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  1. "I think i shall attempt to surround the anomaly in a layer of quicksand. It'll be less of an upheaval geologically-speaking than building cliff walls. Perhaps I can hedge the creatures in while we deal with them?"
  2. Nathaniel exited the plane next, walking only a few steps away from the plane before dropping into a kneel and placing his hand upon the ground. He'd become less comfortable of late when away from the ground, but not so uncomfortable that he had some kind of issue with flying. Still every time he took a flight it seemed he'd need to spend a moment re-attuning himself to the earth, and "catching his breath" as it were. This area of swampland with it's pockets of peat and bogs, seemed to shift and ebb of its own accord, making it feel strange to him, nevertheless he forced himself to become accustomed to the flow of quantum in this terrain. It took only a moment, and then he rose to go stand with the rest of the alpha team. For this mission he'd chosen a suit of combat armor, and left most of his scientific equipment back in the lab. This was not, after all, a surveying mission. "I'm ready here anytime."
  3. "These shamblers, do we have any additional information on their abilities? They sound like just another mindless minion, but I'd like to know if they have any special feature that allows them to overcome compromising terrain. I was thinking of trying to create pools of quicksand in which to trap them and walls to corral them in, both of which mean nothing to a creature that can burrow.
  4. Nathaniel had been silent during the dramatic beginnings of the meeting, the events in japan had left him exhausted for several days after he was forced to pull an entire building down to the bedrock layer of the island in order to avoid the destruction of the refugees corralled inside. It took the lion's share of his power to accomplish that feat and still make sure the building was intact enough to be safe, this left him under considerable strain when the major offensives began and he'd attempted to ensnare the kaiju beast. The whole ordeal had taught him that he was severely lacking in combat training, a fact he would have to remedy in a hurry lest he become a liability. Despite his nova physique, years of a research-oriented lifestyle meant it took him longer to recover from combat expenditures. Even now he was still somewhat sore and unfocused, but he managed to concentrate on the situation once he was named. Sakurako's reaction was about what he might expect, and he sympathized, as she was more suited to research work the way he was, still this was what the job entailed and he'd already committed to it. "I've no issues with the proposed command structure, cohesive command was one of the more obvious elements we needed to improve upon. I assume the witch-queen will not be put out by the various environmental side-effects of our powers once we begin operations to pen in these creatures? Bulwarks of earth large enough to stop these creatures may have permanent side-effects..." Dr.Carter's mention of being referred to as Speedster in the field registered and then fell right out of Nathaniel's mind. He could only dimly remember the efforts of such a person during the incident since it happened after he'd been entombed in the earth, though it did seem strange to have the counselor serving double-duty like this.
  5. As the rest of the force was dispersed to their respective posts, Nathan set about unpacking all the delicate quantum detection equipment and getting it set up to processs all the information. With the Q-field repression device untested, he made a special effort in unpacking it carefully. It would not do at all to have the 11th hour weapon damaged in setup. The presence of other science personnel made the job go faster as he could delegate some of the tasks to qualified individuals. In order to ensure the safety of the 'mission control' they were setting up, Nathan directed his power at the shoreline, eliciting a slight rumble as a stone bulwark against oncoming storms rose in a semicircle around the mission camp. The bulwark would protect against any normal storm and lessen the damage from large waves but Nathan had no idea how much protection it would offer against a quantum anomaly. He mainly hoped it would keep the baseline science techs from panicking when things got out of hand. WHEN, not if. After all Nathan was never accused of being optimistic. ,, As the lab technicians were finishing with setup, Nathan addressed the lead technician; "I can only assume that you've been monitoring the anomaly the entire time, would there be any meteorological data on the target? If it moves against all prevailing winds and atmospheric conditions, we may be looking at something that's being directed."
  6. As the meeting adjourned Dr. Delacosta hurried back to his office and packed away all his notes. Then going to his closet he pulled out a sturdy backpack he usually took on surveying trips containing his geological sampling equipment, his tablet, and some portable scanning devices. Among which was a Geiger counter, which he usually used to check for radioactivity but also could be calibrated to pick up ambient quantum fields of sufficient strength. Since this was a rescue mission as well as a scientific survey he changed into jeans, workboots, and a simple shirt. No sense ruining a perfectly good lab coat with what would most assuredly be heavy physical work... ,, "On with the exploration!" he muttered under his breath as he quickly stalked through the halls to the warehouse with a look of maniacal anticipation spreading across his face.
  7. Nathaniel made a note of the JSDF novas as they were listed as a thoughtful expression crossed his face. He then gathered his things in preparation for the imminent transfer to his team's position. "We can probably assume that the JSDF nova support team has tried to redirect this event as part of their own initiatives, but I would guess that any data on their attempts is unavailable at present. If it's possible for Japan to furnish us any of their last correspondences when we get on site that may help. If they were in communication as we usually are during missions, they may have been discussing what was or more importantly wasn't working." With that he packed up his notes and the papers from his current project, and stood next to his team ready to go.
  8. Inclining his head thoughtfully, Delacosta spoke up; "It is true, our dearth of actual field training could be a liability, presuming that this situation involves a need for military-style exercise. However, I believe that is why most of our number is being called in for this particular mission. We can make up for our tactical shortcomings through our additional numbers. There is something to be said about the advantage of overwhelming force after all..." He paused for a moment, as another thought struck him, and then continued, "If 3 of Japan's nova personnel, whom I assume are associated with the JSDF, have already vanished in the midst of this new zone, then the additional resources of Novastorm must be necessary for further intelligence. As far as I knew, our organization has a greater edge in the field of quantum anomaly research. What, if anything, do we know about these three missing novas?"
  9. A mobile zone...That WAS unprecedented, and more than a little intriguing. The open ocean, while not his literal 'element' was still a familiar terrain for one whose career entailed offshore drilling inspections. ,, "This event, what is it's actual speed? It seems this mission will be on a timer, so we will need to know how much we have left before the event hits Japanese soil." After a moment's thought he added, "The sudden loss of 3 Japanese novas along with their military seems alarming, but I suspect it is due to some form of jamming from the event itself. Of course, if I'm right this will make any reports impossible until we've finished the job. Have they actually confirmed the destruction of the missing third of their fleet or it this supposition due to lack of communication?"
  10. Dr. Delacosta availed himself of the assorted breakfast foods Jay brought as soon as the first person had something. As each member entered the situation room he favored them a nod in greeting but otherwise waited quietly. It wasn't until the conversation turned to Spam that he paused his impromptu breakfast. "Spam...calendar? You all keep using this word Spam...I do not think it means what you think it means..."
  11. Dr. Delacosta had left the expo early (once he'd had his thoughts in order) and returned to HQ where he could get to his office. He'd sent his formal suit (his ONLY suit) to the cleaners and now sat in his usual button-down shirt and slacks under a lab-coat. He'd also just finished a particularly difficult series of equations proving his original assumptions wrong. ,, "Wonderful...back to the drawing board again." he muttered, as he shunted the page with his calculations into a file specially made for all the dead-ends he'd reached. The mass-summons got to him just as he was getting up to go for a cup of coffee. "Platinum encryption, Z-level? Hm, well at least I don't have time to wallow in failure" he thought to himself as he set off for the conference room. ,, He walked in with a fresh coffee just after Holly had dashed in, "Miss Holly, Miss Sakurako" he greeted both in his usual formality as he took a seat at the conference table.
  12. “A quantum battery, ostensibly a capacitor capable of storing the as yet undifferentiated energy which gives a nova their power. Such a thing, in theory, represents the ability to harness naturally occurring telluric energy manifestations, the very powers of the universe itself, within an artificial vessel. If it can be stored then it can be manipulated, if it can be manipulated…” “Excuse me? Dr. Delacosta? Could we have a moment of your time?” It was the voice of a random reporter. Having left the comfortable hideout of Jay’s table, it was inevitable that the media would discover Nathaniel in his wanderings. He had no idea how long he’d been standing there thinking, so he hadn’t noticed that the actual display was starting to close down. He’d been holding a pamphlet the entire time as he was losing himself in theoretical musings. Leaving his thoughts on a back burner while focusing on the present, he turned to regard this reporter. ,, “Yes, go right ahead.” He turned to address the reporter and her cameraman directly, keeping his face placid as he spoke. ,, “Thank you Doctor. Our inquiry into the nova personnel roster for Novastorm has you listed among their scientific division, can you comment on that?” Despite the lone cameraman this interview had a quiet, almost private feel to it. Nathaniel suspected that this reporter might be pursuing the elusive exclusive interview angle. ,, “Indeed. I have been hired on to Novastorm for my specialization in the field of natural resources, as well as my ability to discern long term effects on the environment.” ,, “I see. I don’t see you on the presentation schedules, though we all saw your grand entrance to the expo…” ,, “I wouldn’t call that entrance grand…it’s simply the way I travel now. But you are correct; I don’t have a formal presentation planned. I’ve only recently been hired on and much of my work thus far is in the theoretical stage. But what I can tell you about it now is that I am focusing on energy research.” ,, “Energy research? As in alternate energy sources? Like solar and geothermal?” ,, “Sources of green energy, yes. I believe there are other options we have yet to explore. More efficient options.” ,, “Records show that you once worked in oil requisition, but surely the hypercombustion engine has greatly extended the life of our oil stores?” The reporter may have meant the question harmlessly, but she was unprepared for the sudden dark expression that passed over Nathaniel’s face. ,, “Oil and fossil fuels are at the end of their days. The invention of the HCE was their final wailing gasp. Putting aside the fact that we really should have been beyond such fuel sources decades ago, I believe I have found a better solution for meeting the world’s energy needs. Once that is more efficient than trying to harness the wind or the sun. As this is all still in the theoretical stage, that is all I will say on the subject for now.” With that he turned and headed to the outer courtyard ,, *** Out in the courtyard amidst the throngs of expo patrons Nathaniel quietly slipped past. He was looking to find a quiet area where he could sort out his thoughts, as the quantum battery display had given him an important idea. However he was interrupted again by an overheard conversation going on between what looked to be net-bloggers covering the expo. ,, The first was saying, “So how do we rate those two, nobody’s ever seen them do anything with their powers?” ,, The other replied with, “Nevermind them for now, we can come back to them once we have an idea of what they can do. Give the readers stats for the ones we do know.” ,, To Nathaniel it looked like they were creating some kind of power ranking for the members of Novastorm’s nova personnel. “Typical,” he thought. “The only thing on the public’s mind is ‘how much damage can they do’, not ‘what can we learn from them’.” He watched them for a time as they quibbled over the sketchy accountings of what each nova could do. Their current argument was whether gravity powers trumped weather powers, and whether cold powers automatically beat fire powers or it was a matter of the strength of the nova in question. So intent were they in their argument they didn’t notice Nathaniel quietly walking up behind them. ,, An idea struck him that solved several problems all at once. Clearing his throat he addressed them in conversational tones, “You aren’t looking at the issue clearly. The issue isn’t who is more powerful, but rather who has more versatility. Power is meaningless without direction, and power that moves only in one direction is easily avoided.” Seeing that he had their undivided attention he proceeded to walk out into an empty area of courtyard, gathering his power as he walked caused a slight rumbling in the earth and a swirl of sand and silt to flow around him. ,, “Observe.” He said simply as he made a wide, sweeping gesture. The earth around him for approximately 20 feet in all directions exploded up into the air and hovered there for a few seconds before falling into a ring around the crater he’d just created. He stepped out of the crater and raised his fist, and the earth answered with a fountain of magma which shot up from the center of the crater, filling it like a wading pool before ceasing. Opening his fist and letting it fall caused the magma to rapidly cool into a sheet of obsidian, which he then walked to the center of. As he gazed around he noted that the bloggers had phones out pointing at him, and that he’d attracted a crowd of stunned onlookers. ,, He then raised his hands, creating a small tremor (not even enough to do more than rattle some dishes), and columns of basalt pushed their way out from the ground forming an unbroken circular wall around the pool of volcanic glass. Suddenly cut off from the crowds, their flashing cameras, and the consistent murmur of the media, Nathaniel shaped some of the obsidian into a desk, took out his tablet and began recording all his thoughts in peace. ,, “That should satisfy them.”
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