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  1. Juno spotted a good looking blonde woman coming over as she looked around for more spiders to kill. It only took a second to realize what she was about to do, and Juno quickly glanced at the nearest Nazi...the one over by Siobhan. He wasn't looking this way yet, but there wasn't much that'd stop him from doing so. She quickly went over to Teagan. "Wait," the ex-soldier said quietly. The pick clinked onto the chain, and Juno looked back at Felix again briefly. "Just...hold up a second. If any of them see you, God only knows what they'll do." Juno gave Teagan another head to toe assessment and nodded. "You're not chained up. Go distract that guy...keep him from looking over here and make some noise so he won't hear me working." "Alright? Leave the chain to me."
  2. "Thanks!" called Juno as she grabbed the pick. Immediately she charged the spider attacking Graham, hauling the heavy instrument back over her shoulder and swinging it down as she came in, like she was trying to shatter a block of granite! A pick was a heavy thing though, hard to swing fast...and spiders were quick little bastards. Even when they weren't so little... The weapon bounced off the spider's underbelly, but Juno could see that she hadn't done damage.
  3. They did say they'd leave us for the spiders, thought Juno dimly. Guess this is what they meant. The panic was shuttered off in the back of her head; she could feel it there, like a shape moving behind smoked glass. There'd be time to deal with it later. Right now she had spiders to kill. Juno didn't have a weapon on hand, but there WAS a wagon full of chunks of rock that they were pulling along. Why? No idea. It didn't look like ore or anything to her untrained eye. Just jagged chunks of rock in sizes ranging from a little smaller than her hand to a little smaller than her head. Her wrists her chained, but there was enough length of chain between them that she could still move her hands fairly freely. She paused only long enough to get a look at Siobhan. There were spiders near her, but it looked like they were going after Nazis. That suited her just fine. She'd keep an eye on her charge, but right now Graham was about to get his face sucked off. Juno selected a rock she judged as heavy and sharp enough to be dangerous, but light enough to throw with some force. For the first time in a long time she silently thanked herself for all those windows she'd vandalized with her buddies back in the day, idly throwing rocks through the windows of abandoned buildings. Time spent pitching street baseball didn't hurt either. There wasn't really a good wind up pitch to be had, but by relaxing her left arm so it didn't drag or pull on her right, and concentrating the force of the throw in her hips and back instead of her arm...she got off a sizzler. The kind of throw that sent little boys home crying that they hated this game. The rock sailed at the spider on top of Graham and nailed it right between the eight of its eyes, squarely enough that it stuck there for a second before falling off when the spider recoiled, trailing a little thread of ichor from the crack in its shell. (Spider takes 2 bashing damage!)
  4. Juno Init: # 10 Details:[7d2 (2 2 2 1 1 1 1)] Also 3 successes
  5. "Not yet, but keep your eyes open. Until we have a plan though, play nice," Juno advised quietly. "Don't give them a reason to suspect we're up to something. If they get careless with us, just makes our job easier." Her brief glimpse of Siobhan was gone through the rest of the chained prisoners, but an inkling started to filter through. Her erstwhile employer didn't look like she'd been chained. That implied to Juno that Siobhan might have less scrutiny. If they could figure out a way to communicate without being observed, their odds went up. Something to think about.
  6. "Come on," Juno said in a hard voice. "Don't give them any excuses." She headed towards the other groups, glancing around the cave and train station as best she could without slowing down or being too obvious about it. The decor struck her as really weird. It was literally as if she'd walked onto a movie set of an old style railroad station. But then again, what was weird right now? The adherence to 1940's aesthetic put them at odds with 'neo-Nazis' though, didn't it? Juno was no expert, but the few times she'd seen that bunch on TV and such, they usually had a more punk or sometimes redneck type chic going on. And the scale of this was all wrong. Going as fast as a locomotive, for as long as it seemed like they'd been out...wasn't the deepest mineshaft something like two or three miles tops? Juno couldn't remember the specifics, but she knew it wasn't very far by surface standards. Maybe they'd tapped into some kind of huge system of natural caverns though. Miles and miles of empty chambers underground. It wasn't impossible. It didn't seem likely, but she was here, seeing it. What other explanation was there? Juno was in mid-rumination when she spotted someone familiar from farther ahead. There was a smaller group of people being led off the train who were not in chains. Among them was the pretty, elfin face of Siobhan. The relief she felt was actually kind of funny. She hadn't failed her job completely yet...and for some reason THAT was something that still meant something to her. Captured by Nazi Mole-Men, but God forbid she didn't take a bullet for a spoiled starlet. Not yet at least. She decided not to try to get Siobhan's attention though. Better not to let their captors know they knew each other. It'd make their actions more predictable, let them use one another as leverage. All kinds of bad. Hopefully Siobhan wouldn't notice her either, or would have enough wit not to react.
  7. They're weapons, Juno thought as she took the manacles up. The metal felt unnaturally heavy in her hands. Wrist cuffs can be blunt instruments. Chain can choke someone. Weapons. It didn't help. She knew better. There was probably a way to get out of these...or maybe finesse them so that they looked closed but weren't really. Juno didn't know any of those ways. She'd made a point of steering clear of manacles when she was growing up, in stark contrast to a lot of her peers. Maybe this was them getting the last laugh. Finally she clicked them around her wrists. She was no good to anyone if she was dead. She met Strawberry's eyes and waggled her wrists to demonstrate she'd complied, then said, "So. Spiders, huh? Bullets not scary enough?"
  8. She closed her eyes for a second, breathing in then letting it out slow. With a nod she opened her eyes. "Juno," the soldier corrected. "I'll let you know when you get to speak French to me." And then she turned back to face the Nazis, though a sharp eye might've caught the quick wink she dropped just before doing so. She thought about saying something to the doctor, the others in the car with her...but what was there to say? With the guards watching and listening to everything, the less they gave of themselves away the better.
  9. Juno glanced back at the sound of the guard returning, and the clatter of the chain. Though it was threatening in what it implied, all Juno could think on seeing the manacle there was, a weapon. The plan flashed again in her head. The guards open the door to get people out. Break the light, everything goes dark. Grab the chain, commence the beatdown. ...and they spray bullets into the car ahead of them, murdering most of them. They weren't civilians, they didn't have civilian reactions. If she went aggro, they wouldn't panic. They wouldn't freeze, giving her crucial seconds to thin them out and terrify them. Or rather, they might...but if they didn't, others would pay the price. There'd be a time, but this wasn't it. She had to keep cool, for now. God damnit. "Too many of them, too few of us," she murmured to LaHaye. "But once they have us in chains, we lose a major window of opportunity. I need another set of eyes. We're fucked, right?"
  10. "I'm out of ideas," Juno muttered to James. "Anything we do now is just going to get people killed." She visibly clenched her teeth, then shook her head. "I think we just have to wait for an opening...and hope they give us one."
  11. At the sound of the gunfire, Juno's hands automatically raised up as her gut clenched in pointless, animal anticipation of impacts. "We're not armed!" she blurted, but the words had little effect on anything. Just looking at Strawberry told her everything she needed to know. She'd thought she was playing him, but it had been the other way around. He'd lulled her into thinking he and his men were just cosplayers with delusions of grandeur; garden-variety racist assholes who had no idea what those symbols on their uniforms really meant. In his voice and stare now, he revealed himself as the opposite. There was nothing in them of remorse, and neither he nor the soldiers who'd opened fire had hesitated even a moment. They were, she realized now, in a lot more trouble than she'd understood. Even if her 'plan' had worked, the second the lights went out they'd have just raked the whole cage with gunfire. She'd have gotten everyone killed. And now these Nazis were 'engaged.' They expected trouble now. If there had been a window of opportunity...and Juno now suspected it had only ever been an illusion...it was well and truly closed now. They had plenty more bullets, and weren't going to put up with anything anymore. She forced her hands back down to her side, and with effort turned around to see how Graham was doing. This 'I'm not a doctor' guy was doing some pretty incredible field surgery to her inexpert eyes, and she respected that enough to keep her distance and give him plenty of room to work. Even with her back to him, Juno felt like there were cold spots on her back where Strawberry's eyes were fixed. I'm going to get you, she promised him silently. Sooner or later you will fuck up, and I will be there.
  12. One guard out of the room, and that whistle could mean they were getting closer to Nazi Central Station. If there was a time to try to make a move, it was now. Juno had an idea for when the cage was open, but was drawing a blank on how to get them to open it. Maybe it was time to do some communication. She went over to sit down on the cage floor near where Jimmy and Graham were, and started undoing her shoes. "Hey," she said under her voice to them. "I have an idea, but we need them to open the cage to get it started. Any thoughts?"
  13. "Yeah, we are," Juno agreed softly. "Okay, stay chill for now." She stood up then and turned to face back out at the bars, and the guards behind them. It was maybe not a great idea to be whispering in a huddle with other prisoners for too long. That was the kind of thing a decent guard would keep an eye on. Instead, Juno focused on the water and the food. She started passing it out to the other prisoners, taking the opportunity as she did to try to get a read on their condition and maybe a really rough idea of their capabilities. Pitch black outside...lit up inside... As she served up the meager refreshments, Juno glanced around the train car, looking for the source of the light. The danger gap between a guy and a guy with a gun got quite a bit narrower if they were both blind.
  14. Juno looked over at the guy she was already thinking of as 'cajun Bon Jovi' and said, "Juno." The words of Strawberry were bouncing around in her head though. Hadn't crossed an international border. He was being cute. But she could feel the slope of the track...it hadn't changed all this time. And there was no light coming in through the slats of the car they were in. Underground. Some old mineshaft maybe. Jesus, that's bad. No radio for help. The only way out is through the shaft, which they can fortify. They weren't done yet though. He said there were plenty of slaves...which meant she had plenty of potential allies. Plus, Bon Jovi was white, so he might be able to pose as one if they needed a ringer. She was a long way from a plan, but she could feel the pieces on the table in front of her. A few more, and a lucky break, and maybe they had something. Juno hunkered down by the two men and said in a low voice, "Jimmy. Carl. Either of you have combat experience?"
  15. Juno nodded at that and started carefully taking steps inside the cage, pacing. The movement of the train car made it tricky...she had to keep her knees flexed and use her arms to keep her balance. The guards didn't have that problem, she'd seen. She'd need to get on their level before she did anything rash. Rottenfuhrer. She didn't know German, but 'fuhrer' was like a ruler or leader. That's what they called Hitler in the movies. So a leader of...rotten? Hm. Six guards, this one was doing the talking. So lets call him the 'leader of these guys.' "I'm only following orders," she mused aloud. "Same old uniform...same old lines." With a glance at Strawberry the rotten fuhrer, Juno added, "So...whereabouts are we? Not too many places you could keep 'plenty of slaves' in North America for very long, and have your own railroad. Backwoods Canada maybe. Alaska might have a few spots like that too." She didn't really expect him to answer usefully, but herr rottenfuhrer was a bit of a chatterbox. Never knew what he might let slip.
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