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  1. Might as well brush off this account... I'll have to tweak the pic for her a bit...
  2. Being that there has been nothing on this, I am going to free this character up for other prospects.
  3. That point of no return being where our characters move into the actual meat of the setting away from our former corporate minders?
  4. A thought that crossed my mind... what if no matter wherever she went she would run into common tropes in that country too... US: She has to dodge a bald older gentleman trying to recruit her to his school for "gifted youngsters", a angry looking African American with an eye patch trying to recruit her for the "Avengers Initiative", and a rather bookish librarian trying to recruit her to fight things coming out of a "Hellmouth"... ,, UK: Constantly hounded by either a crazy man who seems to live out of a old police call box wanting her to come with him, or some rather dashing american chap in a blue military coat who has taken an uncomfortably close interest in her. ,, You can run with this sooooo hard. The one girl that everyone won't leave alone...
  5. The three fan splats are in the downloads section of the site. There's some good and some bad.
  6. I'm working on Mina's background now that I've scribbled over her numbers to a PM (like suggested). I should be done today before I go swimming (I hope). ,, Addendum: You'll have a full character Tuesday.
  7. Ooh cool! Nice seeing you, Rubio! Looking forward to it if you can join!
  8. Starting to realize the name Naomi is cursed...

  9. Okay the hard numbers are archived. Just gotta post her background tomorrow sometime.
  10. I don't send incomplete characters. Anyways starting to get very frustrated as now my free non-gaming time is being taking up with this.
  11. That's cool. I'm just about finished on my end of things too. Everything's coming together.
  12. Just lost my data on the build, gonna have to rebuild from scratch.
  13. Well at least I'm not staring at Hero Lab stalled out...
  14. Alright... I don't think my initial background idea (posted above here) runs counter to your wishes. I'm nothing big, but she is a soldier. I only say soldier as she was trained/equipped to be in combat situations. She loves her job because one, Lloyd's fostered in her a sense of gratitude, they practically raised her so she will spout the company line easily. Not to say she can be swayed, she still is a human brain in a mechanical body. Second her life as a pilot and sometimes ground-pounding PMC is something she knows and loves. It's all she knows and to her world view it is all she knows. She doesn't mind that as really she's had nothing to compare her "life" to others. That makes any reality check for her a major shaking (even shattering) of her paradigm.
  15. So if you're wondering (and I'm sure some people are)... Mina got signed off to Lloyds at 2 years old to get the procedure done to put her in a prosthetic body. Her parents couldn't afford it on their own (as children are a far more complex procedure as most people get the procedure done as an adult). She's spent most her 22 years of life being trained in Lloyd's Military and Security concepts division. She showed aptitude as a pilot, and was hot-shotted into that program. She's seen some combat, spent some time running for her life on the ground, all sorts of scary stuff. But out of it all she has a mid-level job, and has actually at times flown directors for her division through some pretty scary parts of the world. She can fight, preferring to use her retractable claws, although she is also a good shot as well. Preferring to use a custom pistol designed to take down heavily armored cyborgs or androids. ,, She's not really a grunt, but not anywhere near Maverick yet. She just loves being behind the stick, and Lloyds knows this, using the opportunity to fly test aircraft or to simply get behind the best aircraft in the sky to keep her loyal. That and Lloyd's is the only family she's ever known and doesn't know any other life. Heck, she doesn't even know what life is like away from the various HQ barracks for the military/security cyborgs under Lloyd's employ. A dyed in the graphene military-bred girl.
  16. My character? She has a conscience... but it will be pushed aside for convenience... perhaps more than I normally do with a character. ,, Almost want to say she is more logical than anything... but she's a human brain in a robotic body... that's not really the case. In fact she's not that smart... average, really. ,, What she is... is someone that thinks force is a better answer at times. She might need to be talked down from that stance on occasion. I think I got a bit of an archetype in my head for her personality.
  17. BTW, I think this fits what I'm aiming for better... that previous pic is her in more... dressy type clothes. This is her being a operator operating operationally. ,,
  18. ,, Ah. Okay. Anyways I'll start building and see what comes out.
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