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  1. While I am fine either way, I am a huge fan of M&M and have no problems with converting.
  2. I don't think the skills have to be super rigid and codified but when one option gives you training in all social interactions as a singular skill choice and another only gives you training in lying as a singular skill choice (for example) then that seems, I dunno, a little unfair. I mean I get that not all training is equal, but I think there should be a standard for what a skill choice should get you. Other than that little quibble, and it really is something I could learn to live with in the end, I am very impressed with the book so far.
  3. Okay I'm now in the playing the game section. I like how the rules feel intuitive. they don't make me do mental back flips to understand how they work. While I am a little leery of the vagueness of the skills, I like how open character creation really is. Any decent and entertaining description of how and why your character can do the things they do flies, or so it seems to me. I like that.
  4. Okay I've been enjoying your review so much, I went out and grabbed a copy of the book myself. I am only just at the equipment section. So far I am liking what I'm reading.
  5. "By all means, lead the way," he smiled at the diminutive shapeshifter. He watched as the tiny girl skipped off and followed and turned to the other girls. "Shall we?" ,, The little group made their way to one of the campus buildings in a somewhat awkward silence. Morri was still gripping Marco's hand and slipped her hand into one of Sonja's and the three of them walked across the lawn. In the building Kia let the foursome to one of the janitor closets. In the back she pressed a secret panel and the back wall slid open revealing an high tech looking elevator. The four squeezed in to the slightly too small space and were quickly whisked into the sub basements. ,, When the doors opened the piled out and Marco got his first real look at the underground facilities. "You have got to be joking!" he said, drawing the attention of larger group still admiring their new costumes. They all looked at the new voice and there was yet another moment of awkward silence before Kia cheerily piped up. "Hey guys! So we brought Morri back and....umm... Marco too. It's okay, he knows about everything so um, yeah." She beamed at the room. ,, Drumm nodde to Kia as if to say everything was fine. "Welcome back Morri, and welcome to our little gathering Marco." ,, Mr. Hunt cleared his throat and Drumm sighed, pulled out a 20 and handed to the old man in the white suit, who plucked it from his hand and slipped it into his pocket. "Yes, welcome young man. It's about time you got here."
  6. First off Kami. Relax. ,, Not once did I even mention your name. I was talking to Long. ,, Second. If you don't want anyone who is not in your game to comment then that is fine too. I'll drop this from my "games to watch" list and move on. ,, Quite frankly Kami, M&M character creation is not your strong suit. Even if you are an expert it's very easy to miss problem elements of characters and the more eyes looking at characters the better the chance of catching something that could unravel your game later on down the road. Innate is one of those extras that should be carefully examined to make sure it fits the concept and won't render certain challenges pointless. The way Long has put Innate on the Array implies that none of his powers can be negated. If you are going to allow it I would at least make him put it in each slot of the array. ,, But whatever. Have fun. you will no longer hear from me on this game.
  7. Okay there are some issues I see with Cade actually. First off you can only have 2 ranks of attractive so there is a point wasted there. Also, Innate on on his TK ? really? His powers are an innate part of his nature; like an elephant's trunk? I'd give this serious consideration because it means his Powers cannot be affected by Nullify. ,, I'm curious as to why he has a dodge bonus when using his blast power? And why Stamina 10? Why not a more normal Stamina bolstered by a psychokinetic field? ,, Some of his senses have me scratching my head too; like radio. He can telepathically pick up Radio signals? ,, Sorry if it seems like I am picking on one particular character. these are just things I personally noticed while going over the character.
  8. Marco regarded the feral girl before him. He knew she wasn’t stupid; he’d seen enough inside her head to know that it wasn’t a lack of understanding that was the problem with communication but rather the lack of language skills. It was clear to Marco through Morri’s emotional reactions that something was misunderstood. “I’m sorry hon, I think I am not understanding.” ,, He sucked in his breath and held it for a moment. There was a simple solution he knew. His telepathy was not limited by language and as such meaning did not get lost in words. To us it, to read her mind meant he would be breaking his promise, again. Since getting his telepathic powers under control he’d refused to develop it further. Although getting permission to read her mind would fulfill his assignment. He sighed. Yet another line in the sand crossed. ,, “Morri,” He said. “If you will let me, I can read your mind again; to understand what you mean. “ She looked hesitantly at him, her head cocked to one side. “I promise it will not be like before. You will not see anything from my head. You will not even feel anything, but it will help me to understand what you mean. Would that be okay?” ,, “Okay,” Morri said softly. ,, Marco closed his eyes and concentrated briefly as he touched his mind to Morri’s. He was brief, taking only a few seconds to scan her surface thoughts but it was enough and when he understood the truth of it, his heart broke for her. “Oh Morri, Oh hon, I’m sorry I did not understand,” He said as his eyes moistened and he reached over to hug the girl tightly to him. They stayed in the embrace for a minute or so before Marco broke it and stood and brushed the dirt from the back of his designer clothes. “Come on,” He said as he offered her his hand. ,, “Where we go? She asked as she stood without his help. ,, He reached out and took her hand “We are going to this super-secret mutant base hidden under the school,” He said and gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. “And I know. You do not really want to, but most of the time running away from your troubles will not solve the problem. Besides, Alex and Sonja are there and most likely someone will have noticed that you are gone. They might be worried.” ,, ,,
  9. Morri's distress was palpable to Marco. He didn't just realize she was upset; he could feel it himself. Her sadness, anger and jealousy all mingled together to create a general state of misery in the poor girl. He considered his words very carefully. Although facility with language was one of his gifts, Morri was incredibly literal in her use and understanding of English. He knew he’d have to keep that in mind while talking to her. ,, “So let me just get this straight. You are friends with Sonja and Alex,” That part was easy. The feal girl was constantly in the company of either the living sun god or the giant pin up girl or both. It didn’t take much to realize those two must be Sonja and Alex. “Now they are a couple and are spending more time just with each other, which makes you feel like a third wheel. It makes you feel like they don’t want you there and you want your friends back.” ,, Marco paused for a minute as the book he’d been reading closed on its own and settled to the ground. He wanted to devote his full attention to the girl in from of him. The topic was heavy, heavier than he’d expected to have to deal with and he didn’t want Morri to think he was brushing her off. Clearly she was getting to that point in her development that all children get to; the time where they realize they aren’t always the most important thing in the universe and Morri looked like she was have trouble with that. ,, “Morrigan honey, they are still your friends. But now they are together they are going to want to spend time alone. It is what couples do to get to know each other better and to connect,” He wasn’t sure Morri would grasp that last concept but he forged ahead. “That doesn’t mean they don’t want to spend time with you anymore. Just that sometimes they will want to be alone with each other. “ ,, “I know you don’t like that but if Alex and Sonja could never have time alone together then that would make then sad; as sad as you feel now. Maybe instead of wishing for things to be the way they were, you could make a few more friends? That way when Alex and Sonja want alone time, you still have someone to be with.” ,, “If you want, I’ll be your friend. That way you don’t have to be alone when Alex and Sonja are busy. Now; what was this about an elevator to the basement? Why does the school need an elevator into the basement?” ,, ,,
  10. Marco sat alone underneath the big tree where his disastrous first day had started. In many ways, he'd come to see the tree as 'his spot' over the week or so he's been at the school. the place he's go to when he wanted to be alone, in site of the tree being in the middle of the campus. He didn't have to worry about being disturbed though. Word had spread through the student body about what he's said that fateful day in the cafeteria and as a result, Marco had become a Pariah. ,, Despite the beautiful day, and the number of people out enjoying it, no one came within thirty feet of Marco or the tree. Some didn't notice or care that he was there, some were throwing him dirty looks and angry glares. most however were willfully and purposely snubbing him. If Marco noticed the behavior, outwardly he didn't seem to care. Deep down though, he regretted what he'd said. Not because he didn't believe what he'd said; he really did believe that mutants were an aberration of nature and that the best thing for everyone is if someone found a cure for the mutant condition, someone like his father. No, rather he regretted his words because they were said out of anger and fear and pain. He hadn't meant to hurt anyone and he hadn't been thinking and he regretted his callousness. ,, Currently, Marco was sitting cross legged, with an advanced economics textbook floating a foot or so off his lap. he was concentrating greatly and every time he finished a page his concentration deepened has he slowly, carefully turned the page with his mind. this was the third econ textbook he'd gone though as he struggled to learn finesse with his telekinetic power. He really rather not be doing this but his school appointed trainer; a nightmare of a drill sergeant named Conrad Baily, demanded it. Baily had been a Marine or something before discovering he was a mutant and he was given all of the difficult and out of control mutants as personal projects because he got results. His students, however hated him and called him Sergeant Nazi behind his back. Marco's current assignment was to use his telekinetic power to perform simple mundane tasks for 1 hour every day. He was also required to provide 3 facts he'd learned about other students through the use of telepathy every day. ,, While he hated his assignments and still viewed his telepathy as a horrific invasion of other people, he was secretly starting to enjoy the telekinesis. it was kind of cool to just think about an object and watch it respond and move to his whims. He would never admit it to anyone of course, but he was beginning to think he'd miss the T.K. when he was finally cured. Outwardly he sighed at the thought and bent his head back to the book he was trying to study.
  11. Okay a question about Relics. Dave how do you feel about people buying relics for Purviews they can't yet use? When designing Relics for Atticus I am tryingto makes sure they are things he can actually use in some way, but I have 1 in particular that does nothing for him yet. Is that cool?
  12. Atticus Kontos here. Scion of Apollo.
  13. This has me thinking too. Not sure which God I would go for but It'll either be in the Dodekatheon or Aesir, since we can't be Tuatha.
  14. Marco kept walking, brushing past Warren. "Did you misunderstand or was I unclear? I do not belong here and I have no intention of staying. Goodbye." He said curtly, not bothering to look back to see if Warren was still following. As he continued towards his dorm he pulled out his iPhone and dialed a number. While he doubted that Mr. Lovell was still at the campus, he still held a sliver of hope that his guardian was still there and he wouldn't have to spend any more time here than was absolutely required. ,, He was perturbed when there was no answer, but he left a quick message explaining that he'd decided not to stay after all and that he expected to be picked up as soon as possible. Marco tuned out the noise of the campus as he entered the dorm; it seemed as many kids were out of class as there were in. He made his way to his room past kids that payed him no more attention than anyone else and locked the door behind him. He leaned against the door and wondered how his mother could have sent him to such a place. This was supposed to be a place for him to contain and control his mutant aberrations but the kids here reveled in them. They were allowed to run wild and use their abnormal abilities freely. He shuddered at the thought of him using his own abnormalities without discretion. Just using his telekinesis in the lunchroom had caused havoc and as much as he didn't want to admit it, it had felt pretty good to unleash. ,, Marco shook his head. He didn't want to think about mutants or what he'd done. Doing that would bring up what had happened between him and Morri and he certainly didn't want to think about that. He moved over to his desk and pulled a sketch pad out of his messenger bag. Drawing and designing always mellowed him out so he flipped his pad open to something he'd started working on but hadn't finished. Surely Mr. Lovell would get back to him soon. Surely.
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