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  1. My own character concept is pending my local domain deciding what is being run with 2.0. For a Cop the best Tribe is probably Iron Master since their "Prey" is Mankind. Auspice really depends on what his preferred tactics are.
  2. Addenda Questions: Is the peripheral pack member generation system available for general use? Can totem and embodiment of the firstborn be stacked to reach a base seven dot attribute? Are lodges just storypoints right now?
  3. Significantly, Basic character types are the same, but what they can "do" can be significantly different.
  4. I was looking at making a Paranoid-Conspiracy-Theorist-Hacker type character. (This being online venue means I can break my "no computers characters" rule.) The fact that he's essentially correct in the macro scale of things (there is in fact an unseen force guiding the world behind the scenes) doesn't actual make him seem more sane and reasonable in the micro-scale of things. (My next door neighbor ordered a sausage pizza when he normally orders pepperoni, he may be on to me.) He's obsessive and meticulous enough to actually get real things done, along with time wasted figuring out the exact timing of the all stoplights in the area. And with the nature of Occult Physics being what they are, occasionally there actually is something to the strange patterns he dwells upon.
  5. Virtue and Vice should be Blood and Bone
  6. Concept: Creepy Forensic Pathologist (mostly creepy in that he's pretty enthusiastic about his job, and he's got some poor socialization.) Corpses are a good place start as far as investigations go, and a life being taken is a good sign that there's something in the shadows that actually needs to be fought. Really just likes being helpful within his chosen vocation, though “Well, It’s Another Vampire Murder . . . . †is in effect.
  7. Looks like work is being done! https://sites.google.com/site/stevescharactersheets/sheets
  8. Concept for a Temporal Agency: Mission: Maintain Secure Lines of Communication throughout the area (primarily for demons). This means Couriers, Codemakers, Darknet Users, Spies, Smugglers, possibly even some Bodyguards. Whatever it takes to make sure information moves unimpeded and unobserved from one place to another. Of note, this a Temporal Agency, not a Free Agency, so this whole thing is a bit mercantile. Information dealing is a secondary source of effort, mostly because it feedbacks into the rest of the pipeline.
  9. Should probably hammer some of the details before getting into recruitment.
  10. Honestly for me this ties into the Agency question. I'd love to be an established part of an established Agency, but one demon does not an Agency make.
  11. http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/145541/Werewolf-the-Forsaken-Second-Edition
  12. What does "Live Status" actually mean as far as players go?
  13. While I totally get not wanting Psychokinetic powers and that sort of thing permeating the game,, I don't know if "Templated=Supernatural." This bars hunters from taking the Unseen Sense merit, the original mortal-only merit, which is generally presented as relatively par for the course in hunter. (and there are a number of hunter status' that give Unseen Sense, but presumably those would still function just fine, even if a character couldn't voluntarily take the merit normally.) Mind of a Madman also seems tailored for games that'd involve Slashers.
  14. 1. Lucifuge being singled for global approval for tracking purposes? 2. Though endowments from Compacts and Conspiracies are not sanctioned for play, does that include the occasionally mechanical "Bonus Material" for each faction? 3. Any particular considerations for interactions with the new supernatural merits?
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