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  1. I am going to withdraw from this game and most likely this means of playing for a good while.
  2. There hasn't really been anything to respond to so far for my character. I did state he was listening to the conversation. Besides I just got out of the field this past weekend and my computer crash, which I had to buy a new one. Considering this I been active even if not seen through my cellphone.
  3. Shinjo Shun took his seat when the others did and slowly eats the provided food and tea. He sits quietly, but pays at tension to the conversation that is ongoing. He takes notice of the mention of gijgen items and the mention of his name but remain quiet ..... for now.
  4. Shun speaks up and says, "If we do need to split up into groups we should limit it to two groups with a balance in abilities. I prefer we remain as one if we can help it. This might be the true reason why we were invited here."
  5. When the group finally gets on the road to travel to where they are to report, it becomes evident that Shinjo Shun felt more at home on the road riding his horse and seemed happier. Throughout their travels he would practice his swordsmanship, lancing, horsemanship, and would participate in games of Go with anyone that was interested. As they went along he would pay close attention to the landscape, its alignment, and where potential paths could be that are hidden along with places that could be used for rest and defense. When Hideji Daizo approach his group, along with the others, he would give a polite bow and accept the invitation from his Lord. Once the group arrived at their host's castle he would search around for potential training areas in which he would have space to train with his horse and be able to include practicing his archery skill. He then asks a servant or potentially another Bushi if there are designated training grounds one could train with his horse and with a bow. Upon gaining the answer he will give a polite bow and in the morning will see if he is able to gain permission to train at the local Dojo and work on his swordmanship and spearmanship skills. He would then head inside and take the offered bath and meal once he gained the information he sought. Once his bath was done and had a small meal he would then head out to catch up with Zoyu and those that went with her. After participating some in the Geisha house, he then joins Rin outside preferring to have the wind and sun. When Shun joins Rin he says, "I would like to hear of this tale you learned about." OoC: The edit portion is in bold.
  6. Shinjo Shun accepts the letter from the courier and offers a polite bow then goes about reading this letter. As he reads the letter he is thinking Kuni-sama was wise to selected a Chief Magistrate trained by the Unicorn clan because his clan was the wisest when it came to the different forms of magic beyond the empire's borders. As he continues, he sees he has been tasked to report to Mamoru KyoteiToshi to meet the Chief Magistrate and his thoughts are that he has potentially been selected for the first mission to be given to any of the Jade Magistrates. As he considers the letter he thinks this is a good time for him and any that were also selected to set themselves apart and bring glory and honor to themselves and their clans. After a moment of thought he looks up and asks the others, "I have been instructed to report to Mamoru Kyotei Toshi. Has anyone else been given the same instruction?" Once the other six speak up that have also been instructed to go to meet the Chief Magistrate he will wish the others not going with him well. Once he and the six other that were selected can gather together he will speak up and say, "I suspect we will be given our first mission as Jade Magistrates. Maybe even the very first mission for any of the Jade Magistrates."
  7. Shun walks in for another day of training and listens to those that spoke already then says, "Yes, this will always be the place where it all started that led to the reinstatement of the Jade Champion and his Magistrates. The location fits well as it is relatively close the heart of the empire and some might seem it favors the Crane Clan as it is within their territory. However, regardless of location I will serve."
  8. Shinjo Shun takes in the announcement of a Jade Champion being declared and he seems a little surprised by his change of status that he will become a Jade Magistrate. He now starts wondering what his family will think of this unexpected honor and how his Daimyo will view this. He will go about enjoying the food and drink that was offered to him and his fellow contestants and will make small talk to see what his clan mate thinks of the events. After he is done talking to his clan mate he will over to Zoyu. "Zoyu-san the Fortunes favored you in this tournament and I wish to congratulate you on your victory. As it seems we might be working together and if you are willing I would be interested in learning proper Iaijutsu techniques." He will then also mingle with the other Bushi if they are interested in discussion the variance in their respect styles of Kenjutsu he intends to see what he can apply to what he already knows. Once Taka start talking about the his knowledge of zombie lore he will listen more attentively now that he is to become a Jade Magistrate.
  9. Shinjo Shun was standing next to his clan mate, Otaku-san, when the gathering realized they were facing zombies and the realization of that started to set in which unsettle Shun. The both of them joined ranks with the rest of the contestants that are present. Shinjo Shun then strikes out with a well aimed strike at one of the zombies carrying a katana in its sword arm. As he strikes the zombie he speaks to his clan mate and says, "Otaku-san, we need to consolidate our efforts to be more effective against these abominations. We need to strike at the same target until they are dispatched." OoC: Shun did a called shot to the sword arm of a zombie raising the TN to 20, which he hit easily. He then landed 17 points of damage, but because of their resistance to such damage the zombie only took eight points of damage. Unfortunately, Shun failed his fear test.
  10. Shinjo Shun walked in with the others and continued to observe everyone that comes in. Once his clan mate arrived he would approach her and congratulate her on achieving her gempukku and wish her well and that she honor her ancestors in her future endeavors. The yelling from the north catches his attention, but Shun is unable to hear exactly what is being shouted. His attention is then drawn to the incense and his thoughts are why are they using such an incense when it meant to cover strong odors. He then turns his attention to the rest of the gathering to see if anyone else is showing any concern or at least notices the oddity of the incense or realizes what the shouting is about.
  11. Shinjo Shun is surprised by Kakita Ujimitsu's outburst and the conversation between those that step forth. As he continues sit to watch the upcoming matches he seems to be thinking about something that brings a bit of annoyance to him, but he keeps his composure and continues to observe the rest of the tournament.
  12. Once the hunting event is done Shinjo Shun's curiosity kicks in and he will go about trying to figure out why these "eggs" are sought after. He will start off by asking his fellow guests then spread out to their host or his servants and if they can't answer he will start asking around the town other that might know.
  13. Alexander scans the village thinking it is odd that there are no people in it and says to the group, "I suspect these people knew we were coming and don't like outsiders. Be on your guard, but lets hope this doesn't resort to unnecessary violence". RaySS3] 5:51 pm: D&D MD Perception Roll RaySS3 *rolls* 1d20: 13+3: 16
  14. As the group gets to the river Alexander will take the time to get "fresh water" from the river. He has a smile on his face when he gets the water happy to not be drinking the water from the ship. He will enjoy a good drink of it then refills the waterskin. He then goes about scanning what he can see then looks up river as far as he can. He finally says, "Other than trees and the river, we have no idea what we will find until we go exploring. We might even find a paradise just for you." He said that list bit jokingly towards the half-dwarf.
  15. Shinjo Shun will join a Tea Ceremony if someone preforming one is willing to accept him as a participant. If someone allows him to join him/her he will be a gracious guest and thank that person. He will also try and enjoy the rest of the lunch and chat with the other contestants to gauge which events that remain they are looking forward to and which they are not.
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