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  1. Technically, Vaughn already has a drone, just not one made for fighting. So yeah, more fight-y drones are required.
  2. I'll give it some thought too. Vaughn's being a SIM makes it harder for him to be in a fight, but I could retool him to provide support perhaps...
  3. "Thank you, but no." Vaughn politely declined, not wanting to take a chance with whatever code was in that champagne. He didn't know what Kwon's motives were in letting him in, whether or not this behavior represented a trap or just calm assurance on Kwon's part. "Sigmund Kwon, I presume. Or, I'm sorry, you to be addressed as the Necromancer now? I recognize the spirit behind it, but a bit dramatic, don't you know?"
  4. Vaughn decided to move up to the entrance way, but not directly enter. If there was a trap, he would see what the tripwire was. Kwon really was playing up the whole unapologetic master of life and death shtick. Really, there was being free from corporeal constraints, and then there was lunacy.
  5. The Crossroads, to... Sure, Savants like Vaughn were near mythical too, but that didn't mean he was going to go chasing after the Source, something that after all didn't work on his terms just to solve one case. He turned, walked out the door and then off into a side street. Vaughn faded out and returned to his private space. Quickly, he wrote an investigation program, taking the form of, to not pun too much, a briefing form which he closed into a folder and reached out to place in the hands of the ever-ready Smiley. That could dig up information on Yolanda Mannerheim while he took a look at this Necromancer's fortress.
  6. The Crossroads "What does he want?" Vaughn pressed though. The comment by the Cobbler annoyed him. He might not be 'the smartest' but he knew how to handle any challenge coming his way. Besides, he was on the clock, and his clients were the ones pressing for answers. "Is he still taking dives back into meat-bodies?"
  7. The Crossroads "Well, someone has been doing their best to bring that name into vogue." Vaughn replied. "The bombing of the trains in Rho, a body with that identity listed, plus twisted and lacking data trails since leaving House Kimura. So our... ghost, if you will - what happened to him?"
  8. Vaughn swooped in on digitally-generated air currents. The village square grew into view, but Vaughn flapped left off of it towards a side street, at a building with green roofing and a blue hanging sign with the emblem of a boot. Vaughn landed on the roof before taking one brief final lift off, before putting himself in a position to turn back to human and safely land. Gravity wasn't exactly weakened in the rules of this virtuality, after all. The Cobbler, in the form of an older, kindly looking man, was puttering about something as Vaughn entered his shop. "Welcome. What-" His opening spiel cut off as he recognized: "Vaughn. I don't suppose you came here for shoes?" "No." Vaughn said, coming up to the counter. "I need to ask what you know about Sigmund Kwon."
  9. The Morgue Vaughn sighed and explained to Church: "It would appear there's Savants at work." He was going to trust that someone directly working for the bigwigs like Church would have the sense not to question the existence of them like most whom considered it all rumors and urban legends. Vaughn wasn't going to tell anyone flat out he was one. And the race between Detective OK and Vaughn was underway, but Vaughn was sure with the benefit of Agent Smiley and his own mesh expertise, he would get the prize in first.
  10. RHO, LUNA THE WRECK AT THE LAKE INSIDE THE DOME Vaughn sat back in his home environment, contented with a job well done. Getting the core was an unexpected bonus. But be it 20th century flicks or real life in the current day, one thing remained true about police higher-ups. They were always sensitive to the big interests, be it the mayor or a Coalition House. "Well," he comforted Ryan, "I doubt they'd be any friendly to a private contractor like myself if they knew I was here." It was a bit uncalled for though, the disdain and hostility. Kurosagi and Anselmo were members of a House, after all. If you were a Coalition citizen, you belonged to one of the Houses. Sure, the Protectorate, the military, the government all pledged a higher loyalty to the Coalition as a whole, but the line between the Coalition and the six Houses was rather indistinct in reality. Of course much of the Coalition's success was based on convincing the public it was otherwise. And its own people too.
  11. RHO, LUNA THE WRECK AT THE LAKE INSIDE THE DOME Yet another twist in this. Someone first going to lengths to make Kwon appear a Kimura citizen, then someone now letting her have access to information proving he wasn't - rather thwarting their ability to gain access to the core, if not the case. It looked like he was going to have to pull strings and fast track the writ so they would have something to bring back to the Shogun.
  12. RHO, LUNA THE WRECK AT THE LAKE INSIDE THE DOME Mimir's restrictions prevented the human mind from losing its defects, even when digitized, but still, Vaughn was freed from the grip of hormones a bit. Sure, in VR you could still have hot sex and the fun, but some things didn't translate over between meat-space to Extranet, thankfully. Besides, this was not just a pretty face (and succubus body). She apparently knew about Kwon. Odds of getting the core back went down drastically. And the case would be more difficult for sure - hello hello, what's this? Smiley delivered him with a slight bow, a manila envelope, which Vaughn opened up with a flourish. Ryan received more private AR communications from Vaughn. "Do remind her that by the same token, she can't open it without a warrant - and I doubt a judge will authorize one considering this." It was a page showing the public launch date of the grav train - which certainly wasn't today, or tomorrow. It was well down the week. "This was an unannounced test run. The first car clearly was intended to be incinerated along with the rest." And Kwon as well, leaving only the indicators that he was still part of House Kimura. Most interesting. "She can't demonstrate that the case had anything to do with the bombing. I have prepped a writ and can fast track it to a friendly judge for good measure... but let's hope our points can change her view. Post hoc ergo prompter hoc and all that. I'll handle the recovery form and pass it to you for the digital signature." The joys of multi-tasking! But Vaughn knew what laws to reference - being able to handle stuff like listed the contents of the case with the appropriate DECLARED HOUSE SENSITIVE under provisions of Act XYZ245 made going through it easier.
  13. ODAIBA TOWER While Ryan was handling his meat-space prep, Vaughn leaned back in the well-furnished studio apartment that was his home environment. Drawing out a TV remote, he turned on a widescreen 21st century style Samsung LCD, which popped up an image of the late (temporary or permanent) Sigamund Kwon. Like many such things in VR, it was a metaphorical representation of the digital actions Vaughn was taking, as he began digging through the Extranet on the person of interest. Enroute in the car, Ryan found a black-winged image pop up on the telepresence remote. "Did some researching on our man." "Sigamund Kwon, an original upload pre-Fall. Was with Kimura from founding, first wave colonist and resident of Chengden. Worked exclusively for Lotus Cyberworks. Unmarried, no living relatives. Two years ago, he suddenly chose to default and resigned his position as Head Mnemonic Researcher at Lotus. Then he renounced his Kimura citizenship and applied for citizenship with House Tsarya. He left Chengden, registered destination of Proch." "Now here's the really messy part. He's not a Tsarya citizen. For that matter there's no record of him anywhere in the Coalition in those past two years. Until today."
  14. GHIRARDELLI ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SHOP CHICAGO, THE EXTRANET "Thank you." Vaughn chose to make no comment of square pegs vs. round holes in this situation. "I'll be your Extranet support and local expert for today." He added, mimicking the stock line the waiters would use here in Chicago. "Any physical involvement on my part will involve drones. I moved on from in-the-flesh a long time ago."
  15. GHIRARDELLI ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SHOP CHICAGO, THE EXTRANET Well, that provided the explanation for her being here. Vaughn read the reports Smiley provided him. A bombing on the Serro-Rho mag-line? Someone had big ideas. Big violent ones. It sounded rather strange that the lead investigator was an inexperienced one - but presumably the Shogun had her reasons. And if this person knew what they were doing, Vaughn wouldn't be getting this job. "Two questions. One, do you want me to look into the curious status of Kwon? Second," Vaughn considered Shogun Aria carefully, "if the case is in the hands of the Centurions...?" Because in that case, House Kimura could demand their property back right away and probably get it. Unless there was a catch somewhere.
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