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  1. The message popped in from Zoe. <Grace says get back once you're clear.> Patrick obediently (and quite agreeably to the idea) waited for the frames to be out of the exit and a few seconds longer to make sure they put distance between him and them before rising up and heading for the doors. The doors came open to show the Dutchman, relieved to see them. "Well, I found you targets."
  2. <Y'all got a fine sense of timing.> Even in his mental voice, Zoe could pick up the drawl, but also the undercurrent of relief at her connection and contact. <Three frames are in the lab. I'm hidden, but they picked up on my movement.> He added a mental picture of their relative position to her. <Collectively, they've got the entire room covered. I'm stuck where I am.>
  3. From what Patrick had been given in training, AI frames might have such problematic things as infrared vision, ultrasound, and technologically enhanced vision and auditory sensors superior to humans in both range and detail. Rule of thumb: when in doubt, err on the side of assuming they can. Which placed the Dutchman in an inconvenient position. With bodily control and awareness, he could most likely suppress most tells by breathing or motion, but there was no way he could transform his body heat. Before he could decide on taking the chance and retreating, Patrick spied what looked like a large lab oven. Praying it had been recently used enough to provide something to obscure his heat-signature, Patrick dove in behind it and waiting, controlling his breathing and remaining damn still.
  4. So far, so good. But Grace had insisted on targets, so Patrick had to move forward a bit more down towards the labs. Again, he moved cautiously, with lighting so bad and the risk of happening on AI frames without warning. Just a little further, and regardless of what he found, he would report back. Being caught alone out there would be a lethal prospect.
  5. Well, Temnikova got him to shut up. That was a plus in her favor. Patrick turned to Grace and threw a lazy salute. "Aye aye, Cap'n." But there was no laziness in the way he set off, checking sight lines, movements much more controlled. Keep his distance, keep an eye out, and not get spotted. Patrick could complete that objective.
  6. "Pretty much." Patrick drawled as he joined the others in on the tail end of the conversation. "Patrick van Saanvelt. Biokinetic, intrusion expert." "Is this everyone, or did our friends really go on a shopping spree for lab rats?" Routine medical examination, his ass.
  7. Patrick opened his eyes, then closed them to a slit as the flash of white broke in. As his eyes adjusted, he knew - something was quite wrong. The Dutchman briefly raised his upper body up to a sitting position, then promptly leaned back, with his hands behind his head resting against a headboard. A seeming display of casualness, yet he was assessing the situation as Proteus taught him. Tight, carbon weave medical onesie. Two-way mirror. Doors with a holo-ribbon requiring sufficient clearance to use. He didn't feel drugged, though that could be simply the boosted recovery of a biokinetic. Patrick knew he could still be overwhelmed by a sufficiently potent drug. Which could easily be in the possession of intelligence agencies, national governments, even the Orders themselves. Whoever it was, if they wanted him outright dead - he clearly would have been. So Patrick waited, for his watchers and captors to show their intentions and their hand.
  8. Birth Name: Patrick van Saanvelt Nature: Fanatic Origin: Nobody Aptitude: Biokinesis Allegiance: Section Minerva Gender: Male Age: 26 Ethnicity: Caucasian Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Jan van Saanvelt (father - deceased), Anika van Saanvelt (mother - deceased), Mina van Saanvelt (younger sister - deceased), Sofie van Saanvelt (younger sister - deceased) Date of Birth: June 12th Nationality: Great Britain (born Netherlands) Background: To describe Patrick's origins would be akin to that of an ordinary young man, a youth entering college, with no real thought as to the future. Until the Esperanza came down, obliterating France, but also his native Netherlands, including the entirety of his family. Patrick had survived by virtue of having been on a trip with friends across the Channel, only to lead he had nothing to return to. And in those moments, Patrick found all he wanted was revenge. Someone in Aeon noticed him, his cauldron of boiling vitriol, potential - and evidence of definite latency - arranged for Patrick to get triggered by the Norca as part of the regular horse-trading, and then brought into Proteus to make a determined operative. Someone willing to lie, sneak, steal and kill for humanity, for the guiding hand of the Trinity. The exact sort of person Minerva wanted. Personality: Patrick generally appears laid back - just as he was in younger, more naive days. But that hides the fact when on the clock - he is 'in the zone' - coldly focused on getting the job done. This can create a jarring disconnect to see how those two sides fuse and intertwine when in action.
  9. The individual whom self-labeled in their heart of hearts as Carmen Sandiego woke up in a cold sweat, under the plush sheets of a luxurious bed. The excretions remained a bit uncomfortable, but by now the Psychopomp had accepted this as a factor of human experience. The matter of this eerie version was less so. Carmen pushed up in bed, trying to interpret the meaning as such. The feel of the very shapely, very feminine form reminded him that such distractions were affecting others in his vicinity. If there was one thing Carmen enjoyed about being Martin Hendrik, it was the exploration of the joys of sex. A physical pleasure that was just something not previously appreciated as an obedient drone of the God-Machine. And as a playboy, his Cover rather gave him a means to divert his worries away. Hours later, he was up, walking in a monogrammed bathrobe. In the hallway he passed a very blase Leonard, used to his master's habits. "Leonard, call the Agency. Tell Management I need to schedule a special meeting." Note to self: time to start investing an a second Cover.
  10. This is Jer/Gabe - considering Carmen's current cover, it does sound like 'he' could be the 'daddy.' Edit: Wait, the Fall occurred way too late for the Offspring to be an appropriate age... unless GM-created temporal shenanigans were involved?
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