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  1. As Bastion's punch was shrugged off by the Fear-Maker, Tatiana screamed into the sky focusing her sonic blast with needle precision at the yellow glowing unfunny man. He can't defend against everything and not forever she thought.
  2. For the umpteenth time Tatiana checked her costume in the Mirror while at the same time texting her friends >WHERE ARE YOU GUYS??!!?? People will be arriving soon!< This was the first party she had thrown since getting her powers and it had taken some convincing to get her father to agree. It had to go well. Certainly Tatiana was by no means in the same level of Social Hierarchy as Cosima but she still had her own place to think about and if this party went well and even half of those invited showed it would be well worth it for everyone. She adjusted her jacket and the tophat again, she was dressed up as a crazed homicidal madhatter for some creepy version of Alice and Wonderland. Partly because she liked creepy scary stuff and partly because she wanted to impress the singer of the band she had talked her dad into hiring, A new Metal Band called Raven Black. The singer was creepy and sexy all at tthe same time plus she had an awesome death metal growl. Not as awesome as my own, Tat thought, as she made her way down stairs to greet the guests that would be arriving soon, but then who does. The house, already built in the style of Gothic Europe was decked out as a haunted mansion full of tricks and treats. Since there were adults who had been invited there was a full bar for them and a "soft bar" for the teens. The stage was already set up but the band wouldn't be playing until later. Right now thye were off eating dinner and then to get made up for the show. Until they started Pavel, one of her dads employees would act as DJ, he had made decent money doing that in the old country. Tatiana went through the rmain room checking things before going to the front door to wait allowing her over eagerness show...
  3. Tatiana laughed out loud when she saw the text on her phone. >Available for DJ Duties - Omega< Oh my god, she thought as she forwarded the text to the girls, that guy is so full of himself. >Aww Sorry O, we already have a band booked<
  4. Tatiana screamed through the air toward the yellow streak and as sh closed the distance she saw the man clad the same as the one Qi had been ministering too except he was in yellow. This will be easy she thought. She changed pitch and rocketed toward him intending to blast him from the sky. She didn't see the giant yellow flyswatter until it was too late...
  5. Tatiana her phone in her hand from reading the test princess had sent quickly typed a message but paused before he hit send. A flash of color caught her eye and she spied Keiko vaulting in the direction of the Yellow Brick Row. She dropped her phone into her pocket and with a sharp scream rocketed back into the air and off toward where the yellow star had fallen at full speed!
  6. "Ебать меня! (Yebat' menya!) said Tat as she looked around and then up at the hole in the parking garage ceiling. "Make sure no one else is injured in here I will check above and see if there are more. Taking a deep breath she modulated her voice and with a whoosh took off through the hole in the ceiling.
  7. "Keiko, aside from Connie and maybe Autumn, we are all pretty much hoity toity coastal elite types.' Tats shakes her head "Look where we live"
  8. Tatiana watched Sergey and Andrei drive off in the black Escalde then she climbed in to the drivers seat of the huge blue HumVee. She was texting the girls that the ride had arrived whenthe passenger dor opene and Keiko climbed in. Tats bow furrowed as she studied her friend. "что за черт! Why do you look like the straw man for the Oz movie? And what is that on your boots?!?"
  9. "Nyet!" Tats sashays over to Cosima and take her phone out of her hand. "If we are truly making this a girls night out we are going to do it in our own style and on our own" She said while thumbing a number. Then as Cosima was about to object she raised her hand palm open to shut her up and spoke into the phone as it was answered. "Da, Tatiana, Sergey, принести грузовик пожалуйста." She listened a second before continuing, "Нет, я сам диск," She laughed, "благодаря" She closed the connection and tossed the phone back to Cosima. "We will take my truck and no entourage. I will drive. After the mall I know a few places we can go." Tatiana said with a sly smile
  10. At the back of the group Tats stood arms crossed a slight smile of satisfaction on her lips, when Connie spoke she shook her head and rolled her eyes.
  11. It takes Tatiana a couple of seconds to see what the annoying speedster was doing she snapped her head to look at the magic man and shouted hoping someone would hear her "Get the Magician I have the speedbump" With a scream Tat launched into he air like a rocket only to spin and dive down flying fast, and faster int he opposite direction of Larru. Propelled by her sonic emissions Tatiana couldn't quite reach the sonic barrier but she could get close enough. As the two speeding superpowered kids zoomed toward each other on a collision course, Tatian suddnely altered her scream and twisted in mid air like an acrobat her feet now heading straight at the racing girl... Larrup dashed around like a lightning bolt, fast and untouchable, or so she thought. With a Banshee's wail Tatiana soared high and lunged directly at the speedster. Well into her burger, and enjoying it she suddenly realized that she was already on a collision course with the high risk, high reward tactics of the screaming meanie herself. "Uh,cwap," was all she managed to mutter, cheeks stuffed with burger like a chipmunk. The blow was one for the record books. Tatiana crashed into her, boot to face and everyone watched in horror at the two blurs suddenly clashed to a screeching halt. Tatiana and Larrup collided but kept moving, the momentum carrying them in their respective directions. Tatiana tumbled to the ground and rolled several times, finally coming to a halt clutching her knee and wincing in pain. Kicking something head on moving at 1,000 miles per hour was no longer on her bucket list. Larrup flew into a series of high speed backwards flips, clumsily rolling ass over elbow until she finally hit the gravel and tumbled. She bounced and rolled and... remained still. She shook, wobbly trying to get back to her feet but barely made it half way before collapsing into the gravel. In unison the people at home watching as well as the people all crowded in the windows along the office buildings all around the arena all shirked away, clinching and going "ooooh".
  12. tatiana was surprised and just a smidge angered by the speedy girls attack. "That hurt." She muttered before looking up at the self-proclaimed sorcerer. "Oh Please we have our own magic girl and she is way prettier than you!" Tats finishes her statement with a screaming blast at the green glowing sorcerer. The sonic barrage caught him full, obviously he had not expected anyof them to be capable. "Смуглый трах!" Tat's called up at him laughing. Sumnyr clenched his ears and screamed in agony. His levitation gave way and the nimbus surrounding him faded as he fell to his knees. "Howling banshee of a witch," he muttered, wincing in the pain of ruptured ear drums. "SOMEONE SHUT HER UP!" He shouted unintentionally since he could now barely hear anything.
  13. A high pitch vibrato scream drew all eye's up as Tatiana drops from the sky to land in her best superhero landing pose to the left og the badguys cutting off one the possible routes of escape. "By all means do something stupid so that we may go about harming you in the most efficient manner possible."
  14. Once in the costume, a flushed with excitement Tatiana, grinning ear to ear, looks at her friends and yells "Last one to the scene buys the pizza at the after party!" Then her voice changes pitch and with a scream like a living banshee she steps off the roof and, propelled by her sonic waves, rockets toward the scene of the action.
  15. [Qi] Holding up the costume that the Riley had handed her Qi frowned in puzzelment. "Does this mean we are now a , how do you say, a super team? and do we need super hero names too?" [Tat] The costumes were... utilitarian to say the least but for a first outing They would do. Tat laughed to herself as she watched the antics of her fellow classmates do their best to remain modest while changing. she decided to give the more chaste girls a hand. Shaking her hair back Tat open and some what brazenly stripped off her Tee shirt revealing a sheer black bra. The boys all stopped and stared as she kicked off her Shoes and very provocatively stripped off her tight jeans until she was standing on the roof in nothing but her underwear. "Hmm...," she held up the costume not acknowledging her near nakedness or the gaping mouths and wide eyes of her fellows fledgling heroes. "This looks like it's going to be tight. Should I go commando?"
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