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  1. Qi listened to Sinestro "Right get his attention and get him to use his ring but don't provoke him" She tilted her head at the magenta colored humanoid "Really? Don't provoke him. Hmmph See what you can do about those devices while i go and 'don't provoke' him into attacking me." she said as she took flight once again surrounded by a green glow. She swooped into the Fear Masters line of sight and called to him. "FearMaster I am...Green... Lantern and you must stop what you are doing before more people are harmed!"
  2. Tatiana wasn't exactly sure when she lost control of the party but five would get you ten it was around the time Cosima showed up. There had already been a goodly number of people teen friends from her old school and her pop artist days as well as some select adults she knew from school and recording and of course her new friends and a bunch of other kids from the new school she didn't know except to wave at. Then Cosima arrived and after her more people started showing up. People from TV and movies from other parts of the world and outside the gates there were photographers trying to get in. It wasn't quite chaos but it could easily slide that way and in the midst of all that Connie arrived. Tatiana stared at her when she came through the gate. The boys, Rich and Sabastion, looked on with a incredulous stare. Even Cosima was speechless at least for the moment. Qi stopped at the look from her friends even as the rest of the party went on about them unconcerned with the newest arrival. "What? It was the only costume I know." Qi shrugged. She had come dressed as a Green Lantern.
  3. Qi surveyed the scene as the rest of the teen heroes lept into action. Richard, Spellstone and Princess were removing the pedestrians from the zone of fear, It looked like Bastion, Banshee, and Kieko were about to launch an assault. She didn't know where Curtis was or what he was doing. Qi's first instinct was to attack the yellow clad criminal a direct assault joining her teammates, but circumstances gave her pause. She had never had 'Superpowers' never desired them but now she had a device, the Green lanterns Power Ring, and she faced some one with an almost identical ring. "Alright Sinestro, you have the experience I lack, I have the Green Lanterns ring, how do we get your ring back from that person?" She asked the universe hopping villein.
  4. Qi's eyes widened then widened again as Jordan's voice came unbidden in her mind and she found herself repeating them out loud with a voice that was barely a whisper "In brightest day, In blackest night." "Hal Jordan you can not be serious.," Sinestro said almost pleadingly. "No evil shall escape my sight, Let those who worship evil's might." Qi looked down at herself clad as the man had beena green glow coming from...within. Sinestro said shaking his head "You have doomed us." "Beware my power." She looked up at her companions and the two strangers "Green Lantern's light." Qi she said her voice strong and clear. "Princess, take Jordan to the hospital or the school infirmary now, then join us!" She pointed her ring toward the ground and a scintillating beam shot out forming a disc several inches above the surface. "Sinestro You want your ring back come and help us." She pointed to the disc indicating that Sinestro should step on. "Spellstone save your power for what we are to face I can get us there." Spellstone glared at Sinestro and stepped onto the disc. "I wont leave you alone with him." As soon as Spellstone was on the disc it reformed into a sphere and Qi Shot into the sky through the hole the green ball tethered to the ring following behind.
  5. "I have done what I can but I am not sure it is enough. Princess, we need to get him to a hospital." said Qi
  6. Qi is amazed at her friends reactions and proud of the way the defended themselves and each other. Taking in at a glance, the two unconscious and hurt beings Qi was first to act. The one which looked the most human was also seemingly hurt the most with a dash she was beside the green masked man and began running her fingers over his obvious wounds trying to determin the extent and seriousness of his condition. "龍母睜開眼睛 (Lóng mǔ zhēng kāi yǎnjīng)" She whispered. The man was in excellent shape and was very very well fit, as well as handsome. HIs wounds on a lesser man would have been serious indeed. Drawing upon her Chi, her inner strength, Qi placed her hand on his shoulder and grasped his arm and yanked it back into position. A simple task. His other injuries would require more extensive ministrations. Qi channeled her chi as she begane prodding and pressing certain pressure points upon the mans body aligning the chakras and letting her chi flow into him.
  7. Qi sat calmly meditating. At least that is how it looked to her friends. In truth she was wondering truthfully what it was that she brought to this group. Other than her skill and discipline she had no powers and if it was inspiration that she was supposed to provide well this exercise was proving the lie to that. Aside from Spellstone who seems to have done this or exercises like it sometime in her past, Tatiana was the only other who was trying and Qi was fairly sure it wasn't because she was meditating no it was because she was trying to prove herself better. Hmm, does that bother me? Qi thought when the conversation among her companions turned to other activities. Qi listened and decided that they were correct. With a deft movement of her arms she reached out and over catching both cans of water with our spilling any. The shaft fell but with a gentle twist she caught that in her lap where the other lay undisturbed. She set the cans down and stood taking up the broom handles one each in her hand as she stood all in one fluid motion. "I have never been to a mall. I think this would be an experience I would like to share."
  8. Qi looked on as fascinated as the rest but also confused. They had just battled and group of villains, who managed to escape, and now they were getting a tour of the Sentinels headquarters. No one seemed to be worried about the evil villains, at all. "Excuse me," She said in a mild voice, "but shouldn't we be looking for those who escaped? And the Dean will be worried about us as well shouldn't we call to let him know we are alright?"
  9. Qi quickly moves to block Anodyn, taking a defensive stance as she does "It is over. There is no need to fight anymore. All of your friends are beaten, you, alone cannot hope to beat all of us. Surrender, please do not make me hurt you further." She pleads.
  10. Qi while aware of what the rest of the team was doing put that awareness into a corner of her mind where it wouldnt get in the way of her focus on Anodyne. Drawing her sword from her back Qi advanced on the villainous martial artist. The two became a world unto themselves as the circled weapons flicking out to touch, feint, parry strike, dodge. Qi studied her opponents every move looking for the weakness she must have all the while trying to keep from showing hers to the girl who was doing the same to her.
  11. Qi was last to pick up her costume, hers was in a bag at the bottom and consisted of several parts. As she donned the garments she wondered where the substitute headmaster had gotten them and how they managed to fit. she looked at the mask, the last part of her new persona to be fitted, she slipped it on and remarkable she immediately felt more confident more capable. She looked at her companions and found that they all looked not like school kids but like warriors, like heroes. In a moment she was off the roof and one her way. Qi was not as fast nor could she fly but her skill and acrobatics allowed her to move where others could not and in ways that defy common sense. Qi flipped onto the roof and landed in a defensive stance facing the evil doers, "Hai! surrender peacefully and no harm will befall you."
  12. [QI] Qi nodded at Cosima "Can you take all of us? I think we should stay together this time. All of us. In case." [Tatiana]Tat was annoyed at the stand-in dean trying to keep them on such a short leash but she couldnt afford to get kicked out of school, not yet anyway. "I've never been teleported before. What does it feel like?" She asked Coco stepping closer to her like they do in star trek before scotty beams them up.
  13. Qi had been walking along behind everyone else studying her paper looking at what Miss Jensen had written on it to see where she had made mistakes. Mathematics was not her specialty at least not beyond the simplest forms and she still wondered why she was required to take a course which obviously was not needed by her and some of the others. It seemed like it was merely an exercise in keeping the group together than in anyway a true part of the curriculum. Something bothered her about the teacher, Miss Jensen, as well but she could not put the thought to words yet. She bumped into the person in front of her "Oh, I am sorry" she said almost a whisper to one of the Riley's. "Please forgive me." The group had paused at the split in the paths where the walkways diverged toward the boys dorm one way and the girls the other. While she hadnt really heard what thte others had been talking about she did hear what Riley had said. "What is a potluck?"
  14. The smile vanished. "Do not use your powers That is like asking a fish not to swim, a bird not to fly." Qi swing her hand around encompassing all of them in her gesture. "We are each here because we have powers, suppressing them is asking us to hold our breath until allowed to breath. This teaches nothing only makes us suffocate."
  15. "Ahh so...this is not punishment but rather a lesson." Qi nod stroking her chin, "Mr Steel is a very good,... how do you say, a very good Actor." She smiles brightly
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