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  1. "Alright then, time to go. Still no one out here and we are losing the sun. Congo is it? Never been there, but how much worse can it smell than than this." "As for madness, I've seen my fair share and if the alternative is a world plunged Darkness, what are we waiting for." Looking to Marion, "My men used to ask me why we had to do something suicidally dangerous and I would always tell them because we are the one's here. It really is that simple."
  2. Janos spares a look into the shop. "We are losing the light outhere folks. Let the man have his turn at the book. Marion hasn't steared us wrong yet. Let's get a move on." He returned to watching the street. Janos was happy that they had attracted no more attention, but he feared it couldn't last. They were lugging around the Lodestone of Evil after all. The veteran of the Great War kept his hand on the hilt of his blade.
  3. Janos moves into the story first then stands aside as the others enter. When the last one crowds in, he sticks his head out the door to see if he can spot anyone watching the place. Click to reveal.. Awareness Test: (09:19:24) ChatBot: (Adrian) rolls 6d10 and gets 2,4,7,7,5,10 = 3 successes
  4. Janos slashed down rapidly like a serpent. His sword slashed along the man's back, so as not to impact Daphne. It was a quicka and efficient action. Only at the last minute did he edge away from mercy. Click to reveal.. (15:51:03) ChatBot: (Adrian_being_Taxed) rolls 16d10 and gets 7,3,2,5,3,8,6,9,3,2,10,2,10,1,1,​8 = 6 successes. Doing 18dice of BASHING damage. No, he's not killing the guy, giving him the death he so richly deserves. He's leaving him to the mercy of his fellow denizens of the back alleys.
  5. "Marion, if you want to spare this man, let us know now. He has passed on living as far as I'm concerned." Janos leveled his sword. This wouldn't be the first helpless prisoner he had put down. Some times you could leave prisoners behind you when you had to travel swift and light. That, and the jackals had to learn they meant business. But, Marion and Ben were squeamish. They were civilized in a way he had once been, before the War had crushed that out of him. Now, his people came first - damn convention. Better he struck the blow and they had their cherished illusions as to what a beast Daphne really was. Janos knew.
  6. "He can eat off your nose, your feet, and your hands ... No, we'll leave you one hand for a begging bowl. You'll need it because I'm going to cut out your eyes and feed them to him." Janos was deadly serious. This man had planned to hand them over to some sharp knives. They really should return the favor.
  7. Janos grinned as well then looked to Mia. "Young Lady, did you know that was going to work, or were you playing rough and loose with the Laws of Physics?" His tone wasn't joking. The Count was definitely concerned. Janos was also moving. He walked over to the beggar and kicked the man's knife away. "Don't run away, you. We aren't done with you yet." To Marion, "Clever move indeed, but the word of what she did will be all over this city by the time the Moon rises. That may effect things as well. We don't want trouble with the French authorities, or their pawns."
  8. Making sure to not get in Archibald's way, Janos approached. "Your friends have bled. You've been given a dollar. Take your gains and flee now, while we are still in a giving mood. You have my word, if she bleeds, I'm going to carve out your guts and leave you for the jackals you call friends."
  9. Janos' eyes narrowed and the took one, measures breath. "Archibald, you got the beggar? We'll take care of the rest." Before the Sharpshooter can reply, Janos says in a voice straight from the grave, "You are all going to die."
  10. Janos nods, keeping his racist remarks to himself. Americans were so ... egalitarian. He steps forward toward the 'guide'. "We do not need your services, Beggar. Take your offers elsewhere." Not taking his eyes off him, the Count talks over his shoulder. "Madamoiselle, we should keep faith with your Brother. He will get us to were we need to be."
  11. Janos eyes the man suspiciously. Not for any particular immediate reason, but out of experience. In his brief time in the old Ottoman Empire, his Turkish collegues always refered to their Arabic substance as a pack of thieves, living off the bones of their ancestors. They would shoot you in the back, but run if faced with steely resolve. A weak and unmanly race, or so the Turks would have had him believe. At least they weren't Kurds. Don't get him started on the Kurds. Still, the pack of jackals could be thick in this maze and they were all to hungry in this beating sun. There was little trust here and good reason for it. "Ben, we should carry on." Better to be wandering lost come darkness than have this beggar lead them into a certain trap for his ravenous friends.
  12. Janos keeps to the middle of the party, partially because Ben had the map and was in the lead, and partially because he fully expected these jackals that were eyeing them to take a bite out of the party somewhere along the line. Beyond that, he was just about totally lost now and he doubted he could find his way out of this maze if push came to shove. He resolved to take his flight to the roofs - the streets looked narrow enough to leap - to get back out of here. At least there was good ole Spot in the back. He could be counted on to take a quick bite out of anyone who would dare take a hand to Daphne. Now, if Abel could just find the damn book-collector and mystic, Janos could finally feel safe enough to put this damnable shard down. He held it in a death grip, while dreading the boxes touch. It was conundrum, hating the object, but hating anyone else having it more. The Count's free hand took comfort in touching the handle of his blade.
  13. Jonas backs away from Mia. "Well, time for us to get ready to disembark. We can practice again tomorrow morning if you like." The Count towels himself off, which really isn't necessary, the morning air up here being cool enough to keep anyone from sweating too much. He puts on his shirt, tucks it in, and joins the others at the rail. Slipping his sword into his too-short back sheath, Janos then puts on his jacket. "Arabic, eh? I have always wanted to learn that tongue. A Turk I once knew said it would carry you from the markets of Marekesh, clear across Africa and half of Asia to the Mosques of Dehli - a truly amazing feat." Turning to Ben and Marion, his face gets serious, "What do you think are the odds that they will be on to us here?"
  14. "Hehe," Janos snorts, "I'm a fair shot, but I'm not much for bouncing bullets off my chest. Why don't we start with something basic." He reaches into his kit and pulls out to half-staves. The Count offers one to Mia then steps back. "I present you with the club. It represents most impliments you can find just about anywhere. There is nothing fancy about it, but it can kill you just as dead as a gun or a sword." He waves it back once or twice. "We can start with some simple strokes. The overhead stroke," he demonstrates, " has a lot of power. Get your body behind it and you can crack someone's skull." "A side swing has less power, but if you target the forearm, or wrist, it can do the job just as well." "Striking lower, go for the knees." Janos grins to Mia. "Now, you start out with some practice swings and I'll block them ... as best I can. Two high, two sideways, and two lower. Get used to the feel of your club hitting mine. You need to get used to that impact, or you will lose your weapon in combat." He steps back again and holds his club in a relaxed position. "I'm ready."
  15. After he and Daphne had parted ways with a hug, Janos turned to face Mia. "Most certainly. Do you have a favored weapon you wish to try? I'm willing to give anything a shot, once." His eyes appraised Mia's confident manner and sturdy frame. It wouldn't do to be easy on her, just because she was a girl. No, Ms. Foster was certain to be as challenging as Daphne was - certainly not a girl.
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