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  1. There are only a few days left on the Trinity Continuum: Adventure! Kickstarter! Get in while you can:
  2. http://theonyxpath.com/now-available-trinity-continuum-and-trinity-continuum-aeon/ The new Trinity Continuum core rulebook and Trinity Continuum: Æon, using Onyx Path's in-house Storypath System, are now available to the public in PDF and print-on-demand. It's also available via the traditional distribution chain, so if you'd like to see it at your local game store, please ask them to order it!
  3. The full cover is up. http://theonyxpath.com/comic/you-are-not-alone-cover/ Our story begins tomorrow. I hope you join us.
  4. As per the latest Monday Meeting Notes blog, Trinity Continuum: Aberrant is in manuscript approvals with Rich.
  5. If anyone missed the Kickstarter, the physical books and PDFs for the Trinity Continuum core and Trinity Continuum: Aeon, plus the PDFs and physical GM Reference Screens, can be "pre-ordered" via BackerKit: https://trinity-continuum-aeon-rpg.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders
  6. Part of the point of creating a new rule system for Scion and Aberrant was specifically to avoid the pitfalls where Storyteller broke down in the originals. Hopefully we're not introducing out own pitfalls along the way.
  7. Posted last week on March 23rd: http://theonyxpath.com/trinity-continuum-aberrant-development-team/
  8. Thanks for your support, everyone! We ended with a respectable 369% of our original goal, and hit somewhere around 29 stretch goals.
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...nuum-aeon-rpg/ Our modern world is fraught with danger, from the products of mad science and corporate greed to the perils of lost civilizations. Fortunately, as many of the Talented will tell you, danger is their middle name, and the Æon Society is here to help them put things to right. The only constant in the world is change, and that's where you come in. The Trinity Continuum Core rules are the foundation for interacting with the Trinity Continuum setting. Using the Storypath System, the Trinity Continuum Core rules provide a contemporary baseline, allowing you to explore modern scenarios in various genres. Present day scenarios involving dedicated investigators, audacious con artists, underground do-gooders, and intrepid explorers can all work within the structure provided. Trinity Continuum: Æon will be the first non-contemporary setting explored on the Trinity Continuum timeline. Set in the year 2123, Trinity Continuum: Æon depicts a future Earth, still in the process of recovery from a devastating war and starting to expand into space. Nations that avoided the brunt of the destruction have transformed into leading political forces, while other regions are either home to struggling survivors in the ruins of their former countries, or living under a fascist regime intent on restoring order at any cost. Bio-engineering technology mixes with psionic orders creating new power structures, while alien contact has been made with mixed results. The Trinity Continuum: Æon setting allows for a variety of play styles, from cyberpunk-like corporate espionage and intrigue to post-apocalyptic survival stories, to space exploration.
  10. Technically no, but "a tribe of super-intelligent gorillas" is thematically far more appropriate to a pulp setting. I'm typically not going to do generic "blue book" supplements unless their content genuinely applies across Continuum lines. I don't want to dilute the core elements of each given line. Mechanically there won't be anything stopping people from putting Enkidu in Æon, though.
  11. ,, Perhaps not in the A! core, but I don't see why it couldn't be in a supplement. I love Enkidu.
  12. Trinity received an incredible amount of support. For its first year, it got new products every month. It got a miniatures game spinoff. Sales were good, but not great. Basically, any RPG company in the industry would have been delighted to get Trinity's sales numbers... except White Wolf, because those numbers didn't compare to the sorts of things they were pulling in with the World of Darkness. They tried to keep support up as long as possible. They transferred Trinity to ArtHaus. They launched WW's very first PDF product. Unfortunately by then it was too little, too late. Now, we're taking that banner and making it our own. Now that we don't have the overhead of old White Wolf and we're not in the traditional print industry anymore, the Continuum can stand on its own merits rather than having to be compared to the World of Darkness. No metaplot. Can't speak for NPCs because we're not that far yet, but we're certainly not planning on making them stupid.
  13. ,, I found out "Monday" (back on June 10) that the core Trinity Continuum book was public, because we hadn't previously announced it. I don't have contents yet because it's not due out for another year. While I have an outline, nothing's been written. ,, I don't see anything wrong with people discussing it despite the paucity of factual information available. Announcement/speculation of new editions has been happening since the first time a new edition of D&D was announced. There's nothing to stop people from doing that now, and in fact people have been doing so on the OPP forums, on the White Wolf forums, and on RPGnet. ,, I thought I'd do people a favour and consolidate the "official" information here on a website ostensibly about Trinity fandom, but if you'd rather I leave and take my ball with me, I can certainly do that.
  14. I (currently) have four secondary settings planned. Four and a half. ,, All of them start with A.
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