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  1. Mitchell Smythe was born to working class parents in a suburb of London. His father was an electrician working long hours as a small business owner. His mother was a housewife, who had dreams when younger of being an actress. Unfortunately for his mother, she got into the family way and had three children. The first, Timothy, was a studious young man. He went to Oxford on scholarship, and studied electrical engineering. The second of the children was Lily, a beautiful and talented stage actress. The third and final child was Mitchell. His father saw that Mitchell was talented with his hands, but didn't have the effortless grasp of higher math that his brother Tim had. He introduced him to a local mechanic, and Mitchell got along famously with the mechanic, Michael. Michael convinced Mitch to study harder in school, in return for teaching him how to fix cars and trucks. Mitch began to study more and applied his studies to a degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on combustion engines. Michael and Mitchell went into business together, taking care of some of the cars belonging to the upper class elite in London itself. However, war was soon to break out in Europe. About a year and a half ago, the shop was closed, as Michael joined the British Army and was sent to help with repair duties in the African Front. Mitchell chose to focus on something else while his friend was deployed overseas. He also joined the Army, but this time, the Army commanders put his skills to work in a British repair depot for Aircraft. However, the germans decided to take out that depot to make it harder for aircraft to get back off the ground. The bombs fell, and shook the bunker where Mitchell and others had taken refuge. After the raid, which razed most of the buildings, mitchell and the others made their way out. But about 20 feet in front of the bunker was a bomb that hadn't exploded. Mitchell looked back at the rest of the small group and motioned for them to stand back. He began making his way towards the bomb, wishing his brother was here to help. When he got within 2 feet, he heard a soft noise from the bomb itself. He flung himself over the bomb, attempting to "aim" the explosion away from the bunker. But as the seconds seemed to stretch out, he felt himself drop about 10 feet, and landed with the bomb in a large body of water. The bomb exploded, and left Mitchell with a ringing sound in his ears, and shredded his clothes. The explosion caused several small craft from the Home Guard to come out and investigate. It turned out that Mitchel had landed off the coast of England on the North Sea. It was lucky that Mitchell wasn't in the water long, since he would have died from the cold water. After being brought back to the base where he was stationed, the commander gave him a tongue lashing that would forever alter the fabric of Mitchell Smythe's world. He was told that if he was that suicidal that he would knowingly walk up to unexploded bombs, he would be more useful in the Royal Engineers as a bomb disposal technician than repairing aircraft engines. Mitchell agreed with his commander and he was transferred. His new line of work was dangerous, but it seemed that something had changed within Mitchell, along with the physical changes of becoming a new Dynamic. He was more foolhardy than he had been in the past. When not on duty he was always tinkering with new methods of bomb making and disposing. He threw himself into the work with a passion. However, when on duty, Mitchell is as solid as a rock, and twice as taciturn. ,, Mitchell Smythe ,, Ht- 6'0" Wt- 225 Lbs Hair - Red Eyes - Blue Skin - Fair Distinguishing features - Mitchell has a large mustache and can commonly be found smoking cigars and wearing a bowler hat. He also is a drinker of epic proportions, preferring Guinness and other Stouts over lager and ale. ,, ,, ,, Sheet Name – Mitchell Smythe Codename – UXB Nature – Thrillseeker Str – 3 Mega-Str 0 Brawl – 4 Might – 3 Dex – 4(Steady hands) Mega- Dex 0 Drive – 2 Firearms – 2 Melee – 2 Sta – 5(Patient) Mega-Sta 0 Resistance – 3 Endurance – 3 Per – 3 Mega-Per 1 Awareness – 3 Investigation – 1 Int – 3 Mega-Int 0 Bureaucracy – 1 Engineering – 3[Explosives Disposal] Intrusion – 1 Linguistics – 1(Chinese) Science – 2 Survival – 1 Wits – 4 Mega-Wits 0 Rapport – 2 App – 3 Mega-App 0 Intimidation – 2 Style – 1 Man – 2 Mega-Man 0 Cha – 3 Mega-Cha 0 Command – 2 Etiquette – 1 Attunement 3 Backing (British Army) 2 Contacts (British Army) 1 Node 3 Resources 2 Armor 5 Warp 3 Bioluminescence 1 EM Vision Quantum – 3 Willpower – 6 Initiative – 1d10+8 Quantum Pool – 26 Soak – 20(B)/17(L) Freebie Points – Specialization (Explosives Disposal) 1(1pt), Backing 2(2pts), Attunement 1(1pt), Contacts 1(1pt), Brawl 1(2 pts), Drive 1(2pts), Firearms 1(2pts), Melee 1(2pts), Investigation 1(2 pts) Nova Points – Armor 5(15 pts), Warp 3(15 Pts), Bioluminescence 1(1pt), willpower 3(3pts), Mega-Per 1(3pts), +6 attributes (2 pts), +6 abilities (1 pt) XP 0
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