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  1. "I thought last year's Christmas party wasn't that bad." Shannon entered, smoothing out his suit and smiling hello to everyone. "So we wait for the briefing, then." And he snagged a doughnut from the boxed goodies. "So," he said, searching for a seat, "How was everyone's night?"
  2. Honestly, I think it's something like this. Ultimately, we're manipulating the fundamental forces of reality, but human minds and bodies can't fully process it. So 'quantum energy' is perhaps a middle-man medium that we can handle, but still is subconsciously converted into fire/ice/super brains/Sonja's boobs to actually match the concept of superpowers/abilities that we can comprehend. ,, Therefore if we use the example of Darksol's post, the nuclear forces of the reactor or the sun (or others) are absorbed, but near-instantaneously converted to quantum. ,, It's like a plastic bag full of refreshing drinking water. You need the bag to transport and access the water, and there's only so much it can hold. ,, People following me?
  3. ,, "Unfortunately, I can't tell you." Given a questioning look by Ricardo, Shannon smiled and explained. "My job description and title are unprintable, unmentionable, unspeakable and not spoken of in the company of the polite public." ,, That should give him some ideas to process. "But you'll learn soon enough, Ricardo. Just not right now." Shannon smiled. "Also, expect lots of fresh air and getting out into the world again. If anything, our eggheads will leave you tired in the dust." ,, Et tu, Dr. Weaver?
  4. The sound of whistling to the tune of Pentatonix's Radioactive heralded the arrival of Shannon, hands in pocket. "Dunno about that." He offered and shook hands with Mrs. Vala. "Shannon Argent. Though Señora Vala, I'm shocked that you've been told we take good care of him." The words were uttered with all the camp tones and facial expressions befitting an Adam West Batman villain. "At NovaStorm, I'll tell you where he's not. SAFE." Shannon cleared his throat and did a sudden conversation vault quicker than a gymnast. "Really though. Good speech. And wonderful singing, I was wondering when you'd show up Serena. I was this close to starting a betting pool with Jason." You had to wonder how much heard from the man with no past was genuine, a joke, some act, two of the above or all three. Sometimes Shannon wasn't sure, but accepted it as a facet of his utterly protean identity.
  5. Oooch. I think I ninja'ed you, Serena. Just when I finally got a posting idea together.
  6. Except Shannon knows Jay, and has Mega-Manipulation, so I'm not quite sure how Jay can be so sure.
  7. Jay: I'm not sure how Jay can tell that Shannon-shifted is not one of his clones. No mental link, no outward difference in appearance or costume... It doesn't really make much sense.
  8. Well now. Jay was really doing that? Shannon felt that this was a splendid opportunity for more fun. Now how to go about this. First, a look of injured innocence at Maxwell that did not fit the situation. "That's not fair! I'm just following biological imperatives. And as a clone, I'm not the one who thought of this." Then he skittered off, to let Maxwell interpret that as he would. ,, It took him another half-minute or so before he pinpointed the Jay sitting next to Nathaniel. He slipped over, with a worried look. "Dude, we got trouble. Or rather, you got trouble, Jay-Prime. Beth and Kait are coming for your head." He swept an arm out pointing back in the direction of Maxwell from where Shannon had come. ,, "Head that way and you should be safe." Not. ,, The not-Jay peeled away without a word, until he found the restrooms and a stall to shift back into Shannon. That was fun. Shannon headed back out.... to see the fruits of his handiwork.
  9. "Why is Jay dressed as the staff?" Shannon glanced over and smiled. "I don't know." His grin spread wider with an idea. An awful idea. A wonderful, awful idea. The text message had given him an idea. He stood up, as his body shifted into a perfect replica of Jay dressed as the catering staff in less than a moment. Clothes and all. ,, "Isn't it great how Kait developed eufiber?" ,, It took him a minute to search out Kane and Kait, and he approached with a smile. "I'm sorry, madam, but you're at the wrong table. You're expected over there." He gestured over in the proper direction. ,, Ok. Hopefully neither Kaitlyn or Maxwell would catch on.... then he could get one of Jay to come over too. That would be hilarious.
  10. Daniel managed to duck past the sight lines of a few reporters and make it over to the buffet line. To his surprise, someone else had well and truly beat him there. Shannon was loading up on noodles. Kaitlyn's co-worker caught Daniel with a sideways glance and smiled. "Don't worry Daniel. I'll let you have the Gold Medal for Running to Cover." ,, Daniel was happy for friendly and familiar companionship, but perplexed a tad. "Wouldn't you be out there, Shannon?" ,, Shannon shook his head with a frown. "No. Why would you think that?" ,, Both men paused for the sacred tradition of loaded plates with all the food a guy could love before getting drinks and finding a table. "But aren't you a --" ,, "Hush." There was a brief reprove in Shannon's voice, but a smile was back in place with a finger held to his lips conspiratorially. "No spoiling the mystery for the world." Aside from what he felt was befitting the necessities for one of NovaStorm's 'troubleshooters', on a fundamental level the Dead Ringer wanted to have his nova nature and abilities occluded over beyond the public knowledge. ,, "Yeah, I've heard you've been sitting out all the past ones." Daniel commented, before he took his bite of mashed potatoes. "That's not something Dr. Aziz or Kaitlyn just let happen." ,, Shannon sniffed dismissively. "Smarter people than them have tried." ,, "Aren't they the smartest people on the planet?" ,, "Exactly. I'll watch the performers later, though. They are fun."
  11. ,, Shannon Argent Nature: Conniver Allegiance: NovaStorm Technologies Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green Build: Fit Ethnicity: Caucasian/Mediterrean Age: ~30 (**UNVERIFIED**) ,, Background Shannon Argent is a NovaStorm employee and known to have been part of the team headed by Dr. Kaitlyn Weaver that developed Eufiber. His personal life and past is murky and no sources have yet been verified. Unverified reports have suggested that he is a nova whom erupted during the time of the Surge in Atlanta, Georgia. However, there is no indication as to what presumptive powers and/or abilities he possesses if this were true. ,, Sheet Physical: Strength ●●●, Dexterity ●●●, Stamina ●●● Mega-Physical: Stamina ●●● Enhancements: Adaptability, Regeneration Athletics ●●●, Endurance ●●●●, Firearms ●●, Legerdemain ●●●, Martial Arts ●●, Resistance ●●●●, Stealth ●●● ,, Mental: Perception ●●●, Intelligence ●●●, Wits ●●●● (Clever) Mega-Mental: Intelligence ●, Perception ●, Wits ● Enhancements: Body Awareness, Eidetic Memory, Multitasking ,, Awareness ●●●, Computer ●●, Intrusion ●●, Investigation ●●●, Medicine ●, Rapport ●●● ,, Social: Appearance ●●●, Charisma ●●●, Manipulation ●●●●● (Persuasive) Mega-Social: Manipulation ●●● Enhancements: Evasive, Trickster ,, Command ●●, Etiquette ●●, Intimidation ●●, Streetwise ●●●, Style ●●, Subterfuge ●●● ,, Backgrounds: Backing (NovaStorm Technologies) ●●●, Dormancy ●●●●●, Eufiber ●●●●●, Node ●● ,, Powers: Dead Ringer for Anyone or Anything (Shapeshift ●●●), Wall Crawler (Body Modification: Adhesive Grip) ,, Willpower: ●●●●● ●● Quantum: ●●●● Quantum Pool: 50 Taint: None Aberrations: None Total Soak: 11B/8L Health Levels: -0, -0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, INC Movement: Walk 7m, Run 15m, Sprint 29m Initiative: +8 ,, [spoilertag=XP Log][/spoilertag]
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