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  1. i could provide more sound reasoning to further my point but it would reveal to much of the movie to prove this. as far as contracts go there's such a thing as renewal's and extensions. plus stark has repeatedly proven that even though he's on a "need to know basis" there's really nothing that he doesn't know about shield and its operatives.
  2. while i loved the movie and i got the idea that it wasn't supposed to include all of the avengers. i do believe that stark should have had some kind of part since shield was using a vast majority of his and banners tech. with that being stated there would and should have been several alarms and sensors (including jarvis as well) alerting stark to the scenario at hand. other than that it was a damn good movie and my buddies and i both felt is was worth the price to see it.
  3. currently just having a bit of writers block at the moment which is why i haven't posted in the expo thread yet. and personally i think graveton was overlooked on his combat capability but that's just my opinion.
  4. currently watching young justice

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      Dawn OOC

      Dave, it's on Netflix as of right now.

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      exactly thats actually where i was watching it

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      IMO, the hands down best animated supers show.

  5. yeah but im used to being the one who catches all the mistakes of others. but its a whatever moment.
  6. starting to wonder where my mind is at considering i mad such a rookie mistake and ive been playing/st'n this system for about 10 years now. face palm...lol
  7. yeah i misinterpreted something along the way and the error wasn't noticed upon either mine or his parts until just now. so the changes are being made to correct that miscalculation. and no worries seraph i appreciate the correction to my error.
  8. Real Name: Shane O'Connell Nova Name: Graviton Date of Birth: Age: 28 Place of Birth: Montgomery, Texas Occupation: Novastorm Employee Known Relatives: Marriam O'Connell, father unkown Date of Eruption: July 8th 1981 Physical Traits: Weight: 193lbs Height: 5’9" Build: muscular Apparent age: late 20's Age: 28 Gender: male Eye Color: blue Hair Color: black, cropped Facial Hair: 5 O-clock shadow Skin: light tan Handedness: Right Clothing: black cowboy boots, black jeans (wranglers), black short sleeve t-shirt, black long sleeve button-up dress shirt, black ankle length trench coat, and black felt cowboy hat (stetson) Background Shane is a troubled soul with much to prove. For his father had left not to long after he was born leaving his mother with no income and a newborn to raise. Now while it didn't take Marriam much time at all to find work, the work she had found was as a ranch hand on a local horse ranch in Montgomery, Texas. The owner Bill Cunningham and his wife Catherine were kind enough not only to employ her but to take her and little Shane in as well. When it came time for Shane to receive an education it was decided upon that he would be home schooled since there was still much work to be done and he was now old enough to start earning his keep. Life was hard but there were rewards especially when Bill decided to start training him to ride horses. Now Shane showed a natural talent for this and took to it rather quickly and so it was decided that Shane would start riding in the shows professionally. There life had finally turned around as far as he seen it until the day that his mother had been brutally raped while out running errands for the ranch. It was at this point that there lives would take a turn for the worse. For not only was his mother hospitalized and stuck on life support but she had contracted HIV from her assailant. Thankfully Shane had the loving support of the Cunningham's during this time of emotional distress. Otherwise Shane's actions might have led him down a much darker path. While those intentions might have been honorable and maybe even justifiable they still would have been outside the law. So to keep the boys anger and frustration at bay Bill decided the boys anger would be better put to use with more work upon the ranch. Months went by and the police eventually caught Marriam's attacker, however while her vitals were stable she still hadn't come to. Two years would go by before his mother would eventually wake up and be released. While this should have been a happy reunion the memory of what happened still lay fresh upon Shane's mind. For the next several days both Shane and his mother would be engaged in a long debate about him joining the Marines. Eventually through the help of Mr. Cunningham Shane would manage to plead his case. This led to several long discussions with several different military recruiters. Eventually his mother had convinced him that if he was dead set upon this decision that the Air-Force seemed to be the best fit. Now Shane rose rather quickly through the ranks and managed to earn his bachelors in Areospace Grounds Equipment mechanics. Over time he grew tired of being a mechanic and put a request in to transfer into OTS to become a fighter pilot. Eventually the request was granted and he would start training anew. Unfortunately this is where his career as a Airmen would end, because what should have been a routine training session in a G-force simulator turned out to be cataclysmic. As the simulator began to spool up something went terribly wrong with the machinery and it began to spin quickly out of control subjecting his body to large amounts of gravitational forces. What happened next would've killed a normal person but something triggered inside his body making him more resistant to the forces that were ravaging him until the machines arm ripped free launching the simulator's seat and occupant through the building and off into the distance crashing into a Deuce and a Half. Miraculously he survived but had withstood serious injuries. His survival was a miracle at best and he was eventually discharged from service awaiting to be sent home. During his stay at the base hospital is when he was contacted by an agent from Novastar offering him the opportunity of a life time. Stats Shane O'Connell Codename: Graviton Nature: Survivor Attributes: +1np STR: 4 PER: 3 APP: 2 DEX: 4 INT: 2 MAN: 2 STA: 4 WIT: 4 CHA: 2 Abilities: +2np Brawl 3, Might 2, Athletics 3, Drive 2, Firearms 2, Pilot 1, Ride 2, Stealth 1, Endurance 4, Resistance 4, Awareness 3, Academics 3, Computers 2, Engineering 2, Medicine 1, Survival 2, Style 1, Seduction 2, Animal Training 2, Etiquette 1 Will: 5 (+4 bp) Quantum: 5 (+14 bp) Taint: 3 Quantum Pool: 50 Megas 30np 9np Str 3 6np Dex 2 9np Sta 3 6np Wits 2 Backgrounds: Allies 2, Backing: Novastorm 3, Node 2, Resources 3 Enhancements: High-Gravity Performance, Irresistable Force, Ace Pilot, Adaptability, Regeneration, Redirection Powers: 17np 11np Gravity Control 3 (taint x2) (field, flight, shield) 1np Claws (micropocket of intense gravity surrounding hands) 1 5np Invulnerability (broad cat physical) 1 Merits/Flaws Dependant (4ptf) [mother] Internal Compass (1ptm) Initiative: 12 Walk: 7m Run: 18m Sprint: 38m Fly: 26mpa / 120kph Soak's: Physical 14/10 Energy 8/4 Health Level's: Bruised -0 Bruised -0 Hurt -0 Injured -0 Wounded -0 Maimed -0 Crippled -1 Incapacitated Dead
  9. ok before i post up the character on the profiles section i have 1 question. How do you do the spoiler part
  10. Currently just hashing out aspects on the background otherwise the character is done.
  11. wish i had the money to go see it...oh well looks like ill just download it eventually
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