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  1. Rollo looked at the girl in the closet, looked at the kitten, and smiled despite the weirdness of the situation. He decided to take his cue from Alex, and sat next to him on the floor. When in Rome...and you're hip-deep in the Rome at this point, so go with it. ,, In a quiet voice he whispered, "Aww, so damn cute." He extended his hand toward the kitten, then paused. "Morri, may I pet the kitten? I won't hurt him or wake him up. Okay?" He waited until she gave a terse, cautious nod, then reached out and gently petted the sleeping puff-ball. The kitten stretched out and let out a high-pitched *ny'gak* that was halfway between a meow and a yawn, then curled back in on itself, it's little purr-motor chirping along. ,, Rollo looked up at Morri while petting the sleepy kitty, and said, "Hi, Morri? My name's Rollo, and they told me that this was going to be my room. Now if you need to hide the kittens in here? That's cool by me." ,, "When I was younger, the family who adopted me, before they adopted me, had found this little orange kitten in one of their sheds. He was kinda scruffy-looking, and at the time he didn't trust anyone. Well, I tended to be good with animals, so they asked me to get him out of the shed. I got lucky, he was asleep and didn't know what was going on until I had him in my arms. They decided to keep him, but they made sure he was okay first, and got him to a vet--an animal doctor--and made sure they knew what to feed him and how to take care of him. He didn't take too well to being indoors first, and he was scared of people so he'd run and hide from them, but I managed to coax him out and get him used to me, and then everyone else. Once he realized that indoors wasn't as scary as outdoors, and that there was food and water available pretty much when he wanted it? He got into the swing of things and became a housecat. A real friendly one, The orange ones are good at that, I read...somewhere." ,, "Anyway, a couple years later, when my parents passed on, this family adopted me, and there was this big orange cat to greet me. We used to call him Dash, because he was constantly running around the trailer for no good reason. By the time I moved in we'd changed his name to Oafy, because he'd gotten big, and super-friendly, and kinda clumsy. We fed him like he was part of the family. He'd sit on his own little stool by the table, and during dinnertime he'd sit there, never put his paws on the table, he'd just eat off the plate. When he was done, he'd chirp, jump down, and go use the litterbox. And he'd still run around the trailer, but if you'd just come home, or you were someone he hadn't met before, he'd stop, meow at you, and jump into your lap and curl up. And he'd just chill there for awhile purring away like this little guy here. He's still alive, and I'll bet I get to have him occupy my lap over break." ,, "Anyway, one of the things we learned about cats is that, while they like milk?" And here he pointed at the glass."Sometimes the milk doesn't sit right with them, and it kinda upsets their stomachs. And then they have to poop real bad. But they still like the taste of it, even though it's not so good for them. So if you're going to be a cat mom, you kinda have to watch what they eat, because they can't figure this stuff out for themselves. Also, you're gonna need a litterbox, and you should have a cat doctor look after them. Just saying, okay?" ,, He hoped he wasn't talking over her head or down to her. But hey, he was doing his best, and that had to count for something, right? He gave Alex a look that said, Am I handling this right, bro? Jump in aaaaaaaanytime you want.
  2. Okay. Stay away from the meatloaf when the science geeks are doing research. Got it. ,, Rollo nodded and waved at the passing dormers. He deliberately cultivated an aura of nonchalance about the scales, fur, and hoverboarding; he'd done his best to prepare himself for anything by deliberately not getting any preconceived notions about what he'd see at the Academy. As far as Rollo could tell, these were just kids being kids. Besides, Rollo was happy to hear that KC the Sunshine Boy could play guitar; this dude had Lead Singer written all over him, and having a charismatic front guy was so essential for a band to make it anywhere. Rollo could sing, but even he had to admit it was more enthusiasm that carried him than talent. ,, Rollo picked a bed and dumped his crap on it, shaking his arms to get the pins-and-needles feeling out of them. It would've been nice if he'd gotten mutant-muscles along with his other genetic surprises, but he knew he had no right to bitch too loud. "Okay, so, who's Morri? Is she like the dorm monitor or something? Or just one of those people who you don't cross?" ,, (OOC: Are there bathrooms in the dorm rooms? Are they big enough to contain showers?)
  3. The VW bus rolled to a stop in front of the gates of the Lawrence Hunt Academy. It had a 'coat of many colors' from primer, paint, and repainted areas, but it ran well and didn't belch too much noxious exhaust. When it had stopped completely, five people poured out of the van. Two older people came from the front of the van, a man and a woman. They were older, and dressed in sneakers, flannel, and well-worn blue jeans. They looked like a couple who had met at a Grateful Dead concert, and had followed the Dead ever since, Jerry's death and the band's break-up be damned. ,, Next was a twentysomething blond/green haired girl in a tie-dyed haltertop, a long skirt, and sandals. Close behind her was a young man with long brown hair tied back in a ponytail, sporting a beard, a leather jacket, old jeans and motorcycle boots. Last came another young man,jean jacket festooned with pins,a mop of long, curly dirty-blond hair. He had sideburns that wouldn't have been out of place in the 70's, and a two-finger wide strip of facial hair running from under his bottom lip to under his chin. Any outside observer would be hard-pressed to say why it was this last young man who was so riveting, but there was certainly an aura about him, an aura that made him seem comfortable, like the sight of a long-lost friend. ,, They unpacked the van, removing a guitar case, what was apparently a keyboard case with "CASIO" emblazoned on the side, and a large wheeled suitcase, complete with leash. The family all hugged their goodbyes, and promised they would stay in touch. Then the first four got into the van, which honked a farewell and drove off. ,, The last young man, Rollo Strange, stood watching the van disappear. Already he had some regrets about leaving the Forthrights. His adopted family had loved him and treated him better than his biological parents ever had, The older girl, Aurora, had been the one who'd helped him sit down and focus on his high school lessons, proving to himself that he could be smart if he wanted to be. And Stone,was his brother, and they'd looked out for each other all throughout school, getting into all sorts of shit that they'd luckily never been caught for. The only member of the family who hadn't shown up, Jasmine, had run away last summer with a guy who obviously loved her, but was just as obviously a little off-kilter and not too shiny. They hadn't heard from her in over a month, and Rollo was kinda bummed and more than a little worried. He and Jasmine had a special kind of connection, once upon a time, but then jasmine had mysteriously got fed up with everybody, and wanted out in the worst way. Which, thinking about it, was pretty much exactly how she'd left. ,, And now it was Rollo's turn to leave. He'd gotten around to taking a long-overdue test to see if his genes were funky, and it had turned out they were. The silver lining had been the fact that the copy that was supposed to have gone to the authorities had instead gone to the Forthrights. At least they'd been given time to come up with a plan, which was better than some families had, and that had led Rollo here. ,, And here was...beautiful. The building looked like an academy, but not in such a way that it resembled a prison with a friendly facade. It was welcoming. The sun was still up, it was neither too hot nor too cold, and the nearby flowering plants added a pleasant perfume to the air. Much, much nicer than the trailer park he'd grown up in, and all because of a few flies in his DNA soup. Ain't life a bitch like that? ,, He put in his earbuds, dialed up Blue Swede's "Hooked on a Feeling", and strolled at a leisurely pace through the gate and towards the director's office. Some last-minute paperwork snags to untie, and then he'd dump his shit somewhere and go out and get some food. Meet his fellow inmates, hang around his own kind. Maybe among his fellow mutants, he could finally lose that sense of being the oddball, and have a home to call his.
  4. Name: Rollo Strange Mutant name: Strange Charm Ht: 5' 8" Wt: 115 lbs. Race: Caucasian National Origin: Sullen Hollow, CA, USA Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Handedness: Right DOB: 15-Oct-1997 Blood Type: O Allergies: None Contacts: Lyle and Jessica Forthright, Adoptive Parents Short description: Long wavy hair, with pronounced sideburns and a petit goatee. Favors tie-dyed shirts and black jeans, with black work-boots. Has a jean jacket (worn) with numerous "colorful" buttons. Has a few psychedelic tattoos in a similar style of Robert Crumb. Mutations: Rollo has been confirmed, after a series of tests at the Hunt Academy, to have a genuine metaphysical mutation: extreme luck. No one is quite sure how it works, or how long Rollo's mutation has been active. Backstory: Rollo was in a bad situation growing up: His parents addicted themselves to stronger and stronger drugs, becoming less and less attentive and more self-destructive over time. Rollo was over at a friend's house the night his parents blew up their trailer. Luckily, the friends he had stayed at were able to adopt him. Soon, luck favored them with a winning lottery ticket. By all accounts, they have a strong relationship. Rollo found out by accident that he was a mutant; somehow the results were mailed to his family instead of the authorities. Thinking quickly, his adoptive parents reached out to the Hunt Academy, who agreed to take him in. Rollo hopes to develop himself as an artist and entertainer. Character stuff Concept: World's Luckiest Slacker Nature: Jester Allegiance: Friends Strength: 2 Dexterity: 2 Athletics 2, Drive 1, Legerdemain 2, Stealth 2 Stamina: 5 (Healthy) Endurance 3, Resistance 3 Perception: 3 Awareness 2 Intelligence: 2 Academics 1, Computers 1, Intrusion 1, Science 1, Survival 2 Wits: 3 Arts 2, Rapport 2 Charisma: 6 (Genial) Perform 3 Manipulation: 2 Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 3 (4 BP) Appearance: 5 (Magnetic) Powers: Luck 5 (Area, Selective), Mega-Charisma 1 (Soothe) Backgrounds: Allies 5 (2 BP), Cipher 2, Contacts 2 (2 BP) Genome 2, Resources 3 (3 BP) Focus 1 , Genome Points 22, Taint , Willpower: 5 (4 BP) Initiative: 5, Walk/Run/Sprint: 7m/14m/26m , Soak: 5B/ 2L PowerPoints: 25 on Luck (Area, Selective), 3 on Mega-Charisma (Soothe), 2 on 6 Attributes
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