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  1. Dopamine. Love it.

  2. "If I don't what," Sasha asked rhetorically. She looked over to the mess already made and frowned with a shake of her head. If it weren't for the stinging unknown thing that hit her she would have went brute mind force on whatever Ryu was trying to get her away from. But right now, she knew he was in the right. They had to get away from the whatever. She grabbed his hand and looked him in the eye with a wordless question. She wanted him to come with her. She knew something would go wrong if he stayed. The blood assured her.
  3. The shooting was fast and furious, Sasha even thought about flinching but she was too busy watching everything transpire. She didn't want to stand up she'd get caught in the crossfire. She was trying to follow Ryu's movement, but that was fruitless. Less and less shots happened the more time she couldn't see him. Though the sound of ripping and screaming made her somewhat happy. Ryu was taking care of the problem. Some things you can't talk your way out of and when you can't you want to have a warrior on your side. ,,Sasha answered Ryu with a nod as he stood over her. "Thank you," she managed to eke out as she reached over and pulled herself closer to him. The shot still stung like hell, she held it tightly. Leaning against Ryu was comforting and warm. She could feel all of his muscles move as he was still on high alert, protecting her from who or whatever was out there. She looked up to him with a smile. Sure, she was hurting, but also composed, it was in her quantum nature to remain calm at all times. Looking at the blood-covered fur she worried about him though. "Are you OK, Ryu," she whispered with concern.
  4. Several hours of searching for people that weren't there was not Sasha's ideal night. She tried to peek in some of the boxes, but was guided away before she could. Had this not been official business and dangerous at that, she would have told them where to stick it and looked in the boxes anyway. But she was not here to obstruct justice. Oh no. When Ryu heard the arrival of the people they were looking for, she was almost overjoyed. Never had she wanted to see people who wanted to hurt her (in the bad way!) so much. Still this was going to be simple. Sasha wasn't even armed and her only protection is that she was with Ryu. She stuck close to him, as if that was hard to do. It was a weird feeling to be pointed a gun at. Sasha had drawn it at least a hundred times in her comic, but this was the real deal. Heavy steel prodded her. She smiled like a predator playing with it's prey. "Let me tell you what you're going to do," she said reaching to his arm, "you're going to put this down and we're going to talk like-" And then the world went into slow motion for Sasha she only had a split second to move the gun away from her head. Fortunately she got that far. Unfortunately she didn't get far enough as the weird energy ray grazed her side. It felt like chilling and burning at the same time. The force was enough to knock her down, but not out. "Holy fucking shit," she said reverting to her native language while trying to hold back the rage of pain.
  5. Sasha enjoyed those dinners with Ryu. She would tease his senses in different ways every time. He knew she was flirting in subtle (and sometimes less subtle) ways, but Ryu had self-imposed reasons why nothing ever happened. This back and forth continued for a couple of months. Sasha was quite satisfied with this set up but foreplay could only last so long. Tonight was business though. They were briefed on what they had to do. Sasha was to be the one to talk them down, though she was most likely going along as bait to lure out the people they needed. At least that's what she thought. She was up for it though. DSA never sent her on anything like this. Plus, novatech? She's never seen such. Maybe they would let her play with it. Still, she had to be serious though. Her honeyed words got them to the warehouse, but now she had to be on guard for whatever was in it. Boxes of the illegal merchandise were everywere. So were the importers, allegedly.
  6. The shower was about freshening up, though both of them knew it wasn't about going on a trip to anywhere. Even if they ended up somewhere other than here it wouldn't have been a sightseeing trip. Still, Sasha played with Ryu's senses from the other room. Her shower consisted of an aromatic mix of coconut scent and her own scent. She knew he could tell which was stronger. Alas, Ryu's determination was the strongest. When he came to the door she's was half soapy and expecting him to walk in. The vision of him cleaning her off with his tongue was one of the many thoughts on her mind. When he started talking about leaving she shut off the water and walked over to the door. He was gone before she could get there. Even though she was disheartened, she knew the job was more important than them. But dammit all if it wasn't frustrating. She went to finish her shower, allowing her own carress to replace what she was missing. It wasn't what she wanted, but it would have to do. After she cleaned off, put on her night robe and walked to the bedroom. "No, not here," she sighed. Though like a lightbulb turning on, she had an idea. She went to the living area and grabbed her phone. She snapped a few photos of herself, each of them more teasing than the last. She was about to send them to Ryu when when a bit of common sense snapped at her. She couldn't send these now. He was working. She sighed and saved them for later, then opened up a text message. 'Ryu, had a wonderful time tonight. If you're not busy, you can come back anytime you want. Love, Sasha.' She sighed happily and sent the message. Luckily the building had a nice gym. She suited up for a workout and spent her night there.
  7. What was left of the meal didn't last very long. Sasha happened to enjoy the quiet meal and her handsome date. Yeah, she considered this a date now. Her mind boggled at why she didn't just call a spade a spade from the get go. Dinner, flirting, possible travel and a good night kiss. Of course if it went further than that, she wouldn't mind at all. She had seemingly forgot why she was holding back in the first place; drowned out by her very active libido. When Ryu offered his armand the Warpgate opened, Sasha gleefully accepted. It felt like a contranst, while his fur was soft and comfortable his muscles were very well-defined and dense. They were back at her apartment in a split second. She didn't even mind the instantaneous travel scrambling her. She had other thoughts on her mind. She look up to him with a smoldering warm smile, "Thank you for dinner." They stood there for the longest moment she could remember. What was a second felt like a charged forever. "I need to freshen up a bit," she said breaking the silence, "the shower won't take long. You can wait out here if you wish," she pointed to the couch. Sasha slowly walked to the bathing room, as if to shw Ryu every bit of movement she could before disappearing into her private place,
  8. Sasha nodded as Long mentioned the nova suppression in Europe.It was quite sad really. Before the novafication of this world there were some awesome places in Europe and the Middle East that she would have love to have seen. The sightseer in her balked at the isolation of such beatuiful places. France, Italy, Greece, all off limits now. When his tail touched her, Ryu could feel Sasha spark very slightly. She didn't think the tail was that long or prehensile. As the tail caressed her, she played games with it ever so slightly teasing it. It seemed very sensitive to touch. She could pet it and seemingly guide it with a simple nudge. She could only wonder what this felt like to him, though he didn't seem to mind. "Mountains are cold," she sighed playfully, "I'm more of a warm weather girl. Where ever you take me would have to be warm and cozy with something beautiful to look at." She smirked, "I'm sure their would be some sights to see, but I'll leave the camera out of this."
  9. Sasha thanked the waiter. She knew tipping was a rude thing to do in Japan. But she couldn't leave this poor man empty handed. Once she learned where in the world this was, she was going to visit at least once a week. It felt homey. Not like her family home. Not like her vacation home. But the man gave off a father figure aura. Like someone she could trust. As Ryu dug into his food Sasha pondered what the tiger man was thinking. She picked at her own food - picking at it nova style, where a small bit for them could have been a whole meal for a starving child in a third world country - as she watched him. For the first time they were quiet. It was a peaceful quiet, the calm before the storm. "Ryu," her voice still carrying the sensual aura. As he perked his head up from his food, she smiled at him. Playfully taunting she swiped at his food with her chopsticks, but took nothing. "Tell me, gracious host," she said musing as she sat back down, "where would you like to take me?" The flirty innuendo in that question was apparent. "There's so much I haven't seen. I've never been to Paris. Maybe you could take me there."
  10. Normally when the thought of travel entered Sasha's brain it was a joyous occasion. She would have thought about all the places Ryu could take her. The moon, however silly it was, was a nice gesture. Her primal instincts, however, dug at her. This was becoming less of a question of 'Should I do this?' and more 'Should I wait for dinner to pass?' However she kept her composure. Sitting up again, her eyes met his. No words were exchanged, but he knew what was eating him inside was doing the same to her. "Ryu," her voice purred, "This night could last a little longer, past the meal even. It's way to young to waste. I'm sure a trip back to my apartment would give both of us time to plan for what comes next though."
  11. "Sasha," her still silky voice got a little more friendlier, "If we're going to be on a first name basis, call me Sasha." She sipped her rice wine, taking this all in. There were two things that Sasha wanted right now. First she wanted to see Japan, all of Japan. It was the traveling spirit in her. The other wanted Ryu. Even though her mind told her to stay away, everything else pulsed when he so much as breathed. It felt a lot like when she was with Connor. "What of me," she asked rhetorically with a small chuckle, "theres so much on me out there. I guess I could start from the top?" She tapped her cup and Ryu filled it again. "I was born and raised in Nicaragua. I didn't get out much. I drew and wrote a lot. Eventually good enough to write and draw for some major companies." She took a sip of the sake, it was quiet delicious. She wondered if there was some to take home. "When I did eventually poke my head out of my shell I got zapped by the stange powers fairy who told me to travel the world. That's my story." She smirked, "I'm guessing that wasn't satisfactory was it? The individual stories of someone's life are much more interesting to me than a skim over of their upbringing. It's why I could never give my characters more than a paragraph or two along with a personality. I wanted to see what I could build day to day. I guess it affected me really. I'm much more spontaneous than planned." She set her cup on the table and leaned back on the pillowish seat behind her. "I'm not knocking this job, it definitely has it's perks, but sometimes I wish I could take an invite to anywhere. Like before." She looked out to the garden and up to the moon and then back to Ryu. Her voice got playfully flirtatious, "I'm sure you could take me anywhere, Ryu."
  12. Sasha smiled softly, almost meekly when Long smiled full of teeth. Back when she drew pictures like him, they never came out quite as cool or sexy as the genuine product. Then again, she'd improved a lot since them. She could probably paint him photographically now. She imagined him in several different poses as he told his short story. Some of them involved her. Though this was just window shopping for the time. "To good company," the glasses raised to meet each other. The sake was warm. She heard that warm sake was supposed to go straight to your head. Then again, she hadn't experienced nary a buzz in nearly three years. She was sure that the offworlders probably had something stronger, but then there was not much good press for any of them. Ah well, she'd had mostly fun for the life of being a nova. "Sounds like you've been through quiite a journey," she nodded before taking another drink from the small glass. She let the moment sit there. She enjoyed the quietness of the evening and the beauty of the view. Sure there was a ruckus in the back, but it was muffled. Food was coming, so they had to share these moments. "Long," she said in a tone that was sensual and comforting, "if you ever need to talk about anything. I'll be here for you."
  13. Sasha smirked when the old man mentioned the size of her dinner. "Yes," she said jokingly in a bid to lighten the air, "I'll take your finest rice field and your biggest cow, please?" The old man was amused as he went to the kitchen. She turned her attention back to Long, "I've never had authentic cuisine from Japan. This will be a treat, I just know it." Once the old man was out of sight, she sighed happily. There was a moment of silence as the two eyed each other. It was just her and Long in that room alone. This is the first time the two had been alone without anywhere to go. The sake was brought out and placed on the table. Sasha thanked the old man and he shuffled off again. Sasha thanked Long as he poured drinks for them both. "I've never heard of this place in your bio. Are you sure we aren't in some little shared dream?" she was half flirting and half trying to get some story out of him. She was sure his story was ten times better than what she had done in her life.
  14. Sasha took in everything aroun her. The quaint sights of minimalistic beauty, the smiell of burning burning inscense, the sounds of almost silence except for the low mumble of their voices and the night. If she could savor this forever she would have. Sasha always enjoyed the atmosphere of new places when she travelled. She wondered why she didn't come to Japan sooner. Then again, she wouldn't have had her special host, would she? While she was quite impressed with the scenery, she kept collected and calm. The table was low to the ground with plush looking pillows to sit or lean on, depending on how you approached it. Of course it was sized for the tiger man, so it was a little bit bigger than usual. She had seen the sitting done before, she was supposed to on the back of her legs, knees under the table. Due to the size of the table, it almost reacted her chest. Then again, Long looked comfortable. When she was given the menu, she thanked the waiter. She remembered her first foray into this country's restaurant scene and sighed with a reminiscent mix of feelings. Obviously it could have went better, but she couldn't deny it was some kind of fun. She quickly scrolled through the very specialized menu. "Sukiyaki for me, please," she said graciously to the waiter, "some sake would be nice also." This time she wasn't bartering with a touchpad, she actually knew the language. It was heavily accented, and very beginner, but it worked enough for the waiter to smile nod and scuttle off. She wondered if the meal would come out huge like Long's was. She felt like she could eat a bear, but wanted to be polite about it. She looked to Long with a smile. "It's beautiful," she finally said her thoughts. Well, her thoughts of the place. The scenery wasn't the only beautiful thing here. She was mentally kicking herself for this lust. He was a current widower. More removed from the last time she was here, but still, she didn't know if he was still grieving. She wanted to comfort his pain emotionally as well as physically. She didn't want to ruin this perfect moment with sorrow. "So for the trip has went swimmingly," she nodded, "the meeting was quite enlightening." She stared at Long for a second, taking in the way he was sitting, privately eyeing his finer points. "Your tailor," she said with a smirk, "I must hand it to them. They make fine wear. Maybe you should introduce me sometime in the near future? I must see what else you have in your closet."
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