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  1. D6 is at my disposal, but I do not have L5R (which edition?) Either way, I'm going with a Torrenian Sidhe who's spent the last few centuries among the mortals. She loves the idea of adventuring but has to check in with the forest court every once in a while. Every time she comes back (a few decades) things look totally different! She has great command of Sidhe magic and uses human weapons. They're fun. She has an aversion to armor and prefers her ever clothing that keeps her warm and protected.
  2. Is there a system that facilitates high level play without being to complicated and not crapping on certain archetypes?
  3. This character is an open work in progress. Half-Dragon Elf. Age 25 (elves are technically immortal, though the long childhood makes no sense). Speaks an island dialect of Elven, Common/Trade, Draconic and Druidic. Raised in a tribal village on a tropical island. Found and adopted a dire tiger cub at a young age. Soul bonded with it. As long as she's alive, it's alive. They can converse with each other. Grew up a hunter. She can stealth and track, is also handy with a bow and knife. Though it was her lot in life to become a shaman. She sees and can interact with spirits as they interact with everything else. She can use them to manipulate everything natural (nature, elements, mortals, anything not man-made). This pings off as magic to those with senses as such. Seeing her blessing, the village elders sent her out into the world to find her place among the spirits. They told her to come back when the time was right.
  4. A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.

  5. Who wants to play? I do! I'm thinking about setting up a generic world that we can build on the fly. Now, I know what you're saying, "who's going to run this?" No one, no one is gong to run this. I have picked up a book that pretty much makes a GM not needed. It's called Mythic. Basically you play your game until you have a question. The question is answered through a roll, then the players interpret it cooperatively and then move on. See? No need for a GM You can pick up Mythic here, but you really don't need to. I can explain out the parts that need to be explained
  6. Sandman will be back soon. Monday at the latest
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