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  1. The Pentaghast Family

    The Pentaghast family is the royal family of Nevarra and a family of dragon hunters, who brought these creatures to near-extinction in the Steel Age. The Pentaghast family has fourteen branches, eighteen if counting their relations among the Van Markhams, each consisting of multiple families and twisting bloodlines connecting them to almost every major house across Thedas. The current King of Nevarra is Markus Pentaghast, a man of advanced age. The most immediate successor is his younger brother Ferdinand, the famed dragon hunter. Neither brother has any known offspring. Members of the Pentaghast and Van Markhams are already lining up to replace Markus upon his inevitable death. However, some Nevarran noble families believe both clans have held power for too long and figure they must step aside. There have been at least two attempts to overthrow King Markus: one in 9:08 Dragon orchestrated by Baron Gaulene, and one in 9:10 orchestrated by several prominent Pentaghasts. This second attempt led to widespread arrests and executions in what has since become known as the Nevarran Purge.

    Notable Members:

    • Cassandra Pentaghast: a Seeker of Truth in the service of the Chantry. A founding member of the Inquisition. 78th in line to the throne.
    • Markus Pentaghast: the current ruler of Nevarra.
    • Ferdinand Pentaghast: the younger brother of Markus and a legendary dragon hunter and author.
    • Tythas Pentaghast: the current Duke of Hunter Fell.
    • Vestalus Pentaghast, Prelate of the Mortalitasi mage order and overseer of the Grand Necropolis in Nevarra City, uncle of Cassandra.
    • Alexander Pentaghast: Father of Philip.
    • Maria Pentaghast: Mother of Philip.
    • Lucrezia Pentaghast: Twin sister of Philip.
    • Theresa Pentaghast: Younger sister of Philip.
    • Franz Pentaghast: Younger brother of Philip.
    • Joseph Pentaghast: Younger brother of Philip.

    Philip (Albert Rudolf Leopold Frederick Maximilian "enough!") Pentaghast



    Philip Pentaghast is one of the many sprawling relations of the Nevarran royal family, 84th in line to the throne, and second cousin to Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast. One half of the eldest twins born to Lord Alexander and Lady Maria, each blossomed in their own way. Philip demonstrated great strength and skill in arms. Lucrezia (named for a deceased Antivan grand-aunt) became a great beauty, respected for her cleverness.

    Both Philip and Lucrezia are known to be unsatisfied with their family's prosperous but static state and seek to make their names in history. Lucrezia, a past student of the University of Orlais, has involved herself within the Grand Game and the Orlais Civil War as it was raging. Philip meanwhile, joined the Inquisition after the sacking of Haven, to fight the great evil of Corypheus loose in Thedas.

  2. Oh.... oh, graaaaaaaaaaaaah. Ray had the wear and tear of most decidely excruciating training, some cuts and lashes from skirmishes with the Caramine led raiding parties from time to time. But nothing created such shock, pain and shiver as the exotic, new sensation of being speared through the gut. Ray's teeth ground together, but amazingly his tongue only was coated with saliva, not blood.


    Ray flipped the knife in his weapon-hand, so he could grasp and wrench at the spear impaling him. It faded, breaking solidity, and from the internal shift - so did the invading head. Lightly, Ray's fingers skimmed across the area of the frontal wound as he lurched back from the radius of close combat. No sign of bones or ribs being damaged. Bleeding would be an issue, but his hand could feel a lot more damp than it was.


    Not the kind of luck he preferred out of his powers, but Ray could accept it. Better than the alternative. "Ggh- Get em."

  3. Ray swore with Chideran relish, some choice phrases elicited from bed partners like Lianja, albeit this situation was not that kind of fun. The coat was going to be ripped - potentially to shreds if he wrenched his way to freedom, so Ray took the moments to bluntly get his arms out.


    All or nothing, at this frantic rate. Ray scrambled to scoop up the flashlight, and while he gave it a shake to try and coax more light, his right hand pulled free his knife, sharpness glinting as it might with what illumination was present. Then, he charged, thrusting out the flashlight like the head of a spear to get it into the face of the Keeper.


    The lower level reduced the sting, and the otherworldly being was more able to turn it's head away, but that merely confirmed the feint for Ray's knife, as he thrust and thrust again in a furor.


    "Yield, you son of a bitch, yield!"

    A volley of things coming, if it's not an issue.

    Activating Superlative Luck for Ray (Resolve + Occult + Fate): Jeremy *rolls* 6d10e8: 1,9,9,8,3,9. Successes = 4

    Oooh. Excellent to have 4 8-agains available for the rest of the scene.

    ,, ,,

    And now the attack: Knife attack + Willpower spend for 3 dice, and the once per two turns Fighting Style ability to reduce the Keeper's defense by 1 and the 8-again.


    The dice pool would be Dex 3 + Weaponry 2 + Specialty 1 + Knife Bonus 1 + Willpower 3 = 10 dice.

    I don't know what the modified Defense would be... so subtract dice from the right to left.

    Jeremy *rolls* 10d10e8: 7,8,9,2,6,2,7,2,7,2. Successes = 2
    Jeremy *rolls* 2d10e8: 6,1. Successes = 0

    Ick. Only 2L damage.


    Power Points: 10/12

    Willpower: 3/4

    8-Again Rerolls: 3/4

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