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  1. Hi everyone. I'm currently GM'ing a Aberrant campaign set in 2004 (I'm doing slight variations on the timeline and history to allow for more player input to what happens; for example, two of the characters who are Terats get wind of Proteus and tell the leaders of the Teragen (in the Amp Room of course) about it, thus sparking the discussions that make the Teragen organised) and NPC's are becoming a bit of an interesting point for me. Would the little NovaPhile writeups in the various sourcebooks (I have nearly all of them now) be a good guide? I'm taking the base numbers at their word and calling them mega-stats and then just guessing the rest. Also, I would dearly love to lay my hands on Worldwide Phase I, but not even DriveThruRpg.com has it...any help with finding a copy, PDF or otherwise? Thanks in advance, S.
  2. Hi everyone... I'm currently running a game set in Japan, and am wondering if there's more on the Kamisama cult and their leader, the Bodshivatta, than there is in just the Year One sourcebook. I don't mind if there's not (lets me make up stuff) but I am wondering if there is supplemental material. Any help welcome. S.
  3. The Russian facility is indeed a Directive holding...it's essentially an abandoned mining city that's been converted and is also a holding area for novas. The thing to remember about the Bahrain facility of PU's is that it's also the primary research facility into the second-generation novas, also known as the Children. This is where any game would be at a climax, should the characters not only find out about this facility (it gets reported on lots of conspiracy-theory websites) but get inside it or information on it. There is however one intriguing escapee of said faciity...the child known as 'Adam', who as a BABY, teleported out of the place. S.
  4. This is a very interesting argument to me, as in a session I ran just last night as part of my campaign, I had the players meet up with Orzaiz in Ibiza. There was a long and protracted discussion between the characters and Orzaiz about the Teragen's goals and beliefs, and one or two players noticed that Orzaiz wasn't giving out the full truth, and that Mal's Null Manifesto seemed to be deliberately guiding public opinion. Because the two major philosophies in Aberrant boil down to the Utopian ideal (which is in fact dystopian) and the Teras ideal (which isn't). The Proteus-driven Utopia is the essence of humanity's fear about the Novas, hence the sterility projects and the incarceration of children. Interestingly, you have to remember that Mal was part of the inceptors of the Aeon Project...was he already seeing ahead to what would come eventually and helped lay the seeds for it? Not having read Adventure! I can't know for certain, but it leads to interesting questions about his nature. Utopia would be a great social force if it wasn't so single-mindedly determined to almost overrun human laws. A lot of things were done with no real authority given to them and while it seems beneficent, it's more of a beginning of a controlled order. The Teragen on the other hand are pretty wild and chaotic, at least until the Night of the Long Knives detailed in the Teragen book. I agree that there's a core following with many willing to abuse the notion of Teras outside of them, but I don't see their (rather Mal's) view as being necessarily Darwinistic or Nazi. There's a clear view there to point out that this act is deliberate to create the revolution for social change that Mal wants to see. There's only been maybe a handful of peaceful revolutions in our history, and I couldn't personally see as Novas grow and evolve away from humanity (that's going to happen with the passage of time...no matter how close your ties are with humanity, they will change simply because you can outlive your loved ones. The original Highlander movie I thought demonstrated that dramatically)without some violent change, be it socially or violently. My players in the aformentioned game made the point that the view of the Teragen could be altered radically if they added two sentences about how they could respect human life and/or human laws, but as was also noted, the Teragen -needs- to be an enemy to Utopia, at least at first. To have their ideals too similar wouldn't distinguish the Teragen as an alternative ideology. I personally don't agree with the Teragen's ideals of how they treat humanity's status, and I'm going to find it a challenge as to how to justify that to my group of characters. But I also think that those who have mentioned already that the mega-intelligent Terats who put this together aren't being portrayed properly. At this rate, I can see my own campaign diverging to reflect that. Anyways, I think I got off focus here and this was just my two cents... S.
  5. Kane....not sure what you mean here? I just thought the XWF Championships gave me personally a nice guide how to divide low, medium, and high-range 'brick' novas. I'm not saying that the system isn't flawed (what one isn't?) but I found this just a good guide. I don't think any system is broken unless you want to treat it that way. My players and I are finding things as we go and fixing them as we do, also. The player who brought this to my attention had the most to lose as our preeminent brick and competitor in the XWF as it is...
  6. Hi everyone. This particular topic interests me a great deal as I'm also running an Aberrant campaign, and I'm only just now (after about seven or eight games) starting to touch on the underlying factions and politics in the world. That was a conscious decision on my part to not allow people to be Teragen or otherwise and let the divisons and decisions be made naturally in the course of the story. And naturally, Divis Mal is going to fall into this story at some point. It seems to be what the point of this thread is all about is two things: 1)Should Mal have stats and be more in line with the rest of the game, and 2)How do you play Divis Mal the character? Well, I've given this some thought after sitting down and reading the Teragen book (I didn't know the rest of his origin until I read this thread) and the first question seems easy to answer. No. And why? It's just like Vampire or any other superhero game. There should -always- be a guy with a bigger stick. It helps to enforce game balance. If you don't have a Mal or Pax, then the players can go there and then you have REAL trouble. This way you've got the necessary NPC to bring trouble players in line, or give them something to aim at, even if they don't necessarily ever get there. All that we know about Mal is all that we NEED to know. If you let a player get to that level of power, then you've not only let the game get out of hand, but you don't really need the game anymore. Aberrant is about the choices the players make. Mal has already made his and has had over a century to be comfortable with that. As for role-playing Mal, there are a number of good sources to look to for that kind of character. I'd start with Alan Moore's Watchmen. It's very Aberrant in its style, and Dr. Manhattan is a great Mal template, in his disassociation with humanity but still with ties to his human self. Galactus from the Marvel Universe is also another good example of a god-like but still very human character. The ultimate point here is that Mal is essentially the novas' Christ. The parallels are extremely clear in the 'painting' we see in the Teragen book that mimics the Last Supper. Mal will always be trying to balance his 'divine' and human natures, and that conflict can be something you can draw on constantly. Scripture is his human link, and his quest to raise up the novas is his divine. Does he really want this godlike position? Does he have doubts? Does he even care? All of these are questions you can ask yourself as Storyteller. Just because he's Divis Mal, doesn't make him unplayable. It just means you ask different questions, IMO. S.
  7. The adds as cumulative completely shoot the system down, actually. There was a nice guideline from the XWF sourcebook in how they broke down their championships, and it's oddly applicable for matching up your brick types. Silver Circle-Those who can't take/inflict more than 15 levels of damage with an attack. Red Circle-15-20 levels. Black Circle-20+ levels. Cumulative adds make it unbalanced.
  8. So essentially it's a recalculation per increase of whatever the Mega-Stamina happens to be. Okay....that makes a lot of sense. S.
  9. Hi everyone. Another little rules clarification I'm seeking this time (I'm building a list, btw...j/k. ) The essential problem is whether the extra health levels and damage penalty reductions from Mega-Stamina are cumulative rather than incremental. I've been reading it as cumulative, but as someone pointed out to me, it'd make a lot of novas vastly more tougher than they should be. Does anyone have a clarification out there, or are there house rules in play as well? Again, any help greatly appreciated. S.
  10. Thanks to everyone for this. The player concerned and I discussed it and we came to largely the same results that you guys did. We'll be using the falling rules plus most likely the successes of the leap itself at this stage, but it was great to hear from everyone....
  11. Hi everyone, This is my first post to these forums, so hello to all from sunny Brisbane, Australia. Okay, my problem: During a fight I staged recently, one of my players (a martial artist with 3 Mega-Strength and Quantum Leap) decided he'd exploit the Throw rule from the combat rules. He successfully grappled the opponent and Quantum Leaped into the air. At the apex of this jump, he again managed to successfully grapple the opponent and throw them DOWN towards the ground. Now, this technically takes the extra success/two meters of damage rule into account, but considering they were MILES off the ground, I felt the damage to be too high. My idea at this point is to cover myself by adding the successes of a Quantum Leap to a successful 'Aerial Throw' and cover myself that way, thus lessening the damage. Any ideas are DEFINITELY welcome at this point. S.
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