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  1. Alex and his pilot tangle with each other, pressing for advantages as they circled like hungry vultures. Eventually darting through the city of London itself, flanked by buildings before flying high above the Thames. ,, The pilot of the German craft continued his taunting. With strangely proper english. "You're not like the others. But I will still put you down like the dog you are." ,, The German banked hard left looking to change his currently bad position in the dogfight, but Alex saw his best and probably only opportunity left as he started to see the fuel light blink on his dashboard. When he looked there he saw his moment. He unloaded, and all of his shots went into the wing of the enemy craft, plucking it as Alex shot forward of the enemy craft. He looked back and saw the pilot hop out fast, then a warning alarm sounded as his engine sputtered out. But not before a explosion suddenly rips through his plane behind him. ,, A stray AA shot that was sent towards the German fighter went past and struck his plane dead on. The plane was now a flaming wreck instead of potentially a salvageable one if he glided it home. ,, "Dammit!" ,, He swings his windscreen open, and jumps out, seemingly in moments he was past a flaming meteor and into the night sky. ,, The sound if his opening his chute was a welcome relief as he drifted. Then he realized were. "Not good... either London Bridge or the Thames... I'd prefer the Thames right now with the way these winds are..." ,, He looked down to make sure there weren't any obvious punctures to his life preserver. Luckily his Dad's Aetherfiber firm had also got into making such preservers for the war effort, in particular a auto-inflating model. ,, Alex couldn't steer for anything though, as a gust of wind finally pushed his landing spot to the London Bridge. Or more in particular a overhanging ledge hooked him. Leaving him swinging on a slowly tearing canope, with the water below. ,, "Well... this is new..." ,, He could survive the fall, but he's gonna break something on this fall... unless... ,, He pulls out his survival knife and starts cutting. Making a break-fall for himself with half frayed cords he tied together and looped on a support beam sticking out from the road. He purposely damaged the cords to snap once the rope straightened, but it would absorb most of his falling energy. It turned a fall he won't walk from into one he could. He dangled with what he had left and those lines were snapping slowly. ,, "Herr Yankee!" ,, "Oh hell..." ,, Alex turned and the German pilot had landed... far better on the road with a odd design parachute, as well as pointing a odd pistol at Alex. "I told you I would put you down." ,, The whine was familiar. It was a Aetherwave generator, but it was small... probably good for one or two uses but if it was weaponized... ,, Alex pulled out his pistol and didn't think twice as the sound of what sounded like an electrical arc ripped through the night matched with the report of a Naval pattern M1911. ,, The German pilot collapsed, a new hole between his eyes, but the German fired off a shot that struck Alex square in his face. Alex started to go unconcious before his parachute ripped completely and he fell. Spared further injury by his makeshift safety line. ,, He hit the water with a splash. This whole drama was seen by police, people coming to Alex's aid or looking to stop the German, or to simply look. ,, Monica had even snuck on to the bridge and hid, taking pictures. The sudden flashes of flack and anti-aircraft fire hiding her flashbulb flashes. ,, Monica look down to the water and saw Alex floating by his life preserver but something looked off from her perspective as she adjusted her air-raid helmet she got from a air raid warden for saving his life a few nights prior...
  2. Experience Blotter Earned Experience: 40 Spent Experience: 0 Remaining Experience: 40 ,, Experience Earnings April 2013: 10 XP May 2013: 10 XP June 2013: 10 XP July 2013: 10 XP ,, Experience Expenditures None as of now...
  3. "Yeah... I figured as much. I wager the explosive is designed to go off once the aircraft crashes... or in your case, when it is punched." ,, He banks hard right, avoiding a drone before shooting down another as he made his approach. The drone exploding in a greenish white flash. Banking again, he hears the sound of the wreckage plinging against the outer skin of his aircraft. He looks at his wings and the back. No damage, thankfully. "I can see why you wanna handle the drones now... that was a close one!" ,, Then he sees the big momma. "Well well well, there is our momma whale." ,, He grinned. "Okay keep the drones off of me." ,, He does a barrel roll and lines up behind the behemoth as other british aircraft start shooing away manned luftwaffe fighters. In fact he was shocked by their range until he saw the conformal fuel tanks built into the fuselages. ,, "Dammit... they got long-range supprot fighters now?!? We are behind!" ,, He juked to the left, unloading everything he had, taking out three of the six engines, starting to pick it apart before passing by to make another go. He looked down at the water behind him and the city of London ahead, anti aircraft fire and searhlights going full tilt. "Watch for friendly flack, MO. I got to set up another..." ,, The yellow streaks of tracer fire tell him he just got some pilot's undivided attention. Remembering his payload as she streaked by for another pass, Alex drops his fuel tank right on the hull of the aircraft then pressing a button on his dash exploding it, smashing the tail off of the aircraft. ,, "Okay... gotta get this guy off of me, but the controller craft is done! I should have enough fuel to finish this fight with this guy and make it back for dinner. MO, try to take the drones out before they hit london!" ,, He turned to face the foe, his radio hissed to life. "So, a real gifted pilot... I have never seen someone use their spare fuel tank like that. You smell like a fool behind the stick." ,, "No that was intended... I had to finish up quickly!" ,, The two exchanged fire, missing but lighting themselves up in the night. "Haste makes waste, yankee!" ,, Alex quirked his eyebrow. "You know more about us than I thought." ,, Little that Alex knew, his primary fuel tank was leaking... ,, "Okay, you got my attention." He leaned forward, grinning profusely as he lined up for another pass with his guns in a game of chicken. "Here's how we geet people in Minnesota."
  4. "Sounds like a good idea." ,, He banks to the left, looking at the night sky. "Ground, this is Bunyan, repeat, Bunyan, hunting for controller aircraft, over." ,, "Roger that, Bunyan, large radar signature has been recieved at heading 105 mark 20 from your position, over." ,, Alex nodded. "Alright, switching to local channel. Over." ,, "Godspeed. Over." ,, "Bunyan, Out." ,, He switched channels on his dashboard. ,, "Alright Magnum Opus, got a gameplan. just off to our right and I'm wagering a couple hundred feet above our altitude is the main bomber force, we're about 15 minutes from them. If you've got the drones, I gotta see if they're clustered. So we are going to approach from directly under the furball. That will be from where they're most blind." ,, He adjusted his straps a bit. "It's getting darker so spotting these things will be more difficult." ,, The moon appeared out of the clouds. "Well... that'll help, but I'm not sure if you've got any sensory abilities. Damn, there is something I could make for myself."
  5. "Actually, I can appreciate the attention to detail that Miss Ravensworth puts into her tea. And... I have noticed a little hero worship with her." ,, He adjusted his flightsuit again. Opening the neck of his flightsuit a little. ,, "Then again... I can't blame her... I erupted from the same crisis that I helped protect her from. To be honest, I don't like it. It can cause problems for her in the long run. Although she is a intelligent, thoughtful girl. I'm just..." ,, He sighed. Thinking of the times he got razzed in High School when he never was interested in any of the girls. "I'm just not the type of guy to get interested in girls easily, I guess." ,, He finished his cup of tea, setting the saucer and cup on the bucket after he rose, grabbing his parachute, there was room for Magnum Opus' tea and saucer as well there. "Well... I think I've done all I can with this. Tomorrow I'm sure I'm going to be dissecting this fur..." ,, The sound of warning claxons erupts throughout the airbase. "Scratch that!" ,, He fixes the collar of his flightsuit. "Seems we're going to have a little action after all! Come on! If anything if any of these limeys protest, I'll tell them you're with me! Being a member of a bunch of spooks working for Uncle Sam has it's privileges!" ,, He grinned tightening his flight helmet as he ran out, He had even gotten his parachute properly set up over his flight gear, even his spare was at his stomach as he ran over to his aircraft. Many of the other pilots were setting up in the dusky sky. ,, Wendy ran over with what looked like a headset, with her air-raid helmet on. "This is for Miss Opus." She said waving over Magnum Opus to Alex's aircraft. Alex looked it over. "That's the new headset designed for Dynamics to keep in contact via radio?" ,, "Yeah, Already have it set to our frequency." Wendy said. It was a mounted mouth piece that was connected to a fancy looking airman's leather cap, with a wire that connected to a small backpack. "Now you should be getting in. The krauts are coming like before. Same flight path as the night that aircraft got shot down." ,, Alex nodded, still getting himself set to climb in. He wasn't the slowest in the squadron, but he made damn sure the gear that could save his life was set.
  6. Wendy came running back with some tea. "Compliments of command, Mr. Edison." ,, Alex picked up his tea. "Thanks... so I finally got a codename from command?" ,, "Actually, it's just what everyone piloting desks like to call you." ,, Alex hands the tea intended for the Canadian Dynamic to her. "I never really caught your callsign, Ma'am." ,, His Minnesotan politeness he definately was happy to let out. "Wendy, notify the command I got a clue about all of this..." ,, Alex quickly wrote in his notebook, thankfully he knew a few acronyms that were universal between the US Navy's aviator corps and the RAF. ,, "Get this to command, they'll know who to get it to. And thanks for the tea, Wendy." ,, She nodded with a smile. "You two don't get into too much trouble." ,, She runs off again as Alex turns to MO, sitting on a upturned bucket next to where he sat down his parachute. "That girl knows a lot more than she thinks." He said, sighing. "I'll be honest I think she has something for me after the way we first met."
  7. "I think it is obvious... these are controlled from a bomber in a squadron to draw off defenders. Bait." ,, He sighed, "And we dodged a bullet as it's explosive payload already discharged in the fight." ,, He looks over the "Cockpit" again. ,, "Seems that the aircraft itself is manually flown to whichever airbase these launch from, then they scramble with their bomber squadron. These are designed for one-way trips, with as much fuel and other things they can carry." ,, He notices something with the damaged avionics. "Interesting... this conveys heat sensitivity... Dad uses such sensors all the time to regulate the temperature of Aethergel being bonded to fabric to make Aetherfiber..." ,, "Yeah I just gave away a trade secret... but this sensor is more... attuned than a simple compressor regulator. This was made to pick up on smaller signatures at greater range..." ,, He looks at it. "These are autonomous... When this aircraft locks in on a specifically tuned heat signature, it will chase it. Whatever machine is placed in this cockpit will control the aircraft in on a heat signature... as weak as a human's or possibly a specific aircraft's signature..." ,, "I'd say this could see out some ten miles." ,, He shook his head, half in amazement and half in frustration. "These krauts are getting clever. But now... I know a counter." ,, "The bomber made into a controller hub needs a massive controller/transmitter system on board... so much it cannot carry bombs. You see the bomber not dropping when others do... you got it. In fact I wager it's quite heavy, loaded with vacuum tubes and the like... They probably just have two pilots and a controller specialist. No weapons." ,, "It's a obvious target."
  8. Alex was taken aback... ,, "Unpiloted?" ,, He turned towards Miss Ravensworth. "Wendy, would you kindly notify the base XO that the Dynamic from Canada has arrived to assist me with this matter?" ,, Wendy nodded and ran off. ,, "Lieutenant Commander Alexander Aceworth, US Navy Technology Research Division. Assigned to assist the Royal Air Force in all matters Kraut-tech. And yes, this does seem... like a unmanned aircraft." He said, his slight Minnesotan accent showing. ,, He looks where the cockpit is. "Although there are still controls. I wager that the technology was housed in the nose... Perhaps this arcraft is piloted for some distance before the pilot bails out. The configuration of the body seems to allow the pilot to jump out without hitting anything... although the seat is gone... not to mention there is no windscreen up top." ,, "I wager the pilot takes care of liftoff and the initial flight to a certain stage... whatever happens after that... anyone's guess..." ,, He rummages through, luckily his hands were protected by the heavy aviator's gloves he was wearing. He found some scraps of aetherfiber, copper, and some of what looked like gears and a vacuum tube. "Well I'll be." ,, He holds the mechanism... well the part that still was intact in his hand. "What you make of this? Not the whole hotdish, but there is something we can work with."
  9. RAF Bawdsey June 1, 1941 7pm London Time ,, Alex adjusted his flight gear, nervously. He had been assisting a injured pilot who hurt himself on a rough landing a few nights ago. Flying his shifts. Although he always got nervous before a scramble. ,, "Lieutenant Aceworth!" A woman shouted, wearing a WAAF set of overalls. "Can you come here a moment, please?" ,, He nodded and ran to the hangar where normally barrage balloons were filled and maintained. There he spotted some strange wreckage. Also the woman was the person he had met earlier... when he erupted. "Ah, Miss Ravensworth, nice to see you again." ,, He sets his parachute down next to what looked like a wrecked aircraft. ,, "This... looks nothing like what we have been dog-fighting up there... With how this got mulched I'm suprised there isn't bits of a pilot here." ,, "That's the thing... no one reported finding any remains, or even anyone bailing out when one of these is shot down." ,, Alex massaged his chin. "There's still a windscreen..." ,, He runs his gloved hand in front of the clear windscreen. "... looks like treated aetherfiber instead of reenforced glass..." ,, He kneeled next to the wreck.
  10. How about the exposure Alex had to Quantum energy wasn't one wave but two. A rare synch of X and C waves. Such a synch is random as to what it causes to an erupting or erupted nova. Either that or he is "Still cooking" when he gets zapped by a Nazi's wunderwaffe and ends up being changed in a unintended way. ,, If this is a good alternative to going through the process of a complete re-write I am very amicable to this idea. ,, So... this is going to be... awkward. And a incoming medical discharge. ,, Thanks, Dawn... again.
  11. Well, I already talked to Mike (Magnum Opus) as the change really would affect him, and his changes are minor and he was okay with the idea. I'm just wondering if everyone else was okay before I actually do the change. I'll have to rebuild the character as well. ,, I'm just not happy with Alex.
  12. I'm having some trouble being interested in this game and I do know why. I originally wanted to bring Lady Anne Aceworth into the game and I couldn't. This character was supposed to be her, yet now as Alex I am not interested in the character at all. ,, Would it be possible to get a do-over with the actual character (Anne)?
  13. I'm having trouble getting something going for Alex, and to be honest I'm done with Open world stuff, so I may post with Alex but only if we get plot things going. I just don't have the energy for OW like I used to. ,, So consider me "inactive" for now.
  14. Okay. I'm up for hitching up with someone for some story-type action. ,, Being the resident genius among town currently living in London with a bunch of nerdy types, Alex is up for some actual action. ,, Any ideas?
  15. USS Bluefin April 1, 1940, 1900 Hours "This isn't normal.." The captain of the submarine, Lewis Peterson said, massaging his chin. "What time is the mission concluded?" "2100 Hours, Captain." His first officer replied. "We should have been found by now... Conn, any further sound from that loud splash we picked up on around 1410?" "Negative... Although I thought I heard the sound of bubbles rising not too long afterward, and the sound of metal tearing." The Captain agonized on a decision. Somehthing has to have happened to the scout plane sent to look for them using a new device. "Raise us to periscope depth." "Belay that order, Ensign!" The commander barked. "You may be the captain here, but I am with Naval Intelligence. I'm in command of this operation." The Captain pulled out his sidearm, immediately escalating the crisis. "Now you listen to me, mister. I have a hunch that there is a crew in distress. This operation was FUBAR the minute we picked up on that splash. This is my ship, my responsibility." The Commander drew his sidearm. "Don't make me confine you to quarters, Captain. I'm willing to forget this happened." "Lieutenant..." The Captain motioned to his security chief. "Your call." "Commander... stand down or I'm going to knock you out and launch you out a torpedo tube." The whole crew stood by their captain. They faced U-Boats before covertly, and the Captain was there all the way. The Commander stowed his sidearm. Captain Peterson scanned the surface of the water with his periscope, feeling the more violent water near the surface and seeing the storm was going full throttle. "Conn, can we contact Miami?" "No need, they're already coordinating a... Recovery mission with the Coast Guard?" The Captain glared at the Commander. "Lieutenant Gates, take him to his quarters and cuff him to a pipe. He just cost us a fine crew." "Yes Sir!" The Lieutenant said, forcing the Commander off the bridge. "Conn, set a course for where you heard that splash... At the very least if Aceworth's kid is alive... that'll amount for something." Back on the stormy Atlantic in a rubber raft... Wendy clutched Alex, still afraid. She shivered from the wind and her own fear. "Wendy... tell me about your childhood." "What?" "Yeah... what did you do as a kid? Well before you won the Lottery." She looked at Alex with her blue eyes, sitting up a little letting her head rest on the side of the raft. "Well... It wasn't special. I kept to my books. Until I met someone late in my grade school years." "Heh, Who?" "Never could sort him out. An older gentleman. Went by the name of Smith... Professor John Smith. He tutored me in various classical languages and taught me a little on Atherics. Then one day I had a bicycle accident that should of killed me. I was hit by a delivery lorry." Alex winced. "Damn... Is it always with some disaster?" Wendy adjusted her facemask. "Sometimes... it's usually an accident or some violent crisis that triggers an Aetheric Cascade in someone's latent Aetheric Lobe Node." She points her finger between Alex's eyes. "Right there. That is where the magic starts. It's a bit of extra brain matter that sends little supplimental nerve bundles through your body near your main nervous system. It's like a second nervous system in fact. It allows the Human Body to channel and control Aetheric energy. We're not exactly sure how... the leading theory is that the human mind can alter reality through Aetheric influence. Some theorize that Aetheric energy permeates all dimensions, allowing for such alterations." She attunes to what she was wearing and goes invisible for a few moments. "See? I can synchronize my aetheric aura with what I have posession of, including what I wear." Alex whistled. "Professor Smith helped me understand my new condition and pointed me in the direction of the Ministry of Intelligence once I was 18. It's where I got my "polishing" as it were. Soon after, Germany went Facist and started goose-stepping all over Europe." "Sounds like a stroke of providence." Wendy became visible again. "Indeed. I got in with a special organization, based under the British Museum. We collected found wunderwaffe weaponry or other technology that the Nazis have started to field." Alex's eyes widened. "You mean they got Dynamic brains on their side?" "Oh yes. Seems though this time... The Yanks just scored one." Wendy said with a smile. The storm calmed around them. There was even some light from the moon starting to filter through the clouds. "We survived..." Wendy said. Going back to hugging Alex. He just patted her on the shoulder. "We had to. For Tommy." Wendy nodded. "Right. For Tommy." Alex then saw a white flare head up into the sky. "Holy... what is that?" "I don't know. Alex, you got a flare gun?" He looks, and sees he indeed had one flare round he could use with his M1911 sidearm. He loads the round up and fires it upward, it shining a reddish light. Back on the sub they see Alex's red flare, a man on deck in yellow rain gear and a kapok life vest fired off a green flare to show he saw the flare. "Outstanding. Get us in closer!" The captain shouted from the conn tower of the submarine. "We got survivors. Report that to headquarters!" "Aye sir!" A seaman acknowledged, moving the ship in to pick up the two. "Yes! It's the Bluefin!" Alex shouted. He waved, some light from the flare still overhead lighting the area. Wendy looked over to the approaching sub. She took off the makeshift poncho, and made sure there was a good amount of air in the life preserver Alex let her use. Topping it off. "I think we won't be swimming, Wendy." "I'm a bit of a clod... I think I'll keep this until we get to dry land, thank you." Alex laughed. "Scaredycat." 5 days later. Alex was adjusting his dress uniform. He has already been to the memorial service for Tommy, and had reported what happened to his superiors. It felt odd now having the rank pin of a Lieutenant Commander on his lapel. Things were moving in a odd direction lately behind the scenes, it made him curious. He stepped out to meet Wendy on the Tarmac. "Wendy... I guess this is..." "No it's not." "Huh?" "I'm heading to Washington DC. I'm meeting with someone at my station in Naval Intelligence. Seems that some stuff got discovered on our saboteur." "The Sea Witch? I know. One of the higher-grade minds on the Nazi Payroll. She'd be Shustaffel if she wasn't a woman." Wendy nodded as a old man, supported by a cane walked up to the two. "Lieutenant Commander Aceworth, I presume?" "Yes? To whom I owe the honor?" "I'm Professor John Smith... at least for now. I go by many names, actually. Being able to change my appearance is my specialty." "Sounds useful. Why the old man routine?" "Because I am. I'm almost 80. I've not actually aged a day since I became a Dynamic. Being old seems to command some respect. I like that." Alex laughed. "Well... Wendy has a good mentor." "No, she has a good guardian. In you. I already talked with your new superiors at the US Navy Technology Research Division. They wanted me to give you your mission first hand." He hands Alex a sealed envelope, when he opens it he sees a confidential communique addressed directly to him signed off by FDR and Winston Churchill. He whistled. "So, I'm going to England?" "Yes, my boy... we have a change of itenerary. We'll be taking a seaplane to Cardiff, then by car to London." A Catalina gets wheeled out to the tarmac. "Well... I'd better get geared up then." Alex said with a smile. "Anything new found?" "Not yet... that's why we requested to send you in. We can train you in finding unique objects, and train you in self defense in the process. We know this war will progress and we might have to send you behind enemy lines." Alex hrmphed in agreement. "Indeed. I look foreward to putting a boot to the hun." Wendy smiled "I get to help as well right?" "No child." The Professor quickly declined. "You're better off on the home front. I owe your father that." Alex held up his hand. "Wendy was a brave girl, Professor. I can use all the help I an get really. I'm new to this Dynamic stuff." Professor Smith smiled shifting his form to a younger version of himself. "Trust me... I can handle myself." He tossed his cane to Wendy. "If she goes on any missions, I'm comin' along." Alex rolled his eyes. "Just remember, I got three rules. One, buckle up. Two, I choose the flight route. Three, your charge over here is to learn how to swim at some point." Wendy glared as Alex smiled from needling her. "Now if you'll excuse me... seems I gotta get ready for flight. I'm sure you two are trained in how to bail out of a stricken aircraft?" They both nodded. "Good..." "Because I love to fly a bit... dangerously." Alex said with a grin. Before heading to the hangars where the pilots get set to fly. "Is he always like this?" Professor Smith asked Wendy. "Lately... Yes." ~ Fin ~
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