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  1. Siobhan gets no response to her knock but as she leans in closer to the door she can hear mumbling, almost like chanting...
  2. 3J nods as she flips pages so Cheshire can see "Yep, every single entry. From 1687 to 2017." She flips the page and shows Cheshire the entry for this year and points at several of the names. "Theres Tammy the girl who made her nose grow Shes a green. And here is Safyre's cousin the little dick, purple." 3J closes the book and hands it to the other girl. "None of us are in there."
  3. Their weird meeting and Safyer's even weirder decision to ask Trace out on a date passed the young shoppers returned to the Ravenhurst Lake House. Matt and Maria were off somewhere else probably being the perfect school toadies that they were while the rest of the Lake House kids were once again gather on the back porch around the grill where Kaitlen was doing up some burgers for lunch. It was a warm Saturday afternoon an Indian summer if ever there was one and most of the kids were taking advantage with shorts and sandals, all except 3J who was wearing a baggy pair of camo cargo pants what looked like a combat boots that had been new during the Vietnam war, and a long sleeved sweat shirt which was living up to it's name if the tiny beads of moisture on her forehead was any indication. Everyone was talking of doing their own thing, Kat cooking, Warren playing his computer games and 3J reading. "Okay this is weird guys," said the chubby girl as she closed the old book she had been reading," this is a register of all the students and student groups since the founding of the school in 1687." "Yep that weird all right imagine a book at a prep-school with a historical register of students. Absolutely amazing find there 3J." drawled out Warren, not even pausing or looking up from his game. "Not the book dufuss, what i found in it." she shot back glaring at the infuriating boy. "What did you find?" asked Kat. 3J looked over at the one person here she thought of as a friend. "There are no brown groups listed in any year."
  4. All smiles now Jace nodded vigorously "That sounds good Safyre. I'll see you at eight. I better go my moms waiting at the checkout. Bye." He almost trips getting away full of embarrassment and elation.
  5. Jace stood slack jawed then turned beet red and snapped his mouth shut. "Uh...yeah that ...that would be great." He fidgeted not knowing how to proceed "Tonight?"
  6. At the Supermarket... Jace gave a glance at Kat's bare arms and bulging biceps and swallowed hard, "Uh yeah that's what I was thinking." he glanced back at Safyre his blush deepening. At the lakehouse... Blue watched Cheshire lean against the rail, then glanced at the two bird. both immediately took wing and tweeting loudly swept away toward the nearest woods. At the sound of the tweets the two squirrels jumped and dodged around behind Grey. Grey for his part stared at Blue up on the rail and Blue seemed to smirk at the rat before jumping off the and darting off around the side of the house. The two Sorcerers watched the whole strange scenario play out.
  7. "Remember you? Well we do have three classes together and face it, your kinda hard not to notice" The boy blushes when he says that last bit. As fate moves at that precise instant Kaitlin comes out of the aisle next to the one Jace is on and less than a second later Warren come upon the scene as well. Jace has a very surprised and embarrassed look now, "Wow, this is a surprise. Hi...Kat? And Warren, right?" At the lake house... Blue and Gray were missing. Cheshire had woken after a deep sleep full of disturbing dreams she couldn't remember to find the windowsill where Blue had taken to sleeping empty and the pillow by her head vacant of the familiar weight of Gray. A slight panic filled her heart then she heard laughter from out side of the window. Peering out onto the deck below Cheshire saw Siobhan but more importantly she saw Gray and two squirrels playing on the deck and Blue was crouched several yards away on the railing. Cheshires eyes widened there were two blue birds, sitting, one on each side of Blue, watching the playing of the rodents. Siobhan had gotten up early as was her wont, to tend her rapidly growing garden as the ritual of the past six mornings she has found curious seeds deposited by her friendly squirrels. Today Gray followed her down from the bedroom she shared with Cheshire. Siobhan had noticed that Cheshire had tossed and turned a lot during the night so she let her sleep. A strange thing occurred when Gray at come out onto the deck after Siobhan, the squirrels had run off only to return a few minutes later carrying acorns which they brought to Gray. Siobhan watched as Gray inspected them and returned two to the squirrels and kept the rest for himself. This scene played itself out several times and so engrossed Siobhan that she did not notice Blues appearance nor the arrival of the flanking birds.
  8. The weekend passed. Kaitlin took the opportunity to go home to visit her father, while the rest of the kids stayed closer although some of them did go on a day trip to New York, Monday morning rolled around and all but two of them, 3J and Cheshire who had opted out, were meeting with Spenser for their first trip to the local high school. “The Portal is enchanted it will give each of you an aura which will glamour those you meet into believing pretty much anything you tell them. They will recognize each of you as people they have known and basically not question who you are or why you are there. The Aura works at the school and the immediate area around the school.” Siobhan raised her hand “What if we run into someone from school when we are going to the store or on the weekend?” “Nothing they won't even recognize or have any memory of ever having met you. Now if you do meet someone outside of school not under the influence of the aura and befriend them or otherwise tell them who you really are, and you later meet that person at school again the aura won't effect them.” Eventually the little briefing was done and the brown group along with kids of each of the other groups went to school. Cheshire and 3J along with four other kids from other groups were given various tasks during the day, such as working as messengers, or Teachers aids, arranging books in the libraries. Over all it work menat to keep them busy and out of mischief but they did manage to learn a thing or two while at it. The regular days all the kids went about their normal Ravenhurst classes and living their live. For the Brown group things were still tense in the lake house and out side of a few tentative friendships trying to bud th kids stayed mostly to them selves. That week went by fast and then it was the second weekend at Ravenhurst when things started to get interesting again. Twos weeks since the kids had arrived and the cupboard was growing a bit thin so Saturday morning Safyre, Warren, and Kaitlin made a grocery trip. Safyre was putting some nice looking pork cutlets in the basket, the three had decided to shop separately to keep the arguing to a minimum. Suddenly the Sorceress stiffened as someone called her name. “Hey Safyre!” a fair haired boy of sixteen, good looking and well dressed for a commoner was standing at the end of an aisle, his hand casually shoved in his pockets. “How are things going?” He asked. It was a boy from school.
  9. Matt glared at Warren then at the rest of the group then set the tray he was carrying down. "Come along Maria we will get something to eat later. We have things to do." Without another word he spins and stalks back into the house. Maria looks after him sort of perplexed, shrugs, coo's at the cat and follows her brother. 3J shakes her head "Dude you really need to stop being such an asshole. They can get us expelled you know."
  10. Matthew and Maria came out bearing the rest of the meal on trays. Maria immediately forgot all about everything else when she saw Blue. and rushed to the table to deposit before turning to the cat filled chair. "Oh my such a pretty pretty kitty." she cooed and knelt down by the cat and proceeded to talk baby gibberish at it making what Siobhan had gushed at he cat earlier seem like cold-hearted indifference. In short she was embarrassing. Matthew looked on embarrassed by his twin sisters antics but shook it off. "This isn't like Waco. no one is going to make anyone do anything and we don't do sacrifices here that's what wytches and warlockes do. This school and the others like it are here to help us lean to control and use our abilities to use sorcery. They don't ask for anything in return and you aren't made to come here each of you made that decision on your own." He looks at Warren. "You should at least try to honor that decision with an attempt at learning what is offered instead of belittling it, the school, and those around you."
  11. Maria clutched Matts arm, horror written all over her face as she stared at the open window. "Oh my God they heard us." Matt just looked at his twin sister and kept his mouth shut.
  12. "Yeah that's a good idea Kat. Why don't you all go on out on the deck and me and Maria will finish up in the kitchen." Said Matt "Nothing in the lake but fish. We'll be out in a little bit" Chimed in Maria answering Kat's question as she and her brother went into the kitchen.
  13. The two young woman Concentrated and Siobhan began speaking again. Matthew was about to say something then he stopped. Safyre's pendent began to glow with a pale purplish light and above the two girls the same purple glow seemed to emanate from the very air. Slowly a form began to take shape...an eye! It looked as if it had been carved from a single huge diamond the size of the girls head. Slowly the eye began to revolve casting a beam of purple light like that thrown of by a black light lamp. the eye turned and the beam swept the room. The girls, now both mumbling the same words that neither knew before they had started, had their own eyes closed tightly but they could see perfectly as if the great diamond eye was their eye and in effect it was they saw all that was revealed. The eye revolved the beam covered every part of the room, the rest of the kids could see the beam and what it revealed as well. Nothing. The room was empty. If there had been a four eyed frog it was gone now. "Holy Moly!," Matt exclaimed "That's perfect Ocular!" "So... does that mean that there isn't anything here?" asked a timid 3J who was sort of hiding behind Kaitlin...you know just in case.
  14. Siobhan mutters and twists her fingers, Safyre's pendent pops and crackles again, a clod wind blows thru the house. "It will take more than that to make me reveal myself child, but you have talent much more so than these other fools. I can teach you Siobhan, I can give you what you want..." the voice drifts and fades on the wind and only Siobhan can hear. "Siobhan!" Cries Maria, "Be careful hun, if you don't know what your doing it could be dangerous."
  15. Matt still reading the letter held up his hand "Nobody go anywhere right now. I messed up my spell and can't summon an ocular, do any of you know a revealing spell or another version of an ocular?" "What about this girl?" hissed Maria. Matt looked at Cheshire for the first time then at Karen "Right, Karen thank you so much for bringing Cheshire to us." He gives her a heart warming smile, "I'll see you Monday in school." Karen smiles back and you can almost see the hearts in her eyes as she trips over herself backing out the door which closes by itself after. "Cheshire's been assigned to the brown group she belongs here. Now about that spell?"
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