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  1. Datura bellowed her fury at the metal-shelled monster before and the other Saiyan. In her current mind, there was no questions or doubts about this other one; he was the same as her now. Her tail rose as she charged their challenger. Her first attack was a pounding leap that threw her feet into the invader’s chest. The metal groaned as her feet found a grip on its hips; lifting her hands over her head, she smashed it down onto its shoulders. It shoved her off but she just rolled backwards and landed in the snow. With another roar, she tackled the giant, trying to shove it off its feet. She didn’t manage that but she did hit it with a resounding thud.
  2. Datura was still very aware of herself but there was now another perspective on everything. The instincts of the Oozaru tinged everything with an animalistic veneer, though she was still very sentient. She heard Genchiro bellow his challenge to the night and she went still, listening for reactions to the cry. Something large darted through the underbrush behind and to their left, and she bolted after it. Running on all fours, she ate up ground in this form. Their prey was a moose and Datura rumbled in eagerness as she sprinted after it. Genchiro wasn’t behind her anymore and she grinned as she knew he was getting ahead of them. The moose sprinted out into an opening and Gen leapt out of the trees, slamming a hand down on it. The doomed herbivore was flattened and the male great ape snatched up the body and ate it in two bites. Datura roared at him and pounded the snow, making the male look sheepish. His manner made it clear; the next one was hers. He turned and scented the night while Datura sat down and waited. He’d eaten the prey she’d flushed; he could find the next one. When he snorted and dashed off, she shot after him, following him through the woods. He ran along the bluff face until they could safely jump down, then tore off across the valley floor. She followed as he shoved through a stand of trees and stopped, looking at her meaningfully. He’d found the herd of mammoths but she had to kill the one she wanted. With a grunt of eagerness, she walked past him, swatting his shoulder lightly with her tail. He sat down and waited as she stalked the herd, who had circled around their young protectively. When she tested them with a mock-charge, they held firm despite their fear. With a bellow, she hopped up into the air and landed among them. That broke their resolve and they scattered in fear. Datura zeroed in on one of them and chased it down, the animal being no match for Saiyan prowess, great ape or not. She grabbed it’s tusks and broke its neck, tearing into the hot flesh eagerly. Genchiro had moved when she’d scattered the herd, picking out one for himself. When Datura glanced up in the middle of her feast, she saw him taking his down and killing it. Grunting happily, she ate with gusto, cleaning it down to the bones. Genchiro finished not long after and together they tracked the herd through the snow. The mammoths didn’t try to huddle up this time, and each of the Saiyans took down another of the beasts before they ran away. This time, both of them were sated, and they turned their attention to finding the enemy.
  3. With the tool understanding what her purpose tonight was, Datura turned away from the robot. Falling into step with Genchiro – but not too close – she headed out into the darkness. She didn’t care if they saw her transform; let them know what being a true Saiyan meant. Her thoughts made her laugh a little – she was counting Genchiro as a true Saiyan because of his ability to transform. “What?” he asked her. “Nothing,” she replied, eyeing what sky she could see beyond the trees. “Just random thoughts.” They trudged along in silence, following the bluff until they were well away from camp. The eastern horizon was spread before them, the moon already a hint of light on the edge of earth. Datura could feel the power deep inside begin to awaken, testing the bonds of her weaker body. Soon, she promised. “You need to go, toaster.” Datura pointedly turned her back on Genchiro, to give him a bit of privacy. She realized that he’d talked about having the robot do this out of modesty yet didn’t seem troubled she was here. She wondered about that but decided not to ask. She wasn’t sure what she’d do with certain answers. “The moon is coming and soon it won’t be safe here.” The robot ignored her, taking Genchiro’s clothing and leaving. With her back to the man, she listened to him shiver in the cold. Just when she was sure he was going to collapse on her, the moon peaked over the distant trees, and she felt her eyes go silver.
  4. Even as her ears turned red at the priestess’s titters, the female Saiyan turned to the non-living member of their party. “You will not be accompanying us, robot. Nor will you be ‘following along’.” Datura snapped the words at Tetsuko, all attempts at nicety failing her in a rush. She shoved her fist in the air and started to tick off her points. “First, we are Saiyans and we can handle ourselves if something goes wrong. Second, you are coming so that Genchiro’s clothing is not frozen and cold when he done, nothing more. Third, you will learn nothing of how we gather intelligence because it is beyond you. You are literally incapable of learning anything from Saiyan methods.” The sad thing was, Datura was merely annoyed, not even really angry. That didn’t stop her from scowling at the android. “Were you on my planet, you’d be cinders right now for just suggesting that we need your assistance to do simple recon.” The urge to destroy the nuisance was there for Datura, but unlike the male members of her species she’d met back home, she was capable of withholding annihilation just because she was irritated. “Oh and number four – you’re not calling the shots here.” Datura fanned her open hand at the synthetic being before dropping her arm and growling, “I said while the moon is up, not while darkness has fallen. If you can’t comprehend or follow simple orders, we’ll get Squanto to come instead. He’s at least capable of as doing what is needed instead of hearing what he wants rather than reality. “Now, do you understand, microwave?”
  5. Her tail bristled sharply but Datura forced herself to calm. “Yes,” she said, heading through the snow to stand at the cliff edge with him. When they were alone, he said, "It's not the easiest thing to ask so directly, Datura, but we're faced with another night, and a full moon, reflected off the snow, and everything else. Do you maintain your composure in Oozaru form?" "Yes, of course," she said haughtily, drawing her coat tighter around her. The Saiyan paused a moment and the hint of uncertainty reminded Gen that she was still young. "What about you?" The Earthborn Saiyan relaxed slightly. "Yes, I'm rational. I just wanted to make sure of it. Perhaps we can try to do some recon tonight. Our fur might be enough insulation from the cold. We certainly cannot hide from the moonlight." “Yes, we should try to find our enemies.” Her times in the great ape form on Earth had been limited by their rules. As her hosts, they’d asked her to keep it under control in a limited area. The thought that she could go hunting tonight sent a shiver of excitement through her. Even more interesting was that Genchiro could control the form, and that he had it at all. “I wasn’t expecting you to have the ability to assume the Oozaru shape, Genchiro.” That is the first time I’ve used his name. The young Saiyan nodded. "Those with less than half Saiyan blood cannot. Though I am not purely Saiyan, my mother is, so I was born with a tail and the ability to transform. I think she was really really nervous when I transformed, I still hear stories about that..." The use of his name didn't escape his notice. "Perhaps, when we finish our task, you'd like to meet my mother and sister? They're the only other Saiyans I know that aren't extremely diluted through interbreeding with the local population." “Perhaps.” The longing in her voice irritated her. She longed to be back among her own people, where their words made sense and she felt not-alone. Still, she was no weakling, to weep and moan because she felt lonely. “Do you need to disrobe to shift?” she asked, attempting to keep her tone brisk. She was relieved that she managed little more than the faintest of blushes at her words. "Sadly yes. I didn't expect this to take as long as it has, and these clothes do Not expand as the traditional armor does." He looked at her with a faint blush, "another reason i wanted to ask away from others, I can deal with another saiyan seeing me, but I guess there's still some modesty in me coming from growing up among humans. Besides i don't think the priestess would approve." He shrugged. "I'll get Tetsuko to hold onto my clothes. Not like an Android's got anything of interest there." Datura nodded sharply. “We should still tell them where we will be tonight, before they worry and come looking for us. And to gather the toaster to help you.” Gen smiled, and she wasn’t sure if he was happy she agreed or just relieved that everything was working out so well. Perhaps he wants to go hunting as much as you. She didn’t know about that: he didn’t seem very Saiyan at the best of times. Perhaps when the Oozaru form held them both tonight he’d seem more normal. They walked back to the camp and Datura said, “Genchiro and I will do recon tonight for as long as the moon is high. He will need someone to follow us a short distance and take his clothing for him. Tetsuko, he thought you would be willing to help him.” She wondered if he’d get upset at her speaking for him. At least I am requesting her help instead of demanding it. She glanced up at the sinking sun, gauging how long they had left. Soon. Soon you’ll be free to hunt as a Saiyan.
  6. “Lord Dende said that they granted powers,” Datura said, looking around at the frozen wasteland with new eyes. “This control of the cold could be one ball’s power, while denying us the ability to move could be another.” She came to a quick decision. “The convection oven is right. Let’s move.” Without watching for the others, Datura started to follow the direction the fighters had gone.
  7. The toaster was half-speaking gibberish again. Datura caught part of the gist of what it was saying. After wrapping a bandage around her scorched and bleeding side, she walked over to the mech. The Saiyan tilted her head one way and another, her black eyes considering. Her tail twitched thoughtfully behind her. She seized a piece of metal on the mech and pulled it off the machine with a swell of muscles. Silently and grimly, she began to liberate the pilot – ready to deliver him into her allies’ none-too-gentle arms.
  8. Datura laughed, her manically laughter ringing out across the battlefield. Her face was flushed with more than cold as she spun through the air, arching over the stream of bullets from the chain gun. Her aerial ballet broke down when the missile slammed into her back. She was knocked into a snowdrift, and she stood up with murder in her eyes. “You should have run when you had the chance, humans!” She exploded out of her mangled heap of snow, bursting forward to pummel the mech who had fired the missile at her. The sooner she took it out, the sooner she could take out the next one.
  9. The pain was welcome. After not getting so much as a scratch in her last fight, the wounds were nothing more than the sign that she was finally in a real battle. She preferred fists over guns but these would do in a pinch. Behind her, the robot called for a retreat and Datura’s lip curled. “You run! This battle is far from over, toaster oven!” Cupping her hands before her, she gathered her chi before her and kindled it into a sphere. “Decimation Sphere!” she howled as she unleashed her gathered power.
  10. “Yes!” Datura roared as the enemy finally showed itself. She picked out the first one, latching her eyes on the massive mech. With a howl of pleasure and fury, she threw herself at the metal opponent! In her mind, she prepared a solid punch followed by two elbow strikes.
  11. The full moon: just the thought made her tail shiver with anticipation. She’d stayed inside during the other full moons here, at the request of her hosts. They had very reasonably pointed out that she shouldn’t run around as a giant ape on her new planet. The remarks of the others pulled her out of her musings. “If you seek to improve, you might wish to get rid of the cats.” Despite her hard words, Datura’s expression was neutral. Her voice was sincere as she said, “They are lovely but their care draws away energy and focus that could only help your training.” The other warrior glowered at her but Datura merely continued. “What is a War Witch? I saw some control of weather-like abilities in the arena. You seemed to rely on them rather than on your base power. So long as you kept away from your opponent or he wasn’t trying, you were fine. It was when you assumed, wrongly, that you knew his strengths and allowed him to put you in a disadvantageous position.”
  12. “Lord Dende isn’t God.” Datura’s voice came out of the freezing dark a moment before she did, as she squatted by the fire to put her stack of logs close to the fire. She looked up at Karmahl, her voice free - for once - of scorn or irritation. “He is a Guardian, and very powerful, but not all-powerful.” “He’s also not been Guardian for that long.” Gen spared her a smile of thanks that sent a shiver of irritation down her spine. Between that male and her team members failing to think, she was getting really annoyed with everyone. One thing she had learned was how to mask all of her anger with them, at least long enough to get work done. Failure to do so was why she’d had to leave home and she wasn’t making that mistake again. “As for our ‘competition’, I hope they are fools.” Datura scowled into the golden flames, twins of their dancing light reflecting in her eyes. “The stakes are too high to hope they are anything else.” She looked out of the cave door into the night. “I worry about those holding the Dragonball now.” Catching herself talking about magical balls in all seriousness, she snorted sharply. Look at me, all on board with this quest. “As for how to handle it, we need to assume that our enemies have the means to control our powers.” Datura resisted the urge to shudder at the thought. “Hopefully, our movement powers are the limit of what they can control. If not, we’ll have to devise a way to get around that.” She held up a curled fist. “Perhaps we’ll have to be more direct this time, rely on our fists instead of our abilities.”
  13. Datura pulled the coat Dende had given her tighter around her shoulders. It was a futile gesture; the immediate bite of the cold wasn’t stopped by the thick garment. The male was right; they clearly wouldn’t survive the night without protection from the chill. Her tail twitching under her coat, the Saiyan gathered her footing before leaping high into the air. It wasn’t flight, not anything close to fight, but it gave her some perspective. She landed in a drift and sank up to her thighs. “Fuck!” she hissed, pulling herself out and slapping at the frozen particles clinging to her leggings. That was a human curse word but one of her favorites anyway. She liked the hard sound of the word, and the sharp way it exploded off her lips. Her pants dusted off, she glanced up and stopped. A cave, hidden from their previous position by some pine trees, stretched into the rock face before her. “Guys!” She smiled smugly as she glanced back at them. “I have found us a cave.”
  14. Gen considered a moment before nodding. “I have at least one more jump in me,” he told the group. A large chunk of his shirt lay nearby and the Saiyan scooped it up. Turning slightly, he pressed the shirt to the worst of his cuts. Datura watched him, her tail twitching slightly, until she realized that her eyes were tracing the flex and shift of his shoulders. Her tail bristled as she jerked her attention away from him. She couldn’t stop the flush that crept over her cheekbones and her fur stood up even further. Her voice was a heated growl. “Are we leaving or not?” “Yeah, I just wanna stop this bleeding.” Genichiro tied it to his satisfaction and turned back to them. “Everyone, you know how this goes by now.” Datura wrapped her hand around the priestess’s arm and waited for everyone to connect. Once they had, Gen waited only seconds to shift them all back to the Guardian’s palace in the sky. She released the human woman quickly. “We have the sphere,” she announced to Dende. “With this safe, we can look for the next, yes?”
  15. “Yes, all we want is the Dragonball.” Still terse, Datura shot a glance at the small woman. Part of her, the part that had been built to fight and win, wanted to test herself against this foe. Unlike others of her race, she could focus on her set goals and follow them. There was another aspect to her, one that few ever saw and that she almost never acknowledged. She wondered what this woman was doing that was so important that she’d give up a shot at gaining wishes. It seemed too easy. It felt too easy, and Datura glared around at the darkness, her skin crawling. “We’ll take the ball and then call off our allies,” she said, expecting - knowing - it was a trap. It had to be.
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