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  1. I'm sorry it's come to this for you, Long. I don't mind being under you in some other game, but I won't be back if and when this starts up again.
  2. I'm here, and wouldn't mind a return to earth at this point. But all I do have to ask, is are you up for continuing? I would like to.
  3. She looked over to the others before looking back at the unknown life forms. "We weren't sent here to fight." Rachael said, keeping her hands up she used a low-voice verbal command to open her helmet. She pulled back the cowl and goggles of her suit. "The tower here was ours and something or someone stole it from our world. We're here to investigate why, and find a way to return it." She kept calm. Turning back to her team. "These are alien extra-dimensional life forms, we should try our best not to engage them with hostility lest we trigger a extra-dimensional war." She whispered. "I want everyone to stay calm." Now there was a look of some concern as she turned back to the aliens. "Can you understand me?"
  4. "Lovely, from one disaster into another." Rachael thought. No sooner as she and the team set foot right where it seemed the tower was, what looked to her like the guard for wherever they were had showed up. She raised her hands up, hoping they understood that she wasn't a hostile. She highly doubted they understood their language, but it was worth a try if they had access to their universe and knew what English was. "We're not hostile. You can lower your weapons. Please." Her tone was flat, not tipping any emotion for now, keeping it logical. She didn't move from her position, making sure any sway of her body wasn't to provoke a negative response.
  5. "Actually this would be something like Gatekeeper's gate, just in stead we are crossing the boundary that separates one universe from another. That and it seems we have to build a physical anchor to said gate... that will be interesting." Rachael straightened out her suit. Knowing full well she was in unknown territory. Her scientific knowledge has yet to figure out how to bridge the gap between universes to allow trans-universal travel. This was novel, and a bit scary as well. "So, would Magus be stuck staying here or would he be able to come along as well?"
  6. "Negative." Rachael said. "If anyone is needed to go over there and take care of the injured it would be me. It's part of my training. Hopefully the Tower if we find it, has all the medical equipment we need still in it. Unless people are already doing triage." "Afterward we'll have to task our expedition with finding the rest of the team. To be honest our primary concern after stabilizing the injured on site should be evacuation." She looked to everyone else. "I hope this won't be a expedition of 1."
  7. Rachael nodded. "Oh and magus, if things get a bit harsher over there on the other side, note I can spend some time in a hostile environment, focus on the others. Then again if everything is peachy over there then the whole question is moot. I'm actually placing my hopes on that." She smiled, seeing Slither's apprehension. "I wouldn't worry... Maybe we'll pop up at some extra-dimensional resort. Stranger things have happened. We've fought a stone and lava army, and we've probably had strange things happen to us when we became superhuman, so... I think we should accept the fact that normal now is a completely unreachable baseline."
  8. Rachael un-crossed her arms. "I was partially right. Whatever sort of magic that was used had to replace what was taken with some sort of material. Hmm... perhaps we should think of how we can speak to whoever is doing this and convince them they need to stop stealing our people and property for starters. There's no guarantee they can speak our language. Remind me after this crisis is over to come up with some sort of universal translator... Oh! Good call on the environment bubble! If whatever is on the other side isn't save for people to be in though, we may have lost our team... well those that require earth-like conditions to survive." "It may be a possibility some of them are already dead. We have to be prepared for that fact." She sighed. "I just hope if the intelligence behind this is indeed not malevolent, they also know the fact we require certain conditions to live..." "So guys... we put Magus' plan in action?"
  9. When Doc stepped through she walked over to Magus, eyebrow quirked. "Okay... you got answers, good. What is it then? Time is getting shorter by the minute from what the spooks told us. And knowing government types such impatience usually means armed troops trying to get into whatever that smoke is... and most likely failing that they'll bomb it into the ground." Crossing her arms expectantly she looked over to Gatekeeper and Slither. "I'm with these two on this. Lay it out."
  10. Being that I've been having trouble, and it's all me, I'm becoming a disruption for everyone. I apologize for my behavior. I'll try to be better about things in the future. I will be continuing on. I just need a couple of days and some sorting.
  11. I think I'm just going to cool off and do some side threads while I wait for the primary thread to move, I think I'm just frustrated when I biff something then gotta wait for a long time to do something right.
  12. To be honest I don't know. Just seems that whenever I gotta do something in this game I fail miserably, or when I set something up in this or other games to work with someone on the side so I got something to do between main postings they flake. I dunno... maybe I'm just frustrated in general and don't have any one issue to look at and it is just me. Thing is after what's just happened I don't know if I can just ride this out and get into my character because it's affected others in this game.
  13. I think my frustrations with this character are projecting elsewhere. After the events of the current thread are satisfactorily resolved I will be making a different character.
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