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  1. Not ready quite yet, there are still some things to negotiate. And besides, I've already played through chapter 1 of the anniversary version, so I don't wanna spoil it for the rest of you.
  2. So you have an occultist, magus, oracle, and investigator. Guess i'll handle wide-range overkill nukes. Should I post the character here regardless the fact it'll be a while before I join you?
  3. Your group is looking more colorful than mine was! We never actually got to anything past book 2 in our game before everyone split up, but we DID play through those books so I can't join this game.
  4. Crap...I already played this mod in a tabletop game! It IS kewl tho, you all should enjoy it.
  5. I'm thinking I might rewrite Erebus for play in this game.
  6. Hm, is this a homebrew system? Edit: Ah...i see. this is classic L5R...
  7. Well, I suppose I may as well buy a PS4 now that they're FINALLY going to remake FFVII.

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    2. darksol-aeternium


      @Rubio, it's cuz it's the one where most ppl started the series.

      @Charlotte; the sheer amount of fanfics would make any such revelation a non-discovery...

    3. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      I'm more interested in seeing what they're going to do with Street Fighter 5.

    4. Sunstar


      BOOOOOO!!!! FF7 is Overrated!

  8. There's quote coming to mind when I see northwomen like this. Something having to do with John Snow perhaps?
  9. I've played L5R before, but it seems like you'd be doing quite a bit of work to fit something as open as this into that system. Never heard of this D6 you mention. Honestly, this setting you've created seems perfect for a homebrew D&D world or perhaps even Arcanis, lessened magic notwithstanding. I find myself interested by the way you have re-skinned much of the real world, even if I don't end up playing I may just watch the game progress. These Praeteans embody everything I've always despised about Imperialist hubris and I'd be interested to see what trouble they'd get themselves into (All empires fall ). And the Atanidari seem like they have built themselves an entire pocket dimension like Brigadoon or the Imaskari from Faerun.
  10. Soon..soon I will go completely crazy! What a GLORIOUS day!!!!

  11. This mindless stat-mongering middle-managers do today is just an excuse for them to bitch about nothing and make those of us that actually work miserable. It needs to be purged, bloodily.

  12. I better hurry up and find a name/pic for my char then...
  13. That's fine too, just gotta make sure we're open enough with backgrounds to make being together plausible. So we've got an interpol agent and a CIA agent was it?
  14. A more or less valid point, but you assume that the idea of setting up our own org could not be done via npc behind the scenes. I've in fact done this in a home game, where we grab various people to handle the day to day while we actually go out doing things. Come to think of it, wasn't there a Paizo module that did the same thing? It sounds to me like what you wish to play is something similar to a game of Delta Green or a Directive-focused Aberrant game. A crime drama such as that would be fine too, but I'd probably continue to be independent while I play. As to the antarctic base, I wasn't around for that chatroom discussion so how far did that idea progress?
  15. Since the CU is more of a support group/social club//census bureau, I like the idea of the PCs generating a group specifically tailored to dealing with worldwide supers-related issues whenever they come up. It's apparently been established that there really haven't been any "super villains" in the world yet, and both Mala and DawnOOC have concepts that represent supers who are now part of law-enforcement, perhaps after a while a larger org like the UN will take notice of a group that sets out to fill this role and grant them some kind of international jurisdiction the way S.H.I.E.L.D. has. It's better we not have that kind of support structure in the beginning since it's too much of a safety net, let us be responsible on our own first. I like how we don't have government orgs scrambling to try and acquire as many of us as possible like in Aberrant, or trying to severely suppress us before we upset the power balance like in X-men. Since any government oversight org is destined to fill with corruption (the larger it is the faster it happens), I'd prefer we be at the beginning of that process so we can at least try to head it off.
  16. Heh, already we've got myriad government contacts, this can only be good in the long run.
  17. This....is too good to pass up.
  18. My vote would be for the morning flight otherwise when we get to London it'll be late in the evening.
  19. Ah taxes...the catalyst for no less than 70% of all crime...

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    2. z019


      No, human stupidity is the cause 99% of all crime.

    3. Jeremy


      That's what I meant.

    4. z014
  20. I would think that the bioware assimilation issue would be unaffected. Already in D&D psionics you can absorb inorganic items into your body, and theirs are made of psionically active crystal as well. By the time bioware is available it should be a moot point as they'll be growing organic-based crystals attuned to each psion anyway.
  21. I was under the impression that we were going into this game at the very beginning of psions, which would naturally preclude such tech, but if you want some theories here's some. They're going to focus on two things once noetic science emerges enough to allow them to seriously experiment; Psi-wave augmentation- Since Psi emanates from the user, a specific wave-pattern can be extrapolated from the user's personal energy field. If paired with an emission device that resonates with the user and bolster their own psi emanations, this would effectively shoulder half the burden FOR them (and either cutting the psi cost in half or cutting the difficulty in half). Easy example of this; a device similar to Cerebro that augments a telepath's range. Another example; an "energy pack" that syncs up with the bioelectric field of an electrokinetic and gives them more energy to work with. Psi-detection- Fluctuations in the subquantum medium can be detected by other psions, so a device will quickly be made to mechanize that process. All kinds of organizations will want one of those devices so they can at least detect psionic meddling. I disagree with the idea of non-user paradox in a psi device on the grounds that Psi isn't Mage-spheres and is not subject to consensual reality. Trinity always portrayed psi-use in a clinically observable scientific light, making it an objective force like gravity or magnetism. If a Psi device relies on consensual reality in any way then logically all Psi would fall apart from random norms observing it.
  22. I'll make my final decision based upon what other ppl are playing, but Whatever You Do, don't rush the process.
  23. In theory; using two different modes at the same time would be the neurological equivalent of doing two different things with both of your hands, you end up being bad at both but if the two things are simple it can be done. It would probably take some kind of unique merit to avoid a massive penalty trying to use two different powers at once even if theoretically it could be done. I agree with Nina's assessment in thinking that the various modes really ought to be benchmarks of a sort rather than specific powers, yet without that kind of structure we're going to have a lot of initial confusion as we try to "feel out" the lateral limits of a given power level. And it somewhat invalidates the need for any additional modes found in other supplements.
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