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  1. I'm familiar with Fate Accelerated; I prefer Fate Core, but Accelerated is alright. ,, If you decide to run it, I'm still game. Bad track record notwithstanding. Even if it falls apart, it'll give me an excuse to make another character. And making characters is at least 25% of the fun for me.
  2. So I made a post talking about how I'd be down for a Fate game, and then I realized that I hadn't looked at page 2. ,, Unfortunately, I'm a shitty GM. I don't have the experience, and so far it's been an annoyance (in a PbP environment anyway; I can fake my way through tabletop).
  3. This is a continuation of a shoutbox discussion that I thought was getting pretty deep and maybe a bit unwieldy. So I figured I'd make a thread. ,, It's no secret that gamer culture can be a bit, er, rowdy. Whether it be t-shirts with Unfortunate Implications, or racial and sexual epithets casually tossed out in online games, gamers can be a pretty rough crowd. So is this mostly harmless? I know from personal experience that many gamers are basically trying to be 'hip'; it is partly the culture, and partly the shock value 'irony', that makes this sort of thing acceptable to them. They are not malicious, and do not really think there is anything wrong with the minorities they are playfully maligning. But it's easy to see how this sort of thing can be alienating and destructive. Regardless of what a particular person in the culture might think about women, homosexuals or whoever else, the culture itself is still, in part, defined by white heterosexual males. It is for them and not others. I see this as a problem. ,, Anyway, that's the topic. Discuss, if you are so inclined. ,, And I would ask that if you do feel so inclined, remember that this is one of those really touchy topics, where it may be a lot harder to hold back than usual, and a lot easier to accidentally hurt someone else's feelings. So let's be careful to avoid that shit.
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