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  1. I never played this. I heard this game is pretty hard and that you can easily die. Is that still true?
  2. sounds interesting, but I would like to read more on the system first before and how things are done before deciding on anything.
  3. Okay. It maybe just me, but I am a bit paranoid. Is there an area where we post our character sheets yet?
  4. Your the boss. Think on what best works with you.
  5. Yeah, I may join if I am not selected. I was wondering if they were referring to me. If not then I could play with your group. I am also thinking of dming another game yet it's a different system.
  6. question, is it wise to spend karma early on or later on?
  7. I don't know precisely how mine will be. I have a few ideas. One is a sort of elvish face/special opts (not for sure I am thinking along the lines of someone whom is tactical.). The other one is more of a human weapon specialist.
  8. I used to have an fourth edition if memory hold out but my computer crash and took out my pen and paper pdf library. I can try and find the book again if can be.
  9. Well I will try to recreate my elf character Zane. So far I don't know the other options for character classes. Only the four mention in the book as well as sub classes. I was thinking on something akin to the warlord in 4th or the Calvary/tactician from pathfinder. An person whom is rather smart and cunning and a good battlefield leader. I may go with fighter with him due to some option that fit him if there is nothing like that currently for 5th.
  10. I don't have te players hand book. I am iffy on buying another book since the last time I did I did not get much if not any playtime. Yet I am interested in playing the game. I may do a character I have done in the past for d and d for this, but I would need some help in know what has change and what are my options and such. Also I do not know if the option even exist for this version from what I read on it.
  11. I am interested in the game. I just need to find the book. But once I do I want to join a game.
  12. Here are two rp ideas I want to do if I can be a gm. I want to do something that is fun and entertaining. I have not set a precise game value yet for character creation. As such I want to see who is interested in either of the two ideas and I can work more on creating a more solid game. Just tell me your thoughs. Pirate adventure: You are among the survivors of the merchant vessel The Lady's Luck. You were attacked by Nightfang, the infamous pirate order who is run by the vile pirate whom is only know by the name of the Night King. No one except his most trusted admirals know whom he really is. As such the authorities do not know whom he is or where he is located. Few survive the order attacks and live to tell the tale. Many of your fellow crew members died while fighting off the pirates. Yet it was all in vain as the ship explodes from from the inside and quickly sinks into the ocean taking both pirate and many of those who fought them with it. You were a drift for a few days till spotting an island in the distance. With some work and the currents you were able to make it to the island. You have enough strength to get up and move around a small area of the island. From what you have seen so far it is a lush, deserted island say for yourself and those few survivors that you had found. Right now you do not know where you are precisely are. Yet there is only one goal that matters, survival and hopefully escape form the island. This is meant to be either modern day, golden age of pirates, or fantasy style game. Basically either a revenge, exploration, and/or survival style story. I want to do one of two systems for the game. One is pathfidner and the other besm. One is pathfinder or 3.5 d and d. I don't know much on d and d 3.5 but I can work with it if mostly similar to pathfinder. If I did do this it would be level one characters high fantasy setting. For besm I want to do a low to mid point value. Since I am still not sure what precise setting I want to do with it for now it's the most flexible system I can use in case people want to do either a more historical or modern day setting. Also it's more flexible in character creation. Yet also I need to focus on what style as well. Mecha or suits rp: In the near future mankind has started to explore the solar system. Technology is for the most part similar to our age. Politic are politics and nations try to strive to be competitive. People are basically people trying to strive for their own goals and desires. Yet all that changed one day. Slowly our colonies started to stop communicating with their home lands. At the same time all over the earth the sky was filled with streaks of lights like fallen stars. Soon those streaks fell and they rose. Machines that remind people of a bad anime started to attack people. These machines were called gears due to their looks. Yet these machines were deadlier then they looked. Our greatest technologies could harm them, but did little to stop the tide of their rising. They dealt massive amount of damage to the world countries in short time due to their numbers and tactics. Those who did not band together soon died off quickly. When the initial attacks were over those whom survived were able to get communications back. Only one fourth of the colonies survived the attacks. Those who did so with the help of a new experimental systems that help out to fight the various threats. These new systems were newly dubbed angels by the media. Yet few people could pilot these things due to the mental and physical demands of the system. As such a mass search was started to find those who could pilot them. It has been several years since then. The gears have been contain in a sense, but not defeated. Yet no one knows whom or what created the gears or for the reasons behind the attacks. For that reason you were chosen. You are a new unit created by a new U.N. to help discover the reasons behind the gears attacks and to defend the earth against the gear threat as well as those whom would seek to take advantage of the current predicament humanity is under. Okay now here is the technical details I wanted to do a mecha game. It has elements of survival, combat, and exploration. I am going to do this with the besm game system. I have not yet set up a particular point value for character creation.
  13. Heh, who played this game? Also what do you think of it? Well I do play and like the game. It can be repetitive, then again what can't be. Yet I like the style and feel of the game. Also the variety of tools at your disposal is also a good thing. Plus it's free to play for the most part.
  14. I game for anything. I want to have fun and do stuff on this site. Also what type of power or style of them are there in this world?
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