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  1. That's actually a really good point.. I think instead of killing them, I would have them erupt, and as they are navigating the traps their eruption is what saves them. Think that would be a good way to avoid losing the momentum if one of em would otherwise die?
  2. I have, And I don't think I want it to be so much of a torture porn, more of a psychological thriller feel. I figure it would be a good contrast to start with to get the players invested ^,^;
  3. So the gaming group I'm am with has started dividing. Long story short the normal storyteller and two others, not including myself are really into the games possibilities and looking to play two or more times a week. the two other players only play once a week at best because of a lack of time and a chance of burning out on game. ,, So, I've been thinking of running a Oneshot with the possibility of growing into more. This is the basic framework of what I have for an idea should I take the Storyteller spot. ,, ,, Players are told to go thru the first half of character creation, but stop before Nova points get spent. each comes up with a backstory and game starts. PCs wake up in a Saw-esqe room, one door out, and no Idea whats going on. ,, (Behind the scenes, a Nova erupted. bare bones info on him/her is that they are a serial killer that hunts humans in a labyrinth style building. The building is old and falling apart, but any viable exit bar one is sealed and booby-trapped. The Nova has Poison and other low end powers for combat. His MO is that he stalks his victims, poisons them with his quantum power that has a delayed effect of making them pass out. He them kidnaps them and takes them to his house of horror.) ,, A message plays letting them know the score. They are rats in a maze. Their only option is to attempt to survive for a chance to escape and get their lives back. There would be threats like traps or starving animals that the players have to navigate while getting stalked by a killer. The Nova, like many a bad guy trope, would torture them by hounding them. Do things that force them to run just as they slowed down to rest, or try to pick them off. ,, (I would actually be going for character sheets, as any player could remake a new character and still keep any character power Ideas without having to copycat the last character.) ,, The endgame a couple of sessions in would be a confrontation with the Nova. At the beginning of the game when the Confrontation is going to happen I have people finish Character creation. They will have a good idea of their character and how they react in games so they can tailor the powers to their character better, and they get to participate in a fight that will make them feel like a badass after going thru a horror storyline. ,, Any ideas that might help to make this take off, Help reinforce the idea of initial helplessness, or interesting traps/organic threats/Nova powers that would mess with the players?
  4. I've been going thru some of the forum posts, and getting quite a few chuckles out of those alone ^,^ ,, Thanks for the links, I'm going over the books right now and they have some really good stuff in them. I like The New Flesh a lot. I might just do that, Ask for broken builds that follow CCR, or ask to see interesting character development stories.. ,, Don't worry about scaring me off lol. I'm really into this, even though I came into the Storyteller system rather late by all accounts. If memory serves my first game was a sabbat game in CWoD in... 2007-ish.
  5. Wow, I didn't think anyone would reply to this lol. I don't have the two books you listed I don't think. Do you know where I could get a hold of them? ,, Also, Thank you for the reply. I hadn't realized there were a decent amount of ways around the Domination lol. As I said, this was a concept build to see how the system could be bent if the player wanted to try. (We have had some players join that would try to sneak something by, or downplay them until the dice rolled and they pulled a 'reveal' and killed a game for being dicks.) I think at the very least I will be posting on here to draw from the pool of wisdom from you guys. Thanks again
  6. I don't think anyone will read this, but a friend of mine just got ahold of Aberrant and gave me the books to go over (I'm the Game breaker of the group, generally whomever is running the game gives me the books a couple of days in advance so they know what to expect should someone decide they want to try Destroying the world at CC.) and I think I might have that Ultimate Nova at Character Creation. There was one house rule involved in the build and Bonus Point pooling style described in APHB (150 Bonus points instead of 147, our DM has an issue with odd numbers). I also relied on the Strengths/Weakness' mechanic in APHB. The character seems technically legal... ,, The House Rule on Taint is that instead of lowering a cost by half, you get three nova points per 1 in taint you freely take in character creation. ,, DISCLAIMER - I would never allow this... Just sayin. ,, Str 1 Per 5/1M App 3 Dex 1 Int 5 Cha 3 Stm 1 Wit 5/1M Man 5/5M ,, (60 Bonus points, 22 Nova Point) ,, Business 5 Subterfuge 5 Intimidation 5 Beauracracy 5 ,, (40 Bonus Points) ,, Node 5 Dormancy 5 Influence 5 Backing 5 Resources 5 ,, (25Bonus Points) ,, TK 1 (Six weakness as per linked power, power is Linked to Dom { 3 points used to give Extra Channel, 3 points to give Lowered Cost}) Domination 5 (Six Weakness points as per the linked power, power is linked to Luck {2 points used to raise Duration to permanent, +4 to dice roll}) Luck 5 (Six weakness Points as per the linked power, Linked to TK {+6 dice roll}) ,, (23 Nova Points) ,, Quantum 5 ,, (28 bonus points) ,, Taint - 9 ,, Aberrations - Megalomania, Hardened Skin (Obsidian), Purple Glowing Aura ,, Flaws ,, Intolerance - Baselines 1 BP Obsession Lying 2 BP ,, Enhancements ,, Trickster - Manipulation Tactical Genius - Wits Ultraperipheral Vision - Perception ,, SO, The idea (if you couldn't guess by the look of the character sheet), is a business man intent on taking over the world with the money, connections, and power to do so. The weakness' give dice penalties as all powers have to go off at once, and the idea behind that is have luck 'go off' first(Have it be rolled first). with 11 dice the statistical success 4, after rolling this abilities out 20 ish times I've found that more often then not I'll get six. This applies Six success' to make up for any dice penalties to Dom and Telepathy. ,, On the low end of Domination(Luck applied) I've gotten around 12 at the lowest, and the highest so far was 32 success to this power. you only need four above willpower to get complete control of a character. assuming target has ten willpower, and we apply the middle of the two(22 Success'), he would have to score 12 success' on the initial Defense roll to make it possible for him to escape it later with willpower. ,, Thinking about how willpower is regained its whenever you wake up from resting (Dawn of a new day) and whenever you play into your Nature. Assuming you are not a submissive (In which case you would like whats happening) Or have a twisted demeanor that plays into whatever you are forced to do, you could not escape as the reason you gain the willpower when you wake up is because you have a fresh start on things. Waking up only to realize you are still under control and still being forced to do horrible things that benefit the monster in control of your mind I think would be depressing enough to cancel out the one a day willpower. without those two things you COULD NOT fight against the control. ,, So, the Idea is that the character gets you within range of his power, takes you over (and if you were taken over with such a high success ratio couldn't you order the person NOT to fight your control{IE burn willpower to lower effect}, before giving him other tasks?) with TK domination, and for SNG's occasionally alters your memories, making you a perfect worker ant in his grand scheme. ,, EDIT ADDITION - The Idea behind dormancy is that he could suppress his Aberrations while dealing with others in his company that he hasn't dominated, and that it would make him hard to find should his enemies start looking. ,, If anyone does reply please be gentle, as it IS my first post. I'll be happy to awnser any questions about the build. This is my first shot at Aberrant although I'm fairly well versed in Classic WoD, and I would like to point out that my character is NOT this one. I'm going in with a tank that fights defensively lol.
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