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  1. “Allow me to be frank at the commencement. You will not like me. The gentlemen will be envious and the ladies will be repelled. You will not like me now and you will like me a good deal less as we go on.” -Rochester (The Libertine) ,, "Get it into your head once an for all, my simple and very fainthearted fellow, that what fools call humanness is nothing but a weakness born of fear and egoism; that this chimerical virtue, enslaving only weak men, is unknown to those whose character is formed by stoicism, courage, and philosophy" -Marquis De Sade ,, "I'm back, bitches!" -Vegeta (Dragonball Z Abridged)
  2. As the group of miscreants that he found himself traveling with discussed and debated courses of action, Kor'ki already knew his course of action. He was going to find his way to the Drone Twins, get paid for his troubles, and then shortly thereafter, he would have himself a new pair of boots and some pants. The Drone Twins would have to find a way to live without their skin, but that was largely their problem. Little bastards wanted to play games, they would find that games were his especiality. ,, Taking a few minutes at ground zero of where the disease elemental had combusted, sending bits of foulness in every direction and making Kor'ki quite happy to be incorporeal, Kor'ki looked over the grounds, attempting to sense the magical energies around him. He didn't have any particular means of analyzing such things beyond his own knowledge of the art, but there were certain resonances one was just attuned to. He was going to make damn certain that the kids paid dearly. ,, "Hey! You! The naked one! Where's your spear?"
  3. Fucker. Fucker. Shit demon. Dammit Kill it with fucking fire! No, wait, that's bad. Rape Bait is in there. Demon ate the naked chick! Who the fuck does that? Fucker. Why? This is the more socially correct version of what was going through Kor'ki's head at about this point. All the while, fueled by some combination of anger at having his toy broken, not being bandits or caravaners, and the sheer improbability of fighting a shit demon with an exploding head, Kor'ki's actual arcane focused brain was working. He cracked a smile. Poor demon had just made the wrong guy angry. Funny thing about necromancy, it deals with death. Funny thing about death, everything fucking dies. Including 15 foot tall monstrosities that look like they came out of some sort of orgy gone horribly wrong. The pale elf lifted up off the ground, necrotic death sparking across his hands. "I swear to myself you oversized sweat stain, if there's even one sagging tit on that chick when we get her back, everything fucking dies!!!" Kor'ki had shifted a few things around. his first instinct was to leave a half mile wide crater where this monster used to be, but where was the fun in that? (Also, naked chicks are naked and more fun to look at than the rest of these bastards). Shifting the energies around to the point that they were focused on such little things as bacteria, viruses, diseases, pretty much everything this little bastard stood for. Also, being that he was still a sorcerer and not retarded, he was aware that at the end of the night this thing was bound and fueled by some sort of arcane link, he figured what the hell. While he's blowing stuff away, might as well get that too. Linking his hands together in a not-too-comfortable looking position, he channeled a force of necrotic death from his arms in a solid arc, crashing into the elemental with as much spite and hate as he could possibly muster. Part of him realized that on some level, if this effect were used on something other than a shit demon, this might actually be considered a "healing" act. Pish, that's stupid. Healing... Bah.
  4. [Kamiko] 7:15 pm: Tah, Dozer. [Long6] 7:15 pm: Kamiko among other things [Carver] 7:15 pm: Hey, Doz. [Hyoseph] 7:15 pm: Initiative for DF Hyoseph *rolls* 1d20: 16: 16 Hyoseph flexes.
  5. Kor'ki watched Redcoat's Genie squeeze up against Batshit Redcoat. The whole master / slave relationship thing was adorable. They likely thought it was something resembling affection. Silly people didn't quite get how magically enforced slavery worked. It wasn't all shackles and screaming. Well, some of the time it was, but... anyway. Kor'ki looked ahead and saw the broken down caravan before his group. Well wasn't that just quaint. He quickly double checked his intangibility and strode forward. A corona of sickly green and black energy arc'd around his fingertips as he drew closer. "Oi! You around the Caravan! If you're bandits I recommend giving up right quick and just coming on out! If you're not, I recommend giving up right quick and just coming on out! If you don't do that in the next say, 15 seconds, I'm going send the whole fucking lot of you to the hereafter! I don't want to kill anybody today so I really want you to pick the cooperate and don't get blown apart in.... 15 seconds... well, 10 seconds now option! Thanks!"
  6. http://us.123rf.com/...near-a-pond.jpg http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6225/6210734966_83f1ac028c_z.jpg
  7. Kor'ki was seething. The Drone Twins were quickly reaching the top of his "People to have their souls ripped out and their husk bodies skullfucked till I get bored, raise them, and send them to some unknowable corner of the earth" list. It was a fairly short list. They had taken Naive Rookie away, they had taken bartender away, and they had taken Rape Bait away. What the hell was he supposed to do now to pass the time en route to Castle Doom? Redcoat's Genie was going to be on the pegasus the whole time, so no getting to trail behind that one, and Masked Darkie frankly wasn't his type. "Ghost town is an interesting choice of words. Not quite accurate, but it gets the feeling pretty well. At any rate.." Someone was going to pay for this. In gold. Fuck bank notes. Kor'ki drained one of the closer to empty bottles that he had less than subtly swiped from the bar. As he the last drop went down his throat, he raised the empty bottle above his head. "Adventure!!" Hurling the bottle at the tavern's outer wall a relatively safe distance from the nearest remaining person, he watched it shatter into a few dozen pieces before drawing a second bottle and pointing its corked top down the path. "Let's get this show on the road" And so the grand and epic journey of Kor'ki and his quest for gold, ass, and sweet sweet payback began with the elf striding down the path with purpose.
  8. Everyone's favorite elf hater, reporting in, ready and willing.
  9. So it was going to be like that? Just announcing their skill sets to the world, were they? Alright, if they really wanted to know. Batshit Redcoat stabbed stuff for a living, that was a stretch to believe. Redcoat's Genie was still a genie, nothing new there. On the favorable side of things, they were on their way to Castle Doom to meet whoever the hell they were going to meet. Not the best of plans, and certainly not the most informed, but it was the best that they had at the time. "That's not really inspiring much confidence there, cuteness, but I figure you'll be good to have along" Kor'ki had managed to pick up a few provisions on the way out. Some quick meat and bread bits, some decent alcohol (the kind that wasn't laced with horrible flavored gold) and some candy looking things that he hadn't been bothered to try yet. "Well, like I said back there, I'm Kor'ki. As for what I do, I channel the forces of life and death in such a way that bends the fabric of reality to the point where the rules of the world stop mattering. Vengeful dead rising from the grave, bandit camps wiped out to a man, forces from beyond the world brought forward to serve at the mercy of their new master. You know, standard stuff." Kor'ki indicated Redcoat's Genie. "A lot like what's going on with you, except for you seem like a pretty decent sort. Whoever did you was a real shit. The ones I slap around would just as soon eat your spirit as look at you. They deserve everything they get"
  10. Masked Darkie didn't seem too thrilled about the prospect of being 'invited' by the Drone Twins to go anywhere. Nor did anyone else, for that matter. Batshit Redcoat, like himself, had clearly had some other plans before this whole thing happened. Looking over at Redcoat's Genie, he could probably think of a few things he could wish for that would take up plenty of time. Besides that though, his total lack of enthusiasm was palpable. It sounded a lot to him like a little kid agreeing to eat their vegetables after mommy and daddy had pinned his skinned puppy to the door after his refusal to eat them last time. Ah memories. He wasn't sure which part of the memory played what role, but he was pretty sure there were vegetables, eating, a puppy, skinning, and somebody's parents involved. He didn't think he ate the puppy. Why the hell would he do something like that? They're just little balls of unformed fur and fat at that point. He was an elf, maybe he ate the vegetables. That could be it. Mommy was pretty cute though, but where were little Jack and Jill? What were they doing? Maybe they had the puppy. But if that was the case, what the hell wound up on the wall? It was so confusing. Huh? What? Kor'ki replayed the past few moments in his mind as he had clearly just spaced out for a moment. Masked Darkie had walked to the door, checked outside, and then come back. Kor'ki did much the same thing, looking out the door. The whole place had just cleared out. The Drone Twins and their Dark Lord Upon The Mountain, whoever that was, were nothing if they weren't subtle. He had to give credit though for how thorough their execution was. They didn't even leave a single person behind. The town had gone from mildly depressing hole in the ground trade town to empty in a matter of minutes. "Well, damn." He turned back around and looked over the misfit gathering in front of him. Looked like he was going to have to get to know these folks. Sonofabitch, he hated this part. But, he would do it anyway. Mainly because if the Dark Lord Upon The Mountain' was going to be fucking with him, he needed to know what he had at his disposal to fuck right back. He made his way over to the group, still drinking from his gold liquor. Still didn't taste good, but he was fairly certain his body's material value had gone up by at least a few silver at this point. "Looks like we're going, and it looks like we're alone. So. Might as well get to know the rest of you people before we all wander off to Castle Doom. I'm Kor'ki"
  11. There were words. Words from everybody. Something about masters and being chosen, various folks tossing responsibility for events from person to person and questioning what to do now. Kor'ki could hear what was going on, but much like you can hear the mooing of a cow, he just didn't care. So he had called over Naive Rookie and whispered assorted things in here ears that were simply not suited for polite company. Or mixed company. Or any company really. Ultimately the company didn't matter as he had given her a not inconsiderable amount of coin. Not a lot on an 'adventurer's wage' but still enough that he had her wrapped around his finger, and there was the promise of more. She had gotten up, straightened herself out, (he might have teased her a bit while she was over with him) and was headed to the back to earn the rest of her tip. Likely more than that, but that was going to be seen. About the time he was about ready to get up and go have his way with the staff, Drones 1 and 2 walked in and said their piece. Something about being chosen, employers, and being paid well. Handing what looked like a map to someone not important (read: not him) they walked out in unison after quite effectively creeping out the bar. It was about that point Kor'ki realized something was wrong. The music had stopped. Tragedy Bard was gone. Tortured Dwarf was missing. Attention Whore was no longer crying into her mug, the Dart Hustlers were absent, and most shockingly of all, no Bartender. Kor'ki was on relatively high alert, which to everyone else looked like he was somewhat paying attention and maybe a little grumpy. More words. Helper Bitch had vanished into thin air, because that's just what happens when genies are in the room. He hadn't heard an "I Wish" from Batshit Redcoat though so that was moderately confusing. The confusion was mostly resolved when Bald and Black rolled up out of the corner at one of the tables. He was pretty sure she wasn't there before, but that wasn't a big thing. Bartender was gone. He understood the next words out of Bald and Black mainly because he hadn't labeled her yet. "You're still here, so I assume you've been invited as well. Or do you plan to defy the unnatural little girls?" Still here? Of course he was still here. Where the fuck else was he going to go? More importantly, Bartender was gone. So was All Used Up. There was nobody serving drinks! For all he knew that included--- Dammit! Kor'ki stood up with a purpose. "I'm not planning on defying anyone that I know of." He walked back into the back where Naive Rookie had gone to 'freshen up' and was gone for a solid minute before string of "Dammit!" could be heard from the back room. A short time after that he walked back out holding a near full bottle of some sort of liquid, presumably alcoholic, that he was brushing dust off of. "Bartender's gone. So is everyone else. That decidedly cramps my afternoon. On the plus side, liquor's on the house." Kor'ki looked around at the rag tag group in front of him. This was seriously what he had to work with? Here's hoping they didn't have to be friends or anything. He opened the bottle and sipped from it. It was terrible, but expensive. He was pretty sure he was drinking something laced with actual gold. "As far as the twins go, I'm generally open to most things. Particularly if I'm being paid. Worst case scenario, it's a horrible trap and we all die. Could be worse"
  12. Kor'ki hadn't moved from his spot during this entire time. After being nudged to ensure that Rape Bait was not, in fact, hallucinating, he had noticed her walking off to apparently challenge Batshit Redcoat to a drinking contest. Probably her way of saying that he was falling over drunk, hallucinating, and didn't know it yet. At the same time, he wasn't entirely sure what Helper Bitch was trying to do. He had heard the words 'trail of bodies' because a man like him tended to listen for things like that and saw a lot of head shaking, but that was about all. Little did he know that question would soon answer itself. The brief shine of magic on the ring that Batshit Redcoat had been talking to was the first warning sign, and the stream of brightly colored smoke pouring from it was a second. Had someone actually made a smoke cloud ring? Why would anyone- It took him about a second and a half to put two and two together. Definitely most interesting person in the room. Not hallucinating, but still bug nuts. Kor'ki counted down in his head... And 3... 2... 1... not being terribly subtle about it either, counting down on his fingers and placing his hand on the table just as the smoke coalesced into the form of a pretty young girl wearing quite possibly the most atrocious and out of place outfit that could possibly be imagined. Not that he thought it would do anything, Kor'ki decided now was probably a good time to make himself less than solid. It wasn't like it was a noticeable change or anything, just a precaution. Kor'ki liked precautions. Redcoat's Genie was doing the standard bottle-genie routine. Gratitude, confusion, wanting to know the date, all that. The best part was she(it?) was doing it with all the grace and tact of a hill giant running through a ballroom. It? She? Glancing around the room, he was not the only person who had taken interest but most seemed to be finding themselves warned away by Rape Bait's spear and Batshit Redcoat's sword. A shame, that. He would have enjoyed watching some overzealous drunk getting stuck through the chest and hung from a support beam like some sort of drunken warning sign. Woe Betide Those Who Do Not Pay Their Tabs. At this point Helper Bitch had turned on Batshit Redcoat and was giving him some sort of berating, probably something to do with the fact that the bastard had summoned a damned djinn in the middle of the room and hadn't even gotten on the same page with it beforehand. Meanwhile, Rape Bait and Redcoat's Genie were in what passed for a heated, intellectual conversation. The type in which one party is asked to identify themselves as a who or a what, and that party chooses either to respond to the request either with information or flippancy. The first response option was informative, the second was amusing. That said, he would be mildly cranky if his mostly naked associate got them thrown out of yet another bar before he'd had something to drink or even had a chance to feel up some of the staff. At that moment, Kor'ki's priorities shifted. He observed the interaction between the three and a half people over where the oddities were happening, but he also (with not too much effort) got Naive Rookie's attention and called her over. Batshit Redcoat had not shown interest in her in the slightest, and as the saying goes: Waste not, want not.
  13. "What on earth? Very interesting" Pretty Boy had made a move. Apparently he had decided that Naive Rookie wasn't his speed and had decided to go with the good old spot-on-the-floor technique. Fairly basic, but not overly effective. Sometimes it worked, and in the case of Naive Rookie it would have a decent chance. Kor'ki wasn't terribly concerned by this turn of events. It just meant more for him later. "My name is Ryoma, who am I addressing?" What... The Unholy... Fuck. Batshit Redcoat had gone far beyond trying to play disinterest off as some other equally interesting thing that had nothing to do with Naive Rookie now talking to a piece of jewelry. What was worse, he looked like he actually thought that the jewelry would talk back. Kor'ki glanced at the drink that had been served to the human and compared it visually to the drink that had been served to Rape Bait. Not terribly similar, which was good. Perhaps Batshit Redcoat had ordered some sort of hallucinogen. Maybe his food had been laced. That would be interesting. "Would you like to come out?" Kor'ki nudged the elven girl beside him and indicated the red clad man across the bar from him talking to his latest delusion. He wasn't sure what was going to happen next, but old Bats had just taken the crown for most interesting person in the room.
  14. When Pretty Boy walked in, he immediately struck Kor'ki as one of the 'interesting people'. Perhaps it was the giant red cloak-coat that he wore, perhaps it was the degree of armament. Wasn't entirely sure, but entertainment did pick up a bit. Flashing a bit of coin, Pretty Boy paid up front for a few drinks and a meal. Off to the sides, All Used Up and Naive Rookie worked to finish up their current tasks so they could be the first to wait on this strapping young gentleman. This part never got old. They didn't have any clue who this was and yet at the first sign of coin, they were all over being as helpful as they could possibly be. Kor'ki knew first hand just how far serving girls would go for a sizable 'donation'. Point being, they had no idea whether this newcomer was the wandering hero type or if he was a murderous sellsword who wore red to disguise the bloodstains. Perhaps that consideration and a moment's hesitation was why Naive Rookie got to him first, flashing her best charming smile when bringing his food. He considered calling her over to join them at the table at some point during the night. She seemed just the sort to be looking a few extra coins. In the spirit of fairness, though, he would give Pretty Boy his opportunity. If he left her in an unfortunate state, then there would most likely be a tiny pang of regret at not jumping at the opportunity, but there were always more Naive Rookies to be had later.
  15. When Serving Girl came over to take their order, Kor’ki paused for a moment and let his eyes linger on her. She wasn’t bad looking, though she carried herself like she was at that point between “all used up” and “dead from exhaustion”. In fact, that was her name now. Pausing a bit and considering whether he was going to tip this one, he considered what exactly it was that he wanted. Similarly, he half curiously wondered whether the conflicted look on her face was fear, envy, lust, or some combination of the three. It was usually a combination. “I am still considering what I will have. Don’t go too far though, I’ll let you know when I decide” He probably wasn’t going to do anything to or with All Used Up but there was no point in closing that door before he got to it. Experience did count for something, after all, even if there was no enthusiasm. As she left the table to bring Rape Bait her drink, Kor’ki observed and decided that he would pass on this one. It would mean that she would sadly be without a worthwhile tip, but it would also mean that she would be able to save her feminine wiles for some other lust addled fool with too much money.
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