutro needed could only be found at a nearby settlement and since it was close she thought she could visit home. Now she wasn't so sure it was a good idea. Firanis shook her head “This is a mistake.” she said out loud to the wind, her mind made up . She would not go down would not visit those who may remember her. She had plenty of other things to do. She turned to go back the way she came and that was when she saw it, miles away at the nearest settlement to her home. A black spot on the horizon where the town should have been a black spot. She pulled out her telescope and looked toward the far off town, bringing it into focus. It was black. The buildings blackened the walls cracked as if exposed to great heat, the ground dry cracked blackened. The trees and bushes mere dead skeletons all Blackened. She saw no people, no bodies or any indication that any had been there whenever this had happened. She swung the scope back and forth everything around the town was blackened as if burnt Suddenly she paused the scope on a speck of green a bush on the very edge of the blackened ground and as she stopped at the sight of the green thing she gasped in horror as the blackening moved it touched the plant and suddenly the bush withered and died and turned black. She watched that very spot for several moments to ascertain to herself that yes what ever was causing this was moving. And it was. She swung the telescope back to the south from where it was pointed at the Blackening back toward her home, then back to the black and back again to her village. She dropped the scope from her eye and looked down from the ridge on the place that was once her home. The place that the Blackening was coming to.
  11. Character Creation and Advancment There is a disparity between Numenera and the Cypher system when it comes to Special Abilities that IMO leaves the Numenera characters lacking. Since this is a game with limited players and I want us to have the widest ability to meet all encounters with a chance of success I will be instituting the following changes. Special Abilities Tier 1 – 4 choices 2 of which must be taken from the Numenera Type the rest may be taken from Numenera or the corresponding Cypher Type to your chosen type. Tier 2 - 2 choices 1 0f which must come from your Numenera Type Tier 3 - 3 choices 1 of which must come from your Numenera Type Tier 4 - 2 choices 1 0f which must come from your Numenera Type Tier 5 - 3 choices 1 0f which must come from your Numenera Type Tier 6 - 2 choices 1 0f which must come from your Numenera Type as always you can chose from the same tier or a lower tier and you can also trade one ability from a lower tier at each tier past tier 1 Numenera Type and their Corresponding Cypher System Type Glaive = Warrior Nano = Adept Jack = Explorer Arkus = Speaker Wright = Explorer Delve = Explorer Multi-Typing Once your character is Tier 2 you may opt to spend one free choice per tier on a Special ability from a Different Type. This choice must be from a lower tier than your current tier.
  12. 3J was in the zone the magic was coursing through her. She didn't hear the knock or Siobhan calling to her, didn't hear the door open and ddin't even hear Siobhan gasp or what she said then. But she did feel the magic wind which snuffed her summoning candles and then the hug as the other girl knelt knocking her candles askew. "What the .....!" 3J's eeys were wide as her trance was broken and it took her several seconds of being hugged to orientate her head. "What have you done?" She took in the scattered candles the slight lacing of frost. She pushed Siobhan away "get off of me" "I stopped you from making a terrible mistake. Cursing Warren won't make you feel any better." Siobhan explained "I wasn't cursing Warren I was summoning a spirit to question. Jesus Christ!" She picks up one of the candles which is broken. "You don't need all this to hex someone, this is necromancy. And now I'll have to get a new candle to do it all over." She huffs and puffs but leverages her self to her feet. and glares at Siobhan then her look softens a bit. "What shampoo do you use? Your hair smells really nice."
  13. 3J slams the book shut and squeezes out of the seat sliding around Warren. "You are such an asshole and I am not the person you want to be fucking with." She glares at the rest of the group. "Something is going on and we are all involved despite what this idiot says, despite whether you all want to admit it or not. Something. Is. Going. On." She stomps to the stairs and spins back to face them all crushing the book to her chest her face red with anger and embarrassment. "First all of us are brought here and put in a group that clearly doesn't exist officially." Then she starts pointing at them one by one starting with Siobhan. "Someone or thing is giving you magic seeds using the forest animals as a delivery service." Her hand slides to Kaitlin. "You keep getting the feeling your being watched or followed when your in the woods and you keep seeing things in the damn lake. And you," She stabs the finger at Cheshire, " You couldn't even see what was going on this morning with your pets. That rat was treating those squirrels like slaves making them give it their acorns oh it was so cute while that thing you call a cat was getting ready to attack it using birds as a fucking as an army. Since when do cats command birds?" She huffs for breath her eyes just daring anyone to speak before she points at Safyre. And you , your, your....your just a bitch," then finger points at Warren and everyone can see the little sparkle of electricity lining her black polished nail. "And you, Warren so scared of everything that you can't even admit the truth. You are simply pitiful." Finished she stomps up the stars making as much noise as possible untill the kids in the living room hear the sound of a door slamming.
  14. 3J nodded "Yeah they were in the library when i was there about an hour ago doing some research for the dean." Everyone looked at her with that 'how do you know that' look. She shrugged "I'm pretty good at not being noticed in case you hadn't noticed. Anyway I overheard them explain to Mrs Gellert when they were asking for some books.
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