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  1. *Shoves Nemesis into closet.* ,, OP updated.
  2. I made a mistake earlier in saying that you had 2 complications. ,, Someone reminded me that you needed a motivation. So I edited that in. ,, Then someone asked me if they had to drop one of their 2 complications to add a motivation. To that question, I said no. ,, So if you already have two complications, just add a Motivation. Otherwise, 1 complication and 1 motivation minimum. Clear enough?
  3. Since some of you already had two complications, you can keep them and add a Motivation. Push comes to shove, you have more opportunity for HP's.
  4. Okay then. ,, We will still be doing the 15+. The PC's will be first years and the First Class of the school. The ages can vary, as the School policy will not be based on educational level, but the time in which they entered (similar to college). Any necessary schooling will be done on the side. For the record, STARS won't be considered a School, but an Acadamy. So the concept of High School or Middle School or whatever can be all mingled into on facility if needs be. ,, The length of a complete school term (from enrollment to graduation) will go at the speed of plot. This way, things won't have to be forced feed and if things go a certain direction, they can. ,, One final thing: think about what goals you want your PC to accomplish in this game/campaign. What short term Goals will he she be after? What long term Goals would you want them to accomplish if we did a series finale sort of thing? What problems would you like or envision your character solving? ,, You can PM them to me or we can talk here or chat. ,, @DAVE ,, If I follow this correctly, you aim to be this world's Asgardian (Mythical Race emmisary)? If so, I have no problems, as it will allow me to subtly bring Mythology into the picture. So, yeah, I accept. ,, @CASEY ,, A lot. Not astronomical, mind you, but enough for a bit of diversity. Keep in mind what I said in the OP: Your PC's stand out from the rest of these students in someway. Thus if their are alot of them, that makes you a small percentage. There will be some significant npc students as well, based on some of your backgrounds, but ultimately, the spotlight will be on the PC's. If this was the comic book, the reader will almost be certain that these seven students, by virtue of being featured. ,, Avoiding an exact number, so that I'm free to create npc's as need be. ,, @Saku ,, I re-read the rules. 1 Motivation and 1 complication.
  5. Dave, why not. Seven it is. ,, Recruitment is now closed, but feel free to join the waitlist, those of you still interested! ,, So, two questions for you seven:: ,, One, would you guys/gals prefer being First years or Juniors returning for your second term? I flirted the idea of someof you being Juniors and the rest Freshmen, but that may not workout too well. ,, Second, how would you all feel about being the 'first class', basically, you all are the prototype students who will be put through the paces of the school, and thus have to endure the rough edges as the 'administrators' learn the ropes and try to smooth out the process.
  6. OP updated. Also will close recruitment if I get one more sign-up, but I definitely have enough to make this a go.
  7. ,, Very, good point. ,, Right. No variable, including powers that uses them by default. You can try to convince me otherwise if a build uses it in a minor roll. ,, No Time Travel (can be used as a descriptor). ,, No Pre/Post-cognition ,, No Telepathy.
  8. UPDATE (11-22 3:30-ish pm Eastern) ,, -Small update. Not rushing, just keeping tabs on the builds I have and if I need info to add to the setting. If the summary is off, or you want to add to said summary, let me know. ,, Current Interests/Sign-ups (PC name will be underlined): ,, Casey Blankenship- Daughter of famous superhero Vigilant (or something similar) and a regular 'mundane'; she's your basic flying brick with a few other cool powers. Build Received ,, Sakurako Hino- Exchange student from Japan's Shugo-Tai [ 守護隊 ] (Guardian Squad) Program. Super smart, somewhat skilled, some tech gadgetry, can throw ordinary things as ranged weapons. ,, Hyoseph- Teleporter, possible thief/ninja PM sent. You're okay? ,, SalmonMax- Half human/fey. Next time you're in chat (or via PM) Tell me a bit more about fey world as you envision it. ,, Dawn- Teen who has stole alien organotech from a group of mercenary scientists to help her escape their clutches. Technology allows her to accumulate knowledge. ,, Arctic- Cold Controller/Manipulator. Build Received ,, Dave- Son of Vidar, Norse god. Can't allow such a background to go unfleshed out. Need to chat about it when you're able. ,, ===== ,, Welcome to Superheroic Training, Awareness and Readiness School, also known by it's infinitely less cheesy name, STARS. ,, This special school's purpose is twofold: One, to train young heroes and heroines to the ins and outs of daring due, including how to properly use powers without collateral damage, rescuing hostages in perilous situations, how to use your powers creatively, and ultimately, maintain a heroic image that will help the hero community as a whole. ,, Second: to provide the Freedom Squadron, the ultimate force of good, a fresh batch of rookies to fill in their reserves as older members retire or move on. ,, Not every Graduate of STARS will join the Freedom Squadron's reserves (only the best reach that honor, especially since space in the reserves are limited enough as is). Some other options include becoming part of an official Law Enforcement Agency (pending background check) or becoming a deputized agent of the law (note that you will still be bound by the legal system of the state you're operating from). ,, The PC's you create will be te exceptional of the new batch of students to this school. While you may be surrounded by other metas, something about you stands out. ,, For those interested (I already have two) notes to keep in mind: ,, 1. the character build is pl 8/120 pp. Keep things simple and as stock as you can. I may let up on this later, but for now, I want to avoid messy builds. Two complications. One Background related, one that can come up while you're in the school. ,, --1b. The following will not be allowed: ,, Variable (Alternate Powers and Alternate Form are acceptable), including powers that uses them by default. You can try to convince me otherwise if a build uses it in a minor role. ,, No Time Travel (can be used as a descriptor). No Pre/Post-cognition No Telepathy ,, 2. In your background, include something that would have your character stand out, something that you wouldn't mind popping up into the story for good or ill. You could be the son, daughter of a hero (or villain). You could be a foreign exchange student from another country who is part of that nations super team program. You could be a young android who is learning the ways of heroism from the ground up. Choice is yours. ,, --2b. WHY would the school be interested in your character? Special recommendation? A notable heroic action? Concern that you might be led astray? ,, --2c. And don't forget Motivation. 3. This will mostly be a narrative game. I aim for that due to combat slowing the pacing of pbp games down. However, keep in mind as you make your build, that fights are a possibility. Unless you don't mind portraying a walking target or someone that needs protecting, it would behoove you to have some sort of offensive/defensive ability or options. ,, 4. This school holds many secrets that, meta speaking, your character won't know about. I would say what tey were, but finding them out will be half the fun. Think of the school like Hogwarts of Harry Potter fame. Up until your hero is invited, you may have heard a rumour about, or may not even know it existed. ,, 5. The tone of this game will be almost similar to Harry Potter pre-Goblet of Fire (before the Racism, Emo-Harry, and death). There will be mature content, but nothing too dark. IF this turns dark, I will give you a heads up. In a nutshell, I'm not cueing up M. Night twists just yet. Things may even be seen coming a mile away. I'm going to start this slow, get a grip on how you all like to push things, then adapt from there. ,, 6. As a GM, one thing that I encourage is communication above all. Have a story idea, hit me with it. Want to implement your background in a special way? Hit me with it. Unless it's truely off the wall OR unfair towards other players, I rarely say no. I can and will say no, I just rarely do it. ,, 7. From what I've seen, I don't think I should type this, but I'll do it anyway to cover my bases: Respect one another. Avoid the big no-nos (disrespecting Religion, Politics, Gender identity). I'm not saying you can't rp under those, just sow a bit of respectful tolerance. Also, if you have a problem with another player OR need a leave of absence, drop me a PM. Don't post it in the OOC, POST ME THE PM. This guarantees not only that I will catch it (as oppose to me having a derp moment and over looking it in OOC), but that potential irl conflicts might be subverted/resolved without interfereing with the fun. ,, ,, So yeah, that's it. Any questions, you can ask them.
  9. Okay, before any information, let's get this out of the way... ,, PEP stands for Panty Explosion Perfect. DO NOT LET THE NAME DETER YOU. ,, The name of the system is based on a satire of a trope within the genre this game is originally based on, which is Japanese Horror. More specifically, the japanese suspense horror genre that involves High School girls with innate psychic powers who often bond together to fight a demon of some sort. ,, I say that to ensure you all that the only way this game will get as perverted as the title is if you all make it so. This game is narrative driven, and thus it's limits (as far as gore, violence, comedy, romance, whatever) is all up to you all. ,, Experience with this game is not required as I am willing to help out in teaching. ,, What the game is about: ,, Deep in the sprawling heart of Tokyo there is a mysterious, infamous high school where the supernatural is just another fact of life. A dangerously haunted place where restless spirits stalk the halls and demons roam the school grounds. Some say the school was built on top of the remains of an abandoned Shinto shrine, while others whisper of ancient curses and wartime atrocities. One thing is certain, the school has become both a magnet and a haven for the strange, bizarre, and supernatural. There’s a special group of students who don’t have the luxury of ignoring the bizarre and sinister threats that plague their school. When the blood thirsty Demon Prince of Shinjuku comes looking for souls or the swim team is once again possessed by the ancient spirits of vengeful ninja, it’s up to the few brave young women with barely restrained psychic powers to defend their classmates. These are the stories of the psychic school girls, tragic young women doomed to lives of violent combat, using powers they can barely control to fight monstrosities whose existence they can scarcely comprehend! Psychic powers are as much a curse as they are a gift, and most psychic school girls have little understanding or control of their strange abilities. Since psychic powers often manifest themselves in strange and unsettling ways, most psychic girls hide their powers from their friends. Many are driven to suicide or insanity. Some schoolgirls revel in their power, using it to humiliate and hurt their rivals. These girls are often the quickest to draw the attention of the demons, ghosts and other monsters who crave not just their psychic energy, but also their flesh and minds that have been tainted by malevolence and hatred. Even without brain-eating monsters and deranged teenage psychics the Japanese school system is notoriously daunting, with demanding exams and fierce competition to get into the best schools. Many students suffer breakdowns under the exhaustive workload and pressure from their family and teachers to succeed, or fall victim to vicious bullying from classmates. Compared to the terror of academic failure, fighting flesh eating ghosts and tentacled shadow beasts is almost a vacation! Needless to say, you are playing these girls. You don't have to have a character concept yet (though feel free to post ideas), but what I am looking for is: 1. Interest (duh!) 2. What you want out of the game- This game is mostly narrative driven, thus it should be stated upfront what makes you comfortable and what doesn't. For example: playing a japanese school girl kind of limits things on the romance front if the high school the PC's are in isn't co-ed (unless you don't mind either not having romance or having girl-girl romance). Also, violence should be mentioned upfront as well. This game could be as dark as Saw, or as lighthearted as a romantic comedy. It's all up to us. 3. An understanding that in this game, unless everyone is in agreement to the contrary, your character can die (and that death can be a messy one depending on how far we're taking it). When you fail an action, another person can narrate your failure (More on that when I teach how to play). That person will have free reign as to how severe your failure is. Even IF death isn't possible, you should still be prepared to have bad things happen to your character. Don't worry, though, character creation is easy, and you're allowed to create a new student in the midst of an adventure. 4. Finally, questions are always welcome. So... yeah.
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