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  1. wish i could help, but i am unsure if i have enough time i certainly would have some good ideas to implement. avid follower though.
  2. there are certain powers which are resisted rather than soaked, as someone had mentioned with mental blast. action attrition can also be effective, as well as disrupt. combined with things like strobe you can remove their ability to target anything, which shuts down 'blasters' fairly well. disrupt, deflect/redirect, and disimmunize can also be effective. crosstime travel against a non crosstime travelling enemy can effectively remove the target from play (L4 power but very low quantum minimum). biomanipulation can be used to deal non soakable damage or ravage a target's physical statistics. (limit of m-attributes is Q+1 or Attribute, whichever is lower, effectively taking a target out of the fight). Psions can be doubly effective at removing Chrysalis motivated characters (taint penalty is doubled, all damage received is aggravated and non soakable with quantum powers although certain psionic related quantum powers can help (psychic shield or Immunity Psy).
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