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  1. *smirks* Just play, buddy. You're here now. Forever.
  2. Dawn: Stole the words out of my head on a deadline. It would help Mala as well. Wraith: Don't worry... again, this is OW.
  3. On a sidebar, I just thought of what The Gale could look like after a few upgrades. Although I'm scratching if I should keep the hood or not...
  4. Velma Thompson Velma was born wanting nothing. Her family, the Thompsons, the head of the family owned transport firm Thompcorp, a world-wide corporation that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the largest postal and heavy transport firms. She's the middle daughter of three children, her older brother and younger sister. She was a bright girl growing up, but lacked the business acumen of her brother, and seemed more to be the protector of her disabled little sister who has no use of her legs from an injury while she was a toddler. Velma's parents saw Velma would be better served in life to follow her direction in life, focussing on setting her older brother up to take over the company at some point. This became something not in their future, but in their present lives. When Velma was 14, her parents were coming back on a flight back to Los Angeles from Honolulu, when the flight vanished from radar over the Pacific off the coast of Hawaii. Rescue efforts provided nothing. It was as if the aircraft simply disappeared. What no one knew, was some strangeness had happened, a person on board suddenly developed powers that caused the flight to vanish. To where no one knows, but everyone on board was lost to the world in the process. This thrust her 20 years old at the time brother into his role as the head of Thompcorp. Also the inheritance the children recieved was evenly split, but Velma's brother, Alexander, split his portion between Ann and Velma, as he was pulling a check from his new duties. Velma took to her lonlier life, with only Ann and her guardian, the family Butler, James to take care of things until Velma became an adult. Velma graduated Valedictorian from the private school she went to high school in, then entered CalTech looking to get a career in being a Meteoroligist with the National Weather Service. She showed to be a very apt student, and on her summer break between her freshman and sophomore year, she went on a "storm chasing" trip with her Professor. During the trip, her group was caught in a storm, and while taking shelter a F5 tornado came down upon them, and where they were holed up would not survive and they couldn't run. But before the storm came too close, Velma's powers woke up. She managed to hold the tornado in place and dissipate it. Everyone present saw her do this, but out of gratitude kept this a secret, chalking it up to the storm calming as it approached. In her Sophomore year, Velma realizes she's got an interesting life ahead, indeed. When she got back home from her trip before her second year began, she decided to pull a few contacts to start putting together something. Somewhere in her head she wanted to do something more than just be a student, so while she started physically training, she had a protective coat made for her to handle what she thought she had the greatest chance of running into. By the end of her second year in college she started appearing on the Los Angeles streets in her signature rain slicker, stopping muggings and saving lives during spring floods. Now in her Junior year, she focusses on her studies further, while juggling taking care of her sister and managing her "night life". Personal Info Velma has blonde hair, which when in class she keeps well styled, although she lets it go when she is operating as "The Gale". She has piercing blue eyes, and tends to wear the best clothes. When not being The Gale and having free time from her studies, she volunteers in a program that gets children interested in Science, traveling from school to school doing programs or speaking in presentations at libraries. Complications Identity: Velma Thompson is the secret identity of The Gale. Motivation: Responsibility: Unlike the typical rich person stereotype, Valma feels she has a responsibility to use her fortunate upbringing for the good of society. Now that she has powers, that's an even greater motivator. Quirk: Velma loves the rain, and loves Los Angeles' few rainy days, and does whatever she can to be out enjoying them. Responsibility: Velma is a student at CalTech, and as such, has those responsibilities tacked on to her "night life". Dependent: Velma takes care of her disabled sister, Ann, a Junior High student.
  5. Please post your characters in the Group Discussion section, in their own threads. Also, Please join the game with the "Join Game" option.
  6. Done and done... will be posting my profile on a TT break, and I'll be starting the solo I was planning tomorrow.
  7. No prob. I think I'll work on a solo thread that takes place a little bit before she's given her invite. Unless someone is interested in meeting the world's most accurate weather forecaster (and new weather heroine)
  8. Okay, Saturday's our day, I'm still waiting on any call-outs on The Gale
  9. I think my whole issue was just some building frustration with my process more than anything. Sucks as before I said I'd quit, I had a solution in The Gale. I'll have something for Dawn and Long to chew on with this. And Max, please sign up. I'll still look at characters too.
  10. Actually, never mind... I'm out. I don't think I want to play.
  11. I got a question. Once we're all organized, do we want to form up as a group? Or at the very least have something happen where we're together? I can set up a proposal for a plot once I get The Gale set up.
  12. Guys... say goodbye to Photon, and Hello to The Gale! I'll just make a new background for her (to fit this world) and a couple of number tweaks, but the rest, as they say... is set. Does CalTech have a Meteorology program?
  13. Yeah the game silence across the boards has got me a bit jumpy in general.
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