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  1. Slither's mouth just hung wide open as MO truly made a spectacle of herself in the best sense of the word; by the end of the thrilling show-stopper, the willowy brunette was doubled over laughing with tears of enjoyment in her eyes. "Oh my God, that was bloody brilliant! I'm so glad we did this!" She shook her head as she wiped tears from her eyes. "Right, that's it; I'm done! Best night ever, can't be topped!"
  2. Slither fancied the lads, always had, but she would dance with anyone, especially if the mood and music were right. And it had been simply forever since she been out with her mates for a laugh, so she was ready to let loose. But she was also aware that didn't know where Fulcrum stood on the matter, although she had her suspicions, and Mo was still a cipher. And so though they were all out to have a good time, her intelligence training came into play once again, that miraculous and yet somewhat sad and frightening ability to detach part of oneself and set it outside to act as an impartial observer while the rest of you stayed in the moment. 1. I'm out with my teammates for a night of fun and relaxation, and it's bloody wonderful. 2. Fulcrum is a free-spirited girl out to have a good time, but she may have other agendas in mind. 3. You don't want to send any messages that are incorrect or lead anyone on, for the sake of both team unity and basic human decency. 4. In short, enjoy yourself, let yourself go, but don't allow yourself to get too physical. Of course, all this took only a matter of a few seconds for the Brit to work out in her head, but it guided her actions accordingly. As she was still wearing her mask, she had no compunctions about displaying a bit of her powers. She was extremely flexible, quite fit, and both graceful and well-balanced, so when Fulcrum indicated she should 'show her what she got', she went all in, which turned out to be truly impressive; she kept the 'rubber man' antics to a minimum, but it was clear for the eyes of the crowd that she was making quite an impression. She was dancing with Fulcrum, and having a grand time of it, but based on the amount of eye contact and physical proximity, she tried to make it clear she wasn't dancing with her.
  3. "Shitshitshitbuggerfuckfuckfuck..." This whispered mantra issued from Izzy's lips as her eyes rapidly flickered from one set of potential foes to another; she stood at the ready, prepared to fade out and head for cover, any cover, in case the 'aliens' intentions proved to be hostile. She held her hands out at her sides in what she hoped would not be read as a threatening position, and waited for any response to the good Doctor's words.
  4. Seeing that she was more or less alone at the table (the wolf-girl being rather uncommunicative), Slither sighed and picked up her glass. "Oh, bugger this for a game of soldiers..." She quickly downed it in one go, which sent a rippling shiver down the length of her body; as it passed through her torso, her football jersey shifted into a tiny neon purple cropped top with sports shorts to match. Then she was up and heading for the dance floor, pausing next to MO with a big, shit-eating grin on her face fueled by recent alcohol consumption. Her cheeks glowed almost as much as her outfit in the black light. "Hello, luv! Ready to dive in?"
  5. Izzy shook her head. "No, I'm going to go through as well; my skill set is pretty broad, so I'm sure I'll find something useful to do on the other side." She took a deep breath and looked to the others. "So, do we have to hold hands or something as we go through?"
  6. The thought that her fellow teammates might already be dead on the other side of whatever the hell they we're dealing with made Izzy a bit sick to her stomach, but if this was indeed the case there would be time for mourning later. She nodded firmly. "Let's get this over with, then."
  7. Slither giggled as Fulcrum got up to dance, then an annoyed look crossed her face and she turned to call after the departing telekinetic. "Hang on, I've got a spine! It's just...extra bendy!" Seeing that her chosen quarry was now far out of earshot, the Brit waved a hand dismissively and slid back into her seat. "Ah, let her go; I'll join her in a tick." Then she frowned down at her football jersey. "I should probably come up with a new look, eh?" In response to Mo's question, the flexibly spy merely shrugged. "I suppose so, though I'm afraid my tastes are about ten years out of date; I haven't been clubbing since...ooh, I dunno."
  8. Izzy was very happy to be back on more familiar soil; nothing like dealing with annoying cloak-and-dagger types to make you want to hit things. "Hullo Magus. If you have some sort of concrete action we can perform, I for one would be very appreciative!"
  9. Izzy nodded firmly. "Right then, sounds like we should be heading back." ,, She then turned back to the senator. ,, "Are we free to leave, Mr. MaCallen? Do we have to sign any sort of privacy agreement or the like?"
  10. Izzy crossed her arms and frowned, not happy at all with the current turn of events; she was rather hoping the MiBs would have more light to shed on the subject, but it seemed they knew as little as they did. Of course, the existence other three sites was new intel that might prove to be of value to the smarter members of the team. ,, "As you can see, senator, we don't have much to offer you at this point; p'raps it would be best if we were allowed to head back to the Tower? We are, of course, willing to cooperate fully with your 'special branch', provided you can offer us some aid as well." ,, She arched a graceful eyebrow. ,, "Do you have any data on the other sites you can share? Atmospheric, seismic, that sort of thing?"
  11. Izzy took a deep breath and nodded sharply to herself. ,, "Right then, off we go!" ,, She paused and gave Ryu a weird sort of strained grin. ,, "If we don't come back, tell my mum I'm sorry?" ,, And with that, she marched on in behind the good doctor, her hood and goggles up in case it was too dark on the other side.
  12. Slither suddenly looks self-conscious, poking her straw around in her drink. "Nah, I won't do you, MO; I know what you mean about hearing your own voice like that. it's too weird" She gave Fulcrum a playful sidelong glance. "I will do Andery, though; if you can't make good-natured fun of the boss once in a while, what's the point of living, eh?" ,, The Brit proceeded to try a out a few more voices, starting with their esteemed employer but working through their teammates Gatekeeper, Scout and Paladin, and finally throwing in a few celebrities like Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine. Hearing the super macho voices coming out of her mouth was a kick; combined with a bit of alcohol, it led to major giggle fits. ,, "Oh God, I have to stop before I die!" The former spy was laughing and gasping for air as she dabbed the corners of her eyes with a cocktail napkin. "Have to be careful with that! Ooh, I think I need one more drink before i start dancing."
  13. The elastic lass rested her chin in her palm as she surveyed the crowd wistfully. ,, "I dunno, I suppose I'd always pictured myself going into the Foreign Service...or maybe becoming a boring, fussy academic." She sighed. "And of course there would be a marriage to a handsome prince, or viscount or baronet; I wasn't too picky." ,, She straightened up suddenly as an idea struck her. "Hang on, if we're showing off a bit, I've got something I've working on." She adjusted her shoulders and rubbed her hands together. "Now bear in mind, I don't watch the telly or like the Internet very much, so I've been extremely BORED the last few days." ,, She cleared her throat a few times, closed her eyes and took a deep breath; when she spoke again, the words sounded nothing like here own voice! ,, <"Hi, the name's Gabe; I may just be a simple farm boy, but I sure as heck can knock you into next Tuesday!"> ,, The imitation was downright eerie; if you closed your eyes, you would have sworn the earnest young hero was sitting at the table. Izzy cleared her throat a few more times, then burst out laughing, her cheeks flushed with mild embarrassment. ,, "Oh my God, that was even better than the last time I tried that! Is that too weird? I reshape my vocal cords to do it." ,, OOC First use of Slither's new Mimicry power. Deception Mimicry roll: 1d20+20=40. Yikes, that's good!
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