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  1. Ryan listened, and nodded. "I have a compatriot who is trying to ascertain the answer to the second question as we speak. As he's not reported in for some time, I cannot really say. I will Share what I learn from him when he reports in however. What I am prepared to say is that my own house has committed significant resources to his recovery, and that is why I'm here." "So all the bodies in the first car were clones? Is there a recording of them boarding the train? The child clone is another anomaly as you said. It shouldn't be possible and by forking that many time there were likely a fair amount of errors. "
  2. Ryan declined, "No thank you, I'm good for now." He took in the extremely well appointed room, and smiled, not that anyone could tell. "You do quite well for yourself to have such a nice place. My own place is much more spartan." he waited for Jordan to return, instead striking up a conversation with her partner. He let Vaughn do his work, trusting that he'd share any info he got once he was done, and because he really couldn't to all that much to help him. "So, how long have you been on the Force, Detective?" It was an innocuous question to start with.
  3. Doing a quick scan to for any other listening or recording devices and finding none, Ryan began his report. "First, understand I'm doing this in the spirit of cooperation, so that you know I'm simply here to do my job and leave, I have no intention of complicating your lives unduely by doing so. That said, after making my own tour of the crime scene, and examining the bodies, there are some irregularities I feel that may have been missed, which lead me to certain theories." He paused for a moment, as if collecting his thoughts, and then forged on. "First, There were two explosions, which is information you'd likely have, had the drones not been destroyed, and had the local node not been disrupted by them. Second, I was allowed to examine the corpses, and noted a small deformity in the back of each of their necks, which I surmise was an implant. Their bodies may have been felled by other activities, but their cores were destroyed internally by this implant. Third, and tying into the previous statement, These were no random thugs, but highly professional hitmen, likely with House connections themselves. Given that their flesh was obviously expendable, It is also likely they were needlecasted into these bodies, which would account for their reduced performance. Finally, The real assassins were thus never here, and are still at large, simply casting their consciousness. As such I highly advise you to put Ms. Manneheim in protective custody, though I'd be somewhat careful with the information I've given you." He added nearly as an afterthought. "Given everything I have observed, there is nothing present to link this to any particular house, though I can keep looking.
  4. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME Ryan had been recording everything, and had already noticed several things the two centurions obviously hadn't. "Of course Detective, I don't mind giving you a hand, though "Church" is just fine for way to address me, I imagine you'd not like me calling you a pet name." he moved into the site proper, and began scanning and recording everything, should Vaughn wish to look at it later. After his survey, he was allowed to look at the corpses of the assassins, and his mechanical eyes narrowed as he shifted through several spectrums. He could see at least part of what was going on here, and he wasn't happy. This was liable to blow up in all their faces if they were not careful. "I see. Well that's only going to complicate things." He made his way back to both detectives. "I have a report, if the two of you have a moment." It was clear from his tone that he wanted to give them that report quietly, Away from others.
  5. RHO, LUNA PHEADALON GARDENS AND SPA INSIDE THE DOME "Vaughn, I'm going to go ahead with them. Until they okay the release of the core as well, and now with the clone situation, We're not going to get any further here." He looked to the Detectives and nodded. "Very well Detective, I will accompany you, but I do expect that should the situation arise, I am allowed to defend myself." He didn't expect it to get to that point, but wanted it spelled out that he had such rights. No need to complicate his actual duties further than they already had been. Doing this, at least, might earn some goodwill. He had followed along, and trailed still. His sleeve's sensor suite capturing and recording everything around him, and he drew near, but not so much to crowd the Detectives. The Woman under the care of the EMTs was another possessed of striking beauty, and he was glad that he wasn't flesh and blood, he'd likely be unable to focus on his mission with her and the Detective around. He quietly passed the woman's information to Vaughn. "May want to run a little check on her, if only because this was big enough to pull them from our case to here, if you have the time."
  6. The morgue Ryan halted his call before it could go through at the commotion, not wanting to proceed without more information. Seeing it, he quickly advised Vaughn of it over their private internal link. "Something's up Vaughn, those two look very nervous. We're going to play this by ear abit longer. Though I am abit concerned that they didn't come to me first. This can't bode well for our mission."
  7. The Morgue Once he was alone, and satisfied it was safe enough to make the call, he called to check in, and advise Tomoe Gozen of the situation and the difficulties they were now facing, with the latest revelations. Had the RO not revealed that to everyone, he knew there was likely a way to get the core, but with the Centurions right there, well things had to be all out in the open now, that was the only way They'd let them leave with the case and Core.
  8. The Morgue What the hell? The situation was getting stranger and stranger, and now this. There was no way he'd be getting that core, not without even more favors burned. "Vaughn, see what Order you'd need to get that core and lets get on it, don't burn any favors, let's see what this is going to take. There's so much here we weren't told, this is getting far more complicated than it should be." "I see. You will of course do what you have to do. In the meantime I will speak with my superiors, with regard to how they wish to proceed from here."
  9. RHO, LUNA THE WRECK AT THE LAKE INSIDE THE DOME Ryan nods, as he takes the case and chuckled inwardly. He'd expected that question. "I am a man of my word. That is why I have the body I have now, nothing more, or less. I don't think of myself as inhuman, just different than I was before." He ignored the disdain in Jordan's voice, and gave the equivalent of a smile. "I'll follow behind then. It will be easier to complete my task if i have my own transport once I take possession of Mr. Kwon's core." There was some truth he admit in her disdain for a dog of another house, but all the same, it was what it was. At least he'd not been cast aside, as an apostate, or worse, his core destroyed that fateful day.
  10. "Great work Vaughn, I'll make sure that they make good on that for you." Ryan answered over their private comms. He was happy though it didn't show, thankfully. Ryan nodded at Jordan's words. "Of course, it's good to handle things quickly and professionally." He was polite to a fault, as he knew the stereotype was for his House in public. He waited for her to finish coralling her subordinates and clearing the site. Confident that his credentials would pass muster, his master wasn't known for half measures or shoddy work. Through it all, he kept an aloof air and not quite totally relaxed posture, such as it was with his towering cybersleeve, waiting to have the case turned over and then the core.
  11. RHO, LUNA THE WRECK AT THE LAKE INSIDE THE DOME Thankful for Vaughn's aid, Ryan shook his head. "I'm afraid that is something i cannot do, Nor can you, without a warrant, Detective. I have it on good authority that this wasn't a normal test run, or at least it wasn't one that was announced and planned beforehand." He gave her the barest of moments and then plunged on. As he'd not surveyed the site, he couldn't reveal the potential targeting of the first car, but kept on with the rest. No sooner had Vaughn requested his digital signature than Ryan gave it, and continued speaking. "I believe that the case being House-locked is enough. As the duly appointed member of said house in charge of recovering both the case and core, I should think that's enough for you to turn them over to me.
  12. "Great, so we've got a dead Ghost, and we're here to recover his core and the case he was carrying, Us showing up like this is just going to arouse all manner of suspicion. Do you have any good news for me Vaughn? Any chance you've got a workup of a writ that allows me to take custody of the case and core?" He said before exiting the vehicle, hoping that armed with such, this could be done quickly and cleanly. Beholding the woman who spoke to him from the other side of the Barricade, a Centurion, no less, made him long for a flesh and blood body momentarily, before the flash of desire passed, and he gave her a curt nod, drawing near so that when he spoke, only they would hear. "I understand that perfectly well, but I am here on official business, as a representative of Harekaze Security. My name is Ryan Church, and I have come to recover a case, carried by Sigamund Kwon, along with his memory core."
  13. GHIRARDELLI ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SHOP CHICAGO, THE EXTRANET Odaiba tower Given his extra instructions, credentials and gear, Ryan moved swiftly, dressing and taking up his gear, preparing quickly. He didn't think carrying the rifle would be a good idea, so it was his plan to leave it in the car for now. Taking up the remote he finished getting kit out and head for the car. "Let's get going, with any luck we get in get out, and this doesn't turn into some huge incident for us." It already was a big deal, but they had to move fast. He knew if he was on the other side, he'd be suspicious of anyone claiming what he would be, and that the credentials would have to hold up. That meant serious rep to make this all happen so fast, and pass inspection. He was somewhat familiar with Harekaze, and was more concerned with the Samurai's attitude, there was far more going on here that they weren't being told, but to him, a job was a job.
  14. GHIRARDELLI ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SHOP CHICAGO, THE EXTRANET VR was something Ryan had a passing knowledge regarding, thanks to the life he once lived, and he looked over at Vaughn's Avatar. "It's nice to meet you Vaughn, I trust we'll work well together. The Shogun is an excellent judge of talent and ability." He had worked with others before and knew well that the Shogun didn't hire those who were incompetent.
  15. RHO, LUNA INSIDE THE DOME ODAIBA TOWER "So, to make sure I'm tracking right, I'm to go down to the site of a terrorist attack, recover the mnemonic core and case of a man who is a member of our house, from under the noses of the Rho Centurions, without drawing attention to myself, or doing anything illegal. Forgive my impertinence Shougun, but this Cybersleeve, doesn't do subtle all that well in my experience. If they've already got the case and core, what then? Is there some way I can be officially recognized as the duly appointed representative to reclaim our citizen and property from the Centurions?" That approach would make the most sense, and would be easiest route in his mind, not involving any falshehoods.
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