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  1. Dave, is there something you need from Team 4-★ before you post again? Just let us know what we need to do to.
  2. The towel was welcome and Tintaya applied it to her hair eagerly. She drew some more eyes as she craned her head to squeeze the hair dry, baring her neck and accidently flashing her bra strap. The food was less welcome; Taya wasn’t fond of the American habit of smearing mayonnaise of perfectly good meat. Still, a kid down on her luck would devour the food regardless of what it was, so she wolfed it down. The chips she ate more slowly. ,, Tintaya blinked at the sight of their host, mostly because she was dressed in night clothes instead of getting dressed to greet them. She started to trade concerned glances with one of her fellow scions before remember they were all assholes who would only laugh at her worries. ,, “Well… Auntie Harper, I don’t have no where to go.” Tintaya was still carrying herself with that fragile wariness, as if expecting attack at any moment. “My family’s gone. I need a place to stay. People in town said you’d let me. That okay?” The girl was throwing out a bit of attitude, but she made sure it was a clear act: the scared little girl puffing herself up big so that she could appear tough.
  3. “Wow, I didn’t expect to see you back.” John trailed after Taya as she beelined back to the drink table. “I also didn’t expect to hear you dumped a drink over Corbin’s head. Do the Greeks know you’re in here?” ,, Tintaya turned at his tone, narrowing her eyes. John had Emile on his back; this time, the boy was sleep, his dark head rolling on John’s broad shoulders. Her ‘brother’ was angry at her and Taya recalled his warm greeting to the Greek man-child earlier. He liked Corbin, so of course, she had to set him straight on that immediately. “He compared fantasizing about him during sex to Riding a Horse.” ,, “Whoa… what?” John asked, completely taken aback by her statement. “That… that doesn’t sound like him at all.” ,, Tintaya saw red again. “Go ask him yourself if you think I’m a liar!” she exclaimed hotly. She was a liar, but not about important stuff like this. She only lied when seducing men. The drink she’d just claimed almost ended up all over John, but she would have gotten Emile, too, and he didn’t deserve that. ,, “I don’t think you’re a liar. I just don’t think Corbin would have said that!” John protested, taking a step back. ,, “Well, I don’t care what you think.” Taya spun and marched through the crowd. She needed to calm down, and nothing worked better to draw down her mood than alcohol. She drained the soda from her plastic cup, then claimed some of the beer one of the kids was dispensing. The first taste of the brew had her wrinkling her nose at the bitter taste but she finished it all. After she’d refilled her cup, she walked deeper into the party, steering for the first group she saw that was all girls, a blonde woman who looked like an American television star and a cute brunette. “Hello,” she said to them, managing a smile, “I’m Tintaya. May I join you and talk with women instead of stupid men?”
  4. Tintaya leaned over to dig in her bag for a moment, drawing the edge of her dress up a few inches. Three sets of young male eyes slipped to her legs without any conscious thought to look at the bared skin before they found reasons to turn those eyes elsewhere. They were all safely focused somewhere else by the time she straightened up with her shoulder bag in her hand and her hoodie in the other. She’d refused to be parted from the bag, even if it only went into the back. It had to ride under the seat, where she could check on it from time to time. ,, Taya felt for the round lump in the bag that was the Skull. She’d just moved it from the hoodie she’d packed around it to the flannel pants to protect it, but she was paranoid. Satisfied that her precious artifact was still safe, the young woman slung the woven bag over her shoulder. The long bag held a surprising amount of stuff, most of it clothing, with the skull wrapped protectively in a sweater in the center of the mass. The hoodie went on over it for more protection from the rain. ,, When she turned to face them again, a subtle change had come over her. Instead of her vaguely annoyed expression, she appeared more fragile, as if the anger was a brittle mask ready to crack. Suddenly she seemed like a teenager who had been pushed around and hurt until she couldn’t believe that anyone cared anymore. Her large brown eyes were wary and flicked around, uneasy and doe-like, as if seeing danger all around. It generated a sudden desire to help her, to fight whatever was putting that barely-hidden damaged look in her eyes and destroy it. ,, It was a damn good act. ,, Tintaya pulled her hoodie closer around her face as a shield and crossed her arms across her torso. Shivering slightly as the cold started to creep in, she waited in silence for the gate to open.
  5. Tintaya was feeling very left out. It was a normal, pouty teenage emotion, even if she didn’t see it as such. She was angry because everyone else was excited about going on the quest, and all she could think was that she’d rather be back at Six Rivers. Quests were supposed to be a big deal and they interested her about as much as lint. Corbin’s excitement only made her more certain she didn’t want to be here. Of course, she really didn’t want to be at the camp either; she wanted to be home in the mountains. ,, At least she hadn’t had to sit next to Corbin. Jake had seemed too happy to sit next to her, so she’d opted to sit next to Grim, who seemed to share her disdain for the entire affair. There wasn’t really room in the truck for four; when she’d put her arm across the back of the seat it had been far too much like hugging Grim, and her hand had brushed Corbin’s hand when he did the same thing, so that was the end of that. ,, Leaving the herd behind had been rough, too. Her companions were in John’s care; given his hesitation around the alpaca, that promised some hilarity later. But in the moment, she was just fretting over her animals. She resolved to get through this mess and get things settled as soon as possible so they could go back. ,, She considered the building for a moment, listening to Grim. “Two of the ones we are looking for are girls. It would easier for me to make contact with them, unless one of you is good at sneaking into the girl’s rooms. Though,” she added with a glare at Corbin, “perhaps we should keep some of you away from girls. You seem to have a lack of talent in speaking to them. Corbin would probably convince the young woman to upend a bowl of soup over him or something.”
  6. ,, Jake is totally an asshole. He threw Corbin under the bus at the party. He's enough of an asshole that they'd use him in making hot-dogs.
  7. While Dave clearly divided these based on combat profienency, I can't help but feel like my PC is being put on Team Asshole. Rightfully so! But still... Team Asshole.
  8. Tintaya felt her anger start to rise, but she didn’t want to give the expected response—except when working, of course. Then the expected response was often the necessary response to slip close and get the job done. Instead, she forced a lightly teasing tone. “You should be. Everyone knows that alpaca like fruit.” ,, He glanced up at her, his eyes narrowing at her attitude. “What kind of fruit?” ,, “The hembra, the females, will probably let you pet them if you offer sliced apples. And Waskar, the head macho or male, has a weakness for grapes, green grapes.” Taya rose and brushed at her dress as she instructed, “Please don’t overfeed the cria, the ones less than a year old. It might make them sick.” ,, The boy was still watching her with his mismatched eyes, as if assessing her. Taya didn’t give him time to contemplate for too long and added, “Your bird is beautiful. What is his or her name?” ,, There was some more of that staring that might have cowed a girl who didn’t have Taya’s particular background. Finally, he shrugged and said, “His name is Strabo.” ,, Tintaya smiled. “Good name. Goodnight, Boy of Odin. Goodnight, Strabo.” Turning, she started to leave the unpleasant little creature to his bird. ,, To her surprise, he called after her, "Goodnight, girl of Erzulie." Tintaya looked back and flashed him a slightly mocking smile at his choice of address, but didn't attempt to talk to him anymore. From his reputation, getting a civil greeting or parting was probably shocking enough that she should leave it there. ,, The good thing was that she was now calmer. It was time to go back to the party, find John and the others, and see if someone could piss her off again.
  9. Tintaya came out of the dark quietly. She’d finished her food on the walk and stuffed the plate into her cup before dropping them in a trashcan along the way. The young scion hesitated when she found the scene before her: the boy hunched over his book and the looming hawk alertly watching. The bird immediately locked its eyes on her and gave her an evil glare. Tintaya was somewhat impressed by the force of will in that gaze but she had some experience with Companion-animals to Scions, given that Waskar was one. The predatory bearing of a hawk added to the animal’s gravitas in a way that adorable Waskar couldn’t – not that Tintaya would ever tell him that. He had his pride. ,, Still she squared her shoulders and marched up the stairs, ignoring the warning screech from the bird. Sitting down on the steps, she ignored the glare from the bird’s human master, too. “I am Tintaya, scion of Eurzulie. I want to know what your intentions toward my alpaca are.”
  10. Corbin could tell he was getting to her; her expression lost all good will and was replaced with ire before he was more than halfway through his statement. As the last word cleared his mouth, Taya’s drink caught him in the face, splashing sticky, syrupy soda onto the young scion. As Corbin blinked at her and dripped soda, Taya hissed, “Don’t you ever compare the sacred act of communion between god and follower to fantasizing about sex. Am I supposed to be thinking of you, during that act? To close my eyes and think of you as if praying? ,, “I don’t want you. Not anymore. Noble? Please. Strong? Only in your body. Handsome? Who cares, when the inside is ugly? Respected? Not by this girl.” The now-empty plastic cup clattered loudly to the ground as Tintaya spun on her heel and stalked away from the arrogant man. He was full of hubris, and some goddess of love was going to strike him down for it. ,, Even as she was storming away, Alexis hurried over, her expression concerned. “Taya, wha—?” ,, “Don’t. Ask.” Taya didn’t slow down in her march to John, who raised an eyebrow when she walked up, reclaimed her plate and got another cup, and announced, “I’m leaving.” ,, “Wha—?” ,, “Don’t. Ask. I’m going to cool down somewhere by myself.” The young woman made her exit, aware that two burly sons of Ares followed her to the edge of the party to make sure she wasn’t going to cause trouble. She wasn’t interested in that, and they left her alone at the edge of the gathering. The night pressed around her, full of silence and solitude. ,, She was still angry as she found her way to the lake and perched on a rock, her plate in her lap. Taya couldn’t have said why she was so angry, but she was furious. From the moment he’d said “horse”, she’d been fuming, which made no sense. It wasn’t her religion, her faith, to believe in the sanctity of the god riding the worshipper. When Corbin had spoken of it so callously, it had sparked real anger in her. ,, Moodily, she stared at the lake and ate, trying to calm her anger. When she realized she wasn’t going to calm down soon, she decided that it was just as well. Rising, she went to find the Aesir and Odin’s hall. She wanted to have some words with Scarred Boy, and she might as well do it when angry. He hadn’t replied well to honey—perhaps he liked vinegar better.
  11. “Explain to me this hubris.” Taya hadn’t expected it to be easy and she eased forward, her other hand joining the first in tracing tickling paths on his skin through his shirt. ,,“Uh, it’s when a man’s pride causes him to fall. It’s from the Greek hybris, the ancient Greek ὕβρις. It often means that someone is so proud that they’ve lost contact with reality.” Corbin managed, falling back on his studies. Somehow, discussing the dry literary connotations of the word made what she was doing with her fingers worse, more distracting, somehow. “It used to mean assault and battery, when the attacker shamed and humiliated the victim. The base meaning of the word from someone to debasing someone else to make themselves feel superior to overweening pride. Now, in modern times, it’s used to imply that someone has way too high an opinion of themselves. You see the gods strike down people for their arrogance.” ,,“You don’t think you’re too arrogant?” The question was asked innocently enough but Taya’s large eyes were meeting Corbin’s with intensity. “That you know that a relationship will bring hubris? How can you not think that is arrogant when you won’t allow yourself to experience it? You can name men who lives ended in tragedy because they dared to love, but you can name men who prospered from companionship.” Perhaps she needed to study some of the Greek stories for ammunition against Corbin’s strange ideas. Her fingers looped close to his fly, her forefinger grazing the button of his pants firmly. “You proudly deny yourself based on what others have told you, without knowing what it is for yourself, and you don’t think that’s arrogance?”
  12. Taya hid a smile as she glanced up at Corbin. For a boy that thought he carried the wisdom of the world on his shoulders, he didn’t know everything—and he definitely didn’t know Tintaya Allauca. ,, Adopting a concerned expression, she peered after the dim forms of Nadya and Grim, nearly lost to shadows. Why women chased after depressed bags of sadness was beyond Tintaya, but it was something that enough women did that she could use it to her advantage. However, at this second, she wasn’t seeking advantage over Grim, but over the young man next to her. The topic of Grim would keep him engaged for a moment… ,, Finally, she swung her large, dark eyes up to Corbin, turning the full force of that gaze on him. “But he seems so sad and lonely.” ,, Corbin shook his head. “Grim will find his own way, in his own time. Probably with the help of someone like Nadya.” ,, Privately, Taya doubted that. The girl with the wrong hair was taking the erroneous route with the young man, if she wanted to catch him. And there was the fact that Taya didn’t really want to catch Grim, or save him. She just wanted to know about the scars, and if that meant playing at friendship with Grim, she could do that. ,, Now Corbin? Him she wanted to catch, him with his dark hair and eyes and loving shadows. The way he feared her power as a woman appealed to her sadistic side and men as prey was not a new concept for her. “I see,” she said softly, pretending defeat. “I’m glad you talked to me again. I thought you might have been scared off by me. I didn’t mean to insult you by implying we should date.” She let him relax, let him think he’d avoided the trap from earlier, just before she sprung the true trap. A half-step put her close enough to touch and she reached for him, her fingers brushing over the front of his shirt, near his waist. “I was just talking about having sex.”
  13. Tintaya had put Emile down to let the boy get his own food and eat. He’d remained close to her and picked the same food as she had, without hesitation. Of course, all of the food was new to him, and he had no guidance on what to eat, beyond mimicry. Taya focused on picking out things she thought he might like, too. In truth, from what Erzulie had told them, Emile had lived in poverty. The young scion thought he’d probably like anything that filled his belly. ,, The young boy who drifted past in the crowd caught her eye. Taya’s eyebrows rose as she realized it was the Scarred Boy. She had no other name for him; he lurked around the alpaca pen and had tried to make friends—with them, not her. He ran off anytime she approached, which was a little concerning at first. Waskar didn’t believe that the young man meant any harm though and Taya had allowed him to continue his spying. It wouldn’t hurt anything; so long as boy didn’t mean any intentional harm, Waskar wouldn’t pound him into the earth or let him hurt one of the females. ,, Tintaya was very curious about him. The scars on his arms were interesting; they were a story, woven into his very skin. He was clearly unfriendly, as he never smiled or made any attempt to talk to anyone. However, he was here, which meant that he was somewhat social. ,, One of her rules since coming here was to not aggravate anyone. She didn’t know enough about the other gods to know the dangers of dealing with them, and so she’d remained unfailingly polite. She’d minded her own business, stayed out of others’ ways, and had gone out of her way to avoid conflict. ,, Now she wanted to violate that rule. Months of being good and polite had left her with the desire to break her own limitations. Quickly, she moved toward the boy, leaving Emile and her plate with John. Before she got to him, another girl blocked his way and started to talk to him. Taya immediately pretended she hadn’t been chasing after him, continuing past them a few more steps to peer closely at a wooden carving. As she acted like that had been her target all along, she shamelessly eavesdropped on their conversation, emulating interest in the sculpture for several beats after the girl followed the boy into the night. ,, To follow or not? Taya hesitated, caught in indecision…
  14. Corbin’s words took the smile from Tintaya’s face, though once she spoke it became clear her frown wasn’t for her sake. “You should not say such things, though. Your gods are well-known for taking such words as a challenge or a threat. You are a scion of Death, but it may be that Love will force another lesson on you. A thought for you.” Now a smirk crept in to replace her frown. “Another thought: you should not assume my purpose here, Corbin,” she said, her lips losing their lethally seductive twist and adopting a gentler teasing curve. “I never said I was looking for romance. I might yearn for such, but I know that my service to Erzulie does not involve such things, for myself.” Her destiny had never involved such kind emotions as love. His rising flush delighted her. Quick as a snake, she reached out and brushed a finger along his jaw, leaving tingles on his skin as she retracted her hand. “Perhaps we can find less gentle amusements to share. Perhaps not. “But for now, I find that I would be amused to eat - I am quite hungry and that pig smell very good. It was nice to meet you, Corbin.” Tintaya graced him with another perfect smile before turning to John. “Shall we?” “Sure.” He gestured toward the food, then turned to Corbin. His expression said he was sorry for exposing Corbin to Taya as he said, “Catch you later, man.” Once they were away from the other two, John leaned close and muttered, “You’re evil, woman.” “Erzulie did not chose me for my winning smile,” Tintaya remarked, giving John a cool look. Zyra, who had dashed off during their conversation, came back with a kitten. “The camp has cats?” John snorted. “Please. Bast’s temple is cra-, er, Bast’s temple has several cats living there and they always have a kitten. Zyra, where did you get that?” “Fatima has two.” At the mention of the young daughter of Bast and best-friend to Zyra, John nodded. “Don’t worry, I’m not bringing it home. She’s just letting me hold it.” John smiled down at his sister as he gave her a one-armed hug. Tintaya smiled as she watched the siblings interact. Suddenly, she was glad she’d been taken in by Erzulie rather than accepting her father’s offer. There was power in her father’s blood, but there was power here, too, in the love of family.
  15. I need three volunteers for a shearing fiction. Essentially, Tin's alpaca need to be sheared and she will need three other people to help her wrangle them. If I don't get three, I'll fill out a spot or all of them with an NPC (and if it's all NPC, I'll probably just skip it and mention that it was done in another post). ,, My volunteers need to have expressed an IC interest in the alpaca before (either by loitering around the pen excessively or being very curious about them or both) and being wiling to accept alpaca fiber or a meal in exchange for work. OOC, I'm asking that the players be wiling to post at least twice a week to keep things moving. ,, If you're interested, I swear I'll keep the shearing stuff mostly to my own posts, and this will largely be a social fic plus whatever hijinks we might decide to engage in. To put your name in the hat, just reply to this message and indicate you're interested. To be upfront: I've already pegged Mala to join this fic, assuming that she's got her PC together. But the other three are open to those who are interested. If I get more than three, I'll pick and choose based on maximum hijinks.
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